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The Babysitter’s Mom
By: Date: 2022.12.10. Categories: Just Incestuous Stories Tags: , , , , ,

Rebecca Winters stood naked before the full length mirror in her
bedroom observing her own beautiful body. Becky, as everyone called
her, would be nineteen in two months. She was only 5’1″ and 100
pounds but it was perfectly formed in a 32C – 18 – 33 body and a
lovely face with flowing brown hair, big chocolate eyes and …

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Roleplaying Babysitter
By: Date: 2022.02.06. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , , ,

Fantasies are meant to be exactly that… a fantasy! By sheer definition, they are unlikely to ever come true as they often possess the most outrageous series of events. This is one that remains firmly ensconced in mind; destined to remain a mere fantasy… for now!

“That’s the door. I hope you’re ready for bed sweety,” called Ian, as he …

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Loving My Slutty Babysitter
By: Date: 2021.05.23. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , ,

I don’t know how I ended up so lucky. Normally, I’m the most unfortunate son of a bitch you’d ever meet.

“Hey, how’s Eleanor?” I asked, coming in to find two people sitting in the living room of sardine can sized apartment, not including my daughter.

“She’s fine,” said Natalie, my babysitter. “We had boatloads of fun, didn’t we, sweetie?”…

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