School Gloryhole
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The bell rang for lunch, finally. Mr. Cartwinder’s math
lessons were the worst of them all. I always struggled
to pay attention to him as he droned on and on about
algebraic equations and matrices and whatnot.

It wasn’t like I was a horrible student, I got pretty
good marks, it’s just Mr. Cartwinder was so damn boring.
And old. He has grey hairs coming out of his ears and
nose and it was disgusting. When he inspected students
work he always hovered over their shoulder breathing
gutturally. I’d noticed he always hung around the girls
more than the guys, probably trying to peeve down their
shirts, the pervert.

I pushed my book and pen into my open bag on the floor
and jogged out the room, happy to be free, dodging past
Kristy, the hot blonde who has won tons of acrobatics
trophies, spinning around my twin sister Carly, who
scowled as I barged past, and sidestepping her friends
Jordan and Emma to reach the door first. Once outside I
walked over to a bench and waited for my friends to get
out of their classes.

Steve spotted me from a distance and waved and walked up
to me.

“Hey man, did you see the thong Kristy was wearing?”
Steve asked, grinning.

I laughed, of course Steve would spot that, he was
always going on about how hot the chicks in our grade

“It was this thick,” he said, pinching his thumb and
index finger together. “Fucking tiny! I’ve never seen
her wear a thong before.”

“Maybe that’s because she doesn’t normally wear thongs,”
I replied idly, my attention wandering away from the
conversation. “Maybe she doesn’t usually wear panties to

Steve’s eyebrows raised and he grinned, unaware I was

“You’re probably right man, she’s such a skank. I hear
she fucked two guys on the footy team at the same time.”

I got out an apple and started eating it. I always ate
an apple during lunch. Maybe that was why I was in
pretty good shape, compared to my friends at least. John
and Alex walked up and sat at the bench with us, arguing
about who was hotter out of Jessica Alba or Megan Fox
which prompted Steve to join in the conversation.

“Jessica Alba is way hotter. Have you seem Megan’s toe
thumbs? They’re fuckin’ massive, plus she always looks
like she’s on her period and she’s had so much plastic
surgery. I wouldn’t be surprised if she melted if she
got too close to a fire.”

My mind wandered again. They had this kind of
conversation each lunch break. Who was hotter, Zoe
Deschanel or Katy Perry, Summer Glau or Lindsay Lohan.
My mind focused on the girls sitting on the bench about
50 metres away.

Kristy, Carly, Jordan and Emma were all sitting at the
bench talking animatedly. Kristy was straddling the
bench with her legs on either side and she started
grinding it up and down and all the girls started
laughing in hysterics. I wanted to hear what they were
saying but they were too far away. Kristy was probably
going to be my masturbation material for the night. I
added her as a friend on a social networking site and
she had some fine pictures of her in her acrobatics

All too soon the bell rang again. Time for next period,
English with Mr. Krastovski, or Mr. K as everyone called
him. I decided to take a piss before hand or I’d have to
go half way through, and Mr. K hated interruptions. It
seemed everyone else had the same idea, I saw when I got
to the toilets. All the stalls were shut and all the
urinals were taken, except one stall at the end with a
sign “Out of Order” on the door. I’d never used it
before, the sign had been on there years ago when I
first started at high school and I always wondered why
they never fixed it. I decided to use it so I wouldn’t
be late for Mr. K’s class, so I closed the door and
started pissing.

There was something different about this stall. I
noticed the wall to my right was thin and a quick
rapping on the wall confirmed it. I was surprised when I
heard a rapping back and a metallic scraping noise
coming from the other side. There were no stalls to my
left, only a wall so I didn’t know what the fuck was
happening. I finished pissing, zipped up and tried to
locate the source of the tapping. It seemed to be coming
from the back of the toilet paper dispenser. It was a
big plastic circle with a giant roll of toilet paper in
it. I noticed that it was only hinged on the wall so I
lifted it and placed it on the ground.

“What the fuck?” I muttered to myself. There was a hole
in the wall behind where the toilet paper dispenser was.
A piece of paper fluttered through the hole and I picked
it up and it read ‘Put your dick through the hole’. It
was written in sparkly pink ink, and the ‘i’ in dick was
dotted with a little love heart. I thought to myself why
the fuck not? It wasn’t a guys stall there, which
probably meant it was the end stall of the girls
toilets, and they wouldn’t see my face.

I tugged on my dick a few times, making it semi hard,
and poked it through the hole. I heard a faint gasp and
a little giggle and felt a finger stroke the length of
my dick which caused my penis to harden and go fully
erect. I heard a faint ‘oohing’ and felt a cool breeze
on my dick. I guessed whoever it was blowing my dick
which, even though it wasn’t very stimulating, kept my
dick as hard as a rock.

Two fingers now held my dick. They slid slowly up the
length of my dick, then all the way down, still as slow.
It was incredibly pleasurable even though it normally
took me a whole hand full of fingers and quite a few
minutes to get to this stage of arousal, whoever was on
the other side had managed it in a few seconds with only
2 fingers. Another few fingers joined in now, a whole
hand was now gripping my dick. I was pretty sure it was
a girls hand because it was pretty small, plus whoever
had talked sounded pretty girly.

She wiped the pre-cum that had oozed out of my dick head
and wiped it onto the rest of my dick to use as
lubrication and kept stroking. Her hand was now stroking
up and down my dick fast, very fast. The wall shook as
she pounded against the wall as she got to the bottom of
my dick and stroked all the way to the tip before
slamming back down again. It felt way better than when I
did it at home, perhaps I had a voyeuristic streak in
me. I let out a soft moan and I knew I was close so I
rapped quickly on the wall to let her know. She must not
have heard me or chose to continue, as her hand
continued to stroke my dick up and down. My body was
fully pressed against the wall and my hips were thrust
out and pressed hard against the wall to allow the
maximum length of my dick to be tugged. I felt my balls
tighten and my penis swell and I let out a quiet
guttural moan and shot out thick wads of cum into the
other side of the wall. I heard a surprised shriek and
then a laugh coming from the other side of the wall, and
the girl on the other side continued masturbating me
hard, her hand still slamming into the wall as she
stroked the full length of my dick. I kept shooting rope
after rope of hot sticky cum into the other side.

My mind wondered as to what was happening in the other
side; maybe she had her tongue out and she was catching
it in her mouth, or maybe I was cumming all over her
school clothes. Maybe it was Kristy who had just
masturbated me to orgasm. Like Steve had said, she did
have a reputation as a slut. When I finished cumming I
felt my dick being cleaned by a piece of toilet paper
before it was pushed back out of the hole roughly.

I gripped my now soft and clean dick and pushed it into
my pants and zipped them up and peered through the hole.
I could only see the opposite wall of the stall before
it was blacked out by something pinkish. I pushed a
finger in the hole and felt something wet and sticky. I
felt an indent and I pushed into it and wiggled my
finger up and down. I heard an excited squeal and then
it was quickly taken away. I retrieved my wet and sticky
finger and sniffed it and realised it was pussy juice. I
gave it a tentative lick and was surprised that it
didn’t taste all that bad, contrary to the stories I’d
been told.

Whoever it was on the other side had gotten mighty wet
over masturbating me. I put my eye to the hole to see if
I could see them but I could only see the opposite side
of the stall this time. I was about to take my eye away
when a piece of paper poked through the hole and hit me
in the eye. I stumbled back in surprise and then there
was a scraping sound, and the hole was covered up again.
I read the piece of paper and it said ‘Cum back next
lunch break for even more fun’. I laughed at the
appropriate misspelling of come and hooked back up the
toilet paper dispenser and walked out off to math class.

“Where have you been? You are very late!” Mr. K shouted
at me as I walked in to the class. Kristy looked up at
me and smirked and my sister looked at me in surprise. I
wasn’t sure why she was surprised, I was late for
classes all the time.

“Your family is no good!” Mr. K continued. “Always late,
always disrupting, now sit down!”

I wandered over to a spare desk and sat down and Mr. K
started talking about how bad the grammar was in most of
the assignments he had been given and it wasn’t long
before my mind had drifted off to another place. I
couldn’t wait for the next break. I kept replaying what
happened in the toilets over and over in my mind,
thinking I must have dreamt it and it was all a dream,
but no, a pinch confirmed that I was awake and it had
really happened.

My eyes flickered from one girl to another. I tried to
guess who it was who had sucked my dick. I noticed it
probably wouldn’t have been Kristy, unfortunately. Her
fingernails were really long and would have surely
scraped me at one stage of the frantic tugging on my
dick. Possibly not Jordan, her hands looked too big. I
guess I would never know, which was partially fine by
me, as long as it happened again at next break.

*Snap*. A ruler slammed down next to my face. I looked
up, snapped out of my day dream and realised Mr. K was
standing over me.

“Stop your day dreaming, you are here to learn, and you
will learn.”

Everyone in the class started sniggering at my
misfortune, or rather, stupidity for dazing off in

“Y-yes Mr. K. Sorry Mr. K.”

“That’s Mr. Krastovski to you!” He smacked his ruler
down again, this time nearly clipping my hand and he
walked off to the front of the class.

Somehow I managed to pay attention for the rest of the
class and finally Mr. K’s English class was over but
unfortunately I had another period, history, before the
break. My history teacher was a real champ though, he
knew I was smart and ahead of the rest of the class so
he let me keep my head down and day dream during the
whole period.

When the bell rang I jumped up and walked quickly out of
the classroom straight to the toilets. Fortunately no-
one was in there so I managed to sneak into the out of
order stall again and I waited for any sign that the
mystery girl on the other side had arrived. I was
surprised to find I was sporting a massive erection, it
had grown hard in anticipation.

Finally, after what seemed like 30 minutes but was more
realistically 5 minutes later I heard a familiar
scraping sound. I unhooked the toilet dispenser and
peered through but I couldn’t see anything. I could hear
a rustling of clothes so I knew someone was on the other
side so I poked my already rock hard dick through the
hole and pressed my ear against the wall.

“Oh wow it’s so smooth,” I could hear a girl say faintly
on the other side of the wall, followed by a lot of
different giggling. I realised in horror that my
audience was more than one and I began to withdraw my
dick but a girl on the other side saw what I was trying
to do and held on to my dick at the base to stop me from
pulling it out. I felt a hand gently touch my dick,
tracing up the veins popping out, followed by another,
then another all softly stroking my dick.

One of the hands pinched my dick sharply and I yelped
before I could stop myself and the girls laughed at my
response. This caused them to all start pinching and
tickling my dick all up and down its length. This lasted
an excruciatingly pleasurable minute or so before they
stopped. All hands had withdrawn from my dick and I
pressed my ear against the wall to hear what was going

“Say cheese!” I heard one of the girls say faintly,
followed by a faint chorus of “cheeeeeese” followed by a
mechanical clicking noise. I pressed harder and heard
one of the girls giggle and say

“Hey, check this out.”

I felt a cold moist pressure on the tip of my dick and
it flickered up and down my slit. Then the whole head of
my dick was engulfed. I felt the girls warm breath on my
dick as she suctioned her cheeks and used her tongue to
swirl around the head of my dick. Shrieks of excited
laughter came through the thin wall and I groaned in
pleasure as this mystery girl sucked on my dick. She now
bobbed up and down the top of my dick. Her teeth grazed
softly over the head of my dick and her tongue whirled
around and up and down my dick, whoever was sucking
obviously had previous experiences. I heard a few more
mechanical clicking noises as she sucked my dick.

“Deepthroat, deepthroat, deepthroat,” came a chorus of
voices from beyond the wall, so the mystery sucker
complied, much to their audible delight. My dick went
past her tonsils and poked into her throat before I lost
all control and started cumming. The girl on the other
side gagged as she swallowed my cum whole but she didn’t
take my dick out of the depths of her mouth until I had
finished jizzing. She slowly withdrew her mouth and
licked up and down my dick cleaning off the cum as my
erection slowly subsided. I began to withdraw again but
was stopped with a quick short slap. I held it through
the hole and heard another mechanical click and then my
dick was pushed through the hole.

“Wow that was so hot, I’m so wet,” said mystery girl 1

“Me too, I drenched my panties,” giggled another mystery

A piece of paper scrunched up was pushed through the
hole and when I saw it I realised the source of the
clicking. It was a photograph. Center frame – my red
angry erect cock, accompanied by 4 pussies. Two on
either side, with thighs and midriffs all that was in
shot, their chequered school uniform skirts were pulled
up and their panties were pulled down around their
thighs. All 4 pussies had different pubic hair styles.
The one on my right was untrimmed, a bush of curly black
hair which nearly covered her slit from sight. Her
thighs were tanned but her pussy was a sexy innocent
looking pale white colour The panties that were pulled
down around her thighs were a plain white colour.

The other girl on my right was the complete opposite.
There was not a single hair visible on her crotch, she
had obviously waxed herself, and her pussy was just as
tanned as her thighs, a sign that she tanned naked. She
had a thong around her thighs. I felt myself hardening
again while I looked at the picture. To the left,
closest to my dick was another beautiful pussy.

This one was waxed all over except right above the clit
there was a small runway of hair leading to her untanned
slit. Around her thighs was wrapped a cute little pair
of pink hello kitty panties and I noticed that these
panties had deep pink spots where she had leaked her
juices. To the far left of my raging boner in the
picture was the 4th and final pussy. This one was
untanned and had trimmed pubic hair all over. Around her
thighs was a small little lacy pair of yellow panties.

With my attention so deeply locked into the picture I
had failed to realise the girls had put more pictures
through the hole and covered it up. The first one was a
close-up, the shot pointing at my dick, with a pair of
lips visible in the left corner sucking on the head of
my dick. Unfortunately there were no distinguishing
features, just a pair of sexy moist lips. The next
picture was a picture of the lips against a wall with a
sliver of my dick visible in between.

The next was a picture of a tongue with a bit of my load
on it and the following one was the same tongue with my
load swallowed. The final picture was a repeat of the
first picture, except this time my penis was soft. Each
of the girls showed signs of arousal and the girl in the
hello kitty panties had spread her vaginal lips to show
her wetness.

This sent me over the edge. I gripped my dick and
started pumping furiously up and down while staring
intently at the picture and it wasn’t long before I felt
the familiar feeling in my dick and I groaned and
squeezed my eyes shut and opened them just before I
released my load. *Click*. I looked up as I jizzed, my
cum flying towards the door in front of me, and saw a
camera just above the door.

“Hey!” I shouted in surprise, as footsteps rushed out
the toilet.

“Get out pervert!” I shouted, but they were already
gone. I pulled up my pants and tucked my cock in and
burst out the stall and out the toilets to see them, but
they were already gone.

“Fuck,” I muttered to myself. “A perfect day ruined.”

If any of the guys saw that picture my reputation would
be ruined and I would be the butt of all jokes for the
rest of my high school years.

The bell rang and I drudged off to my final class of the
day and sat down with my head down. I was sharply awoken
in the middle of the class by a loud snap. It appeared
as if Steve had been leaning on the back to legs of his
chair and snapped them. Everybody laughed as Steve was
thrown out the room and trudged to the principal’s
office. As I lay my head back down to sleep something
caught the corner of my eye. Someone had unzipped my
bag. I looked around but no one looked suspicious so I
opened it even more and saw the contents and quickly
closed my bag up again. It was the picture of me in the
middle of my cum shot. I raised the bag up to my thighs
and opened my bag and peered in again. It was a perfect

There was a thick wad of cum up close to the camera and
another string of cum had just started erupting from my
dick. I looked at my cum face in embarrassment and
flipped it over. There was a message there that read ‘I
like your Cumface! If you want more fun, cum back after
school!’ The ‘i’ was dotted with a love heart again. I
felt a heavy weight lift off my chest. At least I didn’t
have to worry about the photo getting out, plus it
looked like I had a bit of fun to look forward to after
school. I looked around at the girls in the class but
none of their faces gave anything away.

Thirty restless minutes later, nothing learned during
the period, I rushed out the door once again to the
toilets. Unfortunately it had someone in there so I
loitered around the urinals until they left then I
quickly slipped in the out of order toilet and sat down
until the girl arrived. I leapt up in joy at the sound
of the familiar scraping of the object being removed. I
looked through the hole and to my surprise I didn’t see
the opposite wall of the stall, but the chequered plaits
of a skirt.

“You watchin’?” she whispered, barely audible through
the wall and I “uhhuh’d” back in reply. She slowly did a
striptease swaying her arse around before slowly
slipping the skirt down her thighs revealing a sexy pink
pair of hello kitty panties.

“I like how you shaved your hair down there” I whispered
through the wall and I got a giggle in return. She
hooked her thumbs together under the top of her panties
in the middle of her back and pushed her thumbs apart
and out until they were at her hips where she slowly
pulled either side down, slowly revealing her sexy
untanned arse. She then stepped out of her panties and
put them up to the hole for me to sniff. They smelt like
the pussy I had tasted earlier today. I looked back
through the hole to see the mystery girl, I mentally
named the hello kitty girl, raise her arse up and pushed
it against the hole providing access to her pussy from
behind. I removed my eye and replaced it with my middle
finger and I pressed it through the hole, into her moist
hole. It was nearly dripping with wetness.

“Noooooo,” hello kitty girl moaned softly. “I want your
cock. Put your cock inside me.”

I withdrew my finger and pressed the tip of my dick
through the hole. Unfortunately without eyes on the
other side I was going in blind. I missed once, hitting
the ring of her anus which caused her to moan in
protest, I went in for the second time, this time
hitting her lips, just missing her pussy. The hello
kitty girl, fed up with me missing grabbed my cock and
pulled it through the hole. She then slowly backed onto
my rock hard dick, it slowly became enveloped inside her
moist heated hole. It wasn’t long before I felt a

Since I couldn’t thrust it was up to her to deflower
herself on my cock. She did it quickly and sharply,
pulling out an inch before thrusting down hard. She
broke through and her butt slammed into the wall, I was
as deep inside her as I could get, and she yelped in
pain from popping her cherry. She just held me inside
her, her kegel muscles keeping me deep inside her while
the pain subsided before she started slowly pulling my
dick out and then back in just before I popped out.

She did this with increasing pace and soon she was going
at a steady pace, fucking my dick. I could hear her
breathing become laboured as the pleasure built up deep
inside her.

“Fuck… me… backkk,” she moaned between breathes. I
timed my withdrawal with hers and slammed back deep
inside her as she slammed back into the wall onto my
dick. The wall shuddered with each thrust.

“I’m… going to… cummmmm,” she moaned, elongating the
word cum as she climaxed on my dick. She kept thrusting
as her pussy flooded with juices. I stopped thrusting
and let her thrust jaggedly back onto me. Her pussy
muscles contracting and squeezing my dick, making me
climax just after she did. It was surprising how much
cum I had left in me after my balls had been emptied 3
times already today, but I still came like a madman
inside her pussy. She had stopped climaxing and let me
thrust deep inside her with each rope of cum that
exploded from my dick.

When my orgasm subsided and my dick started deflating
she slowly and tantalisingly moved forward off my dick.
She then proceeded to squeeze up along the bottom side
of my dick and licking the cum as it was squeezed out my
dick. She then pushed my dick back through the hole and
I rushed my eye to it to try catch a glimpse of the
hello kitty girl but my view was obstructed by the
mounds of her arse and the cum dripping slowly from her
pussy hole.

A hand snaked down along her belly and slivered across
her slit and wiped it up and snaked back up out of
sight. She then pushed a note through the hole and
pushed the object back in front of the hole, leaving me
alone in the out of order toilet with a now deflated
dick hanging out. The note read ‘Thanks!’ with a big
love heart beside it. I zipped up and exited the stall
and wet my face. I couldn’t believe what had happened
today, it was like some kind of fantasy come true.

As I walked towards the school front gate I realised
that not only had I gotten my first hand job today, I’d
also gotten my first blow-job, shown my dick to 4 girls
at the same time and lost my virginity, all within 6
hours. What a day. I looked up to the school gate and to
my horror I saw my sister there. Shit. I’d forgotten
that I usually walked with my sister from school to home
after school. She must have been waiting there for ages.
I jogged up to her.

“Sorry Carly I totally forgot we walked home together,
shit you must have been waiting for ages,” I apologised
to her.

“No no it’s alright, it wasn’t too long. What kept you?”
she enquired, raising her eyebrows at me, putting me on
the spot.

“I err.. had to unload some stuff. Look, I’m really
sorry for keeping you waiting.’

“I already said, it’s no problem, now let’s leave.” she
replied. We walked alongside each other, her arm
brushing against mine occasionally, and it wasn’t long
before we were home.

I ripped off my school tie and jumped on the bed,
exhausted after the long day. Flipping through the
pictures made me instantly hard again, and it wasn’t
long before I started stroking my dick to the picture of
all the pussies around my erect dick. I focused on the
girl in the little pink hello kitty panties who had
earlier taken my virginity, and I hers.

I stroked slowly from base to tip, staring at the girl.
Her sexy pussy lips, a string of her love juice
stretched from lip to lip, the runway of hair that
stopped at the top her slit, her engorged clitoris just
waiting, begging for a strumming The tan lines, the wet
pink panties around her tanned thighs and her chequered
schoolgirl skirt raised up. It wasn’t long before I felt
the pressure rising in my dick – but I was interrupted
by a knocking on my door.

“Hey brother, can you help me with my homework? I’m
stuck on a question” my sister asked from outside my

“S-sure! Just wait a minute and I’ll be right out,” I
fumbled, pulling my pants up and stashing the pictures
in my bag. When I gained my composure back I went to the
door and opened it and walked into my sisters room. She
was still wearing the school uniform and she was at her
desk with her books open.

“It’s question 5, can you take a look?”

“Sure,” I replied, and leaned over her shoulder to look
at her work. She had actually done a good job and I read
through her work for a few minutes before it hit me.

“I… you…” was all I could mumble as I stumbled back,
looking at my sister in complete shock. The i’s… the
i’s were the fucking same.

She grinned cheekily at me and stood up and turned
around to face me. Her hands snaked up her thighs and
under her skirt and she pushed her hands down again
along with her panties. I was staring straight into her
eyes as she stepped out of her panties and walked slowly
towards me, her hips swaying with each step. She held my
wrist and pressed them into my palm. My gaze shifted
slowly down to the pair of panties in my hand. I held
them up. They were pink, decorated in little hello
kitties and were stained deep pink with what looked like
a mixture of pussy juice and cum. The panties belonging
to pussy number 3, clean shaven, untanned, with a trail
of pubic hair leading to her clit.

My sister leaned in towards me, looked me straight in my
eyes and whispered “Today I tugged and sucked, and you
fucked your twin sister.”

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