StepMum and Aunt made me cum with their feet
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After my amazing footjob from my auntie my mum could see that i was flushed and brought me some food as she walked away from the hot tub i saw her flash bum at me and sat down with her legs slightly open so i could see everything. Along with her feet pointing up so i could see the soles of her feet.

I felt empty for today and could handle any more and felt abit tired so i asked my aunt if i could have a lay down in her bed. She smiled and let me lay down. I sleep naked normally but as i was at a guests house i was going to put boxers on but didnt no were they was and only had my wet trunks on so i could only sleep naked. To save me having to ask were my boxers were.

I feel asleep for over 5 hours and when i woke up it was dark. I walk out the bedroom and saw my mum and aunt on the sofa with only the tv for light everyone had gone home. I saw that they had eachothers feet in there hands massaging them. I walking around naked and let them see me as they both didnt seem to mind as all they was wearing was short shorts and a bra. I sat next to my aunt on the sofa and my mum said
“nice of you to join us at last”
“ahh leave him alone he has had a major workout 2day.”
Mum smiled. “its ok we both know everything that has happened”

With that my auntie pulled my mums foot and place it at the base of my cock. Mum got her toes and pulled my foreskin down and my auntie pushed her fingers down the side getting the whole sensative head out.
I moaned “aunt you no its sensitive be gentle”
‘”its ok hun, deal with it for a minute whilst we prepare it”
I didnt know what was coming next.
My aunt told mum its out of it shell and it wont go back untill we finished.
Ok son are you ready for the quickest orgasm you have ever had…

I wondered as i had came twice today so i was confident i could hold it.
Ok ill hold longer than your feet can before thay get tired. My aunt looked up in suprise. “you will not last longer than 5 minuites with mine and your mums skills”
I got brave “ok if i hold i get to finish my way”
“and how is that son”
“a tit-job from you mum”
My aunt even mentioned another suprise after mum but i even doubted id get that far.

Now i was rock had foreskin was unmovably forced around my shaft and no lube. “are you ready for our feet”
With that my mum used both toes to force open my penis hole and my aunty rested her toe inside gentle pushing down. Whilst with her other toe she was roling her feet all around the bottom of my head. Now mum has moved onto my shaft and had her mature heels and wrinkly soles thrusting so fast against my exposed shaft i was almost ready to cum so i tryed to pull my skin up a little to stop as much pleasure. But my aunt had pulled it down like this for that reason so mum could get at it so well but as i tryed to pull my aunt grabbed my hands and forced a few fingers inside her and let out a little moan.
Mum looked up
“im doing all the work i deserve some pleasure” with that my aunt guided my other hand near to my mums pussy and my mum being horny she rammed her pussy onto my fingers but 1 slipped and slid into her bum she scream! “OHH HES IN BOTH MY HOLES”
my aunt looked up shocked wow no-one has ever been in there. But she didnt pull me out just got quicker and tighter grip with her feet it was coming up for 5mins i was trying so hard to hold it but didnt really feel like cumming. But that when i made a big mistake.
“mum im easyly going to hold over 5 mins your not going to make me cum in 30 seconds. With that she laughed and so did my aunt. Mum used both big toes rub really quickly on my head and my aunt slowly removed her toe from under the head it was the last 20 seconds only one on my aunties toe was in my penis and my mum was rubbing both toes around the opening. We will tease it out in the last 10 seconds my mum said sexually. All that was left was my auntie toe. I didnt feel like cumming and they wasnt working it.
My aunt slowly puts one toe in my mouth to lube
Auntie moves her toe over to the head of penis
Mum quickly pulles my penis whole apart pushing on both sides of the head
My aunt forces both toes in
She removes the unlubed toe
I feel her lubed to moving from side to side slowly
Mum and aunt tell me im going to cum
I deny but strangly i all of a sudden feel like im going to cum
Auntie rubs her toes from side to side all over the head… I cum instantly i scream!!
Aunty how again hace you done this as my penis pumps shot after shot of cum all over her toes and through the gaps hitting my mums feet resting on her lap.

Wow thanks mum you were amazing and auntie i cannot believe you can controll me like this!!

It fine im sure you will learn to cope with us soon.
I wanted more there and then but knew my penis couldnt cope
Night for now mum love you auntie

I walked off with my cock all covered in cum. Little did i know this was not the end of the night!!

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