The Hitchiker fucked me
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My name is Ashley and it all started when i tried to run away from home. I was angry at my parents and hitchhiked all the way down the US. One night i was waiting for another ride when a car came passing by. The driver was a middle aged man in his 40s or maybe even 50s. He asked me if i wanted a ride and of course i got in. Im very young girl and was wearing a white halter top showing more than half of my 36c sized boobs, a red miniskirt (extremely mini), flip flops, and a black thong if it matters. After i got in, we drove down the desserted dark freeway for about 10 minutes when he pulled over for some reason. “why did we stop” i asked. he told me he had to take care of something. He got out the car, got something out of the trunk, came to my side of the car, opened the door and threw me outside. He handcuffed me behind my back, unzipped his pants and pulled out his 9 in cock. I ran off down the road with my skirt flying up exposing my tight juicy ass from all the wind which probably excited him even more. I won’t lie, my body is pretty much perfect, i am not extremely skinny and have a great physique from all my hula classes. I am a short 5’4″ with big boobs, a big but firm butt, juicy hips and legs, and a flat stomach. He charged toward me and tackled me on the grass. After massaging my ass for a while, he literally tore off all my clothes except my thong, which he pulled off for some reason, and he got off of me and made me kneel to suck his cock. I gagged on the enourmous dick until he came and forced me to swallow every drop. He then sat down and pulled me down to sit on his lap facing him. He grinded his cock against my ass cheeks before stuffing his cock in my pussy. Since i was facing towards him we made out while fucking and while him grabbing/massaging my butt, all at the same time. sometimes he would move his lips from mine to my boobs which he sucked and grabbed as well. After a long 10 minutes of truthfully pleasure and moaning. HE pushed me off and came on my face my ass my tits and pretty much all over my body. He came nonstop and seriously produced more then a gallon of cum which all covered my whole body everywhere. He then undid my cuffs grabbed my clothes and sped off after giving me one more firm slap on my behind. I lay there naked and drenched with cum. I found that he left me my thong which made me luagh since he purposely did not tear it off just so i cud walk around with at least a thong on which covers pretty much nothing. I walked down the road in my skimpy black thong and gallon of cum covering me. That night i was probably fucked a good 4 more times all by different old men who saw me walking down the dark road. Funny thing is that the 4 guys who fucked me after, were the only ones who drove down the road that whole night. My pussy was so sore.

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