Swinging gone to the dogs 2.
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Chapter One – The first day of the rest of our lives

With Jenna and Amy both three months pregnant and experiencing morning sickness and Bella about to give birth any

day, Tom, Max and I wound up intensely aroused with what seemed no outlet for our sexual frustrations. This became

an even greater problem when we spent sensual moments with our pregnant wives who we knew were carrying babies

that weren’t ours.

That night, Jenna and Amy decided we should all meet up at our house and discuss how to resolve the issue. When

they came over, one whiff of Bella’s pregnant pussy juice sent Max right to mounting her for one last go before

she gave birth and would refuse him. Watching him pound and knot her swollen cunt made us all revved up and our

wives decided to put on a strip-tease for us as our dogs fucked like it was going out of style. Amy called Tom over

to the bed and ordered him to undress while Jenna told me to lay under Bella and lick Max’s now dripping dog seed

from her pussy. As I planted my face in her fur and began wrestling with Max’s huge knot with my tongue, Bella

licked away at the tip of my throbbing and now dripping member.

Once Max pulled out and spilled his seed all over my face, I looked up to find Jenna munching away at my wife’s

pussy to get her wet and horny and then guiding her husband’s dick deep inside of Amy. Jenna snapped at me when

she noticed my attention was diverted from Bella. “If you don’t eat her to orgasim, you get no treat! Now be a

good boy and do as you’re told” she commanded with a grin. I wasted no time lapping up the sex juice from my

pregnant pup’s cunt until she started shivvering slightly and wagging her tail frantically. At this point,

everyone knew that’s when she’d cum. Raging hard, now, I looked up and near whined for permission to fuck my

beautiful golden retriever when Amy gave me the go ahead to “get inside and watch”. I sat up in the bedroom

chair and pulled my pup back onto me gently, my cock burying deep inside her soaking wet twat. I leaned over

to rub her ears and carress her fur while watching Tom slowly and passionately make love to my wife while her

and Jenna made out with each other and fondled each other’s breasts and nipples.

Jenna called me over to the bed so I slipped out of my pup and walked over, thinking I was going to get in

on the action but to my surprise, she bit me hard, causing me to soften up for a brief second and then locked

me in a chasity cage! “Jenna!?! What the H…” I could barely begin asking what was going on before she slapped

a collar around my neck and demanded silence. “You got me pregnant so you get to service both of my boys until

all of us girls are back in commission” I stammered at the thought but before I could speak, Jenna pulled on the

collar and wrapped her legs around my head, shoving my face into her dripping wet cunt. I began to eat and quiver

with anticipation as Amy pushed Tom off of her and smacked me on the ass, demanding I spread my legs. I did as I

was instructed and it wasn’t long before my wife was guiding Tom’s 11″ dick inside of my tight virgin ass. I wanted

to scream at the initial sharp pain but as he went deeper and began to thrust, my screams in Jenna’s pussy slowly

turned to moans of pleasure. That’s when Jenna pulled away and lead Max over to me who was ready to go again. She

guided him to mount me in reverse and lead his throbbing red dog cock into my mouth. The taste was electrofying and

I immediatly wrapped my lips around his member and started sucking as the German Shepherd wasted no time humping and

spilling his seed into my mouth and down my throat. It wasn’t long after that Tom got really into fucking my ass and

before long his balls were smacking against mine, his cock buried deep inside of me. His dick rubbed against my

prostate and somehow made me cum inside my chasity cage and from that moment on I was hooked on being fucked in the ass.

Chapter Two – New Bitch

After our orgy that night, Amy and Jenna cleaned me up and dressed me in a skirt, panties, one of their t-shirts, a bra

and a wig. They told me that I was to move in with Tom and Max while they were pregnant and become the new bitch for both

of them and all of the neighborhood dogs that Jenna used to fuck. My mind reeled with lusty thoughts and I quickly hopped in

the passenger seat of Tom’s truck, ready to begin this strange and kinky new adventure.

When I got home with Tom that night, I fixed him dinner and when it was time for bed, I took off my panties, leaving the rest of my

girl clothes on and rode him for all I was worth. Later that night I snuck out of the house and let Max pound my ass until I could

barely walk back to bed. As the days progressed into months and the dogs progressed from Max to the Doberman next door, the Rottweiler

down the street and the Great Dane around the block, I grew fond of my life and role as a bitch and I think Tom and my new dog lovers

enjoyed it too. They certainly fucked me just as hard and just as much as they had Jenna.

Around four months into my life as Tom and Max’s new “girfriend”, Jenna and Amy became extremely horny from their raging hormones,

Bella had given birth to six beautiful pups and three of them had gone to good homes. Our wives called us over to “check in” which

meant they’d devised yet another twisted, kinky, adventure to embark on. When we got there, My wife Amy was busy servicing three young

black men she’d picked up at the supermarket and she told me they had more friends coming over. She said one of their friends was bisexual

and I’d get to fuck my very first black cock. I got so excited that I immediately stripped my shorts and panties off and called Max over

to fuck me when Jeanna stopped him and assumed the position, herself. She made it known that she was the alpha bitch and that Max would fuck

her pussy first before he got a chance to go at my ass. Tom took the oppertunity to fuck Max while he was fucking Jenna because that’s the

closest that he ever got to fucking his wife after she became a dog slut.

As I laid under Amy and guided her black lovers dicks into my wife’s pussy and cleaned her up after they came, I heard the door open and two more

strong, athletic black guys came in. Amy tugged on my dog collar and told me to get into doggy position with her and bark for black cock, which I

did like the good little bitch I had become. They fucked us in every hole, in every position for an hour straight, stretching my tight ass and

punishing her pregnant pussy. I looked over to see that Jenna was so horny she was actually letting Tom fuck her in the ass again while Max was

licking himself, getting ready to knot me, next.

Eventually, Jenna relaxed her strictly k9 rule and let both Tom and Amy’s black boyfriends fuck her in every hole again, only after she’d been taken

by Max, of course. Both Amy and Jenna would sit on top of my chasity cage and ride it, grinding themselves onto my now useless, caged dick. The agony

of having both Jenna and my wife’s pussy so close to my cock but so far away kept me insanely horny all the time, to the point where I had become just

as much of an anal slut as my wife Amy.

When our wives finally gave birth, they had been well sexed for two months and were out of commission for a while so I wound up fucking Tom, Max, most of

Amy’s boyfriends and all the neighborhood dogs. My ass was sore all the time, my dick was sore from the cage and my balls ached from desire and urge and

then Bella went back into heat…

Chapter Three – Mindfuck

With my beautiful Golden Retriever back in function, I tried desperately to talk Amy and Jenna into letting me out of the cage but they declined. They

moved me in with them to help take care of the kids and sent Bella to service Tom and Max. Tom setup a live feed so that I could watch him and Max pound

my beautiful golden pup’s pussy and ass for all she was worth. Then he started sending me pictures and videos of him taking her around to service the neighborhood

dogs too! God, my girl was getting so much dick and it made me so horny for anything, any sort of sexual contact but Amy and Jenna instructed me that I could only


To make matters even more sexually frustrating, Amy talked one of her black boyfriends into fucking my Bella and even had me suck his dick to lube him up before

having me guide his massive black rod between her golden legs. I petted her and rubbed her ears gently while she wagged and licked my face, barking happily a few

times to let me know how much she loved being fucked by him.

As time went on, Jenna and Amy had been talking as they grew close to being ready to fuck again, themselves. Amy decided that if they let me out of the cage, I was no

longer allowed to fuck Bella in her sweet doggy pussy. Both my wife and my dog’s cunts were off limits to me and would exclusively be black owned. Tom would get ownership

of my wife’s ass exclusively and I’d be allowed to fuck Jenna in her pussy and her ass with a knotted strap-on. I’d only be allowed out of my cage once every six months

to fuck Bella in the ass while she was in heat and only after both her ass and mine were dripping with cum.

We all agreed, they drafted a contract and I signed…

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