The ghetto girls figure
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Being from a poor black family, after I finished
college, I had to do four years in the Army to pay
back what my ROTC scholarship didn’t cover. . I was
commissioned a second lieutenant and assigned as a
platoon leader in an infantry company. I had married
LaShonda while in college and I lucked out managing
to get a small married-officer quarters on the base
where I was stationed.

Things were pretty tough and money was tight. One
night our commanding officer, Colonel Rose, treated
all the junior officers to drinks at the ‘O’ club.
Rose turned out to be quite a drinker and was soon
blitzed. I offered to drive him back to his quarters
so he wouldn’t get busted by the MPs and he accepted.

I have to admit I was kissing his ass a little, but
you have to do such things to get ahead in the army
today, especially when you’re black-it’s still a
white man’s army.

En route home I thought I’d stop at my place and
introduce Rose to LaShonda. I had this vision that my
wife and Rose’s wife would soon meet and become
friends, which wouldn’t be bad for my career, either.
I thought my hospitality would do no harm to my
career prospects and I knew that LaShonda wouldn’t

Colonel Rose is about 38. He’s a very big, imposing
man about six feet three and probably around 300
pounds. He is white and played football at West
Point. He always seemed aloof to the junior officers
but I figured this was just the way Colonels had to

I drove Rose back in my old car to find that LaShonda
was still out clubbing with her friends. I offered
Colonel Rose a tumbler of scotch and sat in the
living room chatting with him. It seemed strange
seeing him in such a relaxed mood, as he was always
so stern when on duty. We sank a couple more
scotches and then LaShonda got back.

She is usually shy, had obviously had had a lot to
drink and was very giggly and talkative when she
staggered into the room. I thought, “Oh God! Don’t
let her do anything to embarrass me now!”

At first she was taken aback by the unexpected
surprise of Colonel Rose, but she soon broke the ice
by saying, “Just what I need… two lovely men!” I
could see Colonel Rose’s face light up immediately.
Sensing that LaShonda was probably more than a little
drunk I suggested quietly to Rose that, perhaps, I
should take him back to his quarters now.

I was surprised when he cut me off and told me not to
be in such a hurry. LaShonda looked gorgeous. At 22
her ghetto girls figure, big butt and absolutely
wonderful boobs looked great. Tonight she had a very
short, pleated miniskirt on and a tight top, which
clung to her body. She wore a pair of stilettos and I
could just see the tops of her stockings. I watched
Colonel Rose eyeing her young body up and down
slowly, and I could sense LaShonda enjoying the
attention from this mature man. Surprisingly she
teased him by bending slowly over to kiss me, and
giving him an eyeful of ass.

When she turned around Colonel Rose suddenly reached
up and lifted the back of her miniskirt right over
her big round ass. Her bare butt and her G-string was
on full view. He quickly gave her ass a stinging
slap. LaShonda jumped and told him he was out of
line and rude!

“Come here you little tease!” he almost growled. I
was shocked by the sudden change in his mood.
LaShonda just looked at him. “You little tease I’ll
show you!” he continued very sternly, “I said come

LaShonda walked over to him and he pulled her across
his knee and spanked her like no tomorrow. Then he
put her on his lap and she just sat there, allowing
his large white hands to massage her boobs and pinch
her nipples and to be honest, the sight of my wife
being abused by another man was both making me ill
and turning me on.

“What lovely big tits your wife’s got,” he said,
lifting her top over her head as she sat on his knee.
LaShonda’s large boobs fell out and Colonel Rose
buried his face in them, sucking on her thick black
berry nipples.

LaShonda’s head simply rolled back as she surrendered
to his attentions. His hand disappeared up her skirt
and I could tell by her sudden body jerk that he’d
slipped his fingers inside her.

“Uh…sir…I think I should take you home now…” I
fumbled for the words, my heart in my

“Sit down, son, and be quiet. That’s an order,” Rose

I did as he said. My mind raced with options. The
thought that I would tell LaShonda I wanted a divorce
as soon as we were alone. She wasn’t fighting his
attentions and I couldn’t believe how slutty my
normally shy wife was being, allowing my commanding
officer to do this to her.

I started to wonder if this wasn’t the first time
that she had acted this way. Maybe she had been
screwing someone behind my back all along.

“You’re wet enough to be fucked now, you dirty little
black slut, aren’t you?” Colonel Rose whispered.

LaShonda didn’t answer.

“Did you hear me?” he snapped.

“Yes, Colonel Rose,” LaShonda meekly responded.

“What are you?” he went he on. “Tell me!”

“I’m your dirty black slut and I need to be fucked,”
she panted. All the time he was groping her tits and
pushing two of his fingers in and out of her pussy.

LaShonda was groaning and writhing in his lap. He
turned to me and asked me what I thought of my wife.
He had caught me off guard and I blurted, “She’s a
whore, Colonel Rose.”

He stood up and towered above her small body and
dropped his class A uniform trousers. His massive
cock sprang out, drips of pre-come glistening on his
purplish knob. I was dumbstruck by the sight of his
organ. It must have been ten inches long and very
thick. It jutted out from his crotch long and hard.
Beneath his dong swung two hairy balls the size of
small lemons.

“Put this in your mouth,'” he ordered and LaShonda
was slowly shaking her head as she said, I don’t suck
cock,” which was true as she never would suck mine.

Colonel Rose quickly sat down, grabbed her by her
curly hair’ and pulled her face up to his dick.
LaShonda struggled but he was too strong as he held
her face inches from his huge dick. Rose started
counting and reached over and began to spank her ass
with his other hand.

I said, “Colonel Rose, sir…”

“Shut up lieutenant, I will not stand for
disobedience, now count you slut!”

LaShonda tried to count but the Colonel was spanking
her to fast and she lost count.

“Didn’t you learn how to count? Start over!” He
continued this for several minutes when he stopped
and said what about my dick? LaShonda submissively
begin to suck his dick, like a professional
cocksucker too. I was amazed.

“So you can suck cock, can’t you?” She nodded her
head and he laughed and said “lieutenant she’s been
holding out on you, maybe I’ll let her suck yours

Colonel Rose pulled his cock from her mouth and
rubbed it all over her face then said, “Let’s get
some of that sweet lookin’ pussy.” He lifted my wife
onto the floor and spread her legs wide open, her
pussy already ruddy with his rubbing and with lust.

“YES, Fuck me, Colonel Rose, please!” LaShonda
begged. She’d never ever been like this before with

I couldn’t take any more. I stood up and said in my
best command voice, “Colonel Rose! You
are drunk and doing something you will regret later!”

He turned his massive head towards me and showed me
his gritted teeth. “Sit your candy ass down before I
beat you to a pulp!”

I sat down dejectedly. “LaShonda”, I said meekly,
“you don’t have to do this. You’re my wife…”

She never even acknowledged me. My commanding officer
climbed on top of my wife, his huge frame almost
crushing her petite body as he thrust his cock deep
into her tight little hole. She screamed out loud as
she felt the size of him, and his ass started
pounding up and down, driving his cock deeper into
her cunt. His balls rose and fell in a rhythm of
their own. “What are you?’ he grunted as he fucked

“I’m a slut, a whore, I’m your hootchie! Come inside
me, please!” LaShonda gasped.

I saw his face grimace as he pumped my wife full of
his seed and collapsed on top of her panting body.
She lay for some time, her legs spread apart and
Colonel Rose’s spunk dribbling from her swollen pink
pussy. She truly was a dirty little slut… but I
still loved her!

Rose got up and avoided my eyes. He slowly gathered
his uniform and then used my phone to call a taxi. I
gathered my drunken wife up and put her to bed.

I slept on the couch that night. The next day at the
company formation Colonel Rose announced that I was
being promoted to first lieutenant. I was
flabbergasted. I know that LaShonda still sees Rose
from time to time. I can tell by the way her pussy is
becoming looser and looser. I plan on making the army
a career, now, and she is quite an asset. I just hope
my next commanding officer is as well endowed as Rose
or she might not want to have anything to do with

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