Wife wants to show off her new body and husband knows exactly the place
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The blonde stood naked under the spray of water. The steamy hot water
massaged and caressed her skin. The rivulets dripped their way down her
body as she scrubbed a thick lather across her body. She felt sinful this
evening. It was New Years Eve and somehow she knew something good,
something life changing was going to happen tonight. She ran the washcloth
between her legs and felt an electric jolt. It was going to be a good

“Oooh Annie, I’m beggin’ ya to wear this one!”

Carl was on my ass again, literally! He came up from behind me and
wrapped his arms around my damp body, cupping my tits and stretching them
apart, he began pulling me back against him. His stiff cock was
insistently grinding against my tushy; his thick stick nestled between my
ass cheeks. I reached around to give his hard little ass a squeeze when I
noticed the clothes he had laid out on the bed.

“Hmmm, well let me see here.” As he let go of me I spread my legs and
slowly leaned forward at the waist to inspect this garment. I knew what he
liked, so I arched my back and stayed bent forward giving him a perfect
target of my ass and flashing him my newly shaved, pussy lips. Standing in
this pose I felt his stiff little cock sliding back and forth across the
small of my back then slowly sliding down brushing across my back door and
slipping its head across my lower lips. He hovered there, his cock between
my thighs, his shaft gently bouncing against my pussy. I quietly urged
him, ‘C’mon, pick a hole already!’ But instead of slipping his thickness
inside he stepped back, went down on his knees and gave my newly smooth
slit a long slow lick.

“Oh my God! Sweet Thing, this freshly shaved pussy looks so amazingly
fuckable!” He grabbed my hips and pressed his baby smooth face to my ass
and gave my pussy a long sloppy kiss. “God I just want to devour this
sweet pussy!”

“Well who’s stopping you?” I hissed. I could feel his breath and
aftershave on my sensitive bare lips.

“No, no, no, no, no, no… not quite yet dear heart!” Shaking his head
violently he slowly pulled away! He let go of my hips and stood back!
“All this added muscle tone along your inner thighs is amazing! It really
accents this sweet little pussy.” He lightly brushed his fingertips across
my sensitive naked lips. “Instead of a single furry mound of flesh you’ve
got these two full pronounced lips that slightly pucker around your thick
little clit hood! God it’s beautiful! He dove back in with his tongue
like a kid eating an ice cream cone! You are Mmph, going to be, Mmmph, so
much Mmmph god you taste so good! Mmmph! fun to show off tonight!” My
legs buckled as he stood and walked away! “Ahhhhhgh!” I was getting so
frustrated by all this teasing! It all started a few hours earlier…

We had made plans to go out dancing for New Years Eve. I have lost 30
lbs this year! I have really toned up! I am damn proud and I told him I
wanted him to show me off! He told me he knew just the place where the
clientele have somewhat lowered inhibitions and the management encouraged
or rather turned a blind eye to… certain things! -But that if he was
going to show me off he really needed to prepare me first.

“-and just what the hell does THAT mean?” I had to ask.

“A prize thoroughbred doesn’t just show up at the track! There are
considerations! First let us get you scrubbed down in a hot, steamy, sexy

I didn’t have to be persuaded! I think I raced him to the bathroom. He
stripped off all his clothes on the run and I couldn’t help notice his cock
slowly growing as it swung back and forth between his legs. He pulled off
my tee shirt and dropped to his knees to unbutton my jeans and slide them
down my thighs. He had my jeans down around my legs and stopped to caress
and fondle my thighs which I had bulked up a little through some serious
workouts. “Damn lady these gams are looking HOT!”

My legs buckled for a second as his mouth made contact. “Whoa!”

He pressed his cheek to my thigh and slowly slid his face to my furry
little pussy! (I wasn’t wearing panties so he had a clear shot at my

“Mmmm. You always taste so good! -it’s just…” He had a confused look
on his face.

“What’s wrong?” I was a little annoyed at his reaction to my body.

“Yeah, I’m sorry, but I gotta say it. Your new body is so hot and sleek
but all this fur has got to go. It doesn’t fit the new you!”

“Uh, excuse me…?”

“I’m not complaining, just suggesting. I think you should try losing
the fur.”

“You mean you want me to trim it back?”

“No I really want you to shave it all off. You have this firm, sexy,
cut little body here and a smooth little pussy would add something
wonderful to the overall look.”

“And who’s gonna be seeing my pussy?” I demanded.

He had gone back to sucking on my inner thigh, “Mmmeferwon.”

“And who’s for two?” I asked. “I’m not… ohhhh god.” He dove into my
pussy with his tongue and after the intense orgasm he gave me, he convinced
me to do it! I didn’t let him do the actual shaving, but it drove him wild

And so, now he was trying his level best to influence my outfit for the
night too. Having just toweled off from the shower, he left my side so I
could primp and preen and shave my slit smooth while he dressed and laid
out what he wanted me to wear that night. He picked a slinky club wear top
of sheer black silk fabric.

“You do realize, that this is lingerie?” It was essentially a long
circle of sexy black silk sewn into a large loop. It wore looped around my
neck, drapped down in front of my tits. A casual lean forward at the waist
could show off my tits to the entire room, if that’s what I wanted to do.

“What I do realize that this top is a sexy little cocktail dress when
you wear a skirt with it. Do you recall two weeks ago when you and I spent
the day shopping and planning for our Christmas party and you pulled me
into the dressing room at Fredericks?”

The memory was etched in my brain. “Oh …god!”

“Yeah… -and what did you say to me while you were riding my cock and
staring into the dressing room mirror?”

I grinned shyly and stroked his cock. “You’re gonna use that against

He pressed his big dick against my belly, “No, I’m gonna use this
against you!” he smirked.

“Uhhhnn, okay, mmm, I said something like, it’s a shame this new body
only looks its best when I’m completely naked.”

“Uh huh, and after I agreed whole heartedly with you; what did you say

“Uhn god!” he was manually rubbing the tip of his cock across my clit
again, “I told you I… ugh, that I needed to upgrade my sss… ugh, my
style to something, ugh, something a little more risque.”

“No, what you you said was that your body was crying out for slutty
clothes and you dragged me off my feet and screwed me right there at
Frederick’s! Remember?”

Okay he had me. “Yes, okay… jus’ put it in me, huh?”

“Nope, not til I’m through talking.”

He wouldn’t let it go. I knew what else he was pushing for and I felt a
warm slutty feeling growing in my pussy.

“-and if you cast your mind back, do you remember what you said when you
we’re modeling those sheer body sheaths for me at Victoria’s Secret…
with nothing on underneath? ‘Cause it was something to remember! Let me
tell ya!”

“YES!” I was getting a little pissed off. “I said before the year was
out, I wanted to…” I can’t believe he’s throwing my words back at me like
this! Obviously I was riding a sex high and not caring too much what I
told him! “Dammit!” He held his fist around the shaft of his cock so that
only the head slid along my slit. When I pushed forward he backed off.

“You wanted to what? C’mon, tell me what you said.”

“I said it was a real damn shame that you were the only one who got to
see the best of me and that before the year was out I wanted to let ten men
to see me naked! But I was just bullshitting! C’mon!”

“Okay, okay I know that. I’m just giving you the freedom and the
opportunity to show those ten men what you got! I want to dress you up in,
as you say, slutty clothes and let you do a little dancing! C’mon, at
least try it on! I really think you’ll like it! I picked it out based on
your fantasies and that little show-off fetish you seem to be developing.
So c’mon Annie, try it on for me, huh?”

His face buried into my neck biting and sucking. “Okay okay, c’mon just
give me some room here! My god you’re like a dog in heat! Why won’t you
fuck me already? You seem to want to!”

Pressing his cock against my ass again he reached up and squeezed my
tits. “Ohhh sweet thing, You’ve got that right!” He caressed my body with
a feather light touch as he slid his hands down my sides and pulled my hips
against his thick shaft. I was so wet he slipped between my thighs and
poked out between my labia. I reached down and tickled his cockhead.

“Just let me see it on you!” he whispered into my ear while he fucked my
thighs and pussy lips from behind; his belly slapping against my ass.

“Ohhh baaa-by…” I was heating up fast. His hands slid down between my
thighs and caressed my clit a little roughly. If I hadn’t been so wet it
would have hurt a little. He slipped a finger deep inside me and swirled

“Put it on baby. Let me see how god-damn hot you’re gonna look
tonight.” He slipped his finger into his mouth as he spun around and sat
down across from me. I had to catch my breath, the man got to me! So I
tried it on!

The loop of sheer silk, as it gathers it becomes slightly less
transparent but as my tits press right against the fabric, it only serves
to accent them, making them sexier than bare… Hmmm. It’s too small to
be called a top. A bath towel draped over my shoulders would cover a hell
of a lot more! “Just the thought of wearing this out in public among
groups of strange men and women has my pussy tingling!” -and I have to
admit, it looked fantastic! The diaphanous black loop of fabric accented
my naked body like a sexy silk scarf. As this top hung straight down over
my tits, leaving nothing but skin in the way of my cleavage, you could
inspect my body from neck to bellybutton. Wearing only this top was
allowing me to proudly display my smooth snatch to him. I held my arms out
and swayed back and forth a bit, “And does this attire meet with your
approval Sir?”

He smiled. “Mm, mm, Mmmmm!” he approved. He stood and did just what I
thought he would. He put his hands inside the top causing it to spread
wide, exposing my tits completely.

Carl’s tongue was suddenly deep inside my mouth. I sucked and sucked on
it til I swear I was dripping juice down my thighs. “c’mon, fuck me
baby…” I whispered.

“Ohhhh yes! But, later. I want you to maintain your sexual frustration
and channel into showing off your sexy little body!”

It sounded a little iffy but what the hell? I figured I could get him
hot enough to fuck me before his little anticipation game concluded.

“I suppose you have something else in mind for me to wear since I can’t
really go out flashing my ass and shaved pussy and not get thrown in jail?”
I smirked knowing he would have a complete look picked out for me.

“It came in the mail today!” He giggled like a little boy as he darted
off to retrieve a package. He brought in something behind his back.
Smiling and looking me over he handed me a small red box, a very small red
box. I opened it and pulled out a small scrap of belted leather, with a
gold buckle. “I had this made for you.”

“What?” I shook my head at the nothingness of the item. “How?”

“Come here, please.”

I liked that he said please so I stepped in close.

He took the item out of my hand and sat down. “Come closer, I won’t
bite very hard.” He smiled up at me, his face inches from my slick pussy
lips. He wrapped the small oddly shaped leather band around my hips and
tugged it into place. “Now the buckle rides here, low on your thigh, then
you wrap it around the back and it clicks together in front, like… so!
Et Voila!” he flourished a French hand gesture.

“This is a small leather belt. I’m still quite naked!” I was dubious to
say the least.

“No, come to the mirror. See? The top of your ass is covered by the
wider piece and that sweet little pussy is covered by this angled flap of
leather here.”

“sonofabitch!’ It hung real damn low in front. If I hadn’t shaved I
could never have gotten away with it. My hips were totally out in the
open, the rise of my mound was in the air as well, the fabric literally
rested on the hood of my clit, but I was covered! I moved a little. I
took a few wide steps across the floor looking into the mirror. I did some
swinging, swaying and stretching, to test whether or not this tiny damn
thing was going to fall right off leaving me naked on the dance floor. The
fabric clung tight. “Damn you’re good!”

“Here, try this. Wrap your arms around my neck and slow dance with me.”

I did just that. Carl obviously liked this whole situation judging from
the size of the bulge I was pressing against. “Carl, look in the mirror
behind me. What kind of show am I giving off back there, my horny valet?”

“Oh it’s absolutely perfect, sweet thing! The top leaves your back
completely bare! -and the view of your ass is glorious! It beautifully
displays the small of your back and some sweet little cleavage below it.”

I wasn’t sure I wanted my butt crack on general display. Then again I
wasn’t sure I didn’t, either! I had worked hard for this body and I was
pretty damn proud of it! “How MUCH cleavage below?”

Carl put his hands on my bare hips and ground up into me, “How hard is
my cock? Does that answer your question?”

“Ahhh, uh! How much can you really see?”

“Well I can see those cute as hell dimples above your ass and about two
inches of the tops of those wonderful round globes.” He slid his hands down
my back and slipped his fingertips down into my butt cleavage.

“Ohhh, I don’t know. That’s a lot!” I pulled the back of this scrap of
leather up a bit. “Now what shows?”

“Ohhh Sweetie. You… I… Fuck!”

“Hell, it must be good! I can see your cock throbbing!”

“Uh, I can’t speak! I have perfect marble globes blinding my judgment!
Your tight little ass looks so fucking good hanging out below that black

“Damn…” I felt his cock jumping against my mound. “so… maybe
you’re ready to fuck me then?” I smiled a naughty smile and started
grinding my pussy against his bulge.

“Oh I got it!” he dropped my arms and bolted off.

“Wha, HEY! Bring that back!” Suddenly I was humping nothing but air.
He quickly returned carrying a shoebox. “What are those!?”

“I was saving them, but these are perfect! Here, put them on.”

He pressed my feet into gold four inch stiletto heeled pumps.

“No way I’m hobbling around… on… hey, these are comfortable? How
can these be comfortable?”

“A woman designed them.”

I looked at my legs in the mirror. “You mean a HORNY woman designed
them! Damn!”

“And now you’re four inches taller! Oh god, the fucking pumps make your
ass look rounder, plumper! If you wear the skirt high with those beautiful
tight cheeks hanging out, no one would think you weren’t wearing some sort
of thong.”

I considered that. Might as well wear this little skirt low as possible
and let them know It’s all me underneath! I pulled it down low so it
barely rested on the tops of my thighs. My pussy was nearly exposed! Just
to make sure I tugged it once more. You could just see the top of my clit
hood! It felt sinful! My juices were starting to flow!

We tried the slow dance position again. With my newly acquired height
Carl could rest his hand on my bare hip, resting his fingertips low on my
ass. As we danced he slid his hand lower to squeeze and play with my ass.
“It shows way too much when you do that.” I smiled. “Everyone will know
your girl is not wearing anything under this.” I stared into his eyes
looking for doubt. I saw a gleam of hope in his eyes, “…damn it. You
really want me to do this?”

“Oh hell yeah. I’m not playing around here tonight! You said you
wanted me to show you off, so that’s what I plan on doing.” He looked so
excited. He pulled me close a little roughly. His fingers did a quick
spin on my clit. “I know what you want to do tonight. You’ve talked about
it often enough. Idly wondering out loud what makes men horny?”

My head was spinning at the thought of going out in public dressed like
this. “I just like to know what you guys like to see is all!” God he had
two fingers deep inside me!

“Uh, huh! Asking me what it’s like when a woman catches my eye. Your
fascination with public displays, your new sexy little body! You want to
be the one who makes men horny! You want to be the center of sexual
attention, don’t you! Admit it! It’s okay! Let’s go do it! You’re safe
with me.” His fingers were doing all the right things in my slit.

He whispered a breathy question into my ear, his voice filled with hope.
“What do you say, lover? I know a great place to take you where the men
want to see that body. A place where it’s safe to show off. Come play
with me tonight. I want to see you as the center of everyone’s fantasy.
The center of all that sexual energy! I want to see that body in action
and watch you ignite all that passion inside. What do you say lover?”

I was horny and excited and nervous too. Damn him for discovering my
exhibitionist streak! My brain seemed to be floating above the room, I
felt some juice running down my thigh, “Let’s go dancing.”

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