Blooming Passion
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“Aaaargh!” forgetting she’s in class, Risuka growls loudly. “Care to share your whimsical thoughts with the rest of the class Takahashi-san?” says the teacher looking straight at her with an angry expression on his face. Hearing that the rest of the class, firstly stumped, starts laughing uncontrolably completely ruining the ,,harmony,, of the class.

“My god not another fucking detention!” walking out of the principal’s office she staggers up the long marble stairs. With her head down, carrying the detention chore list, Risuka keeps murmuring and cursing on and on about her predicament. Suddenly she loudly bumps into something soft and bounces off hitting the ground butt first.

“Ouch!” rubbing her head she opens her eyes only to see a green eyed blond haired girl lying on the freshly waxed floor. “Oh shit!” she thinks “Yo, umm, you okay?” slowly crawling up to the pale white girl. “Pff, she is pampered alright…” thinking while analyzing her curvy yet thin body. “Mmm… where you’re going next time please…owww* the girl slowly gets up looking at her scraped knee. Realising that the ,,blondie,, is actually taller than her Risuka takes a bit of a defensive stance. The girl collects her books and firlmly points them at her. “Well go on, its only fair to help me to the infirmary now.” hesitantly Risuka takes the books thinking “Um lol, what a cocky bitch…” and making a confused face.

“How the hell did I even agree to this…” she murmurs, “Huh what’s that?” asks the girl with a smile on her face. “Ugh…n..nothing, and it’s Risuka. Risuka Takahashi”. “Nice to meet you Takahashi-san, my name is Yukimura Michiko.” said Michiko giving her a polite half-bow. Now, fully introduced, the girls resume the long walk around the school campus to the infirmary way on the other side.

They finally arrive, and anxiously look around trying to find the nurse. “Oh great! That good for nothing nurse is taking a brake YET again!” shouts Risuka. “Please calm down Risuka-kun. Its just a scratch, I can tend to it on my own.” Risuka looks at her with an irritated expression on her face and and mumbles angrily “Why did I take you here then…!”

Risuka sits down on the chair and spins while she looks around. Then, with the edge of her sky blue eye she catches the contour of exposed, glistening pale white skin. Opening her eyes widely, she traces with her look the vulnerable light blond haired girl, sitting on the edge of the pure white bed tending her shallow wound. Unable to look away she, completely mesmerised, makes a pained look on her face. Risuka feels her heart beating faster, butterflies dancing in her stomach, cheeks getting hot, palms sweating, lips trembling…! When suddenly a warm but firm voice snaps the wonderful moment back to reality “Takahashi-san… are you alright? You are bright red, do you have a fever?”

Realising what happened she, in total panic tries to answer “Yes sir… I mean ma’am… no wait I mean Michiko, uugh no ummm….Yukimura-san!” “Ehehehe… you can call me Michiko if you’d like, but ma’am is a bit over the top. Ehehehehe…!” covering her soft pink lips and laughing like a proper young lady Michiko struggles to keep her composure. Puffing her bright red cheeks Risuka murmurs “It’s not that funny… Hmpf!”

Wiping the tears of her redenned face with a silk handkerchief Michiko stands up and and slowly walks over barefoot. Taking small calm steps fine, almost like walking on water itself. Coming so close to Risuka, she can now feel her breath on her tender lips.

Caught in a daze again, Risuka doesn’t even notice how close she has come. Instinctively she closes her eyes, completely red from ear to ear. Michiko stunned by her action, takes the unique chance and leans in ever closer almost touching her lips. Now opening her eyes one last time to check for Risukas confirmation, she notices that her eyes are still closed shut so she gives in and gently presses their lips together.

In midst of the moment Michiko puts her hands on Risukas thighs, that sends, almost like elecrticity, shivers down her sipne snapping her out of the daydream.

Risuka, in a hurry snaps her eyes open, only to see Michiko under her nose in a midst of a kiss! “Mmmm…M…Michi..nnn” unable to speak, with a muffled voice, she cries out. Hearing that Michiko presses her soft pink lips harder on her tiny lips preventing her to make a sound. Risuka gives in the kiss for a fev seconds before they hear a loud bang in the hallway. With force she pushes Michiko on the floor and lies over her. “W..wait Ris…!” Risuka covers Michikos lips with her own.

They can hear loud and clear footsteps coming towards the infirmary door. They were way too heavy for a five foot two tall nurse, they had to be from a man Risuka thought. The heavy wooden door opens and a deep hoarse voice emerges “Fijimoto-sensei, are you here?….” taking a fev steps to look around he murmurs again “…taking a brake huh?”. With a loud noise the door closes while the loud footsteps slowly get eaten away by the empty halls as he goes farther.

Breaking away from the kiss a thin bridge of clear saliva forms between their lips. Exhausted, Risuka barely stands up and sits next to Michiko covering her face. Her body trembling, a shaky voice breaks the silence “W…why did you kiss me…isn’t it disgusting…”, sitting up straight Michiko faces her and with a serious face replies “Because I wanted to.” realising how selfish that sounded she adds “…and you looked like you wanted me to”. Michiko moves in closer and hugs her small trembling body pressing her soft cheston her back. She whispers in her ear “Dummy. I wouldn’t kiss you if I didn’t like you. You know this isn’t our first meeting. Remember the entrance ceremony, we also bumped into each other. You then ripped your stocking on that pesky rose thorn, ehehe that caused us to be late for the ceremony in the end… I’m still really sorry for that!”…Remembering, Risuka slowly lifts her head up “O…oh..your hair sure grew.. huh. Ehehe” sniffing and trying to contain her voice as normal as possible. Offering her the silk handkerchief Michiko gently cuddles her cheek.

Then the two girls laughed and talked to make up for lost time until the lazy ass nurse finally came back and kicked them out. They made a deal to go back home from school together and to school, whenever their schedules matched, thankfully they could put that to practise right away.

Risuka was waiting nervously outside the school, remembering what happened earlier and questioning if it was true. Suddenly the hudge wooden school entry door embed with steel ends and floral detailing opened. Walked out Michiko, calmly, with her usual polite smile. Walking one foot in front of the other with such elegance, like dancing. Suddenly she stopped, looked around with her grass green eyes, looked back at Risu and ran towards her like a child. She jumped, even though taller, and hung on her neck giving her lips a peck kiss. Risuka was so surprised she ended up pushing Michiko into the bushes near them.

“Shit! My god, I’m so sorry! Are you okay??” Risuka asked opening her sky blue eyes widely. “Owwy, I’ll end up being pushed off a cliff or into a river. I’m fine now though, hehe…” she lifted her slender arm up to Risuka asking for help to get up. She took her hand and pulled her up. As soon as Michiko was up she brought Risuka closer and pressed their lips together into a deep kiss. Blushing brightly, Risuka embraced the kiss trusting Michiko.

Sddenly something hot slipped into Risukas mouth. “Mmmmf…!” she let out a noise “Is…is that her tongue, is this THAT kind of kiss?!” thinking to herself. By now her cheeks were set a blaze as she can feel her pulls speeding up and her body getting hotter. Feeling as strength leaves her body she moves over to a near by tree.

Light breeze started blowing, their summer edition school uniforms gently following the wind current, chestnut brown and light blond hair mix together in perfect sync as the kissing echoes through the empty school yard. The two silhouettes gently glide down the tree into the bright, freshly cut grass.

“Mmmn…!” moans, kisses… soon Michiko slides her hand up Risukas thigh, over her plaid skirt to her hips. Slowly caressing her sides, Michiko finds her way in her shirt. Feeling her touch on her bare skin Risuka jumps up and tugs on the grass. Then she forces her way up ripping off the shirts buttons. Still not braking the kiss Michiko gently brings her thigh on Risukas, gliding it up and down in a teasing matter as her hand forces her way up to her small breasts prodding under the now ripped shirt. Risuka overvhelmed with the stimulation arches her back and moans into her mouth. Seeing that Michiko bites down on the others lower lip as she proceeds to fondle her breasts. “S..stop… teasing…me…mmn!” Risuka barely lets out a thin voice. Michi smiles and using her leg she shoves it in the others crotch grinding it up and down feeling how wet it is, while she gently pinches and pulls her already hardened nipples. Feeling something building up inside her she pulls Michikos hair and bites down hard on her lip in attempt to contain her moans. In one last prod Michiko speeds up her leg movements and squeezes her breasts using her mouth and tongue to lick and suck on her jaw line down to her neck and cleavage, stopping on a particular place leaving a bright red mark. Unable to take the stimulations Risuka reaches first ever adult sized climax feeling a small gush of liquid form on her panties.

Her body won’t stop shuddering and trembling, she feels completely exhausted but not a trace of regret. Risu gently looks at Michiko giving her a never before seen kind and gentle smile. Seeing that Michikos expression softens even further and she kisses her forehead and cuddles their cheeks as they watch the clouds pass in the setting suns rays.

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