My new pervert family
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It was working out quite well. I had hired Niki for
one of my staff positions a couple months before. She
was a little light on experience but made up for that
with maturity and attitude. Since I couldn’t get my
boss to pay market wages, I was quite happy to have

Niki was divorced and trying to build a new career in
finance. Over the months that she worked for me we had
gotten pretty close. Surrounded by a bunch of
teenagers, at least as far as maturity goes if not
age, we immediately bonded. We’d share a look at
something one of the kids would say and both crack up.
A raised eyebrow was enough to send both of us into
fits of laughter. She would come into my office to
blow off steam about things and we’d commiserate.

As we got closer she opened up about her past. It was
not an easy life. Kicked out of her house at seventeen
she’d gone to work at the World Famous Mustang
brothel. Yeah, I know that they only hire women over
eighteen. Sure. Anyway, Niki started there at
seventeen. She was soon Joe Conforte’s favorite. No
more regular customers for her. Just Joe and the
occasional VIP as well as Joe’s Mafia friends.

She soon tired of being at a brothel. But there isn’t
a lot of call for former hookers. She got a job for a
company that filmed pornos. She would interview,
meaning screen out the nutcases, potential actors and
actresses. Mostly she was making sure the women could
look interested and the guys could get wood and cum on
command. Reading skill was nice but not required.
Actually being able to remember lines put an applicant
at the top of the list.

This paled in no time and she was finally able to get
a job dealing 21 in Reno. That’s where she met her
husband. Two kids, Tina and Tim. I met them and they
both resembled Niki, blonde and fair almost
Scandinavian. A whole bunch of separations and
reconciliations. She finally divorced. She was never
abused. A guy who tried to do that would wind up
wearing his cojones as a necklace. That was when she
decided to take some accounting classes and change

She’d been working for me for several months when we
had to come in on a sweltering Saturday to do a
special project. It was in the mid afternoon when Niki
came into my office. We were the only ones in the
building. Niki was wearing this skimpy summer dress.
Most women with two teenagers shouldn’t wear a skimpy
summer dress. But Niki not only could pull it off she
looked fantastic. Looking up as she leaned against the
doorjamb of my office my eyes trailed up those long
legs and then to the low-cut décolletage. “Damn Niki,”
I said. “That is a `come rape me’ dress.”

She laughed then said, “It’s not rape if the lady
doesn’t resist.” She held my eye and the air was
suddenly charged like lightning was about to strike. I
could practically smell the ozone in the air from the
electricity going back and forth between us. My skin
was afire.

Niki came around my desk and stood right in front of
me. “Niki?” was all I could say.

“Well?” she asked. “A woman shouldn’t have to be
blunter than that.”

I’m slow but not stupid. Well, not always. I reached
for her and she slid into my lap. Just like that we
were lip-locked and her tongue was in my mouth. Jesus,
what a kiss. My cock sprang to attention as her hips
were rubbing around in my lap. She broke the kiss and
wiggled her hips. “That feels nice,” she said rubbing
against my cock almost painfully.

She slid off my lap and knelt between my legs. Quickly
undoing my belt, button and zipper, she pulled my
Dockers down. I lifted up and she had them around my
ankles. I kicked off my sandals and pushed off the
pants. My cock was standing at attention as she
wrapped her hand around it, leaned forward and brought
her lips to the tip. Looking up at me she extended her
tongue, paused, I’m sure just to drive me crazy and
then ran her tongue around my cock. Looking down she
plunged down on my cock, jerking it with her hand as
she sucked and licked. It was quickly coated with spit
as she worked on my cock. Where did she learn to suck
cock like that I asked myself? I was getting worked
up, really worked up. I didn’t want to cum in her
mouth. I wanted to fuck her so I pulled her up and
kissed her again. Niki reached behind her, unzipped
her dress and stepped out of it and tossed it onto the
white sofa in my office. Hey, there are some
advantages to being an `executive’ vice president to
help compensate for the long hours. She slipped out of
her panties and knelt on the sofa. She reached behind
and slowly released her black bra. Jaysus, it was
driving me crazy waiting for the unveiling. Niki gave
me that same come rape me look as she threw her bra
across the office. It was the red flag to El Toro and
I charged. I started to kiss her as she leaned back
pulling me on top of her. This wasn’t going to be a
romantic little poke. This was going to be raw sex
with a capital S. She reached between us and holding
my cock said in a guttural voice, “Fuck me.”

I let her guide my cock to her. She was hot and wet.
She slid my glans around her pussy spreading her
wetness around and over my cock. She tickled her
clitoris with my cock for a while driving me insane
with desire to plunge into her depths. Seeing my ardor
she asked, “Are you sure you want to fuck me?”

“Oh, God. Quit teasing me Niki. You are driving me
crazy,” I begged.

She laughed but brought my cock to her opening and I
pushed forward burying my cock in her. “Fuck me,” she
said. It was a command. I obeyed.

We started banging away like minks in heat. I was glad
that I wasn’t twenty anymore or I would have cum in
seconds. I managed to hang on holding back my own
climax as I felt hers approach. It seemed an eternity
that I was on the brink of my own climax waiting… Then
she too reached the zenith and cried out, “Cumming,
I’m cumming.”

That was it for me as the first burst of my cum was in
her before the last syllable was out of her mouth. I
blasted away till I had nothing left and collapsed. I
barely had the strength to keep from suffocating her
below me.

She was still moving under me draining the last
pleasure from our fuck by pushing against me. I opened
my eyes to see her looking at me. “Thank you,” she
said. “I’ve been wondering when you were going to fuck
me.” She pushed against me again and smiled. “You were
better than I hoped. We’ll have to do this again,” she
said with a wicked little smile.

That’s how it started.

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