Wet melodies – Not just buisness
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It was a long walk to the location, but I knew it would be worth it. I had been single for a while, probably the span of a few months if my memory serves me right. So I wanted to bring some spice back to my life, so when I found some whores online looking to turn a profit, I could not wait.

This one woman, Felisha, looked like a mighty offer. She had some pulmpness, an attitude, and some experience already that would help break the ice a bit.

So I could be considered a bit impatient, as I walked into the apartment complex, swinging past all kinds of broken and ghetto looking doors. I made it; apartment number five.. guess it was time to see the fruits of my labor.

I knocked and soon the door opened to that beautiful ebony woman, long flowing hair, perfect brown eyes, and a bit of age to her I could appreciate. “You Donovan?” she fired, “yeah, I got the money right here” I pulled out an envelope, containing her modest sum.

She gestured me in and past the door I went, the apartment was nice and clean; well kept like her fine ass self.

I handed her the money and she quickly tore the envelope to count the cash, giving a small smirk as she was happy she got the proper amount “to the very last dollar, you certainly are one for details, aren’t you?”

“The small details are always the most important to me. So speaking of, where do you wanna have this go down?” she began taking off her yoga pants and neatly folding them to put to the side. “We can do it anywhere so long as what ever mess you make you can help me clean, had enough of bitches making a mess and leaving me to work extra.”

“I’ve got ya, don’t worry” I got behind her and put my thin pants with a bulging weapon against her rear end. I began to grind, ready to start moaning, however.. it never really came from her. “I’m doing something wrong?” she looks back at me, with a mild surprise.

“What you mean? You didn’t ram it in dry so you’re fine” I shook my head “-nah it’s not that, arent you enjoying this at all?” she gave a sigh “After having dealt with grown men in diapers and fucking plenty of other stupid kink freaks, never really had the same spark baby.”

My face grew to one of curiosity, as I changed my position “Diapers?” she scoffs with a passion “I can’t tell you how many creepy ass men walk into here with a set of diapers and a pacifier in their mouth and expect ME, ME to treat them like their baby mamas.”

I just sat baffled at that, and I realized I would be doing a whole lot more than fucking somebody, it was time to treat. I walked in front of her and held her thick hips, a hand raising to meet her cheek. “Hey, I wouldn’t mind making this a bit easier for you, I’m only having fun when you’re having fun.”

I look around her kitchen and get an idea “How about I cook us some dinner, I’m already gonna be here a while so why not treat you for your time?” Her expression was wide, almost shocked. “Sure thing, I mean if you wanna make some use out of being here go ahead.” I gave her a light kiss, going over to the pantry to see what I could make.

Soon after about fifteen minutes I have bacon frying on a skillet, while boiling macaroni noodles in the other. I would occasionally look back at her to see her calm expression, with that sassy smile she has on her lips. “So you do this for every prostitute you’re about to screw?” I looked back while stirring the bacon “-not really, this is actually my first time paying for sex. As I said, I want you to feel on the very top when we get rolling.”

“Well, its working baby” she gave, a smile grew wide across my face as I put the macaroni through a strainer, nearly done. “Could you actually fetch a couple beers from the fridge?” I grabbed a couple of cold ones as soon as I heard it, making it to the table to hand her a beer alongside a kiss on the lips.

Soon the meal was done, macaroni and cheese alongside dried tomatoes and shredded bacon, my specialty. I handed her a plate as I sat down beside her, finally cracking the cold drink and taking a modest sip. “Baby, a man hadn’t treated me like this in years, it’s like my first date” I gave her a nice expression of surprise “really?” “Mhm, my boyfriend had come over and made me some stir fry and then we talked for hours and hours, would’ve been a good relationship too if he wasn’t banging the bitch down the street.”

“He must have missed the memo, you were probably the hottest cat in town” she finally gave me a satisfying laugh “- oh stop, but yeah I was a fine bitch in my prime, I’d have an entire neighborhood wrapped around my finger.”

“You certainly have me wrapped.” I took a bite of the food as she couldn’t stop smiling, my hand caressing her inner thigh as we ate. Soon we finished our meals and the beers and just sat in silence, staring.

“Could I ask something?” I gave a slow reply “what is it?” I could see her get a light blush “I was hoping we could just lay on the couch a bit, watch some tv while we’re at it?” I nodded, taking her hand and leading her to the sofa.

She sat beside me, an arm around me with the other resting on my lap, her head sat against me. I too had an arm around her, and a hand rubbing deeply on her inner thigh. We watched some animal planet, just to pass the time as we sat entangled, nigh inseparable.

Then the program started to show lions and their mating ritual, I could feel her breath start to rise, so I got a little more frisky, letting my free hand start to rub along her panties. I finally began to get those satisfying moans and gasps I wanted, now I knew I’d be having fun.

She then gave me this look, a biting lip paired along a horny expression.. damn was she getting me riled up. I then finally paired with those tempting lips, I felt her back start to lower, eventually I sat atop of her as we made out.

I then descended down her body, happily peeling down her panties and then devouring her aching hole. The moan I heard was beautiful, first holding surprise, and then reaching a large amount of pleasure as my tongue went into her bottom lips.

She continued to shudder as I ate her out in style, my hungry tongue lapping like a mutt drinking water. “You have a way with that tongue, you talk right and fuck right too..” she panted, now adding fingers to the mix to her amusement.

Soon she was squirming around me, clutching to whatever surface she could as my fingers went wild and fast. Soon she placed a hand on mine, so stopped and rose again, kissing her deep like we’re on our honeymoon already.

“Alright.. lemme work for you baby, I wanna show my love for what you’ve been doin’.” I sit up right, and off go my pants and boxers, her beautiful body sat on the ground in front of me as she works my dick with her tongue.. she certainly was a professional at this.. I nearly came so many time in her mouth but she knew exactly when to slow down.

I was on the edge of my seat the entire while, but alas we weren’t quite done. I rolled my other hand through her beautiful hair as she looked up “I think we’re ready to do this properly, don’t you?”

Soon the entire apartment building could hear the wet slaps of my cock pounding her pussy as she leaned against a kitchen counter, moaning and crying out as I pumped hard into her beautiful puffy lips.

I could barely pant the words as I rammed her “so… where do you want it?” she cried out for the whole block to hear “wherever you want baby! Just pick a hole and fill it!” I then fillee that request, pumping a fresh times more to fire off into her beautiful creamy lips.

I then pulled out still like a rock “you can handle some more abuse darling? I still got more to give” she spun and kissed me “-if you’ve got more I’ll take it.”

I laid her back on the dining table, aiming into her much tighter hole and slowly pushing in. She cried out all the while until my large girth finally sat deep as it could go. I panted a bit, as she rose to meet my lips again “you ready to be filled baby?” she gave me one of the most beautiful expressions I have ever seen “treat my ass like you’re my sugar daddy.”

I wasn’t one to deny requests, so I thrust deep and relentlessly, to her pleasure as she let out some of deepest and passionate cries i have heard in a long time; I was ready to fill her up again.

With a paired set of lips and muffled moans, I shook the table as I came, continuing to pump and thrust as cum rushed out of me like a hose. Soon it overflowed and began to dribble and stream out of her onto the floor.

Soon I felt my hips going yet again, if she wanted a sugar daddy, I would treat her like one.

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