Brad’s Birthday Surprise
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Brad’s boss told him to take off an hour early, since it
was his 30th birthday. Looking forward to dinner with his
wife Donna, he headed directly home.

Perhaps, he mused, there would even be enough time before
dinner to demonstrate to his wife that he was NOT “over
the hill”.

Not that he had ever been accused of it. Brad and Donna
were both in excellent shape, and had a regular, although
a bit routine, sex life. As newlyweds, they had been a
little wilder, screwing in elevators, cars, and more than
once in Brad’s office at work. Now, six years later, the
festivities were mainly limited to their bedroom, and
occasionally Donna would surprise Brad by joining him in
the shower.

Brad recounted one such incident, which had happened just
two weeks ago.

Donna had been asleep when someone knocked at the door.
Answering it, Brad found their next-door neighbor, Terri,
standing there, clad in her neon green string bikini.

Terri was hot. At 5’6″, the blonde college student was
the centerpiece of every man’s wet dreams (Brad
included). From her full pouty lips, to her 36-D rack, to
her shapely ass, she was the image of a goddess. The
green bikini did wonderful things for Terri; however,
hiding her ample assets was not one of them. The makers
of the swimsuit could definitely not be faulted on this,

When Brad had answered the door, Terri had appeared a
little embarrassed. “Oh….hi, Mr. Collins.” Obviously
expecting Donna.

“Good morning, Terri. Please…call me Brad.”

“Whatever….Brad.” A little smile playing across her
lips. “Listen, I was just going to lie out, and I seem to
be all out of suntan lotion. Would Donna have any by

Brad had gone to look for the lotion, all the while
suppressing, with great effort, thoughts about possible
substitutes for suntan lotion, which he could offer the
21-year old bombshell.

Finally Brad had found the lotion and presented it to

“Brad….could you possibly get my back for me. It’s so
hard to reach.” Terri then smiled the full smile, the one
that was used to melt men’s hearts, while hardening other
parts of their anatomy. (Now being no exception.) So,
Terri had turned around and presented her back to Brad.
This was fortunate for Brad, as he did not want his young
neighbor to see the obscene bulge disfiguring his shorts.
So, Brad had applied the lotion to Terri’s slender young
back, all the while hoping that no neighbors were
watching. He was also wondering what in the world he
would tell Donna if she woke up and came downstairs!

“Can you get my sides too? Hard to reach….” Terri
oozed. At this point, Brad had fumbled and dropped the
bottle of lotion at Terri’s feet, spilling half of it
before he could save it. “Oh…. I’ll get that….” Terri
bent over to retrieve the bottle, giving Brad a great
view of her boobs. When she stood back up, she had
undoubtedly seen the bulge in his shorts, but her little
half-smile didn’t change as she handed the bottle back to
Brad (who had almost dropped it again.)

So Brad ended up caressing Terri’s slender waist,
spreading the lotion, then moving his hands upward. All
he had to do was move his hands forward, and he would
have his hands full of firm young tit.

Finishing his task, Brad had quickly adjusted his shorts
before Terri had turned back around. Innocently he asked,
“Want me to do the front too?” then inwardly winced,
remembering that he was a married man, and nine years
older than this gorgeous young woman.

Again, the little half-smile. “No, I can take care of
that. Do you wanna just give me a little more of that
lotion?” Terri held out her hands as Brad squeezed the
lotion bottle. “That should be enough. Thank
you….Brad.” And then she retreated to her house, Brad
trying hard not to stare at her shapely ass, well
accentuated by her thong bikini.

Brad had then marched back into the house, into his
bedroom, past his sleeping wife and into their master
bathroom. There, he had quickly shed his clothing, jumped
in the shower and furiously began beating his meat,
fantasizing about his young neighbor’s full red lips
engulfing his cock in her mouth.

He hadn’t even realized that he was no longer alone in
the shower, until he felt his hand being gently but
firmly pulled away from his cock. Brad opened his eyes to
see a smiling Donna on her knees in front of him. She
took him in and out of her mouth a few times, then looked
up at him.

“Maybe I could be of some assistance?” she smiled. Then
going back down on him, taking his full eight inches into
her warm, wet mouth, then all the way out again. “Fuck my
mouth honey….” Taking him halfway into her mouth, then
rotating her head a little bit to drive him crazy. Brad
was moving his hips in a fucking motion, fucking his
wife’s mouth for all it was worth.

Donna was great on oral. This time was no exception, and
Brad felt himself about to explode. “Keep going
Donna….I’m gonna cum….”

But Donna withdrew Brad’s cock from her mouth. “I want
you to finish what you were doing when I came in here.
Jack yourself off. I want it all over my face honey…..”
Donna turned her head upward as Brad’s hand again
encircled his prick and resumed beating off. “Come on
honey. I want your hot sperm dripping down my face!”

Brad threw his head back, stroking with a frenzy. He
closed his eyes, fantasizing that their young neighbor
Terri was in the shower with them, kneeling next to his
wife, both ladies eagerly awaiting a face full of Brad’s
cum. That did it for him, and his cock began spurting its
juice. Donna eagerly caught it all on her face, turning
her head slightly as her husband spurted stream after
stream of white sticky jism, evenly coating her with an
erotic white facial.

Then, kissing his spent cock, Donna inquired, “What got
you so aroused?” Brad evaded the question, exiting the
shower as Donna began rinsing herself off. As Brad
toweled himself off, Donna asked, “Honey, was someone at
the door earlier?”

“Oh, just some Jehovah Witnesses,” Brad explained as he
got dressed.

Later that day, Terri (wearing slightly more clothing
this time), showed up at their door again. This time both
Brad and Donna answered the door. Terri offered them a
new bottle of suntan lotion, which she had obviously just
picked up at the store. “I felt so bad about causing you
to spill that other bottle….” Terri bubbled to a busted

As they went back inside, Donna nodded knowingly to Brad.
“Jehovah Witnesses, hmmmm????” Brad had explained to
Donna that she was every bit as hot as the girl next
door, and Donna had dismissed the “incident” as a case of
the grass being greener on the other side of the fence. A
great analogy, Brad thought, as he again started
daydreaming about their neighbor in her green swimsuit.

Brad now recounted the experience with a smile. As he
pulled into his neighborhood, Brad hoped that Terri would
be outside, sunning herself in the bikini. She often was,
on the days he came home early. On these days, Donna
often wondered why her husband came home and led her
straight to the bedroom.
Pulling into his driveway, Brad was disappointed. Terri’s
lounge chair was out, but no Terri. Oh well, he chided
himself, I can’t have any of that anyway. Though, he
reflected ruefully, there’s not any harm in looking!

Unlocking the front door, Brad found a trail of paper
hearts on the floor. He grinned, remembering this “game”
which Donna had played before, most recently on
Valentine’s Day. On that day, he’d arrived home 40
minutes late because of traffic. He had followed the
trail of paper hearts up to their master bathroom, to
find a very horny (and somewhat impatient) Donna waiting
for him in a bubble bath.

This time was different, though. The paper hearts did not
lead upstairs at all. They led into the living room, and
up to the loveseat, which, like the rest of the room, was
empty. Well, not completely empty. There was a folded
note, from Donna.

Happy Birthday honey!

I was trying out our new video camera, and made a little
movie for you. Press PLAY and check it out.

Love, Donna!

Brad grabbed the remote and pressed the “Play” button. He
was treated to the sight of his wife, sitting on the same
couch he was now sitting on, and wearing the same white
teddy she had worn on their wedding night. And to her
credit, it seemed just a little bit tight, nothing more.
Not bad after six years.

“Hi honey. Happy birthday! I didn’t know what to get you
for your birthday. So I decided to make you this
videotape! So just sit there and watch….”

“It’s so boring during the day when you’re not here. Let
me show you what I do to pass the time.” Undoing a few of
the buttons in front of the teddy, Donna exposed her bare
breasts. 34-C, maybe not as bountiful as the next-door
neighbor, but every bit as firm and not saggy.

She took one in her hand and began sucking on the nipple
till it grew hard. Then she repeated the process with the
other one. “I love playing with my tits and making my
nipples hard, then nibbling on them. They’re really
sensitive when they’re hard….” One by one Donna held
her tits up to her mouth, nibbling on each hard nipple
for Brad’s viewing pleasure.

“Let me show you what else I like to do.” Donna picked up
a remote, which controlled the camera. Tinkering with it,
the camera finally settled on a nice close-up of Donna
spreading her legs wide, with the camera centered
directly on her crotch. Donna’s lithe fingers appeared in
the picture, working on the hooks in the crotch of the

Donna’s voice continued. “Remember the trouble you had
with this on our wedding night? Getting this unsnapped so
you could fuck me with your tongue?” The nimble fingers
completed their task, revealing Donna’s freshly shaven
cunt. One of the fingers then cautiously began exploring.
“I remember how great it was when you finally got that
tongue inside of me…..” Donna’s middle finger slid in
and out of her pussy, already glistening with her juices.
She was minutely moving her hips in rhythm with the
fingering she was giving herself.

Momentarily, she stopped to refocus the camera. Moving
back from the close-up, the picture now showed Donna in
her entirety as she reclined on the couch. Reaching off
camera, she produced a silver vibrator, which she turned
on and began rubbing against her clit. “Honey, this feels
so good!” Donna moaned softly. “I can make myself
cum….without ever putting this in me….”

“But….I know you like to see me stick things in my
cunt….and it IS your birthday…. so…” Donna eased
the vibrator into her pussy. “Ohhhhhh….” she moaned,
fucking herself slowly with it. Then looking directly at
the camera, “Oh, and honey…..if you’re not already
doing so….take your cock out for me. I want you to
stroke yourself while you watch me.” This directive was
entirely unnecessary, as Brad’s pants were already off
and he already had matters well in hand.

Looking at the video, Brad saw that his wife was now
getting on her hands and knees on the couch, and fucking
herself from behind with the vibrator. Humping her ass
against her imaginary lover, in her favorite position. “I
love it when you come up behind me and fuck me…..bottom
out in my pussy with that huge, magnificent cock….”
Then the shocker. “Mmmmmmmm….I wish there were another
woman here, sitting on the arm of this couch, so I could
eat her cunt while you’re fucking me sooooooo well! I
know you’ve always wanted to see me with another woman,
honey….” Brad’s hand was working overtime pumping his
cock, as he imagined the possibility of sharing Donna
with another woman.

“Slow down,” Donna chided to the camera. “I want us to
cum together….” Brad obediently slowed his pace. “I’m
cumming for you…. watch…. MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! NOW!
MMMMMM, CUM WITH ME!! CUM!” Donna screamed into the
armrest of their couch as she orgasmed from the shiny
silver cock she was fucking herself with.

Taking the vibrator out of her pussy and gingerly sucking
and licking it clean, Donna then shut it off and looked
at the camera. “Mmmmmmm I guess that’s the end of scene
one….DON’T GO AWAY….” Brad’s wife cum video vixen
Brad wasn’t going anywhere. Except to get some paper
towels from the kitchen.

“Scene Two”

Scene Two of Donna’s video faded in, showing a close up
of her face. She was sweating a little and breathing
rather heavily….obviously doing something to herself
off camera. “Hi, Brad…..I’ll bet you’re
wondering…..why I chose to wear my white …
night teddy today. Remember that night….when I wore
this for you? That night was the first time…..I was
ever with a man. You….” Fumbling for her camera remote,
Donna slowly began zooming out. “I thought it would be
appropriate to wear it again….for my first time with a
woman.” As the camera zoomed out and slightly down, Brad
was shocked to see another woman kneeling on the floor in
front of his wife, her blonde head buried in Donna’s lap!

The other woman was wearing just a black g-string with
matching bra, a contrast to Donna’s virginal white teddy.
Brad couldn’t see her face; it was too busy eating out
his wife. He didn’t need to. He would recognize that
divine ass anywhere. Terri confirmed it by pausing
momentarily, looking into the camera, and purring, “Happy
birthday, Mr. Collins…I mean Brad! Your wife’s
delicious!” Then she hungrily resumed her lick-fest of
Donna’s cunt.

Donna threw her head back. “Sorry honey. I know I
shouldn’t have…opened your present early….but….I
wanted to see what all the fuss was about….
OOOOHHHH….” Brad’s wife didn’t say anything coherent
for a while, as their next-door neighbor went to town on
her pussy. Terri also reached a hand under the thin lacy
material of her own panties, fingering herself.

Brad, of course, was rock hard again and pumping his cock
furiously while watching the video of his wife getting it
on with their sexy young neighbor.

Terri got up and retrieved the vibrator from the end
table, then turned it on and slipped it into Donna’s
cunt. Taking care to keep her head out of the way, to
give the camera an unobstructed view, she licked at
Donna’s clit while manipulating the silver vibrating cock
in and out of her pussy.

Donna could only gasp with pleasure. Terri, however, had
several slutty comments to make. “I wish this was your
cock fucking her while I’m licking her. Then I’d do
this….” she cooed, pulling the vibrator out of Donna’s
cunt and slipping it in her mouth for a few strokes, then
back in Donna’s cunt.

“I saw how hard your big cock was the day you spread the
lotion on me. I wanted to pull down your shorts and let
you fuck my mouth right there…. on your front

Then to Donna: “You like being fucked with your toy like
that?” Donna moaned affirmatively. “Would you like to
help me fuck your husband when I get done fucking you?”

Again Donna said yes. “That’s great…. you have no idea
how many nights I’ve spent in my bed fingering myself,
thinking about getting eaten and fucked by both of

After Donna had cum twice, Terri pulled the vibrator out.
Together the two women licked it clean, dueling with
their tongues for the right to take the fake cock in
their mouth. Terri “won”, taking the entire length of the
pulsating toy down her throat, fellating it like it was a
real cock. Brad watched breathlessly.

Donna pulled the vibrator out of Terri’s mouth. “Want me
to do you with this now?” she asked her new lover.

“No,” Terri purred whorishly, “I’d rather save my hot wet
cunt for your husband….” Looking directly at the
camera, “That is, if you’re up for it, Brad….” Terri
licked her lips, then turned to Donna for a passionate
french kiss.

Finally, Donna addressed the camera, and Brad. “I guess
this is it for act two. Act three is upstairs in our
bed.” As Donna’s nipples got sucked by her lover, she
continued, “Act one was called that because it was one
person….me….going solo for you. Act two, was two
women fucking for your enjoyment. “Hmmmmm….. wonder
what act three might consist of?” The scene ended with
Terri taking Donna by the hand and leading her upstairs.
“Join us whenever you’re ready…..” Both women’s voices
trailed off.

Act Three

Brad walked into his bedroom to find his wife spread-
eagled on the bed, with the sexy blonde Terri eating her
cunt again. Donna was still wearing the white teddy;
Terri, the black thong and bra set. Both gals were
wearing black 4″ pumps.

“Happy birthday, honey….” Donna gasped as Terri tongue-
fucked her pussy.

Terri stood up and walked over to Brad. “Happy birthday,
Brad….” She eagerly french kissed him while unbuttoning
his shirt. “Mmmmmmm. I can’t wait to suck you and fuck
you. But first….I’ve been eating your wife for the past
hour, and she promised to return the favor.” Terri led
Brad to a chair, sat him down, then peeled off her g-
string in front of him, tossing it in his lap. Slapping
one of her perfectly rounded asscheeks, she returned to
the bed, laid down, and spread her legs. “Eat me, Donna!”

Without missing a beat, Donna dove into Terri’s wet,
smoothly shaved snatch. (The two women had shaved each
other earlier that day in preparation for the
“festivities”.) Terri licked her lips and moaned in
satisfaction as Donna’s tongue touched her in all the
right places.

Brad was shocked. In their six years of marriage, Donna
had never let on that she had ever wanted to be with
another woman. But she was obviously loving every minute
of this. Of course, Brad was not complaining!

“Want me to….OH GOD….eat your wife…OH MY GOD…some
more?” Terri panted. Brad nodded as he played with his
cock. “Come on Donna….just…OH….swing yourself
around….straddle my face….MMMMMM….”

And so the two girls dipped into a hot 69, vivacious
college cutie Terri on the bottom, and quiet housewife
Donna on top, still wearing her “misleading” innocent
white teddy. The mutual moaning and screaming grew to a
crescendo as the two pleased each other with their

Then Donna sat up, her pussy still in Terri’s mouth, with
Terri still lapping hungrily away. Donna pulled her teddy
off and tossed it on the floor. Riding her lover’s face,
Donna asked her husband, “Do you want to see her tits?
You’re always staring at them whenever she’s outside in
her swimsuit….”

“Yes…. please….” Brad begged. Terri fumbled with her
bra, finally getting it off. Terri’s firm tits were every
bit as glorious as Brad had fantasized they would be.
Donna reached down and played with them while fucking
Terri’s face.

“You want to fuck her, Brad?” Brad nodded. “Terri, my
husband wants to fuck you. Do you want my husband to fuck

“Mmmmm-hmmmmm,” Terri affirmed through a mouthful of
pussy. Terri spread her legs wide for Brad, displaying
her beautiful cunt, its lips puffed out slightly. Brad
needed no further urging, jumping onto the bed and
wasting no time in getting his hard cock inside the young
college girl’s pussy. Terri put her legs up in the air,
her black heels resting on Brad’s shoulders as he pumped

The blonde’s full ripe tits, free of their restraint,
were flying everywhere, bouncing around and into each
other like giant pinballs. Donna’s own tits were also
doing quite a bit of bouncing of their own as she rode
Terri’s expert tongue.

Meanwhile Terri was going nuts as Brad found her g-spot
and relentlessly assaulted it with his 8-inch cock.
Brad’s wife was a moaner when she was getting well fucked
(or in this case, well eaten). Terri, on the other hand,
was definitely a screamer. Brad and Donna had heard
Terri’s cries on many a night when she had a man or woman
over, and sometimes on nights when young Terri had had to
make do with the energizer bunny.

Right then, Terri was getting fucked so well that it’s
safe to say the entire neighborhood would have heard her
yelps of delight, had they not been muffled by Donna’s
cunt. Donna, enjoying her ride on the blonde pixie’s
face, murmured, “Yeah, honey….fuck her good….make her
scream like that…. it sends vibrations through my pussy
when she screams into it…. feels sooooooo good! Fuck
her harder! Fuck the little bimbo…. MMMMMMM EAT ME!!

Brad watched as Terri made his wife cum, her juices
gushing out of her cunt and down Terri’s face and neck.
As well as being a moaner, his wife was a gusher when
stimulated properly. Terri was right behind her with a
multiple orgasm, as Brad felt her cunt convulsing on his
dick. The sensations wracking Terri’s young body were so
intense that she vainly tried to push Brad away. Brad
increased his tempo, driving her even more insane with

Donna climbed off Terri, continuing to encourage her
husband to “fuck that little blonde tramp!” Terri was
gasping for fresh air, which she hadn’t been able to get
much of with her face buried in Donna’s snatch. Brad was
close to cumming, the sensation of Terri’s spasming cunt
proving to be too much to bear.

His wife, sensing it, stopped him. Lying on her back, she
laid next to Terri, putting one arm around under her and
grabbing the blonde’s tit. Taking a handful of the
younger girl’s other breast as well, Donna pushed both of
them together.

“Let me show you what my husband likes….” the older
brunette whispered in Terri’s ear. Brad needed no
instruction; he eagerly straddled the cute young girl’s
chest and sunk his meat into her delectable cleavage.
Both girls watched as Brad’s cock, well lubed by Terri’s
cum, pistoned in and out from between her boobs. One
moment the lovely cock was engulfed between Terri’s huge
hooters, then the head would poke through the top and
both Donna and Terri would lick at it.

Donna egged him on. “Cum for her, honey…cum for both of
us…. cum ALL OVER both of us….” Then nibbling Terri’s
ear, whispering, “Have you ever had a pearl necklace,
honey?” That made the blonde cum again, hard–though to
be honest, she had never actually stopped cumming.

Then Brad gasped, and his prick began spurting its juice
all over Terri’s chest and neck. Donna grabbed hold and
jacked her husband off, aiming the shooting, spurting
cumming cock wherever her heart desired…. at Terri’s
face…. at her own face….at their boobs…when Brad
was finally spent, both ladies were drenched with jism.
As Brad rolled off, Terri and Donna set to work cleaning
each other with their tongues.

After the three of them had caught their breath, Donna
went downstairs to retrieve Brad’s birthday cake. Terri
took the opportunity to get Brad hard again and was
riding him by the time his wife returned with two pieces
of cake.

“Terri and I worked very HARD to make this cake for you
ourselves,” Donna purred. “Guess what we did while we
waited for the cake to rise?”

“Two gals can always cum up with things to do while
waiting for things to rise….” Terri bubbled. “Of
course, I can see that’s not gonna be a problem here….”

Terri climbed off Brad as Donna joined them on the bed.
Doing some math, Brad inquired, “Only two slices? Where’s
my cake?”

“Both of the slices are yours, lover,” Terri whispered,
taking her piece of cake in her hand and spreading it all
over her breasts, thighs and cunt, while Donna did the
same with her cake. “The only question is, which piece
will you taste first?”

Brad opted to eat his wife first. Terri fingered herself
while watching her new lesbian lover getting all the cake
and icing licked off of her. To his credit Brad did a
good job of eating every bite of cake off his “plate”,
and his tongue lingered on Donna’s clit to make sure it
was extra clean.

Then it was Terri’s turn to serve as a cake-plate. While
Brad dove on the delicious blonde coed, Donna exited the
bedroom momentarily, returning with a mixing bowl and a

“Had some icing left over,” she announced, rolling her
husband on his back and proceeding to frost his hard cock
with the spatula. Terri, meanwhile, systematically fed
Brad cake and icing from each part of her body which was
coated with it. All the while, the younger woman was
eyeing the mouth-watering confection, which Donna was

And Brad’s cock was a sight to behold. The entire shaft,
from the tip to the base was coated with creamy white
frosting. Donna was just putting the finishing touches on
her husband’s balls as Terri lowered her dripping cunt
onto his face. Still drooling over the well-frosted cock,
the young beauty gasped as it disappeared to the hilt
into Donna’s mouth.

Eagerly, Donna devoured her husband’s sweet prick, icing
getting all over her face and in her hair as she hungrily
slurped away at her special dessert. As soon as she
sensed that Brad was on the verge of adding his tasty
jism to the sweet icing already in her mouth, Donna
stopped and moved down to his balls and began sucking and
licking them clean as well. Brad, his mouth full of sweet
young pussy, didn’t object in the least.

Terri, however, pouted to Donna, “Hey! I was hoping to
sample some of that ‘cake’ for myself….”

“No problem,” Donna assured her while licking her
husband’s nuts.

“There’s PLENTY of icing left!”

“Oh YUM!! Will you frost him all up for me please?” Terri
begged as she savored her joy-ride on Brad’s tongue.

“Honey, in our house we have a rule when it comes
mealtime. You gotta help yourself!” Donna explained,
retrieving the bowl and spatula and presenting them to
her lover.

Climbing off Brad’s face, Terri murmured,
“Mmmmmm….don’t mind if I do!” And the well-endowed
blonde went to work preparing a delicious “cake” for
herself…. one which, she hoped, would turn out to have
a cream-filled center!
Donna, meanwhile, still had quite a sweet tooth herself.
Taking a handful of the white icing, she got behind Terri
and, by hand, applied the frosting all over Terri’s
backside, icing from the girl’s ass all the way up front
to her juicy cunt. Then, taking a beautifully rounded
asscheek in each hand, the brunette spread them apart and
began devouring the crack of Terri’s ass.

Terri had finished preparing her own treat by now, and
wasted no time in sampling it. But where Donna had
ravenously gone down on Brad like there was no tomorrow,
the blonde opted for a more leisurely pace, enjoying
Brad’s sweet cock with a slow, steady rhythm. She moaned
with delight as Donna’s tongue pleasured her, from her
cunt to her ass, thrusting her ass back to meet the oral
onslaught she was receiving.

Consequently her own rhythm of sucking Brad’s cock picked
up and before Terri realized it she was furiously bobbing
her head up and down, wanting to get her lover off like
she was getting off. Donna’s tongue had now settled on
Terri’s clit and she was now being licked off for all she
was worth.

Then she felt Brad tense up and his cock begin pulsing,
and she welcomed the sweet creamy taste of his cum in her
mouth, taking care to swallow it all for him. Once she
had finished it off, she grabbed a handful of the
frosting and proceeded to return the favor, spreading the
frosting all over Donna’s cunt and ass and thoroughly
licking her clean.

When Brad got hard again, which didn’t take very long,
Donna announced that since it was a birthday party, it
was time for some party games. The first game was called
“Pin the Cock on the Blonde’s Tail”, and involved Terri
bending over a dresser drawer and offering her cunt to
Brad to take from behind. Donna blindfolded her husband
and spun him in circles, then he had to find his way to
the college cutie’s twat and fuck her.

Though he couldn’t see, he could home in on the sound of
Donna getting her cunt noisily eaten by Terri (after
pointing him in roughly the wrong direction, Donna had
taken a seat on the dresser and spread her legs wide for
her blonde lover). Brad had no trouble at all “pinning”
the blonde, and ended up fucking her from behind as Donna
sat on the dresser and got her snatch licked well.

The next game was called “Musical cock” and was Terri’s
idea. Each gal would take Brad’s cock in her mouth for
ten seconds, and whoever’s mouth he ended up cumming in
was the winner. For ten seconds at a time, each woman
desperately tried to win Brad’s “prize”, going down on
him with a frenzy. One time, as she worked him expertly
with her lips and tongue, Donna felt her husband’s cock
tensing like it always did just before he emptied the
jizz from his balls in her mouth. Then her ten seconds
were up. DAMN! she thought to herself. The little bitch
is gonna get to swallow…. But Terri was also
unsuccessful, though it was apparent that Brad was on the
verge of shooting his wad.

This is it, Donna thought. Taking her husband in her
mouth, she sucked him like the cum-starved whore that she
was, stroking his lower shaft with her hand while
swirling her tongue around his cockhead in her mouth. She
HAD to have his jizz in her belly and that was all she
could think of. Somewhere far away, the blonde bitch
protested that her ten seconds were up, but all that
mattered to Donna was satisfying her lust for her
husband’s gooey sperm in her mouth. And she was not
disappointed, as Brad with a little moan began emptying
spurt after spurt of his hot creamy cum into her wet,
willing mouth.

Before she could swallow, however, Terri grabbed her.
“You little bitch, you cheated! That cum was supposed to
have ended up in MY mouth! Oh well, you’ll just have to
share…” With that, Terri locked lips with Donna,
passionately frenching the brunette while sucking the cum
from her mouth. Cum oozed out of their mouths and ran
down their cheeks as they madly kissed. Finally they
broke it off, each savoring the cum in her mouth before
gulping it down.

Terri then turned on Donna. “Ok, you little cum-slut,
since you cheated, you have to pay a penalty!”

“YUMMMMMM it was worth it believe me, sister…..” Donna
taunted her lover.

Terri led Donna to the chair. “Your penalty…. you get
to watch me fuck your husband, EVERY WHICH WAY. You can’t
get up…. you can’t join in…. and you’re not allowed
to touch yourself.” Leaning down to give Donna a parting
kiss, the blonde then got back in bed and turned to Brad,
who was already getting hard again. “Nail me, lover, ”
she ordered, spreading her legs.

Eventually they succumbed to Donna’s begging and let her
join back in, but only to allow her to lick Brad’s balls
as he fucked Terri. All three of them then made their way
into the bathroom, where both girls laid in the bathtub
with no water running and Brad stood over them, jacking
off and treating them to a sperm shower. They then turned
the water on and cooled themselves off.

Brad eventually got out of the shower, but Terri and
Donna stayed in it for awhile, taking turns soaping each
other up and fucking each other in the shower. As Brad
climbed into bed and tried vainly to find a spot which
wasn’t soaked with cunt juice, cum or cake icing, he
listened to the screams and moans coming from the shower,
and thought to himself that this was his best birthday

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