Moms And Girls
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It was early. The sun was beginning to drag forth the first traces of dawn from behind the mountains off in the distance to my left.

I was driving South towards Taylor’s apartment. It had been a couple of weeks since my last visit. Her sister Chloe and her mom had arrived over the weekend.

I still wasn’t quite sure what Taylor had in mind in how we would be able to have fun with her sister with her mom around.

I pulled into the apartment complex, narrowly avoiding running over an athletic blonde out for her early morning jog.

I drove towards the back of the recently completed complex, which seemed to have more residents than the last time I was here. A light was on in a lower floor apartment in Taylor’s building. An unfamiliar white Tesla occupied the space in front of it. It seemed she finally had a neighbor.

A few spaces away a Toyota Highlander with Arizona plates was parked next to Taylor’s Corolla. I figured this must belong to her mom.

I parked next to it and headed up the stairs to Taylor’s apartment. The morning was chilly and filled with moisture drifting in from the ocean.

I knocked softly, and waited. After a few moments, Taylor opened the door and motioned for me to step out. She was wearing warm up pants and a sweatshirt that hid her ample DDD breasts. She quietly closed the door behind her and giggling, threw her arms around me.

“Good morning!” she said before planting a passionate kiss on my lips.

“Well good morning, love!” I replied when she finally came up for air. She giggled and kissed me again.

“So, why did you want me to come early?” I asked.

“Can we go for a walk?” she said as she clasped my hand in hers.

I nodded and we headed down the stairs.

“I can’t stop thinking about you.” she said as she leaned against me while we walked. “But, can I tell you something?”

“Of course love!”

“Chloe and I have been trying to figure out how that we can get you alone so we can have fun again. We can’t figure out how to make that work though because my mom is always around.” she said.

“That is okay love, some other time…” I said, dismissing her worries.

She paused, as if wanting to say something more. We continued to walk around the complex making small talk.

We met a few people bringing their pets out to do their morning business. A few drivers passed as they apparently headed out to work.

We meandered between the buildings, eventually heading back towards her building.

We were near our cars when she stopped. She turned to me. “I don’t want to wait. I want you and I play with Chloe today…”

“But, your mom?”

She kissed me. She pressed her body against me. I felt her big boobs and stuff nipples press against me.

She pushed me against the front of her mother’s vehicle. She fumbled with my belt and unfastened it.

“Here?” I asked.

She put her finger on my lips and slowly lowered herself to her knees. My cock was quickly hardening as she pulled it out into the cool morning air.

She began to slowly and seductively began to suck me. Her tongue twirled around the head of my cock and then she licked the full length of it. She then took the full length deep into her mouth. She looked up at me as she did. I ran my hands through her hair.

This was intense. I had engaged in sex outdoors before, but never in such a public place.

She stopped sucking and began to stoke it with both hands. She bit her lower lip and looked at me seductively.

I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked to my left and standing there, frozen in place with her mouth agape, was the blonde I had almost collided with earlier. She was now sweaty from her morning run.

Taylor followed my gaze and giggled. She didn’t stop stroking, instead she jerked harder. She sucked a few more times.

The blonde shifted nervously. I realized that she must be Taylor’s new neighbor. We were apparently blocking the way to her door.

Taylor took my cock back out and vigorously stroked it to orgasm. My cum blasted forth hitting her cute cheekbones and full lips. She opened her mouth and took the subsequent shots into her mouth.

The blonde awkwardly pushed past. “Oh my God, Oh my God, so so sorry…” she said as she brushed past.

Taylor put my swollen cock back in my pants and refastened my belt. She then stood up, wiping the cum from her cheek with the sleeve of her sweatshirt.

“She is going to do one of two things right now. Either complain to the property manager or go masturbate thinking about your yummy cock.” she said with a laugh. “I bet it will be the latter.”

She then gave me a kiss on the cheek. “I hope your wife didn’t drain your balls too much last night. Because now, we are going to go upstairs and have some fun.”

“Ummm, but your mom?” I asked to no response.

She took my hand and lead me up the stairs. She quietly opened the door and led me inside. The apartment was dark aside from light leaking in around the curtains. She silently guided me to the living area.

I saw a blanket and pillow on the sofa. I gathered this must have been where she was spending her nights while her mom and sister occupied her bed. I could hear the gentle sounds of them sleeping from the other side of the room divider of Taylor’s cozy studio apartment.

I could make out Taylor disrobing in the relative darkness. Soon the skin of her naked body glowed in the dim light. She moved closer and kissed me. I felt her begin to silently undress me. Soon, I too was completely naked.

My recently satisfied cock sprang to life again as I thought about what lay just feet away from us. First, was Chloe — Taylor’s younger sister who I had once before forced myself upon at Taylor’s behest. Chloe had oddly found the rape arousing and had conceded she would gladly submit to my whims. Second, was Taylor and Chloe’s mother. I knew little about her other than she was apparently quite a conservative prude and had been strict in raising her daughters as a single mom.

It should have been obvious what Taylor wanted. But then she whispered words that simultaneously aroused me and shocked me. “Are you ready to rape again? … My mom?”

“Are you crazy? We would get in so much trouble!” I whispered.

“She won’t say a word. I will make the first move. Chloe is onboard to help too. There is no way mom will report it because it would incriminate us.”

I realized that she and Chloe had apparently planned this out. I must admit, the plan was relatively solid as I knew a loving mother wouldn’t turn on her only children.

“I will protect you, no matter what. You are the most important thing in the world to me! I love you…” Taylor whispered before pulling me tight against her for yet another wet kiss. It seemed she had truly fallen for me.

My throbbing cock was pressed against to her as my hands grasped her round ass. She stiffled a moan as she felt it. I knew that if we weren’t careful Taylor would begin squirting.

I kissed her again. “Okay, as long as you promise you will never let me get in trouble, I am up for it.”

“Oh my goodness, really? Fuck, you are going to make me cum before we even get started!” she whispered excitedly. I knew that was a fact as I had previously witnessed her orgasm without ever being touched.

She grasped my hand and lead me around to where her bed was. Both Chloe and her mother lay there sleeping soundly. The early morning sunrise was leaking in around the curtains, providing just enough illumination for me to see.

Chloe was laying on her side. Her end of the blanket was flung back to expose one of her legs. My eye immediately traced up it to see that her long t-shirt had ridden up in her sleep and left her panties fully exposed. They hugged the perfect ass that had beckoned me to this bed before.

Their mother was laying on her back, snuggled deep within the covers. I guessed she was in her mid to late forties, and I could she had the same brunette hair and full lips as Taylor. But where Taylor had angular cheekbones, her mother’s face was more round.

Taylor carefully pulled back the blanket. Chloe stirred slightly, but her mother remained motionless. A gentle snore escaped from her slightly parted lips.

As the blanket was pulled back, I realized that their mother was a bigger woman. She was wearing a more conservative nightgown, but I could clearly see her form. Her hips were wide and her thighs were thick. But what I really noticed were her breasts. Even covered by the nightgown, I could tell how big they were. Taylor had told me before that they were ‘enormous’ but it seems I had underestimated just how big they would actually be.

Chloe stirred again, slowly waking from her slumber. She turned and rubbing her eyes saw Taylor and I standing there. She sat up, her eyes locked on my fully engorged penis for a moment before she turned to her sister. “Are we really going to do this???” she whispered.

“Yes, don’t tell me you are getting cold feet about doing it! Are you?” Taylor asked worriedly.

Chloe shook her head no. “No! I just can’t believe we are going to really really do this.” she whispered as she pulled off her t-shirt, exposing her cute B cups.

Taylor smiled. “Are you both ready?”

Chloe and I eagerly confirmed as Chloe wiggled out of her panties.

Her movement apparently woke their mother who blinked groggily. “What??? What is going on???” she exclaimed as her eyes moved from Taylor’s big boobs, to my throbbing cock, to Chloe’s teen body.

Taylor responded by deftly reaching under her mother’s nightgown and tugging down her panties.

Her mother, still groggy from sleep was too slow to react and stop her. “Taylor! What are you doing? I am your mother!” she shrieked.

Taylor pulled up the nightgown a bit, overriding her mother’s unsuccessful attempts to keep it down. This revealed a thick rectangular strip of brunette hair above a very plump set of pussy lips. The rest of her pubic area was clean shaven.

Chloe meanwhile tugged the panties the rest of the way down. “Chloe, get dressed and stop this!” her mother ordered.

Chloe ignored the demand and instead brought the panties to her face and inhaled the scent of her mother deeply.

Taylor however was going straight to the source as she lowered her face to her own mother’s vagina. Her mother tried to push her back, but Chloe quickly grabbed one arm and I grabbed the other. Taylor’s tongue gently parted her mother’s labia and slid deep.

Her mother locked eyes with me. “I don’t know who you are, but you better get your hands off me or I will call the police.”

Taylor withdrew her tongue and looked up at her mother. “Oh how rude of me, I didn’t do introductions. Mom, this is my boyfriend. And this is my mom, her name is Jennifer.” she said with a bit of a giggle before continuing. “Mom, are you really going to call the police? Because if you do you will have to report your daughters, because this was our idea!”

A look of defeat crossed her mother’s face. She realized that Taylor was right. Her defiance quickly turned to tearful despair. “Taylor, why would you do this to me. You were raised better than this! Please, please stop licking me!” She begged as she squirmed. “And what have you done to your sister? Why are you both okay with doing this to your own mother? Stop…. please…”

She then turned her attention to Chloe “And you! Get dressed please! You shouldn’t be naked! How are okay with a grown man seeing you naked?”

Chloe proudly spat back “Whatever mom! Taylor made him fuck me last time I was here. She made him rape me really rough. I ended up really liking it and begged Taylor to make him do it to you too!”

“What??? Chloe tell me that isn’t true!”

She turned back to me frantically. “Tell me she is lying!” she said in a panicked voice, before yelling at Taylor “Stop doing that and answer the question.”

Taylor reluctantly again stopped licking her mother and looked up. “It is true. I made him rape Chloe. Just like we are going to make him rape you! I was at fault for him doing it to her and she and I are at fault for what is going to happen to you! And you aren’t going to say a word to anyone about it.”

Jennifer was truly defeated. She realized the gravity of what was happening and knew that Taylor was right — she would never say a word to anyone. As made as she was at them for forgetting their upbringing and doing this, they were also her only surviving family.

“By the way mom, your pussy tastes very good!” Taylor said with a satisfied smile.

Even in the rather dim lighting, I saw Jennifer’s face flush bright red with embarrassment.

“Chloe, do you want to taste?” Taylor asked.

“Uhhhh, duh! Yes” Chloe responded as she let go of her mother’s arm and scrambled down between her mother’s legs.

Jennifer did not attempt to push her away and so I released her other arm.

“Please stop Chloe! I am your own mother! I could get in so much trouble, you aren’t even legal yet.”

Taylor piped up. “Mom, you won’t get in trouble because we aren’t going to tell anyone about it!”

I slowly stroked my cock for the inevitable next step. Jennifer looked at me frightened. “Please don’t do this. Even if I promise I won’t say anything, you still can’t do this. I am not married to you. I can’t have relations with you!”

I shook my head. “How did the last marriage workout?”

Even though her only marriage had ended well over a decade ago, my statement apparently stung. Tears welled in her eyes.

“Mom, that ass hole left you and you have held out since. Have some fun! Believe me sex with my boyfriend is fun!” Taylor exclaimed.

“Taylor you shouldn’t have done that with him before you were married. It is a sin. And how could you force him to do those awful things to your own little sister?” Jennifer replied.

“Well I can’t marry him” Taylor replied, while pointing to my wedding band. “Another very lucky woman already did. Don’t worry she knows, he is a good man, not a cheater!”

Jennifer gasped with shock.

“And why did I do it to Chloe? She teased him with her cute ass, so I made him teach her a lesson. I am so glad she ended up liking it though.”

Chloe was apparently hitting a place that Taylor had missed with her tongue as Jennifer’s breath was getting shorter and she was squirming.

I gently pushed Chloe aside and lined my thick, throbbing cock against her mother’s plump pussy. Jennifer’s fat lips immediately enveloped the tip and I began to push inside. Her eyes grew wide as she felt me invade her. “Nooooo!” she whimpered.

I slowly pushed in, finding her cunt slippery and relatively loose.

Taylor pulled up Jennifer’s nightgown, tugging it over her head, leaving her mother completely naked before me.

“Holy fuck!” I exclaimed as I laid eyes on her bare breasts for the first time. They were absolutely gigantic.

Taylor giggled at my obvious appreciation. “How big are they mom?”

Jennifer shyly murmured “40KK”.

The upper portion had sagged significantly with age, but then they swelled into big round forms. This caused them to hang like two soccer balls in a net. I reached out to grasp them and found the lower portion were quite firm and I could playfully bounce them back and forth. Her areola were large, oval-shaped, and pinkish tan in color.

I was definitely turned on. I began to thrust harder and harder into Jennifer. As I did, she grasped her tits to keep them from slapping her face on every inward movement.

I fucked harder and harder. Jennifer winced at my abuse. “Owwww, not so rough…” she begged but I ignored.

Her pussy was becoming wetter by the second, coating my bare cock with a slick film of her vaginal juice.

Taylor motioned for Chloe to grab one of the bouncing tits. I paused thrusting for just a moment so they could each latch on to one of Jennifer’s tits with their hungry mouths. As I waited my hand brushed through a soaking wet patch on the sheets. I realized at some point Taylor had orgasmed.

Jennifer grasped their heads in pleasure and held them tight against her bosom. They sucked vigorously as I fucked.

I fucked harder. Jennifer moaned loudly. Her plump labia coated my shaft with warmth and wetness. I felt her vagina convulsing around my shaft.

“Oh no, oh you should stop” she said urgently. Her face had suddenly become flushed as if she was embarrassed but I had no idea why. There was no way I was stopping fucking her now. Her juices had coated the entire length of my cock from my scrotum to the oozing tip.

Then it happened as I was making an outward stroke. I learned that Taylor had apparently inherited her squirting prowess from her mother. Jennifer must have sensed it coming and that is why she had asked me to stop. A large stream erupted from her middle-aged vagina and hitting me square in the chest. Even at that distance there was considerable force to the stream.

“I’m so sorry, oh God that was embarrassing.” Jennifer apologized as she lost her grip on her daughters and clawed at the sheets.

“Mom, don’t worry I do it all the time even when I am not being touched.” Taylor said reassuringly after she pulled herself away from her mother’s enormous breast.

“The girls’ father hated when that happened when I was trying to get pregnant. He said he didn’t want to be peed on. He said squirting was no different. It was one of his many complaints about me. But honestly he never caused me to do that, it only happened if I touched myself.” Jennifer mused.

Taylor laughed. “You should have seen last time, I was squirting all over. I made a mess on the floor and the sheets.”

Chloe looked up and asked, “So what if it WAS pee? Why wouldn’t a man like that? I mean I drank pee directly from this cock!” She reached down to where my dick was still thrusting deep into her mother.

Jennifer looked shocked at this information. But not as shocked as when she felt me suddenly explode inside her wet pussy. I grunted loudly as I came hard.

“Mmmmm yeah mom, take my man’s creamy load.” Taylor said excitedly.

“Oh no, oh, oh please pull out. I am not on birth control!” Jennifer gasped in pleasured panic.

“Relax mom, he is snipped. It is okay for him to cum inside all of our pussies.” Taylor assured her.

This statement seemed to yank Jennifer back into the reality of what had just happened. “What did we just do? I just had sex in front of my own daughters. I just…” her voice trailed off as Chloe pushed me back and grabbed my cock and began to suck it vigorously. She didn’t have the skills of her sister but I wasn’t going to complain.

“Chloe! Stop, stop, we all just need to stop! This is out of control.”

Chloe reluctantly pulled my cock from her hungry young mouth but gently fondled it.

“Mom, it is okay!” Taylor insisted. “We all want this to happen. Admit it mom, you enjoyed how it felt when we licked you, you enjoyed feeling him fuck you, and you don’t really want this to stop. Don’t think about what others might think, think about how good it feels. Chloe and I will continue to have sex. She wants to be abused by him. I want to watch my man fuck you both. In fact I will demand that he does. So it is your choice if you want to do it willingly or not.”

I didn’t wait for an answer. Instead I grabbed Chloe’s petite body and tossed her face down on the bed. I did it so that Jennifer had a clear view of her daughter’s pussy. I lined my cock up with her young slit and shoved the shaft deep. Chloe yelped when she felt the rock hard invader.

Jennifer gasped as she saw my thick manhood disappear into that teen cunt.

Taylor’s fingers plunged into her mother but Jennifer did not resist.

I squeezed Chloe’s cute butt as my cock slid deep into her pussy. I began to pick up pace and forcefulness. Chloe moaned into the sheets as she felt me pound her.

“Careful! That is too rough!” Jennifer said with concern.

“Shhhh, it is ok mom. Chloe enjoys it this way.” Taylor said as she continued to finger her mother’s wetness.

I continued fucking hard as I pulled on Chloe’s ponytail. “Oh God damn! Harder!” she cried out.

I slipped my thumb into her tight little ass and her cries raised an octave with excitement.

She reached her climax moments later. Her young pussy twitched and contracted. I had cum quite recently so wasn’t quite ready to fire again. I could have gladly finished off in Chloe but I wanted more of her thick bodied mother. I pulled my throbbing cock from Chloe and she let out a disappointed whimper.

I climbed upon Jennifer, straddled her soft belly and rested my glistening cock in the valley between her huge breasts. I grabbed each of those glorious mounds and squeezed them against me. I began to titty fuck her as Taylor continued to finger her. Chloe watched on excitedly.

My cock completely disappeared between those huge mammaries. It was an amazing feeling as I shoved against her soft skin. Jennifer took hold of her tits allowing me to lean forward and really work my cock against them.

Taylor slipped her fingers out of her mother’s soaking wet vagina and reached up and gently stroked her face. Then she slipped the fingers in her mother’s mouth. Jennifer didn’t resist, instead she hungrily sucked tasting her own pussy.

Already primed from fucking Chloe’s tight teen vagina, I felt myself getting close to orgasm.

I thrust a little faster. Jennifer seemed to sense what was coming. She pulled her mouth away from her daughter’s fingers and smiled excitedly.

I thrust faster and harder until I let out a loud groan. I blasted into her cleavage several thick globby shots. Then Jennifer let go of her tits to examine the mess I made. “Oh my… that was the most fun thing I have ever done!” she exclaimed.

“Wait, are you saying the girls’ father had never titty fucked you?” I asked with disbelief.

She frowned, “No, I was born and raised Mormon and married a Mormon. We only had sex to procreate. We never did anything for pleasure as he said that was unpure. I’ve only had sex less than 20 times. He would just go until he came, then pull out and be done. Once I was pregnant, we didn’t have sex again until I was trying to get pregnant again. He told me that people who had sex for other reasons were disgusting and against our beliefs. I haven’t been active in the church since he left, but I guess those beliefs were stamped into my head and I kind of held onto them.”

Taylor shook her head. “I would love to ‘procreate’ but heck, I am going to fuck, fuck, fuck, and suck my man as much as possible just for pleasure! Now Chloe, help me clean up this mess!” She leaned forward and began to lick my cum from her mother’s deep cleavage.

Chloe moved in for her turn and I moved out of the way. I landed directly in a soaking wet spot on the sheets apparently left by Taylor.

“Love, you made a little mess here.” I teased.

“Whatever, you love it almost as you love my tits.” she said, playfully bouncing her DDD’s in her hands. While they weren’t nearly as large as her mother’s, they were more firm.

“I’m about to make a mess too” Jennifer moaned. I noticed that Chloe was sucking aggressively on one of Jennifer’s areola.

A deviant smile came across Taylor’s face. She giggled and hopped off the bed. “Don’t make a mess yet! I have a fun idea.” She motioned for me to follow her.

Her round ass wiggled into the kitchen. She began to pull glasses from the cupboard. Soon she gathered three sets of mismatched drinkware. There were four glasses in each set. She looked at me and smiled. “Do you want to join in this fun too?” Without waiting for an answer she set three glasses in front of me.

Her breathing was short and her nipples were erect. I knew she had something fun planned. “Mom, Chloe, come here!”

Jennifer and Chloe reluctantly separated and joined us in the kitchen. This was the first I had seen Jennifer out of the bed. Her tits hung heavy but her stomach, while soft to the touch, did not sag. Her hips flared wide above her thick thighs. I purposefully stepped back to check out her round ass. She blushed when she realized I was checking her out.

“Okay, mom this is going to seem crazy to you. But rub your pussy until you squirt and make sure you get some into all four glasses in front of you.” Taylor then spread her own legs. I gently reached over and touched her nipple which was the hair trigger that she needed to orgasm. As she sprayed with pleasure she hurriedly shoved each of the glasses in front of her under the stream.

Jennifer stared wide-eyed at her daughter’s erotic display. I moved behind her, my now flaccid dick resting against her ass. I kissed her neck gently and she moaned. She awkwardly fumbled for the first glass as she began to squirt just like her daughter. Taylor quickly stepped in to make sure all four glasses were full.

Chloe looked sad. “I don’t squirt, so why did you give me glasses?”

Taylor giggled. “Oh silly, you and my sexy man can just pee in your glasses.”

Jennifer gasped as she realized what Taylor had in mind. “Oh my goodness….”

I grasped my cock and filled the three glasses three glasses in front of me. I quickly stepped into the bathroom to finish emptying my bladder.

When I returned to the kitchen Chloe brushed quickly by me to finish peeing. I see she had filled her foor glasses.

I set each one of my three glasses in front of the other girls. They did the same with theirs.

Jennifer innocently asked “Wait, why do us girls have four?”

Taylor smiled. “I want to taste my own, I figure you might want to know what you taste like too!”

Jennifer blushed more.

“Now let’s drink my man’s piss first!” Taylor said excitedly.

Chloe giggled. “I have drank it straight from the source, I already know I like how tasty it is.” She quickly guzzled the full glass.

Taylor and her mom clinked glasses and then also drank it down. Jennifer took her time, seemingly savoring it.

“Now it is time for your’s mom.” Taylor instructed. This time I joined in lifting a glass. Jennifer’s feminine juices were warm and sweet. She watched me nervously, until I smacked my lips with approval. Taylor and Chloe eagerly followed as Jennifer tentatively brought the glass to her lips. She looked pleasantly surprised as the liquid touched her tongue.

Next we enjoyed Chloe’s contribution. It was hot, tangy as it coursed across my tongue. “Ugh, yours is better” she said to me.

Jennifer shook her head negatively. “I rather enjoyed it Chloe.”

Taylor’s was the last to sample. It was syrupy and sweet. Chloe commented that it was the best tasting glass, and of what I sampled I had to agree.

Jennifer sighed with happiness. I am smart enough to know this wasn’t normal. But thank you for doing it with me. She then approached me, “They were all tasty, but I want more of yours! Lots more!”

“Yeah mom! You nasty pervert! I am glad you like it.” Taylor chortled.

Jennifer blushed. “What other things can we do? I want to spend the day learning about the fun parts of sex.”

“Oh you two need to teach her on your own. My cock needs time to recover!” I told Taylor and Chloe.

I found myself some breakfast while the girls retreated to the bed. I watched as Taylor lay back on the bed and demanded that Chloe go down on her. Chloe willingly obliged as their mother watched on intently. I enjoyed the view of Chloe’s ass in the air.

I could here the sounds of Chloe’s tongue lapping at her big sisters soaking wet pussy. Taylor moaned Chloe’s name loudly.

Jennifer was obviously enjoying it as I could see her arm rhythmically moving near her crotch. Even from vantage point it was obvious that she was masturbating to the sight of her daughters locked in incestuous oral pleasure.

It was clear they were all enjoying their newly found sexual freedom. I knew they wouldn’t let me rest for long. Luckily my body had become use to the recurring pleasure, release, and recovery cycle.

I looked up from my food to see that it was now Chloe on her back and Taylor was returning the oral favor.

I watched as Jennifer gingerly reached out with her free hand and began to gently rub Taylor’s pussy. Taylor shivered and ground back against her mother’s hand.

This continued for a few moments, then I watched as Jennifer pushed Taylor back onto the bed. She climbed over her daughter and took one of Taylor’s stiff nipples into her mouth. Chloe lay there watching excitedly.

Jennifer’s big round ass was perched in the air. The sight of it was just too much for my perverted mind. I put away the dishes, took a nice refreshing drink of water, and then returned to the bed. By the time I reached it my cock was already rising to attention.

Chloe looked up with a smile as she saw I had returned. I stood next to her my throbbing cock inches from her face. She eagerly grasped my shaft and pulled me in to her teen mouth. Her tongue swirled back and forth over the lower side of my cock as she sucked.

She was still nowhere as good as Taylor was at oral. Taylor’s skills at giving head were ranked among the best. But Chloe was no longer as awkward as the first time she had sucked me.

“Get it nice and wet!” I encouraged.

She pulled my cock from her mouth and spit on it before stroking her saliva over the full length. She repeated this a few more times before I pulled away.

I moved behind Jennifer but she seemed to busy sucking Taylor’s DDDs to notice.

I grasped each of her soft ass cheeks and my hand. They were cool and pliable to the touch. While large, I noticed there was no cellulite bumps. I slowly spread the cheeks revealing her pinkish-brown star deep between them. Jennifer seemed oblivious to what I was up to. Her and Taylor were lost in each other.

Chloe crawled back to me to see what I was up to. “Yesss!” she whispered as she discovered my intentions. Her teen hand grasped my shaft and pointed it at Jennifer’s tight hole. I pushed forward and the head began to slowly push into the clenched hole.

Immediately Jennifer broke free from Taylor. “No no! Not my butt!” But it was too late as I pulled roughly on her hips to force the head of my cock into her tightness.

“Nooooo this is too nasty. Too much. Ohhhhh…” Her voice trailed off as my shaft slowly slid deeper as I pressed against her soft cheeks, attempting to get my thick shaft as deep as it would go.

Chloe gleefully watched as I began to fuck in and out of Jennifer’s tight ass. Taylor held her mother calmly while I worked my shaft deep.

“Ohhhhh … This is wrong!” Jennifer moaned but she didn’t sound convinced of her own words.

I squeezed her ass cheeks as I continued to shove my shaft deep. Every thrust plowed Jennifer’s huge tits into Taylor’s face. Of course, Taylor was enjoying this.

As I fucked, my precum lubed Jennifer’s hole. This allowed me to fuck harder and faster. I had little care for if it was comfortable for her.

That was one of the fun thing about my Tuesday playmates. With some I cared about how they felt and if they were satisfied. But, with others, my pleasure was all that mattered. Right now, I was enjoying forcing Jennifer to take it my cock.

Her daughters urged me on. Her round ass jiggled with each forceful thrust. She had gave up protesting and submitted to my desires.

This continued for a couple more minutes before I fired my cum into her ass. Jennifer shook as she felt it hit inside.

Chloe pushed me back, and then pushed her mother off from Taylor. Jennifer’s stomach was wet and it was obvious Taylor had squirted on her. Taylor quickly pulled me onto the bed and pulled my cock into her mouth sucking me clean as her mother watched in pleasured shock.

We lay there afterward, a pile of sweating bodies in a tangle of wet sheets. I think we were all spent.

I eventually drifted off to sleep, my head nestled against Taylor’s generous breasts.

We went at it a few more times that afternoon and evening. I will admit, I focused more of my cock’s attention on Taylor and rested while Taylor forced her sister and mother into more submissive antics.

I did manage to get a few more hours of sleep late that evening. I awoke to the alarm on my phone vibrating. The play date was coming to end and it was time to head home. The three girls were all sleeping soundly. I planted a kiss on each of them and silently let myself out of the apartment. It had been a wild day, but it seemed that Taylor had been successful at fulfilling her fantasy of seducing her conservative mom.

I walked quietly down the stairs in the damp morning air. When I reached the lower level, there was a girl locking the door to the apartment. I knew immediately it was the girl who had witnessed Taylor performing enthusiastic oral sex on me yesterday.

She heard my steps and looked in my direction. Blood ran to her face and neck as she awkwardly turned and walked away.

I followed her on the sidewalk, realizing just what a nice athletic body she had. I then stepped towards my car as she turned in the other direction for her morning jog. I was opening the car door when she stopped short and retreated in my direction.

“… morning. I just wanted to apologize for watching you yesterday morning.” she said.

“No need to apologize. We were blocking your way. I had no idea she was going to do that. Don’t worry.”

She started to walk away again as I got into the car. But, she again stopped and returned to me. She stepped in next to the door and quietly said “I haven’t seen one in a while, but you looked really nice and thick. If you ever tire of her, let me know!”

I was taken aback by the forward statement.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think I can handle anymore women at the moment.” I responded truthfully.

“Oh wow, so she isn’t the only girl?”

I flashed my wedding band at her.

“Eww, don’t cheat on your wife!” she said with disappointment.

I quickly explained that my wife was very much aware of every detail. I did not say a thing of the craziness that had unfolded upstairs.

“Wow!” was all she could say.

Then to my surprise, she leaned into the car and kissed me full on the lips. When she finally broke free she breathlessly added “I want to give you my phone number!” I noticed that her nipples were attempting to cut clean holes through her sports bra and warm up jacket.

I handed her the prepaid and she entered her phone number and handed back to me. I saw she had entered her name too. “Nice to meet you Justine.”

She laughed. “I hope we can meet again soon.” It was at this point that I noticed her intense steel blue eyes.

I bid my goodbyes, wondering how I could possibly fit yet another girl into my Tuesday schedule.

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