The Babysitter’s Mom
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Rebecca Winters stood naked before the full length mirror in her
bedroom observing her own beautiful body. Becky, as everyone called
her, would be nineteen in two months. She was only 5’1″ and 100
pounds but it was perfectly formed in a 32C – 18 – 33 body and a
lovely face with flowing brown hair, big chocolate eyes and flawless
skin. She slipped on a pair of red bikini panties, then, a loose sweat
pants tops and bottoms before slipping into cross trainers. She
fluffed her hair, grabbed her purse and headed downstairs.

Sara Winters was at the table in the tiny den of their house which she
used as a workroom. Becky stopped to watch her mother pouring over the
papers in front of her. The girl worried about her mom. Sara was only
thirty-seven, and very attractive, Becky thought. But, she never dated
or went out, except an occasional church picnic.

“What a dull, unfun life my poor mom has,” Becky thought.

“Hi, mom.”

“Hi, honey. Are you babysitting at the Johnson’s again tonight?”

“Yes. Mom, why did you tell Mr. Johnson ‘no’ when he called to ask
you out?”

“I don’t know,” Sara replied.

“Mom, Mr. Johnson is a good looking, successful, fun guy.”

Sara looked at her daughter, so pretty, bright, happy.

“I just did not feel like going out,” she replied.

“Mom, dad has been dead almost two years. When was the last time you
got laid?”

“Rebecca Jane Winters, you will not speak to your mother that way!”

“Well, when was it?”

“Young lady, you are being rude. Whatever the answer is, it is none of
your business.”

“I just worry about you, Mom.”

“Well, don’t worry. Now, go to the Johnson’s.”

“I will be home late, mom,” Becky said, kissing her mother on the

As Sara watched Becky bounce out the door, she reflected on her
daughter’s comments. Why did she turn all the men down who asked her
out? Why had it been almost two years since she had sex?

“Well, I guess when Becky moves out, maybe I will date again,” she
thought as she tried to refocus on the work before her. But, the
thought of getting laid, of a man between her long, shapely legs, was
getting stronger.

“What will I do?” she thought. “Maybe, I will just give in to Mr.
O’Shay at work. He is my boss and not bad looking.”

Realizing her hand had slipped between her legs, she sighed. She went
upstairs to find her vibrators, hoping she could get some relief
before going back to work.

Becky thought about her mother to entire fifteen minute drive to the
Johnson’s house. When Becky’s father died, her mother seemed to
withdraw into a hole, pulling her little world around her. Becky knew
her parents had enjoyed sex. She had watched them more than once
through the keyhole in their bedroom door, watched as her mother
joyfully surrender to her father, taking his cock wherever he wanted
to put it. Becky knew her mother had not dated but resorted to the
two vibrators she kept in her bedside table.

“I have to so something,” she thought.

As she pulled in the Johnson driveway, she was surprised to see the
house dark. “I wonder where everyone is?” she thought as she opened
the back door with her key. She relocked the door and reached for the
light switch.

She felt a hand over her mouth, another hand snake around her left
side trapping her arm and pulling her tight against the hard male body
behind her. She could feel his erection against her ass.

“Bastard!” she thought.

“Alright, bitch. If you fuck me real good, maybe I won’t cut you up.”

His hand grabbed her pussy through her pants and squeezed.

“I am going to enjoy raping you, slut!”

As she had been taught in self defense class, Becky relaxed and leaned
back against her assailant. As the man relaxed, she turned in his grip
and grabbed his balls.

“Oh, shit, Becky! That hurts! Let go, Beck!”

Becky flicked on the light, still holding on to the balls she had

“Jason Johnson! I did not know it was you.”

Becky grinned up at the handsome fourteen year old. Jason was growing
into manhood. Already five nine but still light weight, he was adding
pounds quickly as his hormones thickened his chest and legs. “He will
be a real good looker some day,” Becky thought.

“Let go, Becky. Please,” Jason whimpered.

“Put your hands behind your neck, Jason!” she snapped. The boy did as
he was told.

“Jason, did I tell you to never sneak up on me?”

“Yes,” he replied nastily.

“Yes, what?” Becky retorted, squeezing that tender sac.

“Yes, ma’am,” he gasped.

“Have I ever turned you down when you wanted some pussy?”

“No, Becky, but…”

“But nothing, Jason! I told you not to sneak up on me.”

“You and dad play with a rape fantasy.”

“What I do with your father, Jason, is none of your business.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Jason said dejectedly.

Becky let go of his balls. She pulled the boys head down to hers and
kissed him long and deep, her tongue caressing his tonsils. She took
his cock in her hand and slowly moved back and forth over it.

“Don’t, Becky,” he whimpered.

“I though you wanted to cum, Jason.”

“Not in your hand.”

“Where then?”

“I want your pussy, Becky, please.”

She dragged her nails across his young chest, pinching a nipple before
trailing across his stomach.

“Get on the den floor. I will be right in.”

She loved the way Jason’s face lit up like a Christmas tree when he
found out she was going to fuck him. She loved his hard, eager body
between her legs, his substantial but still growing cock plundering
her dank wetness. She liked fucking Jason Johnson and she had since
that first time.

As she removed her clothes, her mind flitted back to that night, the
night she started having sex with the Johnsons. It was about seven
months ago and the fifth time she had babysat for them. Jason was
thirteen then. His sister, Jennifer, was fifteen, almost sixteen.
Becky had put them to bed. Thinking they were asleep, she had gone in
the master bedroom. Mr. Johnson had told her she could go to sleep
once the kids were asleep. She slipped out of her jeans and got the
vibrator from her purse. She lay there, eyes closed, her plastic
friend buzzing deep in her pussy as her fingers slowly rotated on her

She felt the bed move, her eyes flew open. It was Jennifer and Jason.

“Let us join you, Becky,” Jennifer had whispered as she kissed the
older girl full on the lips.

“No,” Becky said, but Jennifer trapped her arms as she snaked her
tongue into Becky’s mouth. Becky’s resolve disappeared as Jennifer’s
hands began to caress her nipples. She felt Jason crawl between her
legs and remove her vibrator. Then, she felt his hard, young shaft
slid into her on a sea of her own lubricant. The three of them made
love until they were exhausted.

The next time she sat, Jennifer and Jason explained they had been
having sex almost a year. Now, they wanted her to join them.

“Does your father know?” Becky asked. Jennifer giggled.

“Yes, and he joins us sometimes.”

Becky was shocked. Her mother would not even say the word sex and
David Johnson was having sex with his children. What a difference!

“How did that start?” Becky asked.

“I raped him,” Jennifer said. “I planned it. I had attached
restraints to his bed but hidden them. He came home late and went
right to sleep. When I heard him snore, I sneaked in, attached his
arms to the headboard and pulled his pajama bottoms down. Migod, dad
has a nice cock, Becky. I know you will love it. Anyway, I sucked on
him until he got hard. Then, I got over him and slipped it in me.”

“What happened next?” Becky asked, still amazed at Jennifer’s story.

“He started to move, little tiny hip movements. I moved slowly,
squeezing his cock with my pussy muscles. He awakened. ‘No, Jennifer.
This can’t be!’ he said. He realized he was bound and tried to roll
over to throw me off. But, I held him down.

‘Relax, daddy,’ I said. ‘Yours is the cock I have always wanted in me.
I want you to cum in me, daddy. I want you to fuck me.’

He started to shoot. It felt so good, feeling his cum ooze around his
hard cock in my pussy. I loved it. When he was finished I let him
soften in me. Then, I slipped down to suck our juices from his cock.
He got hard, of course, and we did it again.”

Jennifer was grinning as she happily remembered her rape of her
father. “After that,” she continued, “he initiated it. He really is a
good lover, Becky.”

“I guess I will find out tonight,” the babysitter replied.

After Jennifer and Jason went back to bed, Becky finished undressing,
slipped under the covers in the big bed in the master bedroom and
turned out the lights. She dozed until she heard his footsteps.

“Hello, Mr. Johnson.” she said softly.

“Becky? What are you doing in my bed”

“Waiting for you to make love to me,” she answered.

“Then, why don’t you call me David,” he said with a laugh.

“David. Come to bed,” Becky replied, throwing back the covers.

David Johnson was thirty-eight, six two, two hundred pounds with coal
black hair streaked by strands of gray and flashing blue eyes. He
worked out frequently, his body muscular and hard as a result. Becky
had been turned on by him the first time she saw him. In the faint
light, she saw him undress. He pulled back the covers and lay beside
her. He pulled her to him. She felt his lips on hers as his erection
brushed her leg. As his tongue raped her mouth, her hands found his

“Yes! I am going to enjoy this,” she thought as he rolled on top of
her and she put his cock head at her lower lips.

“Gently, David, please,” she whispered in his ear as he put his weight
against her forcing his cock into her, stretching her wider than she
had ever been stretched. He was gentle and soon her tiny body loved
his weight, her tiny pussy loved being filled with his cock.

“So good, so good,” she whispered in his ear as wave after wave
smashed into her. He fucked her three times that night before they
slept. Becky knew as many times as she had orgasmed on his big cock
she was going to be sore tomorrow. She looked forward to it.

David Johnson had called the babysitters mother late that night,
saying Becky was so exhausted and it was so late, he was afraid for
her to drive home. In truth, she spent the night in his arms, where
she would spend much more time in the future.

Naked, Becky Winters walked into the den of the Johnson home. There
was Jason, lying on his back with his six inches hard and pointing up
in the air. Becky straddled him, enjoying the eager, happy face of the

“Anything you want to say, Jason,” she asked.

“I am sorry I frightened you,” he replied.

“Apology accepted,” Becky said. “Now, why don’t you eat a little pussy
to get me warmed up.”

Jason was becoming a superb pussy eater. His two teenaged lovers saw
to that. But, he had learned to fuck, too.

“I need you in me now,” Becky groaned as she slid down his cock,
burying it in her pussy to the hilt. Jason grabbed her hips and
pounded away in the sexy babysitter.

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