Mistress Eva’s School For Naughty Girls
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Ooooh….oh…Mmmm that’s it baby, fuck it in me…Ooooh yeah…come
on…Fill me up! Yeah spray it on me honey fuck fuck…yes make me
cum…make your lit-
Oh, hi. You must be the reporter. Mistress Eva said you were coming at two.
It is two? Wow, time just flies when you fingering your cunt. But you
can’t tell Mistress Eva I was doin’ that ok? She’d whip my ass so bad. So,
what’s your name? Oooo, I like that it’s pretty. I’m Slut Roxy. You can
call me Slut.
What? Oh yeah, I don’t mind. Actually I kind of like it, it gets my
pussy all wet. Of course if you want you can call me whore, or cunt, I
like them too, but slut is for sure my favourite.
Hmmmm? Oh sure if you really want to call me Roxy you can, but I don’t
know why you would. I mean Slut sounds so much better don’t you think? And
I mean it’s what I am, so it fits perfectly.
How old am I? I’m 16, almost 167. See how my titties are starting to getbigger? I bet they made you think I was maybe 11 or even 10, but I’m
really a teen.
Aww don’t laugh. It’s true I’m almost 167. I know that right now they
are just little bumps of fat with pink puffy nipples on them but Mistress
Eva says I’m A late bloomer˛. I guess most of the other girls my age have
bigger titties. You know little cones with big pink nipples on the end.
You probably saw some of them on the way in here. Those whores just can’t
keep their uniforms on or their hands off each other. Heh not that I’m any
better I mean I was fingering my cunt when you walked in.
But I’m not worried, you know why?
Yeah, I didn’t think you would. I mean what’s a cunt if she hasn’t got
big titties to suck, and big nipples to pinch right? Well, don’t tell
anyone but Mistress Eva told me she was a late bloomer˛ too. I hope one
day my titties are half as big and firm as hers.
Oh, oh yeah. Mistress Eva gave me this card for me to read to you. Lets
see where did I put the damn thing. Oh here it is. Ahem. Ummmm, Welcome
<say their name>. Ooops I don’t think I was supposed to read that. Ummm to
Eva’s Cor…Correct..oh Correctional School for Girls.
We call it Mistress Eva’s School for Naughty Girls.
It is my pleasure to welcome you and to answer any questions you might
have on be…ummmm….what’s this word here?
Oh..yeah. On behalf of Mistress Eva.
So, you got any questions for me?
Hmmm? My story? You really want to hear that? Wow this will be fun. I
guess it all started back when I was nine…

Part II Brother Dear

You see before I was sent here I used to live with my family. Duh, of
course I did. Who else would I live with?
You’ll have to bear with me a little I guess, my slut brain isn’t so
good at things that aren’t sexual. Anyways, We lived in a big
ahh…Vic..Ummm Victri…
Oh yeah, Victorian that’s right. We lived in a big victorian house with
3 floors and 16 bedrooms. My mommy and daddy are rich so they can afford
it. We had a big pool out back and a really big yard with hedges all
around. In the front the driveway was like at least 1km long. Anyhow,
there were lots of expensive antiques and pictures and stuff in our house
(my mommy collects them). I bet she even has them in my old room now.
I guess the house wasn’t really all THAT big, at least not when you
compare it to our neighbours houses. But since there were only the 5 of us
living there it seemed really big.
Who were the five? Oh, that’s easy. There was me, my mommy, my daddy,
my brother Tommy, and Rex our dog. Mommy and Daddy had the biggest room at
the end of the hallway. They had a really great bed with a big canopy
hanging down from the four posts and mirrors on the top and on the
headboard. Actually daddy had mirrors put in all over the room so he could
see himself fucking my mommy. I didn’t know that that was what they were
for until later though.
They even had a stereo and a home theatre in there. And there was this
cabinet that was always locked. I found out things about that later too.
Hmmm? Oh, I will tell you what I found out, just not right now ok? I
want to start at the start and go right through.
Let’s see, where was I. Oh yeah, My room was on the left hand side of
the hall if you were facing mommy and daddy’s room. And about ummm, 3
rooms down the hall from theirs. It was pretty big too, though I didn’t
have a canopy bed like they did. Like I said I was only nine so it was
decorated all over with little dolls and stuffed animals. I usually had
toys all over the floor – Mistress Eva would smack my ass raw if she saw
the messes I used to make- and my mommy was always telling me to clean up
your room little lady˛. Even the curtains had little puppy dogs with clown
hats on them. I loved dogs, and I still do, just not in the same way.
Lets see, there were 3 doors in my room, one to get into it like every
bedroom has, then there was my closet which was a walk-in one. I used to
be so scared of it, until I found out that I could go in there and hide
while I rubbed my little cunny that is. Of course I also found out that it
wasn’t as good a hiding spot as I thought.
Anyhow the third door was to the bathroom. Yep that’s right I had my
very own bathroom and I was only nine. Oh well, I guess it wasn’t really
my own bathroom because there were two doors in there. One to my room and
one to my older brothers room. There weren’t any locks on the doors in our
house, except on my parents door, and of course the outside doors, so I
was always afraid that my brother would walk in while I was pissing or
taking a bath. Needless to say he did once, and that I guess is how I
ended up here.
I had just gotten home from school and there was nobody home so I went
into the kitchen to get a snack. I got milk and cookies, chocolate chip
are my favourite. I gobbled them up and then ran upstairs to play in my
room. I turned on my little radio and was listening to some baby-girl
song, by Raffi I think, and dancing. I was swinging my little
nine-year-old ass around and twirling so that my little skirt would go up
and you could see my little white panties. Anyhow I guess I didn’t hear
Tommy come home and so when I suddenly had to pee I just ran into the
bathroom and left all the doors open.
I pulled down my little girl panties and hiked up my skirt so I could
sit on the toilet. My mommy taught me that you should always hold your
skirt up instead of pulling it down because when you were out you never
knew what might be on the floor. So there I was with my little panties
around my ankles and my skirted hiked up peeing away into the toilet and
still kinda dancing to the sound of Raffi.
I didn’t think so way back then but now I really like the sound of piss
coming out of me. It hisses so nicely as it sprays out of my little cunny
into the toilet or into my panties. Specially when I really really have to
go bad. Sometimes I like to put my hand in the warm stream of my piss and
feel it spray over and through my fingers. Sometimes I even press my whole
hand against my cunny slit before I pee and then start rubbing my palm up
and down, rubbing the warm yellow pee into my cunny lips.
But anyhow when I looked up I saw that my brother Tommy was standing in
the door to the bathroom and watching me pee. He had a big grin on his
16-year-old face and when I screamed with fright at suddenly seeing him
there it only got wider.
Heya sis,˛ he said to me. You really should remember to close the
door you know. Anyone could see you peeing, I mean what if I had friends
with me?˛
All I could do was let out a little eep sound that makes me laugh to
think about it. I guess that was the first time I really noticed the hiss
my pee makes as it sprays out of my cunny. Because as I sat there with my
big brother watching me, it was all I could hear, a loud hissssssssss,
like an angry snake.
Finally I snapped out of my little trance and dropped my skirt to cover
up my hairless little slit. I found my voice and used it to stammer,
Tommy I…I didn’t know you were home…I…I.˛.
That’s ok sis, just remember to keep the doors closed when your peeing
I nodded and he just stood there staring at my little skirt. Finally I
told him thank you and said he could leave. He smiled and closed the door
slowly. I could have sworn, and I was probably right, that he took one
last look at me as he did. So then I hiked my skirt up again and used a
little bit of toilet paper to wipe my little slit clean. When I did that I
heard a little moan come from the door but when I went over and looked in
through the keyhole there was no one there.
After that Tommy started walking in on me more and more. Back then I
thought it was just an accident every time. Oooh how I wish I had figured
i out sooner. Once he even caught me completely naked and sitting on the
toilet, that little hissing sound coming from my hairless cunny. He would
always say something like Oh sorry sis, didn’t know you were in here.˛
and then just walk out and close the door. Since I was only little and
didn’t know about fucking and sucking yet I didn’t really think much of
it. And every so often I’d watch that door after he closed it and
sometimes I’d see an eye at that keyhole. At least I think I did, It’s
hard to be sure but I think that my older brother was watching his little
sister sitting on the toilet. And sometimes I’d hear that little moan that
I heard that first time. It would always come when I took the toilet paper
from the roll and gently pressed it against my hairless cunny lips and
wiped them from the bottom all along the slit up to the top.
That went on for about a month. My brother would walk in, his eyes
darting down to my little pussy, and then he’d say some lame excuse and
leave. I finally got mad at him one day and yelled at him. I told him that
he was stupid and that he could just knock first and save himself the
trouble. He smiled at me then, his features lighting up and said, Oh it’s
no trouble sis. Really.˛ then he left. This time I was determined to see
if the moan was for real though so I took the toilet paper and wiped very
slowly at my little cunny lips, gently pressing the paper deep in between
them and then dragging slowly up the slit. There was no moan. I thought I
must have imagined it, but could I have done so so many times? I don’t
think so. And besides, maybe it was me that was moaning, because when I
wiped my cunny that way it felt kind of nice.
I pulled up my little white panties and went into my room closing the
bathroom door behind me. I started playing with my new Barbie doll and it
wasn’t long before I heard the other door open and then close. Tommy was
in the bathroom. I got an idea then. I could catch Tommy on the toilet
just like he was always doing to me, and see how he liked it. Maybe then
he would learn to knock.
So I tiptoed over to the door and waited a few seconds before popping
in with a big grin on my face. Bobby screeched as I flew in the door and
his face turned beet red. I barely heard him screaming for me to get out
because I was transfixed by the sight before me.
The was Tommy sitting on the toilet, with the seat down, and his shorts
and underpants around his ankles. He had one hand wrapped around his
nearly hairless erect cock and the other was squeezing his scrotum. Tommy
jumped up before could say anything, his little erection bobbing in front
of him. He moved towards me and put his hands on my shoulders and gave me
a little push that snapped me out of my trance. I looked up from his
bobbing 16-year-old prick and heard the end of what he was saying, …st
get out ok.˛.
I took a step back and looked back at his penis, my eyes seemingly
drawn there of their own accord. It was quickly shrinking and getting
smaller and I couldn’t help but giggle. It looked like a deflating balloon
to me. He just stood there in front of me, probably waiting for me to
leave, but instead I giggled some more and told him that I was just
getting even for all the times he had walked in on me.
It’s different Roxy,˛ he whined at me. Now please, just get out.˛
I held my ground and looked from his now limp cock up to his bright red
face and then over to the toilet with the seat down. I finally asked him
in a small nervous voice, Tommy, what were you doing? Why were you
sitting on the toilet with the seat down? How can you go to the bathroom
like that?˛
He just stood there for a second staring at me, not even trying to
cover up his limp little cock and hairless balls. I was a little bit
scared, I thought maybe he had been hurt so I asked him if he was ok asked
him if he was sick maybe or hurt. He laughed at me then and plopped back
onto the toilet seat with a little hallow clunk.
I didn’t laugh though and I guess he saw that I was really concerned
because he began to speak with a shaky voice.-

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