Maureen several time now, and we continue to have very hot black/white sex
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This here a follow-up on me and that sweet white Maureen. I have
been seein Maureen several time now, and we continue to have very
hot black/white sex.

She just love my fat, black dick, and I can’t gets enough of her
hot white pussy. Some days we spends more time lickin and suckin
each other than actual fuckin.

Last weekend, I takes her on a vacation to the mountains wif me
and my wife. (Only my wife don’t know that Maureen down the road,
3 cottages away! Ummmm….)

When my wife went out for card playin‘ and shuffleboard, me and
Maureen would be havin’ a nice time in her room. We was always
careful that I shower before I goes back to the wife, so I don’t
be smellin’ like hot wet pussy!

On Saturday morning, I sucked my wifes big titties,and fingered
her slimy clit for her till she had a couple of nice cummies,
then she went down to the guest recreation area and I told her I
tired and gonna sleep. Heck! I such a good liar. I really goes to
Maureen’s room and let her suck my long black dick which is dyin’
to shoot a load into her sweet white pussy.

When I knocks on her door, she open it and be wearin’ this skimpy
top all laced up the front. Her tits is tryin’ to escape, and I
was ready to help them. She also had on some very baggy shorts
wif no panties, and this make it nice and easy for me to slide my
finger up in there and tickle her clit.This just drive her wild!

Once I gets inside the room, she let me unlace the front of her
top, and suck her gorgeous tits!(Seems it just my lucky day for
titty suckin’!) Mmmmmmm….she gots such big, hard nipples from
nursin’ her baby at home. I licks around the nipple area and then
nibble on the nipples and gently suck each one. She was wiggling
all over and moaning nice and softly. Also, she was groping for
my crotch by now and, since my cock was getting so hard,she had a
hard time unzippin my jeans.

Finally, she get her pretty hand around my black pole, and start
sliding it up and downs, like the way a man jerks himself off.
Oooohh dear Jesus, I was already oozing some slimy goo out the
tip of my dick, so it was black and shiny. She kept takin the
goo, and rubbing it up and down my cock.

While she be playin’ with my big fat dick, I been suckin’ her
titties like mad, and fingerin’ her wet pussy pretty good too. I
finally makes her lay down and I gets her undressed. She helped
me get out of my pants too. Jesus God, I had oozed all over the
front of my jockeys, and she got real excited; beggin to lick my
dick. I tells her, “Go ahead Angel. You know I wants you to suck
this bad boy.”

She let out a moan and got on her knees between my legs and
leaned forward with her tits danglin’ in the air, just close
enough that I could finger her nipples, and she proceeded to take
my dick into her cute little mouth. I takes a look down, and I
swears I gonna explode any minute now. She reached down through
her legs, and first slid her pinky up her very wet cunny, then
used some of the cunt juice to make her finger nice and slippery
for my asshole. She slid her pinky right into my crack, and up
the hole! I so ashamed, I couldn’t help it, but between her sweet
mouth and fine suckin on my cock, and her pinky up my tight ass,
I lost control and blew my load. She was thrilled.

I said, “Baby, I gots to eat your hot pot, okay?” She got on her
back, still licking the jizzy off her lips and put her legs way
up in the air. They was spread really far for me too. I just
can’t believe how wet her cunny was. I played around her clit
with my finger for a little and then took to lappin away at those
wet lips. She reached down and pulled a small mirror from under
the bed. She says, “I just love the sight of your sexy pink lips
down near my pussy.” So I figure, okay.

I musta’ licked her cunt for a half hour or more, always varying
my technique. I teased her clit every now and then with the point
of my tongue, and gave her 4 orgasms that I know of. At first, I
was pinching her nipples on and off too, but eventually, she
would take her big tits, one at a time, and suck her own nipples!
My dick was starting to get hard again. Have you ever seen a
stunning woman suck her own tits?

When she felt she’d had enough, and my dick was fairly hard, she
asked if she could suck me again till I got hard enough to fuck
her. Who am I to disappoint such a nice lady? She went to town on
my meat!

My cock did not take very long at all to achieve its usual 8
inches once she had her lips around it. So pretty soon, I was
rolling her on her back for the ride of a lifetime, and she did
that titty sucking thing again which just drove me wild. I climb
on top of her hot little body, and slide the big dick right up
her tight little hole.

Oooh, she so tight, just like a virgin! I keeps slidin’ my big
dick in and out, in and out, and she reaches down to rub her clit
while I be fuckin her! Good Lord; this gal just too sexy! She
gettin ready to blow her hot little load, and I knows it gonna
make me squirt too. Pretty soon we cums together, and I fills her
sweet white cunny up and it overflowin’. She layin in a warm
puddle of my jizzy, and she start rubbin it all over her clit
again! Oh my; sorry dear God, I just can’t go no mores.

I be so spent, and now I gots to go back and suck my fat wife
tittites again and help her get off. She may be too fat to fuck,
but she horny.

Maureen and I gets all wash up, and I slips her some fat pink
tongue down the throat when I said goodbye. She can’t wait to see
me again, and it will probably be real soon.

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