Angie’s adventure in the gym
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It was the cheapest gym in town. It was on the west side of a mid-sized southern city where the real estate was still cheap. Angie drove past the gym several times each week as she ran her errands.

The gym was in a run down slot in a ramshackle strip-mall that had seen its better days in the 60’s. It was nestled between the dollar general store and the goodwill outlet. Despite its run down condition, it was always packed, largely due to the $49 a year dues. It certainly wasn’t the beat u p old equipment inside, or the moldy, rusty showers lined with soap scum.

When she drove by, Angie always admired the muscular men, mostly black men, that were going in and out of the gym. She realized that she’d never seen a woman there, that’s when the thought came to her.

If you don’t know Angie from my other stories, let me describe her. She’s pretty, long dark hair, beautiful olive skin. She’s got a great figure, with a little extra weight on her hips & butt: no one would call her skinny. She was my girlfriend for a while, and these are the stories she told me about her adventurous past. Stories she told me to turn me on. They did.

The thought that came to Angie… It was to go to the gym, posing as a prospective customer, and see what sexual adventures ensued.

Angie went home after work and pulled out her favorite gym clothes: a black, low cut, thong style leotard and thin, gray panty-hose stockings. That’s all. The leotard pulled tight across her perfect breasts, making her nipples push back against the fabric. The thong bottom separated her splendid butt-cheeks which were covered skin tight with the gray stockings.

Angie put her hair up in a ponytail, put on some light makeup, and drove to the gym. It was early evening and the sun had just begun to go down. When she arrived she took a deep breath, and walked in.

When she entered the gym, she saw about a dozen muscular black men. She looked away as they stared at her gorgeous body. She approached the counter and asked the man sitting there if she could try some of the equipment to see if she wanted to join.

“Sure…” he said, “but we close in an hour” He didn’t even try to pull his gaze from Angie’s hardening nipples whose outline was clearly visible through her black top.

Angie spent several minutes stretching, knowing she was being watched she made sure to make every move slow and erotic. Turning her back to the men, she bent down to touch her toes, this put her perfect heart shaped butt up in air for all to see. They saw.

After torturing the men this way for a bit longer, Angie moved to the machines and started to work out. Even though Angie was in good shape, the heat of the uncooled gym combined with her exertion caused her beautiful naturally brown skin to glisten with sweat.

During her workout, several men came over to ‘chat’ and Angie dismissed them quickly and almost rudely. She wanted to project the image of a cold, aloof bitch. She got her wish: she angered 4 of the 8 men left in the gym. They glared at her from the dim corners of the gym as they finished their workouts.

Angie saw them talking together as she finished her workout, she heard the hushed tones and saw their furtive glances. “I wonder if I’ve gone too far?” she thought as she picked up her towel and headed towards the door. The man behind the counter was gone. Her unspoken question was answered as one of the men walked to the door in front of her and twisted the deadbolt until it locked. He said nothing.

Angie stood very still, eying the man in front of her. He would fall easily to the vicious kicks she learned in her years of Karate study, but what of the other 7? No matter how much training she had, no one could win against 8 men.

They moved in quickly, with purpose and planning, two men grabbed her arms while a third came from behind and lay on the floor, wrapping his arms tight around her ankles. The fourth man grabbed her hair and snatched her head back while the fifth man grabbed the top of her leotard at Angie’s neckline and yanked it down as hard as he could: the lycra, nylon fabric didn’t rip, it just pulled down allowing her breast to pop out. As the elastic of the leotard tried to return to her normal neckline, it only served to push her breasts up and mash them together as the perfect breasts with their small brown nipples heaved with every frightened breath.

The remaining two men came in from either side and each grabbed a breast. Hard. Angie was stunned by the quick, coordinated movement of all the men and started to say something to the man who had locked the door when she felt the firm hand of the man who held her hair clamp over her mouth, his other hand still holding her hair and pulling her head back.

Angie struggled to see what the men were doing when she felt a horrible stabbing pain in her left nipple, then her right. Angie screamed through the hand that held her mouth and managed to pull her head down enough to see what they had done.

“Oh my god” Angie screamed as she looked down and saw her breasts. They’d taken two huge commercial safety pins that were used to hold the large laundry bags closed and they had driven them through her nipples, all the way through. Not at the tip of her nipples but close to the base, almost in her breasts. Angie felt faint as she saw the blood drip from each of the 4 inch long safety pins.

Angie’s mind raced and her vision swam as she felt her arms being jerked harshly behind her and she felt her legs being pulled apart. “ooooooh NOOoooooooo” she screamed as she saw a man coming towards her with two more huge safety pins…

When Angie awoke she had no idea how long she’d been out. She was lying on the dirty gym floor with her arms tied behind her, tied at the elbow which made her pierced breasts thrust forward. They had wrapped each end of the safety pins with duct tape to keep them from coming loose, they’d tied a length of light rope to each safety pin.. Angie felt a burning in her groin and looked down to see two more safety pins piercing her pussy lips, these too were taped and roped.

“C’mon now, get her fixed” she heard a voice say and she felt herself being lifted off the floor. Once on her feet there was nothing she could do but follow the man who yanked the light rope that was connected to hr nipples with the safety pins. She followed him obediently.

He took her over to the chin-up bar and pushed her down to her knees by the back of her neck. She saw him tie the ends of her tit-ropes to a heavy dumbbell. As she kneeled the man took the two pussy-ropes from her lap and tied each one around another set of dumbells. He then wrapped a heavy rough rope around her waist and tied it together behind her. He then tied that knot to another length of rope and tossed the free end up and over the chin-up bar.

When he started pulling the heavy rope down over the chin-up bar she felt her waist being pulled up and she tried to stand. An electric pain burned through her nipples as she yanked against the weight of the dumbbell , she screamed in pain and then screamed louder as the man tugged on the rope that was tied to the safety pins in her pussy.

They saw she couldn’t stand with her hands tied behind her so they cut her hands free with a switchblade. She was able to bend her legs a little to relieve the pressure of her pussy ropes, but remained bent at the waist to keep the dumbbell from ripping her nipples off. She remained there, ass in the air, bent way over, the pussy ropes coming from her crotch had been spread wide by placing the dumbells very far apart. The rough rope around her waist pulled her ass higher, her nipples stretched against the weight of the dumbbell., which was trying to pull her torso downward. Her trembling arms were extended to the floor trying to support her weight as she stood there , bent over, pussy being torn apart and nipples being tortured. Her legs trembled with the strain.

Then she saw the naked men line up behind her. Chuckling menacingly the first man held a can of light machine oil that was used to lubricate the gym equipment , he poured it all over her ass. He stepped up behind her, his throbbing erection pulsing with each heartbeat. His cock was 8 inched long, standing almost straight up, and so big around he could hardly wrap his fingers around it. His was the smallest, Angie dropped her head and looked behind her through her legs and saw the man at the end of the line stroking his 14 inch hard dick that was as big around as a beer can.

She felt the man right behind her begin to push his pulsing member onto her anus. She tried to move away but that caused her pussy lips to stretch farther under the strain of the taut rope. She tried to stand up but felt the skin of her nipples stretch impossibly more. She just stood there, bent way over at the waist, arms and legs trembling with exertion, as the man pushed his cock deeply into her rectum.

She felt him stoke her ass slowly at first, then harder and harder, each thrust stretching her pussy lips against the ropes, each time he pulled back out her nipples were pulled harder against the weight of the dumbbell. And all she could do was stand there. Stand there and be butt-fucked. She was a cum-receptacle for the man behind her, and entertainment for the 7 watching as she cried out in pain with each stroke, and she loved it.

She felt the man start to swell in her asshole as he pumped harder and harder, each stroke was accented by another little scream from Angie. As he approached orgasm he reached forward and grabbed her hair. He snatched her head up as he came, causing a long scream of agony as Angies nipples seemed to be ripping off. The man spurted his load deep into Angies tormented anus as he pulled Angie almost upright, her breasts being pulled down by the rope. Her screaming didn’t make him spare her, it just made him cum even harder and longer.

Once finished, he released her hair, and Angie was grateful to be able to bend over again to her uncomfortable position. He stepped in front of her and grabbed her head and forced her mouth around his foul prick. Angie was beat, she dutifully licked his dick clean of her own feces. Then she felt another push into her ass…

Six more times she was butt-fucked and tit-tortured for the delight of her tormentors. Six more times she licked her own shit off of black cock. Six more times she could only stand there and be butt-fucked. By the time the 14 inch , beer can diameter cock found it’s way up her ass it was a comfortable fit. He drove it balls-deep into her surrendered asshole, then pulled out almost completely before driving all the way back again. Each stroke elicited a long, low grunt from Angie. She was grunting like constipated sailor trying to loosen his bowels, grunting like the fuck-pig she always wanted to be, grunting to entertain the seven other men who had used her ass for a cum receptacle .

She felt beer-can man swell impossibly larger and then felt his cum gushing into her ass. As he pulled out she had no more sphincter control, the semen poured out of her asshole and down her legs. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she smiled as number eight pressed his filthy cock into her mouth….

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