Three girls, a pond and a warm, sunny day. What else could happen?
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The husband goes into a funk, relieved only when the couple’s old troop asks him to drive the bus for its last camping trip. But the trip takes a surprising turn when some of the former scouts seduce him in his tent as he’s waiting for the scouts’ mothers to show up. After two passionate bouts, he falls asleep.

Despite several hours of sleep, or maybe because of it, I was still a little groggy. So it took me a few seconds to focus on what was going on and why the faces of three young women were lined up like a totem pole in the slit that was the tiny tent’s entrance.

Just as I was coming to grips with that, the faces disappeared one by one. Then the opening gaped and three nubile bodies burst into the tent and dragged me outside.

It was late afternoon. I hadn’t been out of the tent since I stretched out for a nap that morning after the long bus trip. I looked around: The scouts had done a great job of setting up camp all by themselves, with no adult supervision. Tents were all in place, gear stowed away. A camp fire was already blazing away. That seemed odd at first — it was still pleasantly warm. But then the tantalizing odor of stew wafted my way. As my mouth watered, I suddenly noticed that I was ravenously hungry.

No sooner had I thought that when soft hands led me to a small table and plopped me into a canvas chair, a bowl of stew already steaming before me.

I had three eager waitresses filling my glass, arranging my napkin, bringing piping-hot flatbread. And, no small thing, giving me something wonderful to look at as I ate.

There was Tish — she swatted me with a dish towel when I called her that. Tishana, then. Since the bus ride she’d changed into an eye-popping glittering gold bikini, showing off almost all of her curvaceous figure. Her skin was such a rich cocoa brown you wanted to lick her to see if she was as sweet as she looked.

It made a rich contrast with the pale skin of Sami, a short, almond-eyed bundle of energy. She still wore her old Scout blouse knotted above her tummy, a pair of bright red shorts below that hugged her butt tightly.

Tishana and Sami did most of the talking as they bustled about. There were several sly digs about what I’d done to work up such an appetite. That, and the little comment earlier about getting my shorts off, made it clear Traci’s conspiracy to seduce me out of my depression wasn’t over. But after two marathon sex sessions already, the girls were doomed to be disappointed if they thought I could manage more that day. Still, their flirting was entertaining, and definitely flattering.

Claire, the third of my serving wenches, as they referred to themselves, did most of her flirting with her eyes. That was impressive enough, for her eyes were so ethereally blue that they were irresistible at any time. When she trained them on me, I couldn’t look away.

The other scouts and former scouts were busy around the campsite, but I had evidently been reserved for just those three. They and they alone served me, talked to me, whisked away my tableware. And they pulled me from the chair and announced it was time to wash up.

I expected a wash basin, but they dragged me into the woods. They refused to tell me where we were going, just tugged on my arms. When I pleaded the call of nature they relented long enough to let me wander a little ways off to find a convenient bush, but then it was back to tramping through the forest.

I was completely lost — hey, I’m a city kid born and bred — but the girls assured me they knew exactly where they were going. And, after several minutes, we arrived at something that looked very much like a destination: a large pond fed by a crystal-clear brook.

“Jump in,” Tishana said. I gave her a dubious look. She rolled her eyes, took a running start and launched herself into the middle of the pond.

The splash sent a covey of birds flapping out of the forest around us. I expected Tishana to come up shivering, but she rose to the surface smoothly, flung the water from her dreadlocks and smiled. I kicked off my shoes and jumped in after her.

I came up sputtering. It was cold! Or, at least, not very warm. As I gasped, Tishana burst into laughter next to me, her twin brown globes, barely concealed by her bikini top, jiggling. Up close, I could see her arms were covered in goosebumps. “You get used to it in a couple minutes,” she managed to get out between laughs. I glared in mock anger. She looked right back at me, arms crossed under her bewitching breasts, head cocked to one side. “Hey,” she said, “It’s your own fault. I’m just paying you back.”

I assumed a look of wounded innocence. “For what?”

She lifted her hands, palms out. “I warned you, don’t call me Tish!” And she brought her hands down with a slap that sent two cascades of water over me.

Revenge, of course, was swift. Soon the pond was stirred into a froth as Tishana and I splashed back and forth. I would have laughed my head off except every time I opened my mouth she aimed right for it.

When we paused for a moment, out of breath, Sami hailed us from shore. “Is this a private fight? Or can anyone join in?”

“That depends,” Tishana responded. “Whose side are you on?”

“Yours, of course.”

“Then come on!”

I waded a couple steps toward the bank. “Don’t I get a vote?”

“No!” Tishana punctuated her response by jetting a stream between her hands right onto my neck. I turned for a moment to retaliate. When I looked toward the bank again, my eyes grew wide.

Sami’s scout blouse was carefully folded and hanging over a tree limb. She was standing a few feet away, peeling off her shorts. As she folded them and placed them atop the blouse, she was fully revealed — a Botticelli angel from the East. There wasn’t an angle on her, just curves. And one of the sweetest curves was her broad, beaming smile as she eased into the water.

She looked so cute I couldn’t bear to splash her. Even Tishana seemed struck by Sami’s beauty, for she didn’t try to take advantage of me with an attack from behind.

Only Claire was left on dry land. Where her adopted sister had waded right in, Claire hung back. She sat on a tree stump on the edge of the clearing around the pond, her long legs stretched out, her blonde hair falling halfway down her back. Sami and Tishana called to her to join us, but she just offered a shy smile. “I forgot my suit,” she said. Sami laughed. “That didn’t stop me!”

I added my voice to the chorus. “You didn’t seem so shy when you looked into the tent,” I teased. “Weren’t you promising to strip me?”

Claire blushed deeply. I felt like a jerk.

But Tishana came to the rescue, urging Claire to wade in as she was. Which she did. Her skirt floated as Claire stepped deeper and deeper into the pond, giving me a peek at a pair of demure white panties before the skirt became waterlogged and sank, covering her up. More was in store, though. As Claire reached us in the middle of the pond, the water came up to her chest. As she kicked off from the bottom and bobbed out of the water, it became obvious she wore no bra. The Scout blouse’s cloth clung to her like a second skin, outlining her small, round breasts and highlighting her stiff, thick nipples. Concealed but revealed, Claire’s body was in a way even more tantalizing than Sami’s naked voluptuousness.

But it was a close call. And then there was Tishana’s lush body threatening to burst out of her bikini, and those full lips that ached to be kissed — and other things. I had plenty of time to weigh the merits of each girl as they circled around me. Talk about your embarrassment of riches!

At first they spread out, so they could hit me with their splashes but were out of range of one another. As I fought back, though, we all became drenched. The girls circled closer and closer, whirling around me. Sami’s long black hair was plastered down; her nipples were jutting up from the large brown areolae. Tishana’s dreads were wildly askew like a drunken octopus. Claire’s blonde locks had curled and twisted after all the splashing. Together, the trio reminded me of paintings of water nymphs. And I have to give them credit: At that moment, as we laughed and shouted in the dappled sunshine slanting through the forest, my worries and woes had completely departed for places unknown. That part of the plan was working perfectly.

And the other part wasn’t doing too badly, either, for I felt definite stirrings down below. That shocked me, not only because I would have thought the splashing was a quite effective cold shower, but also because I had been so, um, active earlier. I never considered myself an ironman, but something was up. Literally.

That was even before the three young women — I had to remember they were all grown up now, the two oldest 18 and Claire not far behind — before they moved even closer, brushing against me as they circled. Sami was the boldest, bending forward so her nipples rubbed my chest, sliding her hands to my ass as she slipped behind me. Tishana settled mostly for fleeting touches of skin on skin, though it was she who saucily trailed her fingers along the front of my shorts as she ran the tip of her tongue around her sensuously thick lips. Claire, still in her blouse and skirt though they were matted to her body, avoided eye contact and made the slightest physical advances — even then, only when she was behind me.

All around, it was an amazing tease, a now-you-feel-it-now-you-don’t celebration of the glory of the almost. The urge to gather them all in my arms was overpowering, but I forced myself to resist so I wouldn’t miss a second of the tantalizing dance. We were all still laughing and smiling, but my mind was moving past fun and games. My body was, too, and that continued to puzzle me. Granted, the stimulation was tremendous. But I’m not as young as I used to be. This wasn’t supposed to happen to a man my age.

That mystery was cleared up when Tishana groped me again and, grinning, yanked my shorts down.

“It worked,” she shouted. “Thank you, Claire!”

I raised my eyebrows. Claire? Shy Claire? Why would Tishana thank her?

“No,” Claire said. “Thank my grandfather’s Viagra.”

I sputtered. Sami laughed. “Did you enjoy your stew? I bet we will!”

As they spoke, they were edging us toward the bank, stopping when we were about knee-deep. Then they stepped back, each about five feet from me. This time it was me who spun around in circles, for they were spread around me, each putting on a show of her own.

Sami, her naked body glistening, caressed her breasts and let her hands roam all over her torso. Her fingers fluttered like butterflies, drawing my eyes to every lush inch of her beauty.

Tishana did what I can only describe as a pole dance without a pole, twisting and stretching, showing a limberness that sent a shiver of anticipation up my spine. As I ogled her, she slipped the straps of her bikini top off her shoulders. Then she reached behind with one hand to untie the back, holding the cups in place with the other. She flashed me a couple times before pulling away the top for good and tossing it onto the bank. Her breasts were not as large as Sami’s globes, but they were round and jiggly. And my eyes almost popped out of my skull when she extended one long, slender arm between her legs and ground her crotch against it. I could have watched forever.

Except that just a turn of my head away was Claire, slowly doing balletic moves as she peeled her sodden clothes off. Bit by bit she revealed herself as she spun and balanced in a fluid artistry. It was like classic sculpture come to life, a Galatea in real life. As she stood legs apart, back arched, she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. It was so wet that it still clung to her as she pirouetted and leaped about, allowing her to make the revealing more alluring as she pulled the cloth from her skin little by little — first showing the valley between her breasts, in shadow; then pulling back more to uncover their slopes and the sharp definition of her tan lines. A mesmerizing display.

But movement out of the corner of my eye would draw me to Sami, fingers tracing her curves. And on to Tishana, a one-woman strip club, writhing and wriggling. She would hold me until curiosity would again pull me to Claire’s erotic dance, showing off her slender body.

Round and round I turned. Anywhere I looked there was a sight to stir the soul — and less metaphysical parts as well. It all happened in silence except for the sounds of nature — cooing birds, gurgling water, the gentle sighing of the wind.

Or maybe that last sound was me. I had discovered a new level of bliss.

By then, Claire had pulled her blouse off her shoulders and, as I looked on, revealed at last her breasts. The smallest of any of the three, they were, however, the perfect, classic shape, hanging like teardrops. As she flung the blouse aside, I could see now her tiny waist, belly button winking at me just above the top of her skirt.

A noise to one side lured me toward Tishana. The sound had been Sami stepping to her side. They gyrated together, nipples touching, then their whole bodies. Tishana still had her bikini panties on, but as I stared in disbelief Sami slithered down to her knees, bent her head forward and tugged with her teeth at the thin laces holding the tiny yellow patch in place. In just a moment the panties came loose and Sami stood again, bikini bottoms dangling from her mouth. She laughed as she plucked them out and tossed them to me. Then Sami and Tishana embraced and their young bodies swirled together, curves on curves, black on yellow. They turned their backs to each other and bent forward at the waist, rubbing butts, before hugging again and sharing a long, wet kiss.

Why I didn’t blow my load right then, I’ll never know. But instead I watched as Sami and Tishana uncoupled and waded over to Claire. At first they just stood on either side of the younger girl, naked sentinels as she spun and leaped. She danced around them, too, weaving back and forth. When she came to rest between them again, they reached out to her, caressing, hands all over her. Eventually their hands strayed lower and lower. And then the final unveiling of Claire’s golden pubic hair and the treasure beneath.

All this time my cock had been pointing like a hunting dog, aching for some form of relief, but I wasn’t going to waste an experience like this on merely jacking off. My frustration was appeased somewhat when the trio, flipping Claire’s skirt and panties onto the shore, on top of my discarded shorts, advanced on me.

Again they surrounded me, moving closer and closer until we were flesh to flesh. Three naked young women pressed up against me, their arms wrapped around one another, a skin sandwich. Each took a turn meeting me full on: Sami’s big breasts squashed against my chest. Tishana’s full lips meeting mine, her tongue pushing inside. And Claire, looking me in the eye for only a second before she turned her head, but being the first to push her waist forward and trap my hard cock against her furry crotch.

The sun was sinking lower and it became a bit chilly in the pond. After a shiver or two as a breeze came through, the three sirens herded me back to dry land. A patch of grass retained the afternoon heat and we tumbled down to it, a jumble of arms and legs and even more interesting parts.

Sami and Tishana started an argument over who would “go first,” which I thought was being overly optimistic even if they really had slipped a Viagra pill into my dinner. But as they were debating, Claire resolved the issue by pushing me onto my back and climbing atop me. By the time the other two realized what was happening, she was straddling my waist with my rigid dick pressed against her flat tummy. She entwined her fingers in mine as she sat up, positioning her glistening pussy just above my jutting cock. But her attempts to thread the needle only resulted in my shaft sliding along her slit. When she thought she’d finally gotten it trapped and began to lower herself, her hole refused to let me in and my rod bent to an alarming angle.

Finally Sami, with a pointed comment or two about jumping to the head of the line, came to her younger sister’s aid. The Korean wrapped the fingers of one hand around my cock. With the other she massaged her sister’s cunt, eventually sliding a finger inside, eliciting a gasp from Claire as Sami penetrated her. As I watched, Tishana crawled behind Sami, pressing her body to Sami’s back and kissing her neck and shoulders. Sami purred as she rubbed the head of my dick along Claire’s slit. Then she held me straight as Claire sank. This time my shaft drove right into her.

Mission accomplished, Sami rolled over and coupled with her black friend. They kissed frantically while their legs scissored together.

Meanwhile, Claire was treating me to a leisurely fuck that showed surprising sophistication in the way it prolonged every bit of passion. I suspected her shyness was hiding another side. Still waters run deep, they say, and as I plunged deep into Claire’s cunt I wondered where she’d been running.

She seemed to anticipate every thrust I made, to know just when to speed up or slow down. And there was the fact that she’d clearly been no virgin when I penetrated her.

When she leaned forward to kiss me, I asked her where she’d learned so much. Her eyes clouded over. She pressed her mouth to mine, not saying a word. Then she sat up again, looking off into the woods as she humped me.

Tishana and Sami, I saw, had by then twisted around into a 69, each girl’s head buried between the other’s legs. Their loud grunts and moans were in wild contrast to Claire’s silence. In fact Claire didn’t make a sound, not even when I felt her body stiffen and saw an unmistakable orgasm ripple through her. She did smile, a huge grin, but it was like watching a silent movie. And when it was over she simply stood up and walked off, squatting a few feet away, legs crossed, looking pleased but, oh, sort of vacant.

I didn’t have much time to think about it, because Sami somehow noticed I was free — I guess she had to come up for air sometime — and had gotten untangled from Tishana. Both of them crawled to me, tits dangling, and spread out at my feet with their faces just inches from my hard cock.

Sami was the first to lick her sister’s juices from my pole, sticking her tongue far out and giving my shaft a thorough bath. Then she turned toward Tishana and gave her a sloppy kiss, smearing even more sticky stuff onto a face that, like her own, was already covered in it. With their tongues still entwined, they moved back to the bulbous head of my erect cock. They swirled their tongues around the tip. Then they kissed it, on opposite sides, Tishana’s wide plum lips and Sami’s bright red ones. They worked their way down to the root, smooch by smooch, their lipstick leaving behind a curious two-tone effect. Sami continued down to my nutsack, taking my balls into her mouth one at a time, while Tishana kissed her way back up my dick.

When she got to the top, she kissed the very tip and then pressed down. Her full lips cushioned my cock as they swept down. Just past the flaring rim, she stopped and held me there while her tongue danced on me. Then she slid down some more, eventually taking half my length. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard, rising and falling on my shaft while Sami ministered to my balls.

Once in awhile Tishana would let me slip out entirely. Then she’d start all over again. At some point — I lost track of time — Sami abandoned my scrotum in favor of licking the bottom of my shaft that Tishana couldn’t reach. And in time they switched off, Sami sliding her carmine lips over my cock. Tishana crawled upward, kissing her way across my stomach and chest to plant a big wet one on my lips.

Sami sucked away on my dick. Tishana wrapped her arms around me and lavished my face with kisses. I closed my eyes and imagined I was a sheikh in his harem, concubines attending to my every desire. It may seem odd that I’d go off into a fantasy when reality was so spectacular, but you have to understand. The emotions flooding me were so intense it was like the world’s best hallucinogen, an LSDepravity that made me high as a kite. I was a sheikh, I was a god, I was a bigger rock star than Elvis with groupies servicing me in relay teams.

Maybe the best thing about the daydreams was opening my eyes and seeing that they’d all come true.

I opened them to see Sami let my cock slip from her mouth as Tishana crawled into position and, with Sami’s help, pushed my rod into her cunt. To my surprise she was tighter than Claire, and not quite as skillful. But who’s complaining when a nubile young woman is milking your dick? I grabbed her bouncing breasts and enjoyed the ride. There were a few awkward moments, occasional breaks in the rhythm when she’d bounce too far up and have to steer me back inside. But what Tishana lacked in skill she made up for in enthusiasm. She had me bucking like a bronc as I delighted in the feel of her narrow slit swallowing me up. Unlike Claire, Tishana was a vocal fuck. “Feed it to me,” she would shout. “Put that monster in me. Come on, baby, give it to me!”

Coming off her 69 with Sami, Tishana figured to be pretty near the edge. Sure enough, it was only a few minutes before she was shrieking through a climax.

By that time, Sami had apparently begun to feel neglected. She slithered up to me with a hungry look. “What can I do?” I said with a shrug. “I’m only one man.” She cocked an eyebrow, put a hand to her pussy and licked her fingers one by one — except the index finger, which she saved for me. I sucked it into my mouth and let her withdraw it slowly. I got the message.

With Tishana recovered from her climax and riding me slowly, Sami slung a leg over my head and got into position facing the black girl. She lowered her steamy pussy to me.

Her cunt was wet and slippery, the clit exposed. Just one flick of my tongue at the little button had Sami moaning, and when I gently nipped it with my teeth she clamped her thighs around my head and let out a yelp that filled the forest.

I’m no pro at pussy eating, so there’s not much to say about my technique. At first I mostly teased, running my tongue along her slit with occasional sojourns to her clit.

Meanwhile Tishana was humping away merrily and with great enthusiasm. So great, in fact, that it was almost impossible to bear. Her aggressive, high-speed fucking sent screaming signals to my brain and made my eyes water. I clutched at her hips, trying to hold her back. She slid out of my grasp. I couldn’t catch my breath, her pounding was so intense.

Above the squishy sounds of my cock going in and out of Tishana’s cunt I could her other noises that told me Sami and Tishana were engaging in a bit of tongue-wrestling. I couldn’t see much more with Sami sitting on my face. But when I turned my head slightly to get some air, I was surprised to see Claire crawling over to us and kneeling to my side, between her sister and Tishana. The mental picture of their group kiss was almost enough to take my mind off what was happening to my cock.

But not quite. Because Tishana had not let up. I felt like a pogo stick — a pogo dick? — as she bounced on me, regular as a metronome. I would have begged for mercy, but by then Sami had shoved her cunt right down to my nose and I was tongue-fucking her, prying apart her labia.

It couldn’t have been all that wonderful for her. I am not the most endowed guy anywhere, but my tongue’s probably my least impressive organ. I wasn’t getting very far into her.

That may explain why Sami did not have an orgasm on my tongue. But, if I can be a little immodest, Tishana on my cock had no such problem. She came with a series of Tarzan yells and some bucking so wild it dislodged Sami and tumbled Claire backwards.

I stayed flat on my back, breathing hard, chest heaving. But, to my shock, still erect. I had a momentary out-of-body experience, staring at my rigid pole wondering who the stud was that could keep it up so long.

Reality and self-awareness returned when I realized that I wasn’t just hard. I was horny. And just a couple feet to my left, there was Sami, rolling over and getting to her knees facing away from me.

I couldn’t resist. My bones protested as I got to my feet, but my dick ignored them. Very quickly I was behind Sami and sliding my cock into her.

She was, of course, quite slippery inside. Outside, too, for that matter, as sweaty as I was. As long as I was going to have to hold onto something to keep us connected, I thought, why not make it something good? So I bent over the Korean and took two handfuls of her bosom.

This time I was in control, and I made the most of it. There was a variety to my pacing, but it was mostly a moderate rhythm with long interludes when I simply buried myself to the hilt in Sami’s hot cunt and stayed there, savoring the feeling of her flesh surrounding my dick.

Before long I found myself only the first car on the train, as Claire, at her sister’s urging, slid her young pussy over to Sami’s mouth. And then Tishana, not to be left out, climbed on top of Claire’s face.

With Claire lapping at the black woman’s pink and her own sister sucking on Claire’s blossom and my cock driving into Sami’s slit — and all of it happening right in front of me — it’s no wonder my sex drive kicked into Warp Factor 9. I let my hands roam all over Sami’s body, from her squeezable ass to her squeezable tits. I let my eyes feast on the orgy before them. And, most of all, I let my dick explore every aspect of Sami’s hot cunt, ramming and slamming so hard my balls were swinging back and forth.

Tishana was the first to climax, another sound and motion spectacular as she got off on Claire’s muff diving. By then Sami had her hands wrapped around Claire’s tight ass and her face smothered in Claire’s pussy. It wasn’t long before Claire’s orgasm pulsed. Again it was weirdly silent. When it stopped, Claire scooted backwards on her butt and sat on a slope of the pond’s bank, knees drawn up to her chin, staring off into the dimming light.

While Tishana gathered up our discarded clothes, I continued to do Sam doggy style. She was moving in synch with me, backing into every thrust and urging me on. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Yeah, oh, deeper!”

After the marathon fuckfest, I finally began to feel my jism building for a blast. I grunted like a bull as I drove my cock into Sami’s eager pussy.

At last, with Sami shouting encouragement and announcing her own impending climax, my dick swelled. The moment got closer, closer, closer. I teetered on the brink, sweat popping out in beads on my forehead.

And then I came, a hot searing blast screaming through my shaft and spurting into Sami’s convulsing cunt. Great gooey jets of jism shot out. My cock shrank almost immediately, spent. So was I. So was Sami, who dropped to the ground as I rolled off her and did the same.

Somehow — my memory’s a little hazy — we all ended up in the pond again. By then it was definitely chilly and we didn’t last long before escaping to dry land. The cold water at least was enough of a shock to jolt us into walking back to the camp, naked and exhausted. Though it was hardly late, I fell into bed — the cot having been set upright again — and was asleep almost immediately.

Dawn eased me awake with sunlight heating the side of the tent and the fresh, piney scent of the forest filling my lungs. After my eyes opened I stayed in bed awhile, letting the previous day’s memories wash over me. Eventually nature called and I slipped out of the tent — keeping quiet so the girls could sleep. I stumbled — not literally, thank heavens — over a makeshift latrine the girls had established.

On my way back to the tent, it looked as if everyone else was still out of it. I covered the embers of the night’s campfire with dirt, doing chores while I tried to decide if I felt any guilt at all or would just stick around and see what happened next. I put a hand to my chin. The stubble reminded me I had seen an overnight kit on a small table next to the cot. I stepped back inside the tent.

Sue and Sue Two were sitting on the cot, as naked as I was. Sue had the overnight kit strategically placed on her lap. “Good morning,” she trilled. “Were you looking for something?”

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