Good luck at work and a birthday led to hot taboo sex
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A whole lot of good luck came showering down on my mom in one week, and some of it splattered onto me as well, making me feel very lucky and very happy. She went to work one Monday morning and by mid-afternoon she had in her possession a letter promoting her to a managerial position with a considerable hike in pay. Two days later one year’s retroactive pay of sixty percent was paid out to workers of her company following a two year dispute between the company and the representing union which was eventually taken to arbitration. The next day mom promptly replaced our old refrigerator and her shaky bed which had a mattress with a number of broken springs. It was an old bed which she and my dad had shared for years, bought before I was even born. Dad had moved away three years ago to live with a much younger co-worker. The Friday of that lucky week was her birthday and the items were delivered that very afternoon.

I was at home, having just completed high school. After putting the new fridge in place I dismantled the old bed, took it out the room and was in the process of setting up the new one when mom came home about two hours later than usual. It was obvious that she was a little tipsy. She hardly ever imbibed, and was very light headed; it didn’t take much to get her drunk. I was glad when she arrived; because I found out that I needed another pair of helping hands to get the bed assembled. Mom said that she had been taken for a birthday drink by her workmates. She said that as soon as she took a shower she would help me complete the setting up.

Mom is in her mid-thirties, having been impregnated with me and quickly married off while still in her teens. Due to complications when carrying me, she was unable to conceive anymore. She is what would be described as petite; short and slim with a tiny waist, broad hips and full rounded thighs. She was darkish chocolate with very smooth skin, black eyes, small straight nose and full sensual lips. She wore B cup bras and had a nice round firm ass. I was a lighter brown than mom, my dad having been very light skinned.

Fifteen minutes after her arrival mom called me to her room to continue setting up the bed. She was still very tipsy, but managed to do her part. She was dressed in a short blue and yellow floral silk pajama suit that I had never seen her in before. The short bottoms was loose and barely covered her nice ass and I must admit I stared a little bit every time she happened to be backing me; nothing lustful, just normal male admiration of beautiful female form. She had been gifted the PJs for her birthday by a female work mate. When we were finished she made up the bed with fresh sheets and pillow cases. Then as if she had only just put it on, pointed to her nightwear.
“How do I look she said as she turned full circle for me to judge. Coleen told me to wear them tonight for the man of the house.” she said giggling.
The pajama top had no sleeve, but a slightly broad strap which led into puckered bra like cups with a deep V between them. The cups weren’t generous enough to keep the round breasts totally concealed, and the hemline stopped over her navel.
“I didn’t tell her you were the only man of the house.” she said, putting her forefinger to her lips in a silence sign.
“So, man of the house, you like?”
“Yes mom, it’s very nice.” I said with a smile and meant it.
“Thanks for the work you did with the fridge and bed.” She said, and stepped forward to give me a tight hug that pressed her nice breasts into my chest.
Again, I admit, it was a very nice feeling that though not lustful was somewhat stimulating and I would have liked it to last for much longer; that closeness to my sweet mom was more than pleasant, she felt so soft and accommodating and smelled so inviting. She raised her face and gave me a quick peck on the lips, and ruffled my hair.
“I don’t know what I’d do without you baby.” She said, followed by “come, let’s go to the kitchen.” I followed behind, looking at her ass bouncing under the silk and thinking without any inappropriate intent or image in mind, that she was a sweet and sexy woman and I was proud of her.

In the kitchen she reached into a shopping bag and took out a bottle of brandy and held it up happily.
“Another gift from one of the girls, she gave it to me to christen the new job and the new fridge and bed; I got a bit talkative.” She said, smiling sheepishly.
She opened a cabinet and took out a couple of glasses, and after pouring a few drops of brandy onto the floor in the traditional offering to the spirits of the house and some on the fridge, she poured generous shots into the glasses and offered one to me.
“You know I don’t want you drinking so early in life, but this will be an exception, seeing it’s a multi celebration, birthday, new job, more money, new fridge and bed, cheers.”
I’m certain if she wasn’t already a bit tipsy she wouldn’t have made that exception; we clinked glasses and she put hers to her mouth and swallowed the liquor in one go. Not wanting to seem a baby I did the same and just managed to keep myself from choking. She grimaced at the taste, which made it all right for me to do the same. We then proceeded to the bedroom and went through the same ritual. I had only ever drank alcohol once, a few months ago at a cousin’s wedding, so those two shots taken in quick succession had my head spinning in an entertaining way that made me laugh for no reason. Mom looked at me and she broke into a laugh, probably at me, though she, having been drinking before coming home, looked to be in a worse shape than me.

“I ate while out with the girls so I am not hungry, but I will fix you dinner,” she said, “what would you like?” she said stuttering slightly.
I could see that she was finding it a little difficult to stand steady and having eaten between putting the fridge in place and setting up the bed I wasn’t particularly hungry, so I decided to save her the trouble.
“No mom thanks, but I’m all right, I ate just before you came home.”
“Okay honey, that’s good, it saves me the possible embarrassment of falling on the kitchen floor.” She said, laughing heartily, drawing me into her mood as well.
She threw herself backward onto the bed heavily and made a whooping sound, then began to roll around and bounce about a little on the new mattress.
“This is the life, ooh wee,” she shouted, “this is marvelous, so soft and comfortable, come on baby take a feel of mommy’s new bed. I’m sorry I couldn’t get you one too, because of the fridge, but I’ll be working on it within the next two months.”
She sat up, snatched my hand and pulled me onto the bed by her side. She lay back again and started bouncing while laughing heartily. I couldn’t help joining her and we bounced on our backs like little kids playing a game. She turned over on her belly and continued and I did the same. She stood up and started jumping up like on a trampoline and called on me to join her. Before I got up to join her, every jump she made had me trying to see further up the already partially revealing loose legged pajamas bottom. I did as she wanted and we were both bouncing. Luckily it was a new and expensive bed with good springs and that neither of us was particularly heavy, or surely some springs would have come undone. I was five seven and slim built, weighing under one thirty. In our heady state we kept bouncing into each other and I liked the comfy softness of her breasts or ass or belly every they came into contact with me, and I thought that if she wasn’t my mom it would have been nice to hold her close. I felt a slight stirring in my crotch and was a bit ashamed of that indiscretion in feelings. Just then she lost balance and reaching out to use me as support, brought me down on top of her. I quickly rolled over after feeling my crotch pressing into hers and identifying the distinct bump that I was feeling between her thighs. She sat up and started laughing again.
“This reminds me of when your uncle Carl and I were kids we would get onto mom and dad’s big bed and play king of the castle, each trying to throw the other off the bed to see who would be king. I lost all but once of the times even though I was the older, and that was only because mom had called him while he was near the end of the bed and as he called back to her I took the opportunity to push him off. But it was so much fun. Childhood days are really nice.”
Your tits are really nice too, I thought noticing that one of them was almost all the way out. I could see the areola and part of the dark nipple.
“Let’s play king of the castle, and see if I can finally beat someone.”

She lunged at me and tried to quickly shove me off the bed but I resisted firmly, mom or no mom I wasn’t going to let a female who was not even bigger than me beat me in that game. We were soon rolling and grappling and blowing hard as we tried to be king. She was surprisingly stronger than I’d thought and was really giving me some work to do. I could have really manhandled her and threw her off, but being my mom I decided to just play along until she got so tired that I could easily toss her off in a not too rough manner. But she was a tough cookie. Many times our legs were locked between each other’s with our crotches touching, sometimes with her on top, sometimes me in that position and she lifting her hips to overturn me. Very early into the tumble I experienced a semi hard on and tried very hard to keep it that way, but soon the inevitable happened and i was carrying between my legs a hard seven incher. Sometimes I found myself flat on top her ass, my legs between hers. I decided that under the circumstances it was best I expelled more force and bring an end to it quickly. But the comforting feel of her softness convinced me otherwise, that is, let the game run its course; sooner or later she would get tired and I would just tip her off.

Her full breasts were by that time hanging out of the restraining cups and bounced freely outside to my eye’s delight, but she didn’t seem to be aware of it, maybe because of being so taken up with the game or because of her semi drunken state, or maybe she just didn’t think it a big deal between us, for she made to effort to put them back in place, and I didn’t know how to bring it to her attention without causing some embarrassment. Many times I found myself unintentionally cupping those wonderful balls as we romped; but that soon changed to me doing it deliberately due to the sheer sweetness of it. I wasn’t thinking of fucking her or anything like that, I just liked the feel of her. Suddenly she had me pinned tight, her ass on my crotch, both her legs gripping my sides as she leaned forward pressing down my upper arms. Her soft mound, rested flush on my hard cock. I tried pushing up to get her off because my cock was pulsing wildly against her vulva, but somehow I couldn’t get her off and every time I pushed up hard she would bring me back down with her body, and a feeling of intense pleasure began to creep up on me. She was laughing at my helplessness. Her body trembling against mine only increased the pleasure that started to ask for release. As her pussy trapped my cock I felt a familiar sensation building that I knew so well from my jerk of sessions. I was still a virgin, and masturbated frequently. As the explosion neared I tried to bargain with her.

“Mom, I have to get up, I’m not feeling well.”
“Really, you think I’ll fall for that,”
“Mom I’ve got to go to the toilet.”
“Will you surrender and declare me the winner?”
“Yes, I surrender.” I said, eager to get her off me in the hope it would prevent the explosion.
“You won’t cheat and try to push me off?”
“No please, let me up, I’m going to cum.” I said, raising my head and looking in the direction of my waist.”
“What?” she burst out, following the direction of my gaze.
She rose up, arching her back and looking down at my big pulsing bulge.
“Oops, I’m sorry baby, I forgot you’re not such a little boy any…”
Before she could complete the word I felt the dreaded explosion, and even as she was trying to get up I instinctively grabbed her ass and pulled her down on my lurching, spurting cock. I held her fast, my fingers sunken into the firm softness of her delightful ass as I jerked and trembled against her helpless pussy.
“Oh baby, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, but it’s alright, it’s alright, mommy is here for you.”
She let me hold her there, even grinding around a little on my jerking cock, as I expelled my load of hot seed.”
When it was over she rubbed my head and face lovingly and showered me with soft kisses. I felt so ashamed of myself for letting that happen and I told her.
“Mom, I’m sorry, I’m so ashamed, but I didn’t mean for that to happen, I…I… just couldn’t help myself.” I said, and started sobbing loudly.
“It’s alright baby and there’s nothing to be ashamed or sorry about, what happened was quite natural under the circumstances. Mommy understands and am not angry or anything. It was really my fault alone, not yours, I should have realized the possibility of this and not let it get so far, but I was enjoying myself so much playing with you that I lost touch with reality.”
We both sat up on the bed and she continued to rub my head and console me with little kisses as she held my sobbing head against her bosom. When I had finally stopped sobbing she got up and said:
“Let me go and get something for you to clean up with, she said.”
I was so dazed I could do nothing more than just lay back on the bed, my arm over my eyes, confused. She returned a few minutes later and as if it was the most natural and easiest thing in the world to do, pulled my trunks down to my knees and began wiping my cum smeared cock. As she worked on me I could smell fresh brandy on her breath. She must have felt she needed a stiff drink to get through this. I didn’t blame her. I was so confused and drained of energy I couldn’t move, I just lay there letting her clean me, but I did try to get up when against my will I realized that my cock had stirred and was rising to full erection quickly. She pushed me back down firmly.
“It’s alright baby it’s alright, this is quite natural too if a woman is touching your thing. Just lie back and remain still.”
She took a dry rag and finished the job on my cock which was pointing skyward then pulled my trunks all the way off my legs. She threw her covering sheet over my erection, forming a little tent. She then started to walk out the room, telling me she was going to my room to get my pajamas. By the time she returned with my pajamas my cock had gone down a little but the moment she walked around the bed bouncing in her short silk PJs it shot up again. She smiled.
“That’s a frisky fellow you’ve got there. But it’s a good sign.” She said laughing.
She handed me the pajamas and sat down at the side of the bed, her feet on the floor. She had come back in with a glass of brandy which she sipped from as I put on the pajama bottom, she hadn’t brought any top. She looked at me and I looked at her and we both wanted to say something, but words didn’t come. So we both laughed. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.
“My baby is a big boy now. I’ll go fix you a drink, I think you need and deserve one. Don’t worry I’ll mix it with juice. She swallowed all of hers and got up, staggering a bit as she walked out the room.

I got up quickly, found the remote and clicked on her TV.
When she returned she was carrying the bottle of brandy which was just about half full, and a bottle of orange juice, along with my glass. I took my drink which was already mixed and took a sizable gulp, halving the amount. I felt an almost instant rush. She came onto the bed, but quickly got up back. I saw her look down to the front of her pajamas bottom and giggle girlishly. “
I’d better change these; they’re a bit smeared and damp.”
She walked over to her wardrobe and took out a nightie. Standing sideways to my view she casually lifted the pajamas top over her head, and the marvelous round, firm breasts tumbled out. She then bent and slipped off the bottom, almost falling down in the effort. I finished the rest of my drink and my head was swinging nicely, making me feel carefree.
“I’m drunk she said,” giggling.
I watched her plump little round ass hardly covered in a tiny black thong and her flat smooth belly and high mound, and my cock rose to full mast. I knew that what I was feeling this time around was no longer innocent admiration; I was looking at a woman with fuck on my mind. I wanted to fuck her. The fact that she was my mother did not in any way deter that thought. The problem was how, how to make it happen, did I dare make a sexual move on my own mom? Could I use the excuse of being drunk to kiss her or grope her, which I wanted to do? I wasn’t sure. I did not take my eyes off her as she put on the little pink transparent nightie. Those big dark areolas and long black nipples were truly amazing. I wanted to grab her and suck the life out of them. I grabbed my cock and squeezed it hard. I looked away as she turned and came back to the bed. My eyes followed her as she walked around to the other side. She noticed my empty glass and offered to fix me another drink before she got into bed. I accepted her offer.
“We could afford to get smashed and sleep late.” She said, “Tomorrow is not a work day.”

She got into bed and the nightie ran up her thighs exposing her fat crotch. She made no effort to fix it. It was as if what we’d experienced in the last hour precluded us from having anything to hide anymore. We lay there silently watching the TV and sipping our drinks. I stole a sideways glance at her bosom and saw nipples that were nicely erect. The alcohol in me made me bold. I reached out a hand and pinched it. She giggled, then pushed aside my hand softly without any sign of anger or discomfort, but quietly said:
“Naughty boy, keep your hand on your glass not mommy’s nips.”
I saw her take a peek at my tented PJ as she placed my hand on my chest.
“This mattress is so soft and comfy; I’ll really have to get you one of these. She said, turning on her side and looking at me, her mouth looking as inviting as ice cream when she stuck out her little tongue and played it along her upper lip for a few seconds. Do I take the chance and kiss her now? I wondered, after all she didn’t react in any way cross when I pinched her nipple. But a kiss might be more intimate, more of an invasion, I reasoned.
“Tell you what, to make up for not getting you one like this too and for all the work you did this evening I’ll let you sleep here just for tonight so you can enjoy it with me.”
In a flash my mind conjured images of how I could use that advantage to enjoy her lush body without it seeming intentional. This is a really lucky break, I thought.
“And if you don’t toss and turn or kick out in your sleep I might just consider letting you sleep here whenever you like until you get your own, so I don’t feel guilty enjoying this sweet comfort alone.” She leaned into me and snuggled my neck with her nose. I felt a soft breast and hard nipple press against my side under my right pec.
“Sounds good, I’ll certainly try not to toss and turn tonight.”
“I hope so,” she said and we both laughed.
We continued to look at the TV in silence for a few more minutes.
“I’ll take a final drink and then crash,” she said, yawning, “You want another? Take it while you can, there won’t be another drinking session for you in this house for a long time to come, big boy”
“In that case I’ll take another and another.”
“The second another you’ll have to fix yourself, because by then I’ll be asleep.”
She fixed the drinks and handed me mine, swallowing hers in one gulp.
“I hope you don’t mind sleeping with a little light?” I shook my head.

I was well aware that she slept with a light on. She got up to turn off the overhead light and switch on a little lamp on the wall a couple of feet over the bed head. She swung her legs around lazily, and bent forward to get up off the side of bed allowing me the privilege of a back close-up of fat pussy barely covered in black. If only I had the guts to reach out and cup it.

She got back onto the bed on hands and knees and promptly fell forward drunkenly, her head landing on my belly. I started to slide upward to bring contact between my stiff cock and her lovely head, but she spun around and slumped onto her pillow. She turned on her side with her back to me and curled up into a fetal position. Her bare ass with the thong string snuggled in the crack of the cheeks was stuck out to my view as the short nightie climbed up to rest on her lower back. She was breathing hard. I straightened up and leaned forward a bit to take advantage of the generous view. I looked dry mouthed at the hump of vaginal mound looking back at me like the apple that temped Eve and I could feel my own snake rise expectantly. The thong material had slipped into private area, bisecting the plump mound, leaving it snuggled by lips on either side. Should I bite, should I eat? I had never done that before, only read or heard about it. I leaned close and brought my face to it, sniffing the strange musky aroma. I lost balance and my nose poked the dark flesh.

“Baby, you need something?” I heard her slurry voice say, making me jump.
I eased back into my original position as she straightened her legs.
“No mom I’m fine.”
“You sure dear, I thought I felt you touch me and ask for something.”
“No mom, you must have been dreaming.”
“But if you want to ask or tell me something it’s ok dear, I’m all ears, never mind I’m so sleepy, or if there’s something you want to do, just let me know.” She said, in what was obviously either a drunken or sleepy slur but ripe with meaning.
“Ok mom.”
She rolled over and lay on her back, hands to her side; legs slightly parted enough to leave her mound unhindered by inner thighs. I looked at the hypnotizing sight and felt my mouth move from dry to wet, as the fear of exploration disappeared and raging lust intent on satiation took center stage. I just lay there on my side looking at my sleeping beauty with a difference, up and down, all over her sexy body. I stroked my hard cock as I examined every inch of her. After about ten minutes I felt sure that she was sleeping. I leaned over and rubbed a hand slightly over one breast then the other, letting my palm softly graze against the stiff nipples. I touched her forehead and hair and pressed my lips softly to hers. I ran my hand softly from the bottom of her neck along the front of her till it reached the wanted plump treasure. My hand skimmed over it, barely touching, before I leaned over for another sniff. Why be satisfied with just a sniff I thought, and I leaned closer, stretching out a wet tongue to softly lick one lip then the other. I heard her moan softly, barely audible, and her legs spread aside a little wider. I kissed and licked each inner thigh. All the while I was squeezing my hard pulsing dick.

I quietly got up off the bed and took off my pajamas. My cock was standing stiffly out and upward. I walked around to the foot of the bed; it had no rail, so I was able to climb easily onto it between the lovely legs. My fingers pulled the cloth out of the moist crack. I knew it was moist because what looked like thin slime clung to the material. I pulled it aside and stared at my mommy’s dark slightly gaping cunt with its reddish insides. I leaned forward and burrowed my tongue for the first time ever into the inner privacy of a woman’s vagina. I probed around a bit, and then spreading the lips licked along the walls. I noticed pulsing flesh, like a raw heart beating, and I inserted a finger to test the pulse beat. I let the finger go as deep as it could into the red tunnel. I heard her moan, and felt the soft thighs come together, trapping my finger, which I began to move back and fro. I took out the finger and tasted it. The legs spread wide again and I climbed forward and rested my head between the heaving breasts after untying the little bow that held the V opening together. I let my head remain still on the bare flesh for a few seconds. It had a sweaty smell that I enjoyed. I pushed against the two sides of both breasts, bringing them to press against my cheeks as I licked between them. My cock was resting on the hot wet crotch and I moved my hips slowly in a round grinding movement, as I began to suck on a nipple. I spent about five minutes alternating between the two stiff black nipples. I bit them softly, I pulled on them with my lips and twirled them between tongue and teeth.
“Is that my baby boy?” I heard the now familiar drunken slur say.
“Yes mom, it’s your baby boy now become a big boy.”
“Really?” she asked, giggling softly, “That’s nice.” And she seemed to drift once again into sleep.

I slid downward again and nibbled and licked each dark thigh. I sucked on each knee cap. Licked shins and ankles and insteps and finally sucked on soft toes. I reached up and took hold of the waist of the panties and pulled them down till they slid over insteps and were free. I held the panties up, sniffed on the crotch and rubbed it all over my face; mom sure smelled exciting. I went around to the side of the bed and began lifting the nightie along her torso until it was around her neck, bundled up on her chest. Getting it off was frustrating without any help from the soundly sleeping woman, but I eventually succeeded. I climbed over her and got between her legs, spreading them very wide. Poised over her, cock ready, I felt around the smooth shaven chocolate chunk, caressing it and then stirring about its insides with my fingers. I placed my cock against the entrance and pushed forward; I went nowhere, due to lack of experience and her sleeping position. I tried again and again, finally getting it on the third attempt. I felt the head of my cock push aside something and move forward a little. Realizing that I was finally easing my cock into a woman’s pussy, I was elated. I lay still, savoring the moment. But then I realized suddenly that everything could come crashing down; she could wake up and bring an end to it. I was having none of that, no more time wasting. I pushed forward hard, feeling my strong member slide into the tight chute, deep inside. I pushed a little more and was in to the hilt. I lay still again. As the thought hit me that finally I had truly penetrated a pussy, I felt the greatest pleasure to date in my young life. It was enveloping I wanted to laugh out loud; and I did. I laughed unrestrained for about a minute. I raised a folded fist and pounded my chest like a proud gorilla. Then I was thrusting back and forth with a steady rhythm. I felt a slight irritation like the head of my penis was bruised; but that didn’t stop me.

As I slid back and forth I felt a tantalizing movement under me, my mom was rolling her hips sweetly to my thrust and grind movements, matching my moves with complimentary ones of her own. It had to be instinctual movements, because I could see clearly that she was still sleeping. I increased my pace and she followed suit. I bit into a breast, clamping my teeth around a nipple as I humped frenziedly. I felt the familiar pressure that I’d felt earlier in the night, and as if she had been waiting on me, just as I exploded, her body shivered and began to spasm under mine. Her short legs came around and locked behind my knees, holding me tight her hands wrapped around my back, fingernails sunk into my skin as we both jerked, me emptying into her she emptying out or whatever women did. When we were both empty I felt a feeling of supreme satisfaction come over me. So this is what sex is, this is what it means to fuck; no wonder so many people went to such extremes for it. I felt mom stir under me and I rose up and looked into her face. Her eyes opened slowly, and as recognition dawned on her she smiled sweetly.
“It’s you baby, oh that was so nice, I wish we could do it again, but I am so sleepy.” She said, slurring, and was off again.
I got up off the bed and walked around the room like a boxer who had just been declared the winner. I put on the bright lights and looked admiringly at my body every time I passed the vanity mirror. I went and stood above the slightly snoring chocolate beauty I’d just banged. Reaching for the bottle of brandy I poured myself a large shot; I was a man! I went to the bathroom and peed for a long time. I took a quick shower, and returned to the bedroom. Mom was now lying on her belly, her dark brown ass glowing, light reflecting off its smoothness. I went over and sat beside her. I began to knead the soft but firm butt cheeks. I leaned over and licked them. Then I parted them and put my face between, letting my tongue snake forward. She wriggled slightly and moaned softly. I don’t know about you mom, I thought, but I am not that sleepy, I’m certainly going to fuck you again.

I spread her legs wide and wetting my middle finger with a huge amount of saliva, I slowly inserted it into her anus, pushing carefully into the very tight hole. When my finger was well inside I touched something that felt like a little turd. I moved the finger around tossing the turd about. Turd or no turd I’m going in here I thought. My cock was ready for more action. I got between the rounded thighs; spread the cheeks apart and let globs of spit fall between. I took my fingers and rubbed it in and around, making the entrance moist. I positioned my cock and pushed, but couldn’t get in. I tried for about five minutes to no avail. Every time I felt I was about to succeed I was blocked. I thought that if this was some other female, a girlfriend or some whore I would have rammed this dick so hard it would surely go in; but this was my mom, I couldn’t do that. So I lowered the shaft and the only too welcoming pussy allowed me entrance. I pounded it hard, marveling at the slight ripple of dark, smooth fleshy buttocks with every slam. I leaned forward and gripped her shoulders and just let myself go, power fucking that sweet cunt. I came with a mighty shudder and fell onto my mother, biting into her shoulder, as I quickly slipped my hand under her and gripped her tits hard as I drained into her.

I awoke to a sweet irritation taking place between my legs. I opened my eyes and saw mom kneeling there hungrily licking my shaft and balls. She looked up at me and smiled. She said, good morning dear, and before I could reply, she straddled me, grabbed my hard cock, fitted it into her pussy and started riding me furiously. I reached up and grabbed her swaying tits, squeezing into the nice feeling flesh. Within three minutes she reached her orgasm with a mighty roar that caused her to bring her own hand to her mouth. I wondered if any neighbor was close enough to the fence outside the window to hear that unmistakable release.

“You know dear, last night after you did me in front I fell off to sleep.” She said shyly. She never used expletives or coarse words. “I woke up later and realized you were trying to get into my other thing,” she looked away smiling. “I wanted you to do it, but i needed to go to the bathroom, so I deliberately blocked you each time you almost made it in. I was glad when you gave up, because doing it in that state would have been too uncomfortable for me, maybe painful. But don’t worry; I’ll let you in sometime soon, when there is no obstacle, tonight maybe.”
She jumped off the bed and headed for the door. It was then I realized the brightness in the room was partly due to bright sunlight. I glanced at the clock on the vanity. It was eleven thirty am.
“I have a meeting at one o’clock”, she said “I’ve got to hurry.”

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