The Babysitter’s Mom 2.
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Jason Johnson knew he was the luckiest fourteen year old boy in the
whole city. And, it started right after he was sixteen.

Guys talk. From his friends, Jason had learned about masturbating:
beating off, spanking the monkey, bleeding ole’ one-eye, jerkin’ your
meat, pounding your pud. He loved it and would beat off every chance
he got. He got some magazines, too, and found some neat websites on
the Internet.

But, he had not had a real girl. He knew the one he wanted: Jennifer,
his sister.

Jennifer, Jason thought, was the most desirable teenaged girl ever. A
lot of other guys agreed. Then only fifteen, Jennifer already had D
breasts and a narrow waist. She had long, shapely legs, which were
strong from playing soccer and volleyball. She had a perfect face with
big blue eyes like their dad and golden hair like their mom. She was a
wet dream. Jennifer had a reputation of being a scholar as well as an
athlete. She also had the reputation of being a “good girl”, one that
did not play around. She was a cheerleader and very popular in spite
of her “virgin” nature.

Then, the unbelievable happened, something Jason would not have even
dreamed of.

Jason had come in one night to find Jennifer sitting on his bed
reading a Penthouse he had hidden. Jennifer looked up at him with a
sly little smile as she opened the foldout page.

“Do you masturbate to these?”

“No,” Jason gasped.

“Liar,” she said. “Now, be honest with me or you will fuck up the best
deal you ever had. Do you masturbate to these?”

“Yes,” Jason answered turning red and shuffling his feet.

“Don’t be embarrassed. All guys beat off. I bet even Dad beat off

“Dad! No way!” Jason responded.

“Yes way, goofus. All guys. Tell me, little brother, are you a

He could not answer, he just nodded his head.

“Come here,” Jennifer said.

Jason shuffled over to his big sister, so embarrassed he could not
even look at her. She began to unfasten his belt.

“What are you doing?” he asked in a panic.

“Relax. I just want to see your cock.”

“Jennifer, no,” he wailed.

“Be still!” she commanded, slapping his hand away as he tried to stop

Quickly, Jason’s jeans and jockeys were around his feet. Jennifer’s
soft feminine hands were holding him, examining him. He was getting
real hard, real quick.

“You have a beautiful cock, Jason,” she said. “It is long, has good
width and a beautiful head. When you finish growing, it will satisfy
any woman.”

“Do you think?” he asked, not believing his ears.

“Of course.” Jennifer patted the bed beside her. “Sit down. I want to
talk to you.” Jason sat. “Jason, I want a promise you will never say
anything to anybody about me or what I am going to tell you.”

“Jenny, I would do anything for you,” he said sincerely.

“I know, but promise. Never a word!”

“I promise.”

“Jason, I am, not a virgin. I have fucked four different guys but I
am very careful. I want a real good reputation. For that reason, I do
not do any of the guys at my school. Jason, I need sex and I want us
to become lovers. I can trust you not to talk. And, I will teach you
about sex. If you are real good, I will even identify girls in school
for you to seduce. Is it a deal?”

“A DEAL! Of course, it is a deal.”

Jason could not believe himself. Jennifer stood up and began taking
off her dress.

“Let’s get started, little brother. I am horny as a goat.”

Jason was so hard at seeing the lush, feminine body of his sister that
when she touched his cock he went off in her hand. She just kissed him
full on the lips.

“Don’t worry. I will teach you how to avoid that, too.”

Jenny had sucked him down her throat until he got hard. Then, for the
first time in his life, Jason Johnson got laid. And, what a lay,
crawling between those hard legs of his sister, having her ease his
cock into her tight, hot slit, resting against those big knockers as
he pounded in and out of her. Heaven would be a let down after Jenny.

He came five times that night, then slept in her arms like a baby.
Jason’s life had changed that night. Suddenly, he was more relaxed and
had more confidence. Every chance they could, he and Jenny would slip
off to fuck.

She was teaching him everything. He remembered the first time he ate
her pussy, how sweet and thick her juices were, how tender the lips of
her pussy, how hard and rubbery the little baton that triggered her
orgasms. Jason loved eating pussy almost as much as he loved fucking.
And, that alone, made Jennifer very happy.

When Jennifer suggested seducing Becky, Jason was all for it, because
if Jennifer was the best looking girl in town, Jason thought Becky was
number two. When he crawled between Becky’s legs that first time,
Jason knew there was no way any fantasy could ever match his reality.

Now, he was looking up at Becky as she slid up and down his rigid
cock, feeling the tightness, feeling her muscles massage his prick. He
had long ago learned to hold back. He could last a long time which
both his women, Becky and Jennifer, loved. Becky was turning red in
the face now. He could see the sweat break out between her breasts and
the glazed look in her eyes. Jason grabbed her hips and rolled her on
her back, his cock still encased in her cunt. She wrapped her legs
around him and pulled his ass into her with her hands.

“Fuck me so good, Jason. I need it so good, baby,” she muttered in his

Jason aimed to please. He was rewarded by her squeaks, like a little
mouse, as she locked her pussy around his prick and milked him when
they came together.

When David and Jennifer got home from Jenny’s volleyball game, they
found Becky sitting in a chair, dressed only in one of David’s old
shirts. Jason was asleep on the floor.

“You two have fun?” David asked. Becky ran to him, pressing herself
against him, kissing him hard as his hands roamed her naked body.

“Honey, I really need to talk to you tonight,” she said.

“Jenny and I will clean up while you order pizza,” David said.

“Order a large for me,” Jason mumbled, the thought of food penetrating
his sex soaked mind. Half an hour later, the four of them were at the
table devouring pizza and green salad.

“Ok, Beck. What is wrong?” David asked.

“It is my mother,” Becky said. The other three listened as Becky
related her concerns and cares, telling of her mother and what Becky
perceived as her needs. They ate ice cream for dessert as they
discussed the situation.

“I have an idea,” Jennifer said. As Jennifer related her plan, the
others smiled at her devious and perceptive knowledge of human nature.
They agreed. Jason set up the camera while Becky and David ran to the
store. By ten, they were ready.

Sara Winters lay naked on her bed. She had masturbated with her
vibrators but only obtained a small and unsatisfying orgasm for it.
She was sweaty and to the edge of tears. Then, the phone rang.

“Sara Winters, this is David Johnson.”

“Mr. Johnson,” she replied very concerned about the demanding, angry
sound of his voice. “What is wrong?”

“I will tell you that in person. You need to get over here and over
here now!”

“Is something wrong with Becky?”

“Mom,” Becky’s voice said through the phone line. It was obvious Becky
had been crying. “Please, mom, please hurry!”

“What is…”

“Sara,” Mr. Johnson’s voice snapped, “You have fifteen minutes to get
over here. Then, I go to the police.” He slammed down the phone.

Sara was beside herself. She made no attempt to bathe. She jumped
into a blouse and skirt, slipped on shoes and raced for her car. Her
baby needed her. She arrived in just fifteen minutes and ran to the
door. As she pushed the bell, the door flew open.

David Johnson stood in the doorway, looming like a giant over her. He
was wearing only a tight T-shirt and a pair of very tight shorts which
showed his cock and balls. She could not help looking as the maleness
so obvious before her.

“Come in!” he snapped. She quivered as she followed him into the

“Mom! Mom, please, you have got to help me!” Becky blubbered as she
ran to her mother, throwing her arms around her.

“What has this man done to you?” Sara asked, her blood pressure off
the charts with anxiety.

“I have done nothing,” David replied coldly. “It is what your
daughter, the rapist and criminal, has done. Becky will be going to
prison, Sara, probably for twenty years. Do you know what happens to
small, good looking women in prison?”

Sara collapsed on the couch, her head spinning. Becky fell to her
knees, grabbing her mother’s legs like a little child. David Johnson
stared at Sara Winters with all the anger he could muster.

“Please, help me,” Becky moaned.

“What happened?” Sara asked, sounding like a zombie.

“I will show you,” David snapped. Sara watched as the TV came on.

“Now watch, Sara. There are three people in this video. My daughter,
Jennifer, a minor, my son, Jason, a minor, and your Rebecca. I
installed video cameras because I was concerned how Becky was treating
my children. With babysitters, parents can not be too safe.”

“No,” Sara gasped, looking away from the sex scene she saw. David
moved behind her, taking her head in his hand. He pulled her head up,
holding it against his stomach, forcing her to watch. Sara could feel
his erection against her back.

“Why is he hard?” she thought. “But, then, why am I getting wet?”

On the screen was a teenaged boy. His hands were bound behind him. He
was kneeling and a dog collar was around his neck. A naked teenaged
girl was suspended from the ceiling her arms high above her head. She
was gagged and a dog collar was around her neck, too. Becky was naked
and holding a whip. Sara watched as the whip flicked across the
girl’s breasts. Sara could see the redness, see the girl move
desperately to avoid the blow.

“Beg me to whip her tits, Jason,” Becky screamed. “Please, mistress.
Please whip my sister’s tits. Make her hurt, mistress,” the boy
answered. Becky stepped back, swinging the whip again across the
girl’s breasts. Her muffled scream, her desperate movements to avoid
the blow were all clearly caught by the camera’s unblinking eye.

“Watch! Watch your little felon injure these innocent children.” Becky
was at her feet sobbing as Sara Winters began to cry. The scene went

“Want to see more?” David asked.

She shook her head no. She had seen enough. She knew Becky would go
to prison and her heart was breaking for her child. But, Sara felt
something else, too. She felt sexual desire rise in her. Why, Sara
did not know.

“How many years do you think Becky will get, Sara? You know the
prison guards as well as the inmates will fuck her. Perhaps the warden
will make her his special whore. Who knows? Who cares?”

Becky threw herself at David’s feet.

“Please, Mr. Johnson, have mercy! Don’t destroy me! Don’t send me to
prison where I will raped and injured, my body coldly violated! Don’t
make me a fucktoy for hardened criminals!”

David yanked his foot away. “Of course, I will send you to jail, you
bitch! Unless you and your mother can find some other suitable
punishment! I will leave you two to talk,” he said, storming from the

>From the upstairs, Jason and Jennifer were straining to listen. They
>could hear Sara and
Becky crying and talking.

“How are your tits, sis?” Jason asked, referring to the stripes Becky
gave her when they made the video. Jennifer blushed. “It made my
pussy wet,” she said softly. They heard their father go back into the

“Well?” he asked coldly.

Sara looked up at this man towering over her. In spite of the
situation, her eyes briefly stopped at his crotch, a fact noticed by
her daughter and the man.

“We are totally at your mercy,” she said.

“I have no mercy. This bitch made sex slaves of my children.”

“We will do anything you ask, Mr. Johnson,” Becky said. “Anything!
Please, sir, please!”

Sara stroked her daughter’s head to reassure the girl. “We will do
anything, Mr. Johnson. Please do not prosecute,” Sara repeated.

“Then, you can do for me what my children did for Becky. You both can
be my sex slaves.”

“Alright. If we must,” Becky gasped but her response was scripted. She
stared at her mother. Jason and Jennifer were listening upstairs.
David’s blue eyes were lasers burning into Sara.

It was the moment of truth. What choice did Sara have? No mother would
have her daughter imprisoned if she could prevent it. The conspirators
had planned it to leave her no choice.

But, Sara Winters subconsciously had been making choices of her own.
What the conspirators did not know was, at this very moment in time,
Sara Winters was torn in two pieces internally: half of her wanted to
be the prim, celibate little woman; the other half wanted to
capitulate her sexuality to this man, to have him ravage him, control
her, fuck her until she begged for him to stop. As they watched, the
sweat began to flow from Sara’s brow, the tears fall down her cheeks.
Becky looked at David questioningly. He gave her a stern glance to
bolster her resolve.

“I will surrender to you, Mr. Johnson, but, I want my daughter to go
free,” Sara said.

Becky suddenly looked perplexed. The plan was both of them were to be

“No. The bitch had two slaves. I must have two slaves.”

“Please, mother, just agree! Whatever he plans for us can not be as
bad as prison. Help me!” Becky dissolved in tears.

“I surrender,” Sara whispered.


“Yes, sir.”

“And, you, Becky?” David asked.

“Yes, Mr. Johnson, anything!”

David watched as the two women huddled together, holding each other.
He saw Becky wink at him over her mother’s shoulder. He took a head
in each hand and turned them to face him.

“I will train both of you for one year. Then, you can go free. I will
be a firm but loving master. Obey me and your life should have its

Sara wondered how a man who appeared to be so very angry could have
any compassion at all and wondered what rewards could possibly exist
for a sex slave. Then, she remembered how his cock looked in his
shorts. Her eyes flicked to his crotch and she quivered.

It was all the conspirators could do not to high five each other. The
plan had worked.

Now, came the effort of opening Sara Winters.

“Now, I wish to record this event,” David said. “Each of you will
follow my instructions.”

He directed them, gave them the script. Since the play was the same, I
will only relate Sara’s tale.

“Please, have Becky leave the room when I am recorded,” Sara pleaded.
David took Becky in the other room and attached the leash dangling
from the collar around her neck to a chair.

“I want to watch, David,” Becky whispered. “Trust me,” he said and
kissed her softly.

Sara, fully dressed with knees together, sat on the couch facing the
video camera. When the camera started, she spoke: “My name is Sara
Winters. I desire to become the slave of David Johnson so that I may
surrender to the wild and complete sexual activity he has planned for
me. He owns me. I am property. As property, he may do with me as he
sees fit. I will do anything he asks with or to anyone at any time. I
am happy belonging to him and I do this of my free will.”

“Any limitations, slave?” David asked off camera.

“No limitations, master,” Sara replied and her heart skipped a beat.

David’s voice: “Undress, slave.”

“Yes, master.” As Sara began to undress, David’s heart was beating
through his chest. Sara was a very attractive woman. Her body was
more full than her dimunitative daughter. She had the same, long,
lovely legs, but her breasts, her ass, were more full and rich in
their maturity. David licked his lips in anticipation as she

“Why am I not humiliated? Why am I enjoying this, my pussy wet with
need?” Sara thought as she lowered her panties before David and his
camera. David could see the honey dew on her lower lips.

David said: “Kneel, slave, and kiss my cock.”

The color film recorded the deep blush which began at her navel and
covered the upper half of her body. Then, it recorded Sara’s taking of
David’s cock gently between her lips. Whether the camera recorded it
or not, David saw the desire in Sara’s face as her lips kissed the
head of his erection. The final scene was Sara thanking her master for
her collar and leash, which she secured around her neck. The camera
off, she stood quietly as David secured her wrists behind her.

“Oh, please, let this be the right thing,” Sara thought. She looked
away but her eyes turned to his, to this man whose collar she wore,
this man who made her be his slave. As she stood there, naked and
bound, Sara did not know what to expect.

He had acted so angry but…

Sara certainly did not expect David Johnson to smile gently at her,
hold her against him, to kiss her softly, comfort her, his breath hot
on her neck, his lips soft and wet. She did not expect to respond to
him as his mouth became more insistent and his hand found her breast,
tweaking her hard nipple, making her groan in desire. She did not
expect to open her legs, welcoming his hands, blushing at his finding
her wet.

“Ready to be taken, Sara, my beautiful slave,” he murmured in her ear.
“Yes, master,” she replied, pressing herself against his hardness on
her stomach. And, she was.

“Be quiet, slave. I will get to you later,” David commanded to Becky
as he walked past her. Sara tried to turn so her daughter could not
see her nakedness as her master led her up the stairs. In turning, she
could not see Becky give David a dirty look and stick out her tongue
at him, or, David wink in reply.

Sara stood beside the bed. When he pulled back the covers, there was a
strap around the bed with rings embedded in it. He laid her back,
attaching her collar. She could move her hands and body, but her neck
was held firm.

“Uhhh. No,” she muttered under her breath when he removed his shorts,
unveiling his cock. Again, he surprised her, pushing her open legs
together and laying down beside her.

“Aren’t you going to… take me?” she asked, confused by his action.

“When I am ready,” he replied.

“It has been too long. Take me,” she thought as his mouth sought the
hollow of her throat, his hand cupping her breast. “Migod, this man
is a good lover,” she thought as David’s talented mouth and hands were
driving her crazy.

“It is Ok, slave Sara. You may orgasm,” he said. She saw the gentle
smile on his face, felt his fingers slip into her wetness and tickle
her G-spot. “Yes. Oh, god, yes,” she uttered as her first orgasm
flowed over her. Her pulled her legs apart and put his cock at her
pussy lips.

“Now, you are ready for me,” he said as the pressured his cock into

“Be gentle,” she whispered but she knew he was as slowly his cock
moved, allowing her time to stretch for him. Then, he started in

“Fuck me…FUCK ME…FUCK ME!” she screamed as his thick and powerful
prick brought wave and wave over her. She gasped. She knew three
teenagers heard her loud screams to be fucked and she was mortified.
She groaned and sweated, her nails in his ass, holding him to her.

“Please, more, more,” she begged as his plunging never slackened.

“God, this feels good!” she thought as David’s steady rhythm kept the
stream of smaller orgasms flowing over her until he accelerated and
she came and came, holding on for dear life, her heels planted firmly
in the mattress, pushing hard back against David, until multiple
orgasms pounded her like a series of jabs and she floated to

“David…no.” She felt a sharp sting on the inside of her thigh as he
slapped her there.

“Call me master,” David ordered.

“Master, why am I blindfolded? And my arms?”

“You have been blindfolded and further bound because I am going to
share you with my friends, slave.”

“Share me?”


“Please no. My daughter will find out. Don’t do this to me!”

“I will share your daughter, too, slave! Now, you might as well enjoy
because it is going to happen!”

Sara felt hands on her, many hands, hands pulling her legs apart,
holding them wide. She felt a mouth on her pussy as David’s mouth
covered hers in a long kiss. She shivered as a tongue lapped away
between her labia, caressing her clit as it passed. She felt a small
orgasm shake her. Then, the bed moved. She smelled the wet warmness
of a woman touch her lips.

“My first woman,” she thought.

Eagerly, she lapped the pussy in her face. The woman above her began
to buck in her own orgasm as Sara felt a cock penetrate her. Sara
responded as a bitch in heat, screaming her orgasms as the cock
between her legs pounded away, until she passed out.

When Sara awakened, David was asleep next to her. She watched him
breathe, seeing the masculine presence as a happy and reassuring
thing. She turned and realized her collar was still in place around
her neck but no longer attached to the bed. She felt the lips of her
pussy, sore and still swollen from the fucking she had so enjoyed.

“What a fool! Why did I wait for this,” she thought. She slipped
quietly out of bed, worried about her daughter. As she sneaked down
the hall, she heard sounds from a bedroom.

Listening, she heard a female voice say: “Well, Becky, you did it. How
are you going to like sharing your lover with your mother?”

“Oh, I think David and Jason can satisfy the three of us.”

“Speaking of satisfying,” a young male said, “I got a hard on here.”

“Lay back, Jason,” Becky said, “You are getting a twofer.”

It dawned on Sara she had been seduced by her own daughter and the
three Johnsons. She shook her head and smiled. Sara slipped back into
the bedroom, crawling into bed. She began playing with David’s cock,
tantalizing him. He moaned and rolled on his back. As he got hard,
Sara mounted him, slipping his big prick into her slowly, letting his
presence ease away the soreness.

David awakened to find his wet dream was, in fact, a reality. He was
fucking a beautiful woman, a woman happy and eager to be with him.

Later, as she lay cooling on top of him, his cock softening in her,
his arms holding her tight, his cum oozing from her cock filled cunt,
Sara whispered in his ear, “Thank you, master. But, who thought up
this scheme to seduce me?”

“What are you talking about?” he replied, tried to sound innocent.

“I heard our darling teenagers talking.”

He pushed her up to look in her eyes.

“Sara, I… well, please don’t be angry with us. Becky thought…”

“I am not angry. I am delighted. I have loved being with you, with
them. But, what happens now?”

“Since you know it is a sham, your year of slavery is over, I guess.”

“No, master darling, your slave desperately needs… and wants…
slave training. And, I want it for a lifetime.”

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