Beatrix the Bunny
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At the sound of tinkling bells, Joel Casey looked up. He smiled at the sight of the girl who had just opened the door to his pet store and was shyly walking in, slouching her shoulders in an effort to look even smaller than the petite thing already was. The girl had become a regular of sorts; she’d been coming into his store after school at least two or three times a week for the last month. She always went straight to the rabbit hutch, where she would sit cross-legged on the floor with her grey pleated schoolgirl skirt slipping up above her knees, not ever saying a word, and pet the bunnies through the mesh openings in their cages.

It was the same thing today. A silent little smile hinted at a sparkling set of braces when he said “Good afternoon” to her, and then she went straight to the rabbit hutch and sat down cross-legged on the floor.

There was one other customer in the store, a lady buying a huge bag of dog food, and after he helped carry the bag to her car, Joel and his little rabbit-girl had the place to themselves. He joined her at the rabbit hutch, where she had a couple of fingers inside the cage of a big buck lop, stroking gently on his soft fur.

“Do you want to hold him?” he asked her.

She looked up at him as he knelt next to her. She had big blue eyes, unnaturally big and very bright blue. He hadn’t noticed her eyes before and he just stared at them for a moment, mesmerized, unable to look away until she modestly lowered them.

“Do you think I could?” she asked demurely, raising her eyes just slightly again. “I’d like to.”

Kneeling next to her, for a moment he inhaled a wonderful fragrance. The smell of flowers, of a fresh bath in the morning, beautiful girlish scents mixed with the more earthy odors of the rabbits. Wow, how did she smell this good? Surely she’s too young to be wearing perfume? The smell excited him, made his heart skip, sent blood rushing to his manhood, which suddenly lurched to attention. He was surprised by this reaction, purely chemical and animal. He had no idea that he would find a girl like this sexually exciting, nor any idea why. But, there it was!

As he fumbled awkwardly at the latch, his fingers momentarily seeming to have forgotten what they were doing, his eyes were on her again. Her face was thin, but she had incongruously round cheeks that were pink with blush now; long blond hair was pulled behind her ears and held in place with a white cloth headband. The blouse of her schoolgirl outfit was flat against her chest.

Finally the latch came undone and the hutch door opened. He reached in and took the large rabbit by the nape of his neck, lifted him out and set him on the girl’s lap. The jingle of the bells above the door indicated they were no longer alone and he reluctantly stood up to go attend to the new customer.

She stayed for another half an hour, holding the lop, before quietly putting him back in his cage and leaving without even saying goodbye.

Joel was reminded of his little rabbit-girl in the most unlikely of places that evening: the local sex shop.

Let me explain: It really was a pretty lonely life, running a pet store in this neighborhood, but he liked it. He liked the animals, he liked his customers, and he made a decent if not spectacular living at it. But, the loneliness could get to you sometimes. He’d never managed to get married, and now that he was well into his thirties he wasn’t really expecting to suddenly meet a girl who would want to be his wife.

And that, you see, is why he found himself in a certain store after locking up that evening. While examining various toys for his private and personal enjoyment, he noticed a pair of bunny ears, white with pink insides, and an accompanying fluffy white bunny tail. He smiled, thinking of his young customer and her love of the rabbits. On a whim, he bought the bunny accessories along with his other purchases.

He felt a little silly when got back to his apartment above the pet store. Why the fuck had he spent all this money on bunny ears and a silly butt-plug tail? It was fun, nonetheless, to look at them and imagine the little rabbit girl, playing the role of a bunny for him. Yeah, that was a lot of fun to think about, that’s for sure.

He felt a little sheepish when the girl walked into his store after school a couple days later. He felt sheepish not simply because the young thing had figured prominently in his fantasies the last few night, but also because he felt his heart skip a little as she opened the door. Great, I’ve got a crush on a ten year old, he thought to himself.

He did, however, manage a polite smile for the rabbit girl. “Hello again!” he said. “Welcome!”

She smiled demurely, while at the same time shrugging her shoulders in an effort to make her already diminutive body look even smaller. She disappeared behind the rows of cages and bags of food, to the rabbit hutch. A few minutes later, he joined her again.

This time she was petting a little white Netherland Dwarf doe through the holes in its mesh cage. He opened the door and took the bunny out and handed it to her. She wordlessly took it into her hands and cradled it to her chest, petting it gently with one little index finger between the bunny’s ears.

“She’s an adorable rabbit, isn’t she?” he said. He could smell the girl’s sweet scent again. It had the same effect on him.

The girl looked up at him with her wide blue eyes and nodded.

“She’s a doe. That means she’s a girl bunny.”

The girl nodded. “I know, I’m writing a report about rabbits for school.”

“Really? I’d love to help! Or read it, when it’s done,” he said.

She smiled shyly. “OK!”

“You should give this bunny a name,” he said, nodding at the little dwarf. “What would you name her, if she were yours?”

The girl looked down at the bunny for a moment, then back up at the man. “Beatrix,” she said.

“Oh, pretty name! And what about the lop you were holding the other day, the big buck? What name would you give him?”

“Prince Hopper.” The girl smiled and her eyes twinkled and she went back to petting the bunny.

“You’re good at giving names to bunnies! What about your name?” he asked. “What’s your name? You’re like my best customer and I don’t even know your name.”

Her braces flashed with a little embarrassed smile. “Natalie,” she said.

“I’m glad to meet you, Natalie,” he said. “I’m Joel, but you should call me Joey. That’s what my friends call me. So you really like rabbits, huh?”

She looked up into his face with her sweet smile. “Yeah!”

“Hey, you know what?” he said. “I have a little present for you! Wait here, OK?”

She nodded, and he dashed off to the back of the store and up the stairs to his apartment. He grabbed the bunny ears and came running back down.

“I know this is silly,” he said, “but I saw these the other day and I thought of you!”

Her face lit up at the sight of the pink and white bunny ears, and she was grinning broadly as he slipped the headband onto her head.

“There you go!” he shouted. “They look perfect! You look just like little Beatrix!”

The smile on the girl’s thin little face was unbelievable. Her round cheeks erupted into bright pink, with big dimples in the center of each. He’d never seen anything quite as beautiful as little Natalie’s smile.

“Do you like them?” he asked.

“I love them,” she said. Her voice was soft and high and quiet, and her big eyes twinkled as she gently held the little white Netherland Dwarf, a diminutive version of herself.

“I have… I have a tail that goes with them,” he added with a halting, nervous stutter. He had no idea why he mentioned the tail, and he immediately knew it was a bad idea.

“A tail!?!” she said, eyes wider and more twinkly than even before.

“Um… It’s a special kind of tail, though.”


“Yeah… I guess, it’s like a grown-up tail.”

“Grown up tail?” She looked confused, and he could hardly blame her. “What do you mean?”

He knew he had to come up with some sort of answer, but he couldn’t think of how to describe it in a way that wouldn’t just make her more confused, and make him completely embarrassed.

“Well, I guess I can show you, if you want,” he said.

She smiled, her sweet innocent little smile, and nodded. “Yes please.” Her voice was so small and sweet, it made his heart skip.

He felt awfully damned silly when he returned from his apartment with the tail, but Natalie seemed thrilled when he handed it to her.

“It’s so pretty!” she exclaimed. “I love it!” With one hand still cradling Beatrix the Netherland Dwarf, she held the tail in her other hand, gripping the plug like it was a handle. “It’s so fluffy!” She rubbed it softly against her cheek, then rubbed it gently over Beatrix the bunny she was holding in her lap. She looked down at it, then up at Joel. “How do you wear it, though?” She turned it around in her hand, investigating. “Does it stick on or something?”

“Um, do you really want me to tell you? That’s what’s kind of grown-up about it.”


“Yeah,” he said.

She looked at him with narrow eyes, confused and possibly a little suspicious, like maybe she was beginning to guess how the tail worked.

“That… that handle you’re holding? It actually goes in your bottom.”

She looked at it with a funny expression, a mixture of confusion and interest, then turned her big blue eyes back on the man. “My bottom?”

“Yeah, you know, a tail kind of comes out of a bunny’s bottom, right? That’s what this one does. Anyway, sorry, I didn’t mean to tell you about all this.”

She looked at the handle of the tail. She turned it around for a second in her hand, then lifted her big blue eyes back up at him. “I do really want to have a bunny tail. Maybe… Maybe I could…?”

His heart skipped, hard. Like a heart attack. “That would be so cute!” he managed to squeak out, breathlessly. “Then you would be a bunny, just like Beatrix!”

She was blushing, and smiling so sweetly. She petted the little dwarf rabbit in her arms. “I want to be a bunny,” she said.

“I’ll help you put it in, OK?”


He could hardly breathe now. “We should probably go into the back room to put it in.”

Little Natalie nodded.

He stood up and helped her to her feet, and she followed him to the back room, carrying little Beatrix with her.

“Um, so, I guess you should get on your hands and knees so I can put it in?” he said when they arrived in the back. As she knelt he found a jar of vaseline that he had back there for pet-related needs.

She handed him the tail, then went down to her hands. He moved around behind her. He took the hem of her skirt in his fingers and lifted it, revealing the most adorable little girl ass, so skinny and undeveloped, clad in a pair of little white flowery panties.

He heard the girl take a deep breath. “Are you gonna…” Her voice cracked with nervousness. “Are you gonna take my panties off?”

“I need to pull them down a little,” he said as he wrapped his fingers in the waistband of her underwear. “I don’t have to take them off, unless you want me to.”

“Down is OK.”

“OK.” He pulled the little flowery panties down. He watched as the waistband crested her hip bones, revealing her pale, thin, girlish ass for him. He only pulled them down far enough to expose her anus. He wanted to pull them down all the way, to see her pussy, and somehow he knew that she would let him. That she wouldn’t tell him no. His cock was painfully hard and his heart was slamming in his chest, and what he wanted to do more than anything in the whole world right then was to pull those panties down to her knees, take his cock out, and fuck the little girl! He could rape her right now, the situation was perfect!

He took a deep breath, then scooped up a dollup of the vaseline with a finger. He spread her ass cheeks open to reveal the sweetest, daintiest little pink anus he had ever seen. He rubbed the vaseline on her bumhole, then pushed a finger in.

“I just need to get you ready,” he said softly, “so it can fit.” She nodded. He swirled his finger around inside her vice-tight anus for a little while, stretching it open. Then he pulled his finger out and sat back. He picked up the tail and dipped the plug in the vaseline, then positioned the tip of it against her adorable anus. Even though this was a small plug, her little hole still looked so tiny compared to it!

She let out a little groan as he pushed in the plug, and then the thickest part passed through her anus and it settled into place.

“There you go,” he said. “How does it feel?”

She looked over her shoulder at him. “Weird!” She shimmied her hips, perhaps to reposition it a bit, but it had the wonderful effect of looking like she was trying to wag her new tail at him.

“You’ll get used to it,” he told her, and he took ahold of the furry tail and gave it a gentle little shake.

She giggled. “That tickles!”

He gave it another shake and she giggled some more.

Right then, the bells on the door jingled, and with great reluctance, he stood. “I’ll be right back, Beatrix,” he said.

She giggled. “Beatrix!”

As he left the room, he saw the girl crawl on her hands and knees over to where the little neglected Netherland Dwarf had hidden itself.

When he got to the counter, his heart sank a bit. The newly arrived customer was Georgia Corning. She’s a widow from down the street, and her main reason for coming into the store was to chat, and sure enough, she started chatting almost immediately and kept it up for several minutes. He tried to be as polite as possible while giving the clear signal that he would like the conversation to be over as soon as ever it could be. But Mrs. Corning doesn’t take hints like this very well, and so she chatted, on and on, about the people she met that day as she walked her dog.

At some point during the mostly one-sided conversation, Joel’s heart missed a beat when Natalie came walking out of the back room. She had a strange little shuffle to her step as she tried to get used to walking with the plug in her ass, and she had the bunny ears on and was carrying the Netherland Dwarf.

“Oh!” the woman said. “I didn’t know you had a daughter!” She extended her hand in the direction of the girl. “I’m Georgia Corning,” she said, “one of Joel’s best customers. Aren’t I, Joel?”

The girl took a few more awkward shuffling steps. Joel was glad to see that her skirt had fallen over the tail, hiding it at least enough that perhaps Mrs. Corning wouldn’t notice.

Cradling the bunny in her arms, she extended a hand to the woman, who took it.

“Georgia,” Joel said, “this is…”

“Beatrix!” the girl said with a twinkly-toothed smile.

“Beatrix!” the woman responded. “That’s a fine name for a bunny rabbit!”

“I think so too,” the girl said back.

“Well, I best be off,” the woman said. “I’ll see you later, Joel. And nice to meet you, Beatrix!”

Once she’d left the store, Natalie turned to Joel. “I need to go home, too,” she said with the sound of disappointment.

He nodded. “I’ll help you take the tail out, OK? You can leave it here, so you can wear it the next time you visit? I mean, if you want to.”

She smiled. “I would like that,” she said.

In the back room again, she got on her hands and knees and he lifted her skirt and pulled the tail out of her bum. Before he pulled her panties back into place he took just a moment to touch her, lightly petting his finger over her anus.

“Did it hurt?” he asked her. “Did the plug hurt at all?”

“No,” she said quietly. “I liked it.”

He slipped his finger down a little further, into her panties, and for a brief second he touched her pussy. He almost died when he felt how wet the young girl was.

Stunned, enthralled, excited, frightened, he quickly took his finger away pulled her panties back into place.

His rabbit-girl came back the very next day.

He was helping a customer when she opened the door; he smiled and waved, and her eyes twinkled and her mouth shined as she smiled back. She went to the rabbit hutch and took the Netherland Dwarf out all by herself and held the bunny in her arms.

It seemed like an agonizingly long time before he finally cleared the store of all his other customers and could finally dash into the back to grab the bunny ears and tail.

She was sitting on the floor, cross-legged, holding Beatrix the bunny in her arms, and she looked up at him with her wide blue eyes and her glittering smile.

He held the ears and tail out to her. “Do you want to play bunny again?” His heart was pounding so hard already! Blood was filling his cock already!

She smiled, and nodded.

And then they were in the back room again, he was behind her, he lifted her skirt.

“Maybe we should just take your panties off this time? It might work better.”

She looked over her shoulder, back at him. “Do you think we should?”

He was already pulling them down. “I do,” he said, his voice shaking.

Her panties landed at her knees. He could see her pussy now, bald, pale; chubby lips with pink insides. With a scoop of vaseline he rubbed her anus with his index finger, then pushed into her, and as he did he let his other fingers graze against her pussy lips. He pulled his index finger back, then pushed it in again. Back, and in. He was breathing hard and shallow as he finger-fucked the girl’s little asshole, petting her pussy at the same time.

It was with great reluctance that he pulled his finger out of her again, then slipped the tail plug in.

“My bunny rabbit,” he whispered when the tail was in place. “My Beatrix!”

She looked around her shoulder at him. “I’m a doe,” she whispered, “and you’re my buck!”

“Oh Natalie!” he moaned. He was already unbuttoning his pants. “I need… I need to…”

Of course, the tinkling of the bells above his door interrupted him. Of course.

“Fuck!” he said, louder than he should have. He stood and stuffed his engorged cock back into his pants.

And, of course, it was Georgia Corning again. He tried really hard to not be to curt with her, but he didn’t really succeed. Regardless, she didn’t notice. She would never assume anyone she talks to is anything but fascinated by her endless stories.

After a few minutes, Natalie came walking out into the room again, with her odd shuffle-step.

“Well hello again, Beatrix!” the woman said.

Natalie smiled. “Hello.”

Joel looked back at the woman and raised his eyebrows. “Na… Beatrix and I were just doing inventory in the back, so if there’s nothing else, Mrs. Corning, perhaps we will go back to that task?”

“Oh! Of course! Sorry to have interrupted!” the woman said.

“No problem at all. Of course I’m always glad to see you, Mrs. Corning,” he said.

Once the woman had left, he turned to the girl. “Should we go into the back room again, Natalie?”

The girl smiled. “My name is Beatrix,” she said, and she turned her backside toward him and lifted her skirt to reveal her tail. “I’m a bunny.” As they walked together to the back room, he put his hand on her bare bottom.

“You said…” the girl said with a stammer, “Before that woman came, you said you needed to do something?” She knelt on the floor to pick up the Netherland Dwarf, who was on the floor munching some grass that Joel had given her. She looked up at him with her big blue eyes and suddenly he knew. He knew that she knew. He knew that she knew what he was planning to do to her before they were so rudely interrupted.

“Nat… Beatrix,” he said. She smiled, her braces glistening. “I need to…” He could hardly talk now. “I need to be with you. Will you…?”

She nodded.

He unbuttoned his pants and they dropped to his ankles. He pulled his underwear down. He put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her into him, holding his engorged cock up to her lips.

“Open your mouth, Nattie! Open!”

She opened her mouth and allowed him to push his cockhead into her.

“Oh my little bunny rabbit!” he moaned. He wrapped his hand around his cock and jacked–one, two, three! He had so much pent up sexual frustration, not just from that day but from the day before, from months without a woman at all, from an entire life of inadequate sex, that almost immediately his over-charged balls unleashed a stream of pre-cum, right on the verge of orgasm. The girl’s eyes went wide at the sudden new taste in her mouth, so strange, so foreign, so masculine!

She pulled back, off of his cock, and right then, completely out of his control, he orgasmed. She still had her mouth open slightly, and his first glorious shot of cum fired directly into her. The girl’s only immediate response was to close her mouth, and to make those pretty blue eyes grow even wider, and then to take the next shot at point-blank range right in her face, right on her cheeks and mouth.

And his rabbit-girl came back the very next day.

This time, he hung a sign–“Closed: Taking Inventory”–and locked the door. Natalie dropped her own panties, reaching up her skirt and pulling them down even as they were still walking together into the back room. She spread her legs open this time when she knelt on her hands and knees. She rocked her hips back when he pushed a vasiline-coated finger into her anus, rocked forward and back again, fucking her ass on his finger. After he slipped the plug into her, she wiggled her bottom and turned her head, looking over her shoulder behind her, a shining smile on her face.

“I’m a doe,” she said, “and you’re my buck!”

“Prince Hopper wants to mount his doe,” he said. His pants and underpants were already at his knees.

“What should I do?” she asked over her shoulder.

He took his position behind her. He gripped his cock. He put his other hand between the back of her shoulders and pushed her head down to the floor. “Just stay like this, little bunny,” he said, rushed and breathless.

His cockhead pressed into her beautiful pale-red pussy. The warmth of her sex inspired him, drove him forward, and his thick head parted her, entered her, forced her open. Holding tight to his cock, he used his other hand to clutch desperately to her hip, holding her in place as he pushed forward, into her.

Little Beatrix moaned as she gave her girlhood to her buck.

He could feel her hymen tearing, and his cockhead burrowed past its shard remains, and he was inside. He’d never even imagined squeezing his fat cockhead into such a tiny hole. And as he pulled back, his head slipping through the hot flesh of her immature sex, he could feel the bulb of the tail plug press down on his cock. He reversed course, pushing in; it hardly seemed possible that a pussy could be so tight and yet still take what he was giving her.

Little Nattie–little Beatrix–just stayed still with her ass in the air and her face against the floor, grunting as he forced his way deeper and deeper into her little body. He bottomed out, his head pushing into the soft flesh at the back of her vagina, with barely more than half his cock inside her. Then he pulled slowly back, all the way back, leaned over and took a fistful of her hair in his hand.

“My little bunny,” he whispered.

“My big…” she said, grunting as he drove hard into her, “My big buck!”

With one hand holding tight to her hair, he reached under her and began unbuttoning her blouse, and he fucked her, hard, pounding the back of her vagina with his cockhead each time he slammed his hips forward against her, at the same time thumping into her tail and knocking its plug into her. And the whole time, he could feel the plug pressing against his cock, making her agonizingly tiny pussy even tighter. Soon he was breathing hard, and with her blouse now open, he fondled her flat chest, his fingers twisting her little nipples.

“Oh Nattie! Oh my bunny! Oh my Beatrix!”

“Oh.. my… Joey! Oh… My… Prince… Hopper!”

“Oh my girl! Oh my baby!”

And he came. He trembled and shook and yanked her hair back and pulled hard on her nipple, and she shouted in pain and pleasure and pure ecstasy. He shoved as deep into her as he could and unleashed a torrent of sperm. He pulled back and slammed in and came again, over and over, five or six times at least before he finally drained his balls.

He stayed for a moment afterwards, holding her more gently now, rubbing her back with one hand and her softly stroking her nipples with the other.

“Thank you, Nattie,” he whispered to her.

She looked back at him. Her face was red, her hair was disheveled, her bunny ears had fallen off. But she gave him her braces-shining little smile. “Thank you, Joey” she said.

And his rabbit-girl came back the very next day.

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