I Love Watching My Husband
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I love it when my husband of ten years calls me
his pervert sex loving wife. Yes, I love it and have
ever since two months after we were married and
he popped my cherry and took my virginity. Not
just my virgin cunt, but also my virgin mouth and
ass on our wedding night.

I guess it all started when he drove his cock up
into my virgin cunt as we watch some porno
movie on the TV in the hotel where we were
spending a full week doing nothing but fucking
and me learning and enjoying all about sex.

Believe me I wore my new husband out sucking
and fucking him.

I guess watching those porno movies of a man
fucking another man’s wife while the other man
was fucking his wife and watching his wife being
fucked by two or three men and her husband being
fucked by two or three other women got to me and
gave me the desire to watch him fucking others
and him watching me fuck others.

Anyway the first other cunt I watched him fuck
was young. Yes, very young, I found myself
wanting to watch him fuck some young virgin
and I arranged it just two months after we were

Believe it or not the first other cunt I watched
him fuck and take it’s virginity was my own
little sisters virgin cunt. Yes, my own little
five year old sisters young virgin cunt.

She had wanted to come see me a couple of
months after we married and I let her. While
she was there, I gave her a bath and while I
was helping her bath, seeing and looking at
her tiny hairless virgin cunt I just knew I had
to see my new husbands cock filling it stretching
it wide. I just had to watch him plunge his big
stiff cock up into her, pop her cherry and fill
her little womb with his hot fertile sperm.

As I bathed her I began touching and playing with
her little virgin cunt. She really liked it. I wound
up even slipping my soap slick finger up into
her tiny cunt far enough I could feel her tiny
hymen. Yes, I wanted to watch my husband take
my own little sisters virginity.

That night he was laying in bed, naked as usual
when I took my little sister, Elvira, into our
room and put her in our bed between us, naked.

He couldn’t believe that I would take her into
our bed, especially just as naked and he and I

He lay there not daring to move, afraid of
touching her naked body or her touching his, I
could see stiff cock. I knew he had been rubbing
it thinking about how he was going to fuck me
again when I came to bed.

I got a shock when I reached over across my little
sister and wrapped my hand around his stiff prong.
He didn’t know what to do.

He got another shock when he suddenly found that
I put her hand on his cock and wrapped her hand
around it and told her to move her hand up and
down it.

She giggled and done as I told her. While she was
slipping her hand up and down his big stiff cock,
I pulled the covers back and exposed it to my little
sister, her first time seeing a man or boys cock, a
big stiff one at that.

As she stared at it, I told him that I wanted to
watch him fuck her and take her virginity. He
was more than shocked. He didn’t know what to
think or do.

I moved down to his cock and told her to watch
me and I licked and then sucked his cock as my
little sister watched. Boy was her eyes wide as
she watched her sisters suck a cock.
Then I told her to lick it and suck it like I did. Of
course she did just as her big sister told her.
She moved down and looking at me, she licked
her tongue around his cock head like she had seen
me do, then she filled her little virgin mouth with
her first cock head. It sure filled her little mouth

As she sucked her sisters new husbands cock, I
rubbed her little cunt with my finger slowly
slipping my finger up into her tiny hole once
more. She wiggled and squirmed as she sucked
his cock.

He was laying there, shocked into immobility as
he got to enjoy a little virgins tongue and mouth
sucking his cock. Well, he quickly began enjoying
it and from then on didn’t even try to stop us.

When I lay her back and he watched me, her big
sister lick and tongue fuck and suck on her little
pussy lips, he watched with lust in his eyes.

When I told him to taste her delicious little cunt
he quickly moved between her legs and enjoyed
feasting on her virgin cunt and juices. Oh yes,
I knew he loved licking and sucking a cunt, he
sure did mine.

Well I got to watch my new husband of only
a coupled of months enjoy his first little preteen
tiny virgin cunt. A little five year old virgin
cunt at that. I could see he loved it.

It didn’t take too long before I watched my new
husband lick and tongue fuck my little sister
into her first ever orgasm. She cried out with
her new pleasure, her little body stiffened and her
little cunt pushed up at his stiff tongue plunging
in and out of her little virgin body.

“Fuck her, honey, fuck her and let her enjoy your
big cock.” I told him softly whispering in his ear.

He looked at me and ask. “Are you sure?”
“Yes, love, fuck my little sister and make a woman
of her, show her how exciting it is and how good
it feels.” I told him.

Well, my loving husband of only two months,
moved up and rubbed his big stiff cock up and
down my little sisters spasming young cunt and
showed her how good it felt.

I wrapped my hand around his cock wanting to
help him fuck my little sister and moved it down
to her tiny cunt hole.

“Now, honey, now, fuck her.” I told him holding
his cock against her opening. He slowly slipped
his big cock head up into my own little sister
loving the feeling of his big cock stretching her
tight little preteen cunt wide.

She cried out with pain as his cock slipped up
inside of her and tried to pull away, but he held
her and soon had his cock buried deep inside of
her, tearing her little hymen, taking her virginity.
Yes, she screamed out when his cock plunged up
into her and her little hymen torn, but as he held
still his cock deep inside of her, the pain finally
faded with his cock buried deep inside of her.

Finally he slowly began to slip his big stiff cock
in and out of her. It wasn’t long and she was
actually enjoying the feeling as her little cunt
lubricated good with his precum and her own
juices and the blood from her torn hymen.

No he didn’t ram it in and out of her, he fucked
her gently, making sure that she enjoyed it and
before he finally filled her little womb with his
hot cum, she was enjoying it. She enjoyed it so
much that he actually fucked her through her
first three orgasms before he finally let her feel
what good hot fertile sperm felt like filling her
sensitive young womb.

Twice more that night he fucked her and took
her to a new found pleasure she had not known,
making her orgasm each time he fucked her. God
I loved watching his stiff cock plunging in and out
of my little sisters five year old cunt.

She stayed with us for a week and before she left
for home, she was coming to his and asking him
to put his thing up inside of her. Yes, my little
sister was turning into a regular little cock loving
slut at five years old. She also by then loved licking
and sucking his cock and would come to him and
want to suck it, even when we were sitting at the
kitchen table. He always let her. She would suck
him until he cum in her mouth and she swallowed
all of it.

Of course we told her that she could never tell
anyone, even our mama and especially not any
of her little friends. Well, my little sister is smart
enough, even at only five to know she couldn’t
tell anyone.

After that Elvira would come over to visit us
every chance she got. Almost as soon as she
would walk into the house with only us there
she would want him to lick and suck and fuck
her again, letting her suck his cock too.

Once I had watched and help my new husband
fuck my little sister, I knew that I wanted to
watch him fuck others, even maybe some of my
married friends. I thought it would be exciting
watching his stiff cock plunging in and out of
some of my married friends tight cunts filling
them with his hot fertile sperm. I had to giggle
to myself as I thought about him maybe even
planting his baby in some of their married wombs.

The next woman I finally arranged for him to fuck
was no less than my own mother. Yes, I even got
her to let my husband fuck her and with me and
my little sisters watching.

I was over at mom’s talking to her and I was telling
her how I would get to wondering what it was like
to have someone beside’s my new husband fuck me.
How I wondered what it would feel like having
another man’s cock sliding in and out of my cunt.
I was surprised when I ask mom if she had ever
wanted to see what it was like to have another
man fuck her and she told me that, yes, she had
that it was natural for a woman to wonder about
it, but that she shouldn’t do it. She told me they
just shouldn’t when I ask her why not.

I told her I thought it would be exciting to have
another cock buried deep in my cunt fucking me
and that I was actually thinking about doing it.

Finally as we talked about sex and keeping it
exciting for ourselves as married women, I finally
got Mom to admit that probably if she had a chance
to experience it with out danger of my father or
anyone else finding out she might just do it.

I knew then that I would get to watch my husband
fucking my own mother and I did and it didn’t take
that long.

When I told her I would even help her experience
another man fucking her, she ask me what I meant.
She was shocked as hell when I told her that I knew
I could get my husband to fuck her and show her
what it was like and no one would ever find out
about it. She didn’t know what to say when I told
her that after she let my husband fuck her, she could
come over and visit and he would fuck her anytime
she wanted.

She was even more shocked when I told her that
we had talked and he had admitted to me that he
would love to fuck her, my own mother. She didn’t
know what to say when I told her I wanted to watch
him fuck her, that it was one of my fantasies, to
watch my new husband fuck another woman and
what better one than my own mother who I knew
wouldn’t tell anyone. I told her that not only would
she get to experience having another man fuck her
but I would get to enjoy watching him fuck another
woman, again who better than my own mother and
he would get to enjoy fucking her like he wanted

Finally looking at me with a look I knew, was one
of sexual excitement, that mom was actually
thinking seriously about what I was telling her and
her desire to experience another man’s cock after
so man years of fucking only the one cock, my

Before I left that day, when I did, I knew mom
would do it, when she ask me in almost a whisper
if I really meant it when I told her that my husband
would fuck her and not ever tell anyone. I assured
her that, yes, I meant it, that he would and would
neither of us would ever tell anyone.

Yes, I knew that I had her, that my mother was
going to let my husband fuck her with me watching.

The very next day, mom called me and again ask me
if, if I meant it when I told her he would fuck her
and never tell anyone or if I was just talking. I told
her, yes, I meant it, that he would love to fuck
her and enjoy her. She in a whisper so low I almost
couldn’t hear her, told me “Ok, I, I want to do it.”
I knew then that I was going to get to enjoy
watching my own mother sucking and fucking
another man, my own loving husband.

“Whe, when,” she ask.

“Mom you can come over anytime you want and
he will fuck you.” I told her. “Yes, I told her that
in just those words.

“Thi, this weekend?” she ask, saying that my father
was going hunting with a couple of his friends.

“Yes, mom, yes, you tell him you and Elvira are
staying the weekend with us.

“Elvira? She will be there?” Mom ask.

“Yes, mom, it’s ok don’t worry about Elvira I’ll take
care of her.” Mom relaxed with that. I didn’t tell
her that Elvira, my little five year old sex loving
sister would be watching too, right along side of
me as I watched my own mother suck my husbands
cock and then fuck herself on it taking his hot sperm
up into her womb.

Of course I didn’t tell her either that she would also
be watch my little sister also fucking herself on
his cock after he fucked her. Yes, it was going to be
an exciting weekend for me. Three days of
watching my husband fuck my mother and my little

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