My Husband Watched
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Bill had noticed the first time that he hired young
Jeff Malone to cut the grass that his wife Carrie was
well taken with the handsome young lad. He had caught
her unawares scoping out the bulge in the front of his
jeans on several occasions that day. He had also
noticed that Jeff was keenly infatuated with Carries
tiny tight bikini as well.

But what had really inspired him to hire Jeff as a
regular grounds keeper was the way Carrie had fucked
him that night. She was aggressive and extremely hot,
and had in fact achieved several massive orgasms before
he had emptied himself in her body.

Bill was no genius but guessed that having the hard
lean body of a male teen around that afternoon had
helped matters along somewhat. He couldn’t help but
wonder if this might be the opportunity he had hoped
for to fulfill his long time fantasy of watching
another man fuck his gorgeous wife. He was going to
keep the two in close proximity to each other as often
as he could…”who knows what might happen he thought.”

Carrie was 34 years old with a centerfold body, she was
a good lover in bed but after nearly ten years of
marriage Bill had an itch. She had always been faithful
to her vows but lately he had noticed that she too was
looking at the opposite sex, although she would never
admit it. They had no children and in fact had decided
to put that off until later in life so they were still
free to experiment.

She was five foot four inches tall with large but not
enormous breasts; her upper body came down to a trim
narrow waist. Her hips were curvaceous and flared well;
down into a pair of stunning upper thighs and well
toned legs. She had a beautiful face and wonderful
smile, with a personality to match and she was a
wonderful conversationalist when she wanted to be. Her
yes were green with a ring of honey colored amber
around her pupil, they were crisp and lively and you
could read her easily there.

The next weekend Bill noticed that Carrie had spent
more time than usual with her attire and make up than
normal. When she did come downstairs he whistled low
when she entered the kitchen for coffee. She was decked
to the nines, her hair was in the French affair, and
the skirt was short and her top open a little farther
down than usual giving a nice healthy display of heavy

“Wow, got a date?” he teased.

“No,” she replied smiling, “I just didn’t want to scare
the new help away that’s all,” she said.

Bill watched her as she seated her self at the table
cup in hand, and couldn’t help but notice that her
skirt just covered her panties sparing nothing. It was
nice enough to give him another morning erection, as he
noticed the colorful eye makeup and bright lipstick,
she looked damned good.

” Sweetheart I’ll be busy with errands and some bring
home paperwork from my job, so if I forget to check
don’t let Jeff get overheated or thirsty today out
there. I don’t know what his arrangements are with his
parents, but he is certainly welcome to a cold beer if
he likes, ok?”

“I’ll look after everything dear,” she responded with a

“I knew I could count on you love,” I replied with my
own little smile.

I left and ran into town to get some computer paper and
made my self-scarce for the most part the rest of the
day. When I got back I went directly to my study and
filled the printer with paper and began thinking of
different observation points I might utilize that

“I was already wondering if he had glanced up her legs
to her crotch or ran his youthful fingers over the
surface of her panty clad vulva, aimlessly driving
myself to hardness with such nonsense!!”

I watched Carrie giving Jeff direction on something in
the yard a little later through the window facing the
backyard. It was obvious even at a distance that there
was a kind of chemistry between them and Carrie was
giving him every opportunity to observe her body…and
he was.

She squatted in front of him and her skirt hiked itself
obscenely high on her thighs as her hands fanned out
giving the young man directions. Then he saw Carrie’s
hand land lightly on the front of Jeff’s upper thigh
and begin creeping upward to the bulge in the middle of
his jeans.

When her hand achieved contact with his stiff bulging
cock the distress on his young face was evident even at
this range. Bill saw her hand gently squeeze his cock
and witnessed his young body lurch against the warmth
of her touch.

Bill’s hand wondered down to his own zipper area and
gave a good squeeze of his own equipment as he watched
the proceedings. He went totally hot as he watched his
wife slowly lower Jeff’s zipper as she smiled up at

Bill unzipped his own trousers as he watched Carrie
haul out the anxious teens swollen cock and lick the
very tip of it with her tongue. He gave his shaft a
firm squeeze as he watched his wife’s mouth smoothly
slide down the youthful shaft of his young energetic

Young Jeff’s head snapped back and the intensity of his
pleasure was readily seen in his young face. Carrie’s
mouth sailed up and down the length of the young man’s
cock rapidly as his legs became visibly weaker with
each thrust of her mouth.

Suddenly she stopped and unbuckled his pants pulling
them down around his knees frantically. Then leaning
back to the ground she spread her legs wide before him
and smiled up her instructions.

The young man crawled up between her legs as Carrie’s
hand encircled his cock and guided him to the goal.
Bill knew the instant young Jeff’s cock took possession
of his wife’s body, her head went back, her eyes
closed, and her body trembled.

Bill’s lust all but exploded inside and his cock hurt,
such was the state of his erection as he watched his
wife being fucked. He knew from the way the young man
was going at it that he would leave her unsatisfied, he
was jack-rabbit crazy on his first piece of pussy.
Finally he stiffened and drove deep in her body
expelling his inexperienced lust into the unsatisfied
folds of her organ.

He collapsed on top of Carrie and she stroked his back,
but her deep disappointment was seen in the cast of her
beautiful face. After several moments of rest the young
man at last stood back up to his feet and arranged
himself waved and walked off to finish his chores.

Carrie gathered herself up and headed for the house and
Bill knew she would be making a beeline for the shower.
Bill was pissed beyond reason and couldn’t explain why;
this had been the very thing he had fantasized about
for years now. But something about Carrie putting forth
her hand to take without even consulting him angered
him fiercely.

Bill met her in the hallway headed for the shower at
the end, “on the way to washout all that teen come,” he
shot at her.

“You were watching… oh Bill, that is sick! Peeking
like some horny teenage boy watching his mommy in the
shower, trying to get his first glimpse of hairy pussy.

Her statement pissed him to no end, “Sick, I’ll tell
you what’s sick whore, an aging woman so bound to her
sick desires that she’ll fuck any loose teen in the
hood… now that’s sick baby!” he shouted.

Her deep grass colored eyes flashed stormy, as her hand
rose rapidly to strike his face; she did make contact
with very little effect. Bill was even more infuriated
and clutched Carrie’s dark rich locks in his hand and
started off toward the bedroom dragging her behind him
kicking and screaming her ass off!!

Once standing beside the king sized bed they shared as
husband and wife, William hauled his beautiful wife to
her feet and slapped her full across the face. The
force of the blow laid her flat out on the bed her
skirt high on her legs her eyes burning with anger.

“You fucking freak if you don’t stop I’ll own your life
and everything you have!” she spat at him.

“Before I’m finished with your whoring ass you wouldn’t
crawl away from me for all the tea in China… you
bitch!” he shouted.

Carrie kicked at him hard but luckily Bill caught her
calf in both hands and flipped her thin ass over on the
bed, reaching up he ripped her skirt off. Carrie
screamed again and struggled to free herself but he was
too much to fight off, next her panties were jerked off
still stained with the smear of Jeff’s come.

He jerked her head back by the hair and savagely
stuffed her mouth with the come stained garment then
proceeded to shred her blouse. He jerked her bra from
her body last of all as she sniveled below him.

He placed each knee just below her armpits as kneeling
he faced her perfect ass cheeks and began to bludgeon
her round globes with severe blows that rocked her
whole frame.

“Like it bitch?” he asked her.

She was still struggling below him screaming to no
avail, as her panties, were a barrier to her normal
speech. Bill went deep between her legs and began to
stroke the unsatisfied organ that had betrayed him only
moments ago. He inserted a finger in her passage and
felt the walls tug at his finger he went deep
collecting moisture on it. He then eased it out and
going deeper still found the hardness of her clit
flicking it several times roughly.

He felt the tremors of pleasure rip through her body
and mentally noted a change in the pitch of her voice.
He drove round the thing gently, teasing it slowly, as
he felt her start to go soft beneath him. His finger
was heavy with Jeff’s thick come and William continued
his probing of Carrie’s wonderful hot cunt.

It wasn’t long before she was moaning softly her ass
attempting to meet his thrusting in her, it was then
that he moved to her side and rolled her over. Having
removed her panties from her mouth her arms flew about
his neck as her lips assaulted his and her tongue force
fucked its way into his mouth. Carrie’s need was beyond
intense it was outright demanding he satisfy her then
and there.

“Didn’t Jeff take care of you baby?” he teased.

“You know he didn’t daddy, I need that big horse sized
cock of yours to finish what that boy started in my
body daddy, will you give mommy’s pussy an orgasm
baby?’ she almost pleaded.

“Only if you let me watch him fuck you next time
whore,” he replied.

“Yes sir, your whore will do whatever you ask of her
daddy!” she teased.

He entered her brutally shoving the head of his cock
deeply into her cunt threatening the neck of her uterus
with his gargantuan cock head. He felt good passing
through the wet, sloppy, come-smeared walls, of her
used cunt. Her organ made wet sucking sounds as he
fucked her, she moaned when he hammered her without
mercy her body writhing against him.

“Oh baby you know what I need and I love the way you
give it,” she whispered in his ear.

Carrie was so carried away with her need that her body
was actually slapping against his as she rose against
his thrust. She whimpering continually now begging him
to fuck her faster and she groaned with every
intermittent slap of her ass cheek.

“Come for me whore, I want the feel of your flood all
over my cock slut,” he shouted as he felt her inner
walls began to clutch his driving shaft.

“Oh god baby… oh god I’m going!” she screamed.

Her pussy clamped down on his rampaging dick just as he
began to squirt come inside her hot cunt. She, in fact,
milked his cock for him as he came Carrie could feel
the heat of his sperm slamming against the back of her
passage like some wild pressure hose inside her.

“Pump it full baby, give me all of that nasty stuff!”
she cried.

She collapsed beside him as her tremors subsided in her
body completely satisfied with the whole event.

“Did watching me fuck Jeff turn you on baby,” she asked
him as she lay beside him.

“Incredibly so,” he confessed.

“I’ll do it again for you anytime you like honey,” she

“How did it feel to have someone else inside you?” he

“It was unbelievable Bill, if he would have lasted just
a little longer I would have exploded against him,” she

“You know this is what you wanted baby, so why were you
angry with me?”

“Just because you hadn’t included me in before hand,”
he answered.

“I’m sorry baby, but I meant what I said I’ll do
anything for you,” she whispered.

“Next time we’ll try it in the house, but you’ll need
to teach that kid some control,” he grinned.

“Yes sir… I’ll see to it next sir,” she giggled

After that first initial episode things moved rather
quickly in their game of hide and see. The very next
weekend Bill took Carrie to a local bar to pick up a
date for his wife. They took separate cars so Bill
could stay in touch with his wife if she traveled from
the bar with her partner; he parked his close enough to
see what was going on if she left the establishment.
Carrie was successful in locating a suitable partner in
no time at all and as Bill watched sipping a beer from
his table the two made their way out unto the dance

The place was crowded and there were a good many
couples there, a lot of fine looking female flesh
passed by his table as he sat there many of them
exceptionally handsome woman. His eyes found the two on
the dance floor and they looked like any other couple
there dancing close in tight romantic world of their

They danced very close together to the music and the
fellow Carrie chose looked a great deal like Bill
himself, tall and not to thin, with dark hair, and
rather handsome in a rugged kind of way. Bill began
expand beneath his belt buckle as he watched the
strangers hands move down to the ass cheeks of his
wife’s body and pull her body in very close to his, he
also noticed that Carrie gave him a little pelvis grind
of sorts as they made contact.

She was smiling which meant she was enjoying the
attention she was getting; after a few minutes Bill saw
the strangers hands rise to the front of Carrie’s
blouse and gently caress her breasts. When the music
ended the two headed back to their table sat down and
ordered drinks.

Bill had picked a table right across from their own so
he could see everything that went on between the two.
While they waited the stranger initiated a little mouth
to mouth with Carrie and his hand soon wondered to her

Bill watched the two necking and noticed the instant
the stranger’s hand began to move up under his wife’s
skirt. He could clearly see Carrie’s legs part slightly
in open invitation to the stranger’s investigative

When the drinks came the two broke off the exchange,
but the strangers hand remained on his wife’s thigh.
Bill could clearly see from this distance that Carrie’s
eyes were fevered and her cheeks flushed crimson, he
could also see the bulge of her now hard nipples.

As they sipped their drinks the strangers hand began
its journey up the inside of her leg again and it
wasn’t long before his hand was buried deeply in the
moist crotch of Bill’s wife. He could see the fellow
was rubbing her off, he could see as well the affect it
was having on Carrie. Her eyelids were half closed her
chest was rising and falling rapidly and her ruby lips
were halfway open.

He knew the very instant the stranger’s finger entered
the passage of his wife’s cunt because their was low
soft moan he knew belonged to his wife. He watched as
Carrie shifted in her seat to give her lovers hand
greater access to her body, and watched with heated
eyes as his wife’s hand began to reach for the cock of
the stranger.

Bill watched her stroke and squeeze the hard member as
the stranger’s mouth devoured her lips and his hand
finger fucked her. He knew from watching her Carrie was
ready to fuck anywhere she could find the room to lay
down. Her hand was urgently jacking the stranger’s cock
now and her hips were bucking against the warm pleasure
of his probing hand.

Bill heard the stranger whisper something in her ear
but couldn’t make it out, but soon after Carrie rose
and headed for the ladies room. That was the signal
they had agreed on that told Bill they were getting
ready to leave.

Taking the queue Bill rose and left the bar walking to
his own car were he sat and waited for the two in the
cover of darkness. It wasn’t long before he saw them
walking hand in hand toward Carrie’s car. They paused
beside the dark sedan and began necking again and the
stranger wasted no time in finding his way back to
Carrie’s moist folds.

Bill could clearly see the tall man’s hand slip into
his wife’s panties and could even discern the tight
circular motion of his finger around her clit. She took
him by the hand and led him around to the front of the
vehicle which (was pointed toward Bill’s auto) and laid
back on the hood spreading her legs for him.

Bill’s cock whipped to attention immediately as he
watched the stranger drag her body lower on the hood of
the dark sedan and step between her legs. It wasn’t
exactly the best seat in the house but Bill could
clearly see her legs come up and around the stranger’s
hips as he entered her.

He eased his side window down foe better audio and
could hear his wife whimpering as the stranger drove
his hardness into her soft wet pussy. They fucked that
way until he heard groans and cries as the stranger’s
speed picked up dramatically. Bill knew the stranger
was emptying his seed deep into the clutching folds of
his wife’s hot passage and it made him horny as hell
sitting there.

After they finished he helped Carrie up from the hood
of her car and the two stood chatting for moment or
two, then they kissed and the stranger turned and
walked away. After a pause to straighten herself up
Carrie casually strode to the passenger side of Bill’s
car and got in.

“Well, how did it go?” he asked her.

“Fabulous,” she replied. “Bill, I was so hot tonight I
was shaking and you wouldn’t believe the way I flowed,”
she said giggling, as she took his hand and placed it
over the front of her soaked panties.

“Did you enjoy it lover?” she asked him shyly.

“I can’t remember being this hot Carrie, and when we
get home I’m going to fuck you silly,” he told her.

“Can we go do it right now,” she said, as she scooted
across the seat and kissed him hard on the lips.

They left together in Bill’s car figuring to return
tomorrow and retrieve hers, she was seated tightly
against him, her skirt high on her thigh and her hand
playing with the hardness between his legs. She
whispered in his ear as he drove and told him how much
she loved and wanted him and how she couldn’t wait to
fuck him again.

When they got home she took a very quick shower while
he waited on the bed his cock still rock hard from the
scene of her being fucked in the parking lot that was
still rolling through his head. Carrie came into the
room clean and sweetly scented.

Without a word she threw her leg across his body and
took her place on top of him.

“You were naughty tonight daddy and you know what I do
to naughty men?” she teased.

Did you enjoy making me fuck that big hard cock in font
of you tonight daddy,” she asked, as her body scooted
up toward his face.

“Yes dear, I did find your philandering hunger
entertaining in the extreme… whore,” he told her.

She poised with her cunt right next to his lips as she
looked down into his eyes, God how she loved him, had
always loved him she must have been crazy to fuck that
young boy and risk her relationship with him.

“Lick me daddy… please, you know how I love the feel
of your tongue against me,” her voice broken and
pleading as she played her role.

He eased the thick member out of his mouth and strained
toward the sweetness of her sex, he lapped her slowly,
almost gently the first time. Bill felt the shiver of
first contact pass through her slight frame and his
cock bucked fiercely between his legs. He inhaled
deeply as she watched and smiled, knowing how much he
loved the scent of her arousal.

The gorgeous woman above him began to rock slowly
against his mouth as his fingers danced upward in a
celebration of lust upon her back coming around her
upper body he found her nipples and began to circle the
sensitive tissue of her breasts.

“Oh daddy… you do know I love, don’t you daddy?” she
whined above him.

“Yes baby I know,” he replied.

Her small hand reached behind her and found the thick
hardness of his cock fully erect for her. She squeezed
loving and stroked that monster that she loved so. His
tongue was becoming increasingly energetic between her
legs and Carrie was flowing there again. But her
husband’s tongue was devouring all that she produced as
she shoved herself shamelessly farther down on his
probing instrument.

Carrie placed both her hands flat out on the bed beside
her husbands’ body and began to rock back and forth
against his mouth.

“Yes daddy, eat me baby make it feel good all over for
me,” she whispered above him.

Bill ‘s hands moved behind her body and spread her ass
cheeks wide and then began to wiggle the nail of his
small finger against the tight opening of her ass.
Carrie moaned as the sensation of his finger sent waves
of pleasure rolling through her sweaty thin body.

Raising his face upward toward her body rapidly he
shoved his tongue deeply into her opening as his little
finger bore its way into the tight heat of her anal
passage. Carrie froze above him as intense pleasure
from two different directions confused her body and
made her passage spasm around his probing tongue.

She threw her head back and cried out loudly as her
cunt flooded her husband’s mouth with her sexual
secretions. Her body trembled and shook above him as he
ate her ferociously lapping at her cunt with great

“Please, please stop, no more my god,” she cried as she
tried to pry her body off of his and roll away.

Bill smiled as followed her and inserted his body
between her legs, she looked up at him smiling and
spread her legs wide to make room for him. He didn’t
hesitate his hunger would not allow it; he simply
plunged his hard cock into her and stretched her
opening to its limit. Nor was he a gentleman once he
was inserted but used her like he would have used a
hire whore, he was fast and forceful.

Carry came beneath him again soon after he entered her,
she had never been able to resist that huge cock of
his, the damn thing was like God’s wand of pleasure she
was powerless under its influence.

She found herself thankful that he stayed in good shape
as he came at last, because his climax triggered
another orgasm in her body. This one the best of the
night, as he hammered her pussy ruthlessly, showering
her uterus with his scalding cum.

Carrie was exhausted from all the sexual activity of
the night but so overwhelmed with feeling for him that
she just couldn’t leave it like that. After he lay
beside her so rolled over to face him she watched the
man in the dim light of their bedroom.

His broad chest moving rapidly from the exertion of
they’re fucking.

“I love you husband,” she whispered beside him.

“I know Carrie and I love you more than anything in
this world,” he told her.

“Did I please you love?” she asked.

“Yes baby, very much so!” he replied.

They were too tired to shower and fell asleep spooned
closely together, his arm across her shoulder her cute
ass glued to his groin.

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