This one is about a guy who has a “thing” for Asian girls
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I’m an average looking guy from Orange County, CA who
has been reading all these stories on the net for years
and felt it’s time to finally tell my story. I should
probably mention that I had always had a major thing
for Asian women.

Growing up in California, it’s not hard to find hot
Asian girls just about everywhere. Nearly ever girl-
friend I ever had was Asian. In high school my first
real girlfriend was Allison, she was Chinese, about
5’6″ and had a killer body.

We started out as friends, and we’d often rent videos
together, go shopping and do “friend” type stuff, but
every now and then, we’d fool around. Allison was very
pretty, but she was really dumb. Usually Asian girls
are stereotyped as being really smart, but Allison was
only text book smart. She didn’t know the first thing
about life, or sex.

When it came to sex, she had this weird thing about not
letting me play with her tits. I guess she felt they
were too small, but in my mind they were perfect. What
was really odd was that she would totally let me finger
bang her, yet her tits were off limits.

Whatever — I could live with that.

So I used to finger bang her after my parents went to
bed, and she would usually give me a hand job. We were
both only 16 at the time, so I used to have to “joke”
and say things like, “Wanna fuck around?” and then
she’d giggle and we’d slowly work our way to getting

It would always be the same, she would come over to my
house in this short denim skirt with a cut off blouse
of some kind. We would lie together watching a movie,
and I’d slowly pull up her skirt until I could see the
white of her panties.

She had the best skin tone I had ever seen. Her skin
had a deep, natural tan. Her legs were nice and toned,
probably because she was on our school’s tennis team.

The sight of her deep brown skin next to the bright
lacy white of her panties always turned me on so much.

Usually her eyes would be closed at the point where I
began to touch her down there, and it would give me a
chance to look her over like a tiger going in for the

That tight Asian pussy of hers had very few straight
black hairs, and was almost hairless. Usually I’d just
slide her panties to the side and slowly massage her

This was always her cue to say something like, “What
are you doing?” or some other coy little question —
to act like a good little Chinese school girl, even
though she wanted me to keep going. So I always did.

After she was good and wet, I’d slip a finger in and
out to really get her hot. By this time, my cock was
always popping out against my shorts, and I’d have to
guide Allison’s hand on to it and loved the feeling
of her fingers gripping me.

As I pumped my fingers in and out of her, I’d literally
grip Allison’s hand around my cock and tell her how to
jack me off. I’m not sure if she liked being told what
to do, or if she was just dense, but either way, I
didn’t mind. I used to really get off on telling her
exactly what to do.

Looking back, it could have been that I just had some
repressed fantasies about having Allison as my submis-
sive little Asian fuck slut, but at the time, I just
loved to watch her small tanned Chinese hand go up and
down on my cock.

One of the best things about Allison giving me those
hand jobs was that I always got to cum on her. Some-
times I would cum on her perfectly flat and tan
stomach, and other times I’d shoot my load all over
her thighs. I even used to get off watching her use
tissue to clean off my sperm from her skin after I was

However, the ultimate goal was always to shoot long
hot strings of cum all over her face. She knew it too
and hated that. So sometimes she would use her other
hand to block my load from hitting her.

A couple of times I was successful though. One time,
while I was using my fingers to get her off, I was
really excited and shot my load after only a minute of
her rubbing my shaft. I just happened to be near that
beautiful face of hers, so I aimed it toward her head
and every fucking drop of the first two spurts hit her
in the face and hair.

The next day at school right before French class, she
came up to me and was pretty mad saying, “It took me
an hour to get that out of my hair!” I remember sitting
in the back row getting really hard thinking that just
12 hours ago I had my beautiful Chinese girlfriend’s
face covered with my sperm and no one knew it but her
and me.


Well, after Allison I was stuck on Asian women. In col-
lege when we’d hit the bars, I’d always scope out the
hottest looking Asian girl in the crowd and try to
talk to her.

All the porno tapes I ever bought were those “4 Hour
Asian Spectacular” type, or other videos with Kascha,
Jade East, Cumisha, etc. It got to the point where I
realized that I have a serious fetish for Asian women.

One of my biggest turn-ons was calling Asian phone sex
lines. Usually they were in the Philippines or some-
place, and it was expensive but it really got me off.
There is something so sexy about telling an actual
Asian woman things like, “I love to fuck Asian women,”
or “I want you to be my little Asian slut.” Needless
to say, my phone bill in college was sky high.

After college, I signed up to teach English in Japan
because I thought it would be an exciting way to spend
a year, and since I was only 22 at the time, I was
still young enough to play around before I got a “real

Being that I had never been to Japan before I wasn’t
too disappointed when I found out that I would be sent
to Fukui Prefecture on the Western side of Japan. The
information brochures for the program made Fukui sound
like an exciting place to be, “Full of old world
Japanese charm,” the guide said.

Well, when I got there, I realized that this was the
REAL Japan. Very rural, and very boring. Besides the
few pachinko parlors and convenience stores, every
city in the prefecture was dead after 9pm.

I was also bummed when I found out that my host school
was a Junior High School known for it’s “bozozoku”
(gang member) type kids. Oh great, not only was I sent
to a Junior High instead of a real High School, my
students were dumb as shit. They sure didn’t put *that*
in the brochure.

I got settled in to teaching my English classes and
after six months of playing bingo games and Simon Says,
I was already itching to head back home. My only
salvation was the students. Mainly the female students.

Before I went to Japan, I never had a thing for school
girl uniforms or anything like that. But, being stuck
in a dead cold dead city with nothing to do, it was
easy to be converted. I loved the way the Japanese
girls looked in their “sailor” uniforms.

I know it’s perverted, but whenever I’d give a test or
some workbook lesson, I’d always walk up and down the
rows trying to catch a glimpse down some girl’s top or
maybe up her skirt. Since I taught Junior High, I knew
that it was pretty sick to be gawking over these girls,
but it was an instant turn-on seeing the pale white
skin of their small breasts against those sexy dark
blue uniforms.

One girl in particular really stood out from the rest.
I never knew her first name, but the name on her name
tag was Hasegawa. She was the typical Japanese “Bad
Girl.” Her hair was long and tinted slightly red. She
was in 9th grade so I’m guessing that she was 16.

What really turned me on was how skinny she was. She
would wear these loose socks that nearly covered her
shoes from the overlap, yet she’d hike up her skirt
and show off her sexy, skinny legs.

She pretty much hated me because 1) I was a teacher,
and 2) she didn’t speak a word of English. I remember
before I came to Japan I always thought that Japanese
students behaved well and listened to every word the
teacher said. Nope. These students often roamed the
halls and left school whenever they wanted.

Often times I would see Hasegawa-san roaming the halls
by herself with her pager in one hand and a telephone
card in the other. She would always page her friend
with a message at around 10:30am and have to walk all
the way across the school to use the pay phone.

Well, whenever I didn’t have any classes I’d roam the
halls too and sometimes bump into her. I’d wonder to
myself, “Is she having sex yet?” Or, “I wonder which
boy gets to have those pretty little Japanese lips
wrapped around his cock?” By that time I’d usually be
so hard that I’d have to go into the men’s bathroom
stall and beat off.

I’d imagine having that little Japanese girl gagging
on my thick hard cock. Or just shooting a load of
sperm down her tight little throat, knowing that it
must be the biggest dick she’s ever seen, and be wor-
ried if it would be able to fit inside her tight
little pussy or not. By then, I’d usually be shooting
load after load into a wad of toilet paper clutched in
my hand, imagining that every glob was landing on her

On really cold and snowy days, she would wear these
black tights to cover her skinny legs. Those tights in
combination with that hiked up skirt made her look like
a complete fuck toy.

One day I realized just what an advantage her lack of
English brought me. Normally, I’d walk by her and say,
“Hi” or “Good Morning” but that was usually it.
However, one morning, I thought I’d have a little fun.

It wasn’t so cold so she was bare legged and sexy as
ever. I threw out a test question like, “How was your
weekend?” When I saw her face make the confused look
showing she didn’t understand, I pressed on. I spoke
so slowly that my heart was racing anticipating that
she might catch on, but I said, “Hasegawa-san, I-want-

She paused for a second, and then repeated, “Face?”
and pointed to her face. I was stunned that she knew
the word, but I saw that she had no idea what I was
*really* saying. So I repeated it saying, “Yes, I-want-

This time I stressed the word, “Pretty” and gently
touched her chin. She got what she thought was the
meaning and said, “Oh, pretty face, thank you.”

I smiled. Then I said to her, “You are a little
Japanese slut, right?” and she had no idea what I was
saying. So I repeated the word, “slut?” She then asked
me in Japanese, “What’s a slut?” and I said it means,
“Girl.” So she smiled and nodded, “Yes, I’m slut.”

Watching her tiny, thin lips tell me that she was “a
slut”, made me want to shoot my load. By now I was so
fucking hard that I was afraid to look down and pos-
sibly see a spot of pre-cum showing through my pants.
After ducking into the bathroom, with a couple of
strokes of my cock, I unleashed a massive load in the
stall and came all over my hand. I tried to wash up,
but noticed that some sperm was still on my thumb when
I left the restroom.

Sure enough, walking right toward me down the hall was
Hasegawa-San. I stopped her to ask her some basic
question, and gently wiped my cream on the side of her
uniform. She had no idea it was there but it left a
slight stain.

From time to time it served as a major turn-on knowing
that this little 16 year old potential fuck toy had my
cum on her, and she didn’t even know it.


Being in a rural part of Japan can really get to a guy.
Especially a boring place like Fukui Prefecture. Now it
was the end of December and I was getting restless. Not
to mention that the weather had taken a serious turn
for the worse. Everyday we were getting 6-10 inches of
snow, and there was no end in sight.

What made matters worse was that New Years was soon
approaching and I had no one to spend it with. In
Japan, “oshogatsu” as it’s called is a time for family.
But since I was alone in Japan, it wasn’t exactly the
best time to be there. So a couple of buddies of mine
in the same teaching program went to this bar in
Kanazawa called “The Beat” on New Year’s Eve, and
that’s when things in Japan changed for me forever.

That’s when I met Hiromi.

My eyes glanced around the room and that’s when I saw
her. She was sitting in a corner booth with a Japanese
guy and a girl and they were all laughing and having a
good time.

She was cross-legged wearing a fairly short black skirt
and black leggings. Because this was the snow season,
her shoes were at the front of the bar with everyone
else’s. She was slowing running her foot up and down
the center pole of the table, as she puffed away on her
cigarette and talked with her friends. She was so sexy.

The sight of her foot covered in those black nylons was
so vivid. I could barely see what looked like her small
red painted toe nails peeking through the nylons as it
went up and down the table. I must have been staring at
her for a while because I noticed one of her friends
whisper to her, and then she looked right at me. When
our eyes met, I quickly looked away in embarrassment.

Every now and then I’d look over to see what she was up
to and she was still having what looked like fun with
her friends. Finally I turned around to the counter of
the bar and ordered another beer. As I swigged away on
my Asahi, I looked to my left and there she was.

As she waited to get the bartender’s attention to order
her drink, my mind raced trying to think of the perfect
pick up line. I knew that I had to say something in
Japanese, so I tried basically the only thing I knew
how to say. I leaned toward her and said, “Ogenki Desu
Ka?” which means, “How are you?” She replied totally
unimpressed, “Fine.”

“Wait a minute, that was in English,” I thought to
myself so I asked her, “Wow, do you speak English?”
And she said, “Yes.”

I could tell that she was totally unimpressed, so I
knew I had to act fast. I found out that her name was
Hiromi and I asked her the usual shit just to keep her
talking. I must admit, as she talked to me, I wasn’t
paying attention, I was checking her out the best I
could. She was surprisingly tall for a Japanese girl.
I would guess she was about 5’7″. She had straight
black hair, pearl white skin, and lips to die for. She
was wearing bright red lipstick which screamed out,
“Insert Cock Here.” She was extremely thin and wore a
purplish-black satin browse which loosely covered her.
So it was hard to get a good read on the size of her
tits, but odds are they were fairly small. I didn’t
mind at all and kept nodding my head with agreement to
anything she said.

It turned out that she was a 23 year old travel agent
in Kanazawa, and a former exchange student.

I told her I was a junior high school teacher, and she
was somewhat impressed. She said that she studied for
two years at Rutgers University so that explained why
she was fluent in English.

As the night grew on, I was slowly making some progress
with her. She’d laugh at some of the things I said, and
I could tell she was having a good time. So when her
friends came over to ask if she was going home, I let
out a huge sigh of relief when she said she was going
to stick around a little more.

I quickly gave my friends “the nod” to get the hell
outta there and there we were sitting together. By
nearly 3am it was time to go, and I was shocked when
she asked me if I wanted to go to her place. Of course
I said yes.

Pretty soon we were sitting on the tatami mat in her
small apartment talking about sex. I was getting more
and more turned on, but also more and more worried
because I knew that I didn’t have any condoms with me.
I know it sucks, but growing up in the AIDS generation
really makes you think.

The more we talked about sex, the more I was dying to
fuck this skinny Japanese girl I’d just met. I put my
hand on her thigh and it was such a turn on to feel her
warm skin under the nylon sheath of her leggings.

As I touched her leg, I began to kiss her. As our
tongues made circles around each other, I let my hands
explore her body. I noticed that her nipples were now
rock hard and making small indentations on the satin of
her blouse.

She hurriedly unbuttoned my jeans and my cock sprang
out beneath the subtle support of my boxers. When she
grabbed the thick shaft of my dick through my boxers,
she let out a slight, “Mmmm” to tell me that she was

By now I had her blouse completely off, her leggings
pulled down to her knees and her skirt pulled up to
her waist. I knew I wanted to fuck this little Japanese
travel agent good and hard, but what about the
condoms? I mean, she’d been to college in the states,
who knows how many guys she’d fucked over there. So I
pulled away for a brief moment and asked, “Do you have
any condoms?” When she said, “No, do you?” my heart

I knew I couldn’t go through with it. Call me a
chicken-shit, but I was worried. So I told her, “I
don’t think we should, without protection.” She
replied, “It’s ok, just pull out when you’re going to

When she said this, my mind played tricks on me. Should
I? How many other guys has she said this to? What if I
get an STD, or AIDS? So I panicked and made something
up. I told her. “Hiromi, I can’t, anyway I have this
girl in Tokyo that I really love, and I’d hate to cheat
on her.” Instead of getting mad, she said, “So. I don’t
mind.” Now I was getting really excited. Not only did
this girl want me, but she was a total slut!

I said, “You don’t mind?” And Hiromi said, “No. And I
don’t care if you think about her while you make love
to me either.” She then starting stroking my cock and
said, “Come on, I’ll do anything you want.” Of course
I replied, “Anything?” and she repeated, “Anything.”

Now it was getting interesting. With that look on her
face, I knew she was serious. This girl was going to
let me do anything I wanted to her.

So I had her stand up and I told her to bend over. When
she did, I had the greatest image of this cheap
Japanese slut bending over for me, with her skirt hiked
up to her waist, and leggings and panties down to her

As I stoked my cock, I told her, “Spread your legs as
far as they will go.” Her legs were a bit constricted
by her panties and leggings, but she did so obediently.
When I said, “Good girl,” she smiled a wry little smile
that let me know she was enjoying it. This was like a

Next I said, “Now spread your asshole nice and wide for
me.” She quickly turned around and said, “Now wait a
second, I didn’t…” to which I cut her off and shouted
“Hey, you said anything.”

My cock head pulsated as I realized that I could fuck
her tiny little asshole if I wanted to, hell, I could
do anything that I wanted to her. By now I was ready
to explode, so I knew I had to fuck her pretty soon.

I told her to lay down on the bed, and to spread her
legs for me. When she did, I got on top of her and
tried to guide the head of my cock into her tight
little Asian pussy. She was so tight that it felt like
the skin on my cock’s shaft was going to peel off, but
after a few very SLOW strokes, I was able to get inside
her. It was pure heaven.

She bit her lower lip as my dick went in and out. I
purposely went really slow so I could talk to her as
I pumped away. I looked right into her pretty eyes and
said, “Mmm….I love fucking Japanese girls. Mmm….
right now as I’m fucking you I’m imagining fucking this
slutty little 9th grade student I have named Hasegawa-

Instead of being shocked she replied, “You want to
sleep with one of your students? Oh, I see. You pro-
bably want to fuck her in her uniform don’t you?”
It was then that I knew she was game.

I replied, “Yup. I bet when you were in high school
your teachers wanted fuck you too, right? I bet you
have a lot in common with her. I bet when you were
studying in the states, you were a little Japanese
cock-teaser now weren’t you? You probably knew all
those American guys wanted a taste of your tight
little Asian pussy, now didn’t you?”

The thought of degrading this little whore as I fucked
her was almost too much to bear. “Are you going to be
my little Japanese slut?” When she didn’t reply, I
said, “Are you?”

Then, nearly out of breath she replied, “Yes.”

“Well then say it,” I said abruptly.

So she repeated, “I’m your Japanese slut.” I told her
to keep repeating it over and over, and she did.

After a few more pumps, her eyes rolled back into her
head and she started convulsing furiously. I knew she
was cumming. And cumming HARD. I picked up the pace
and fucked her brains out, but it was more than I
could take. I could feel that my balls we brewing up
a monster batch of jizz so I pulled my cock out of her
and positioned it right over her face.

She was so out of breath that she could hardly keep
focus, but I quickly got her attention by slapping her
face with my cock. When she awoke from her daze, I
said to her, “Come on, tell me that you want it.” So
she said, “Cum all over my face.” She tightly shut her
eyes as thick stream after stream of white jizz dusted
her Japanese face.

She made an “O” with her red lips as I finally finished
spilling sperm onto her face and hair. When it was over
her face was a mess. Trying to relax I said to her,
“Mmm….my cum looks good all over your face.” And she
made a subtle smile. I now knew I had myself my own
Japanese sex slave, and I knew that my time in Japan
was going to be looking up. And it did.

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