The dirty cleaning job
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I had just completed the very nasty job for cleaning the furnace for the

Jones family. I knew that I would unable to sale anything on this call because

the only person in to the house when I arrived was the grandmother. I hated it

when my customers did that. I had hurried through my work so that I could get

to my next call. Everything seemed to going normally except that ever time I

looked up the grangmother was watching me.

The grand mother was in her late sixties. In her day she could have

been a real beauty, but that day had long sense pasted her by. I kind of felt

sorry for, so I took the time to answer her questions. From time to time I

would run across a lonely older person that would do just about anything for

someone to talk to. I thought I would be kind and talk with her as I did my


At first her questions were the normal one that most people would ask.

Later she would ask about my family and where I was from. She nice and sweet

until she winked at me and told me had would give me a tip when I finished my

work. I figured that a few bucks for a few minutes of conversation, why not.

I completed my work and headed upstairs to the kitchen area. I found

the grandmother sitting at hte dinning room table, waiting for me. I walked up

to her and started to explain what I hard done to their furnace and to tell her

about some improvement I thought they should make. She motioned for me to come

closer. I assumed that she want to read the invoice along with me. I did so

and leaned over the side of the table so that she could follow along. After

completing my explaination I stood back up and started to total up my invoice.

The grandmother said that she had a tip for me. I continued to write and paid

little attention to what she had said. I suddenly felt her hand on my zipper,

pulling it down and putting her hand into my pants. I felt like a deer caught

in a cars head lights. I was not interested, was not excited by this woman in

any way.

For a woman of her age she could move very quickly when she had to. I

object to what she was doing but she held onto my pants by the zipper and

fished out my cock with the other. Maybe it was that little voice in the back

of my head telling me that I hadn’t been laid in two months, but i seemed to be

moving in slow motions. Before I could object again or really pull away from

her she had my limp cock in her mouth sucking it for all she was worth. It

that moment the head on my shoulders was total overruled by the head of my

dick. I could believe what was happening but really felt good. Her breath hot

and her lips were moist.

Now I’m not the most handsome man around and I’m not hung like a horse.

I am your average 35 year old married male. My cock was also a normal slim 7″.

But at this very minute it felt as if it were a foot long. This grandmother

really knew how to suck cock. My head was swimming and was paying little

attention to anything except what the old woman was doing to my proudly

standing cock. Several times I came close to cumming, but the grandmother

seemed to be having trouble.

At that very second the back swung open and in walked a younger woman.

She had several bag a groceries in her arms andwas several feet into the room

before she saw me. I just knew that I was a dead man. What the hell was I

going to do? The younger woman, about 30 years old and quit pretty, yelled at

us in shock. However, instead of yelling at me, instead of attacking me,

instead og throwing things at me, she was yelling at the grandmother. What the

hell is going on here. Not knowing what to do, I broke free from the old woman

and tried to get away. The young woman turned out to be the older womans

mother-in-law. The younger woman was really pissed at her too.

The Mrs. Jones yelled at the old woman, “How many times have we told you

about this kind of thing. You’rr to old to be doing this. I’m tired of having

to clean up all the messes you leave incomplete”! I asked myself what she had

meant by that last statement. I turned back to face them, curious by what Mrs

Jones had just said. Mrs. Jones looked at me and slightly smiled and

apologized for the old woman. She told me at that point that the old woman did

this a lot but was too old to finish what she started. With that she dropped

to her knees and said that she could let me leave in that condition. the

grandmother just grinned as Mrs. Jones swallowed my cock into her mouth. This

was total crazy, but at this point I didn’t care. I just wanted to cum, NOW.

Mrs. Jones was ever bit as good as the old woman had been, she swallow

the entire shaft and could lick part of my balls at the same time. Against

what would have been good judgement I did everything I could to make this last.

I needed to cum very badly, but this was the blow job of a lifetime. I didn’t

want it to stop.

Mrs. jones had been skillfully working me over for about 10 minutes when

the back door swung open again. This time a very big man came in the house

carrying a brief case and newspaper in his hands. He dropped everything right

in the middle of the floor and yelled at the top of his lungs, ” WHAT THE HELL

IS GOING ON HERE, GOD DAMN IT”. Now this was truly the end of my life. Mr.

Jones was 6′ 5″ and weight 250 lbs, a very big man to say the least. And here

this big man’s wife was, on her knees, sucking the cock of a stranger, in his

kitchen. If I had had had a gun at that moment I would have used it on myself

to save me from getting the total shit beat out of me.

Mrs. Jones stopped sucking my cock and stood up facing her husband. But

instead of trying to explain her actions, she started yelling at him. Here

this small 5′ 3″ woman was standing up to this gaint of a man telling to sit

down and shout up. She Said, “All I was doing was finishing what your mother

started, again, but couldn’t finish”. That was exacting what I needed to hear

right now. Not only had his wife been sucking on this stranger, but so had his

mother. I”M DEAD!!!!!

I didn’t think that this could get any stranger, until Mrs. Jones openned

her mouth again. She told her husband not to give her any of his shit. She

also told him that he had one of two choices. That he could fix supper or

finish this. She was pointing at my cock, still rock hard, when she said this.

What am I going to do was the only thing going thur my mind. But to my

surprize Mr. Jones came over to me a firmly grabbed my cock and squeezed it

hard. I had always wonder what it would have been like to have been born a

woman, now felt like I was about to find out. What was this man going to do?

Was he going to rip my cock out by the roots or bend done and finish me off.

I almost died when the man bent do and took my cock into his mouth. I

lasted only a few seconds before I short tons of cum straight into his mouth.

He swallowed every drop. He kept sucking until I was completely soft. Right

then all I wanted to do was to run, to get the hell out of here. Instead, the

man stood up and he apologized for his mother. He said she had done this

before and that he and his wife felt bad for the men that had to leave

unsatisfied. He said that if wasn’t their fault, That he was glad that I would

not be one of them.

Mr. Jones turned to his wife and said that she had gotten the short end

of this deal, that I had tasted very good. I couldn’t believe what was being

said, or that my cock was hard again. Mrs. Jones saw this and said that maybe

I should stay for dinner, that she could use a little desert. She then asked

her husband to watch the stove and to not let the food burn. She walked over

to me and had me sit on a dinning room chair. She pull up her dress and

removed her panties. Without asking or anythingshe turned around and sat down

on my hard cock. She rode me hard and fast. I thought we were going to break

the chair, but I wasn’t going to stop her for anything. She came twice before

I lost control and rocketed a load of cum into her wet pussy.

I have been back many time to do repair work for the Jones family, Each

time getting a generious tip before leaving. To date I have recieved blow

jobs from the grandmother, Mrs. Jones, Mr. Jones, the babysitter, and the 16

year old daughter. She sucked me under the dinner room table one night while

the rest of the family ate. I have fuck each of them as well, including Mr.

Jones. This is a family that is truly an unusal find.

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