The new girl at school in the forest 1.
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Terri Jackson hated her life. Her father had just taken
a new job as chief of police in Morning Wood, a
thousand miles away from all of Terri’s friends,
hangouts and the home she had grown up in. She had been
angry with her dad when he first announced it, but she
knew understood how important this was to him.

Still, Terri hated being pulled away from the life she
had just been starting to get together, and now she was
alone in a new school. She had tried to make friends,
but everyone avoided her. It wasn’t until she joined
the cheerleading squad that things began to change.

Terri had been a cheerleader at her old school, it had
been one of the few after school activities her parents
had allowed her to do. She had been a bit surprised by
Morning Wood High’s use of a meditation period before
beginning practice, but after a few days, she looked
forward to her time in the chair before practice.

After a few weeks, Terri had even been accepted into
the tight knit ring that was Morning Wood High. It had
been a slow progression, but the more she felt part of
the cheerleading squad. It had been a slow progression,
but the more she felt part of the cheerleading squad,
the more she was accepted generally.

This pleased Terri to no end. She hadn’t been a major
trendsetter at her old school, but she had an active
social life. Terri also liked boys, as any good
American teenaged girl, and thought herself rather
fetching, though she usually didn’t flaunt it. None the
less she was happy to be reestablishing herself in
Morning Wood, and looking forward to her future.

There was still one thing that Terri had been kept
uninformed about, something that none of the girls
would explain after quietly whispering to themselves in
the proceeding weeks. Something about the third week of
practice that they refused to tell Terri no matter how
much she begged them.

Finally the big day came and Terri hurried to practice
after school to see what all the interest was about.

The meditation room was laid out like normal, with soft
mats lining the room. It wasn’t until Terri took her
normal mediation pose that she noticed a small headset
like device at the foot of her mat. She picked it up
and examined it, it was almost like a normal headset,
but it had a few strange looking metal leads sticking
out of it and a small radio receiver on the side. Terri
didn’t know what it was for, though she looked forward
to finding out, figuring that this was the source of
all the excitement of the following week.

“Good afternoon, Girls, I’m sure you’ve all prepared
yourselves for the stage of our practices.” Mr. Brookes
welcomed his squad. Terri had originally thought it
rather strange that there was a male coach in charge of
the cheerleaders, but the other girls assured her that
Mr. Brookes knew his job. There were a few stifled
giggles from the other girls as they explained it, but
Terri just ignored them. Mr. Brookes had proven himself
an ample trainer, and Terri had surrendered her
misgivings after the first couple of practices.

“Yes, Coach.” The girls replied in standard singsong

“Good, then let’s begin the meditation session. Put on
your sets and begin your meditation.” Brookes ordered,
and the squad obeyed.

Terri picked up the headset again and placed in over
her ears. The strange metal tabs rubbed against her
temples, but Terri didn’t worry about it. She noticed
Mr. Brookes eyeing her carefully as he walked over to a
small stereo and pressed the controls. Terri dismissed
it as standard concern from her new coach. He had been
extra patient with her over the past weeks, because she
was new to Morning Wood’s practice techniques. Terri
appreciated his attention, glad that she was being
accepted so readily.

As she began her meditation, Terri heard soft music
coming from her headset. She relaxed, letting herself
drift into a passive resting state she had been
practicing since joining the squad. After a few minutes
of mediation, Terri felt a new sensation, a tingling
from the metal contacts. She considered the feeling as
she drifted off into a blissful mindlessness.

Terri didn’t know how much time had passed when she
drifted back to reality. The soft music in her ears
were gone and she looked around to see the other girls
with cheery smiles painted on their faces as they
pulled off their headsets and set them back down. Terri
smiled too, she was a bit sad that the feeling she had
just enjoyed were now drifting into memory, but she
still felt relaxed and peaceful.

“Okay, Girls, did you enjoy your meditation?”

“Yes, coach!”

“Good, now lets get on with our practice. Everyone,
rise and present.” Mr. Brookes commanded.

Terri wondered what he meant, but she stood up with the
rest of the girls. As soon as she did, Terri noticed
the girl in front of her pull at her shirt. Terri
wondered what Amber was doing, but felt an
uncontrollable urge to do the same. Before she knew it,
she was pulling her hair through her shirt collar and
dropping the garment to the floor. Terri wondered why
she had done that as her hands moved to her sports bra.
A moment later her bra fell to the floor as well,
leaving Terri a bit stunned. Still, she couldn’t grasp
what she was doing, or bring herself to be scared or
outraged. As she struggled to understand what was going
on, she found herself pulling her long brown hair back
so it ran down her back instead of over her shoulders.

With that done, she brought herself to attention,
trusting her now exposed breasts forward, with her
hands clasped firmly behind her back.

Coach Brookes walked up to Terri and eyed her over. “Is
there anything wrong Miss Jackson?”

“I’m just feeling a bit exposed, sir.” Terri replied
calmly. She felt strangely detached, even as she
watched Brookes study her exposed breasts. She knew she
should feel something, but all she could call up was a
strange feeling of passivity, that her actions might be
strange but that was all right.

Brookes smiled in response and Terri gasped as she felt
her coach cup her closest breast in his hand, gently
kneading the tender orb. Strangely she found herself
trusting herself forward, into his fondling hand. Terri
couldn’t help but wonder at the strange feelings of
correctness coursing through her, telling her that this
was just what the coach should be doing.

“This is your first day of advanced mediation, you’ll
be more comfortable in time, Miss Jackson. I must add
that I’m glad you decided to join the squad, I think
you’ll make an excellent addition.” Brookes replied as
he continued to fondle Terri’s breast.

“Thank you, sir. I won’t disappoint you.” Terri beamed
with her coach’s approval. The strangeness of the
situation was still with her, but so was a growing
sense of correctness. She was almost disappointed when
Brookes pulled away from her and continued on with his
inspection of the squad.

Terri had only a few more moments to consider the issue
before regular practice began. As if nothing unusual
was going on the squad went through their routines and
Terri joined in as enthusiastically as possible. She
considered that the entire squad of topless teenager
cheerleaders would have been quite a sight to any lucky
boy to come by, and she felt a strange trill run
through at that thought as she went through her moves.

Once practice was over, Terri strolled casually to the
showers. Undressing didn’t take as long with only her
shorts and panties to remove, and she quickly ran in
for a shower to wash off the sheen of sweat that she
had gotten during the practice. Another thing that had
taken some getting used to at Morning Wood was the
communal shower in the girls’ locker room. Terri had
been a bit shy the first couple of times shower in
front of other girls, in fact she hadn’t even seen
other girls naked before her first shower. She had been
careful not to let her eyes wander before, but a new
sense of exploration had gripped Terri, and she
couldn’t stop herself from looking around. The other
cheerleaders ran the gamut of supple teenage
femininity, and Terri felt a strange new appreciation
for the gentle curves of her fellow cheerleaders.

Terri was so distracted that she was shocked when she
felt her waist encircled with a pair of hands and
breasts press into her back. She turned around and saw
Lidy smiled at her. Lidy was certainly one of the most
attractive girls on the squad, with a trim, firm body
and gorgeous features. Terri found herself strangely
lost in Lidy’s smile and the closeness of their two

“Did you enjoy your first day of our special
meditation, Terri?” Lidy asked as she ran her hands
over Terri’s sides with a seductive massage.

“It was kind of weird, going topless though practice.”
Terri replied as honestly as she could. It had been
weird, but also strangely liberating in a way Terri
still didn’t fully embrace yet. Now, she was being
handled by another cheerleader in a more than friendly
fashion, and was surprised to find herself responding
to Lidy’s touch.

“Oh, I know you were just loving the coach’s hands on
your breasts, weren’t you?” Lidy asked, moving her own
hands to cup Terri’s breasts for emphasis.

Terri gasped as she felt Terri’s delicate fingers press
into her breasts. Until today no one had ever touched
her breasts, and now two people had casual embraced
them, and Terri couldn’t find the will to stop them.

In fact she couldn’t help but thrust back against
Lidy’s massage, forcing more of her tender orbs into
her squad mates hands. “Yes, it was so strange, but I
liked it.”

“And you like my hands caressing you know don’t you?”
Lidy asked as she continued her pleasant assault on

“Oh, yes.” Terri moaned. “Why am I letting this

“Because you’re part of the squad now. You’ll love it,
Terri, you’ll see. We’ll help you along too, are you
ready?” Lidy asked as she continued to caress Terri
intimately and gently pressed their naked flash

Terri didn’t understand completely, everything was
happening so fast, and her mind was so clouded and
passive, but she couldn’t deny the strange and
wonderful feelings coursing through her. “Yes, I’m

With those words the other cheerleaders descended upon
their newest member. Terri felt dozens of hands moving
across her flesh, lifting her and pulling her over to a
padded mat that had been laid out on the floor.

Terri was laid gently down and then the girls pulled
back for a moment. Terri looked around at the rest of
the squad, all completely naked, and all with a strange
passive arousal evident in their being. She couldn’t
help but feel her own arousal burn within her as she
studied their naked forms fully for the first time.
Terri didn’t understand it, she had never had these
feelings for girls before, but she was in no state to
deny them either.

Her fellow cheerleaders didn’t give her much
opportunity to consider her plight either. They
descended upon her with sexual determination. Terri
felt both her breasts and her virgin mound all cupped
at once.

She had masturbated before, but nothing compared to the
feeling of caring foreign hands massaging her intimate
flesh. Terri could only moan in pleasure as she felt a
skillful finger part her feminine cleft and tease her
clit. Her breasts were equally cared for and Terri was
treated to the uniquely alluring feeling of having both
her nipples gently sucked at the same time. She was
nearly lost in pleasure when she felt a pair of lips
press against hers. Terri was shocked only for a moment
before passionately kissing the girl back in a way she
wouldn’t have fathomed only a few hours before.

The ecstasy was punctuated a few moments later when her
legs were gently parted and Terri felt a probing tongue
lick at her gates. The sensation was so unique and
sensual that Terri couldn’t contain herself.

Within barely a moment of this caress she exploded in
her first real orgasm. The feeling was tremendously
better than anything she had felt before, and Terri
could only quiver with pleasure as the assault
continued on her already peaking body.

The gentle yet passionate attack continued for hours,
though Terri had long since been lost in a rolling sea
of orgasms and driving pleasures bringing her to peak
again and again. Every other cheerleader joined in,
helping to initiate their new member into the flock.
When they couldn’t work on Terri, they went down on
each other until their turn came to explore their new
sister’s body.

By the time the orgy was finished, Terri was pleasantly
exhausted. She had never been subject to that much
pleasure in her life. Coupled with the strange
prerogatives still coursing through her head, Terri was
left in a state of stunned acceptance.

Finally she dressed and went home. She was still trying
to get a grip on what had happened when she walked in
the front door of her new home.

“So how was your day, sweetie?” Her father asked as
Terri walked past the kitchen.

“It was okay, still trying to fit in and all.” Terri
replied, surprised by her answer as the words left her

A part of her wanted to tell her father everything that
had happened, but she just couldn’t. Terri knew she
should tell him, but something in her block her from
even alluding to anything really bad or strange

“You’re coach called about having a late practice. I
hope he didn’t work you too hard.”

“We’ve got our homecoming soon and we’re just trying to
get ready.” Terri commented, again shocked by the
normality of her own statements. She didn’t know what
had been done to her but she was beginning to get clear
of the passive fog that had clouded her thoughts
earlier. Another concern was that her coach had
apparently known of the events in the locker room,
something that triggered even more worry in Terri.

“That’s great. Keep up the hard work and it’ll pay of.
Speaking of which, I’m sure you’ve got homework to do.”
Her father smiled.

Terri smiled back and quickly trotted off to her room.
She paused for a moment just as she was leaving, trying
to tell her father what was really happening, but Terri
felt the uncontrollable need to go to her room before
she could even attempt to speak. She spent the rest of
the night doing her homework, unable to pull herself
away from her study or spend more than a moment
considering the day’s events. It wasn’t until she laid
down for bed that she had a chance to consider the
day’s events.

Terri realized something had been done to her, and it
didn’t take her long to figure that it had something to
do with the meditation device that they had used before

Still, it’s effects seemed long lasting, and

Terri could only fear what lay in store for her. If
they had been willing to do this to her, and could
prevent her from telling anyone about it, Terri
couldn’t help but worry about what they had planned for
her in the future. With these troubling thoughts Terri
drifted off, worried about the coming days.


Just as she arrived the next day, Wendy, one of the
girls from the cheerleading squad pulled her aside.

Terri followed, curious about what Wendy wanted since
they had never talked before.

“Are you okay?” Wendy asked after making sure no one
was paying attention to them.

“I feel okay now, but I’m a little scared. What
happened to me?” Terri asked, relieved that she was
actually able to express herself, and hoping for some

“You’re part of the school now. I know how you feel,
they did the same thing to my family and me when we
moved to town. I couldn’t talk to you before, I wanted
to warn you, but I couldn’t. I’m sorry.” Wendy gave her
a penitent look. “I don’t know why they did this to us,
but I do know that you can’t stop from doing what they
tell you, what they conditioned you to do. Believe it
or not, you do kind of get used to it after a while,
it’s still strange, but you can’t fight it. I just want
to tell you I’m here for you if you need a shoulder to
cry on.”

Terri appreciated the gesture and wondered just how
much worse things were going to get, but didn’t have to
courage to ask, or rather to know, just yet. She
thanked Wendy as best she could and they shared a
friendly hug before both trotting off for their morning

The rest of the day went pretty much as normal, and
aside from Wendy’s warning and the events of the day
before, Terri felt normal. She found herself going
through her normal routine without interruption or
diversion. Terri also couldn’t dwell on the previous
day’s events, though she could bring herself to be
concerned about it more and more as she neared the time
for practice.

Still, when it came time to suit up for practice and
sit at her mat for meditation, Terri couldn’t stop

As she sat down, she noticed the headphones at the foot
of the mat again and swore to herself that she wouldn’t
put them on. The rest of the girls filed in at sat down
around her and they patiently waited for the coach to

“Good afternoon, girls, time for another meditation
session. Please put on your headphones and we’ll
begin.” Brookes ordered and watched as all of the girls

Terri stole herself for that moment, and felt her
resistance crumble as she heard the coach’s order. She
trembled as she reached down for the headset. Terri
knew that she would lose any hope of her freedom and
self if she put them on, but she couldn’t stop herself.
Even against the costs, she had an undeniable urge to
put them on, a need as deep as any she had ever felt to
wear them. Terri tried to fight it, but it just wasn’t
in her ability and she slipped on the strange headset
only a moment after the rest of the girls had.

Almost the instant the soft pads were nestled over her
ears, Terri heard the soft music drifting over her
thoughts again, and for the second day she floated away
into the meditation bliss.

Some time later, Terri drifted back to reality,
peaceful and unconcerned. She still knew what was going
on, but felt at ease with it, much as she had the day
before. Terri simply removed the headphones and waited
for the next part of the practice.

“Ready for practice, girls?”

“Yes, Coach!” All the girls shouted in strong unison.

“Good, rise and present!”

Terri stood up with the rest of the girls and
immediately began stripping off her clothes. She still
felt a little odd doing this but it was so natural as
well. Terri almost felt relief as she freed her lovely
breasts from their captivity. She had the strange
notion come over her that it just wasn’t right to
contain them.

Terri didn’t know where that idea had came from in her
usually modest thoughts, but in her compliant state she
didn’t have the will to question it. She did question
her hands as they slid into the waist of her shorts and
quickly slid her shorts and panties down to the floor.
Terri was a bit aghast at her actions as she pulled the
garments free of her shoes and dropped them on top of
her shirt and bra. Even so, she couldn’t stop herself,
and quickly assumed the attention position with the
rest of the cheerleaders, proudly standing virtually
naked with her breasts forced out and her hands clasped
behind her back.

Brookes inspected his flock again, casually fondling
and making comments to girls as he passed by. He
attention garnered little more than gasps and smiles
from the girls as they proudly presented their nude
forms for inspection. Finally he came upon Terri again
and cupped one of her presented breasts.

“How are we today, Terri?” Brookes asked as he massaged
her tit.

“I don’t want to be here, Coach.” Terri replied in a
strangely confident voice considering that her stomach
had magically filled with butterflies as she spoke.
Even as she spoke she couldn’t help but mew
appreciatively at the tender handling of her breast.

“Is that so. Please spread you legs as wide as possible
and tell me why don’t you want to be here?” Brookes
ordered in a calm and civil tone.

“I don’t want to be doing these … ooh my.” Terri
gasped as she felt Brookes’ fingers cupping her mound
and gently caressing her intimate folds. She hadn’t
even noticed that she had spread her legs until she
felt his hand moving unrestricted over her most private
flesh. Terri’s nerves were still tossing her stomach,
but a new sensation was rapidly growing within her. She
recognized it with as much dismay as she could in her
passive state, she was becoming aroused.

“Really, Terri, I think you just need some help
adjusting to life at Morningwood. Please, lean forward
and place your hands on Alicia’s shoulders while you
reach your Ready State.” Brookes ordered as he pulled
away from Terri.

Terri wondered what he meant as she followed out his
first order. She had barely placed her hands on the
shoulders of the girls in front of her when she felt a
magnificent wave of sensation. Terri could barely
contain the wondrous feeling flowing through her, and
she felt herself getting hot and wet in her pussy.

Terri had made love before, but she had never been this
excited or felt this much need. As she rested there the
emptiness within her continued to crescendo, her pussy
was crying out to be filled and Terri was incapable to
arguing with this overpowering need. All she could do
was stay locked in position and pant with lust, barely
able to consider the lewd picture she presented as her
arousal and overpowering sexual need focused nearly all
her attention to the empty and well lubricated passage
within her.

“Terri, please tell me what you want and what you
need.” Brookes ordered as he positioned himself behind
the lovely teenager and dropped his pants to reveal his
own ready shaft.

“I want to go back to my old home and forget this
terrible place, but I need to be filled, I don’t want
to but I need you to fuck me. Please, Coach, I need you
to use me.” Terri pleaded, amazed that she could answer
in her current state. Still worse was what she had
asked for, and Terri couldn’t deny the frightening
truth that she had been completely honest. To the depth
of her being Terri wanted to be used, not make love,
but fuck like an animal in heat. She tried to get a
grip on herself, but she only had a moment of reprieve,
before her feminine need assaulted her again.
Rationally, Terri wanted to escape, but her body was
crying out to be used, to reach not just find relief
but sexual release.

“Good Terri, I’ll help you with your needs, and please
don’t speak again until we are finished.” Brookes
commanded. He then placed the head of his member
against Terri’s tender and inflamed folds, gratified
that she pressed back to meet his advance and help
guide him in.

Terri felt as if she was on some strange kind of
autopilot. Her natural reactions of shock and outrage
were still muted, but the sexual ecstasy coursing
through her was not. As she felt her coach’s shaft
press against her outer gates she couldn’t help but
press back to help him inside. Terri could barely
believe she was acting so brazenly even as she rubbed
her sensitive folds against the bulbous head of her
coach’s member.

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