Chubby girls first time
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Some time has passed, it was my second girlfriend who took away my innocence.

My name is Ashley, I am 1.65, my hair is almost always red, my breasts are of a considerable size, they are not big but not small either, I have a fat butt and my ex is called Melanie, he is a year older than me and is 1.75, his breasts and her butt were large, added to the fact that she always had a cleavage, it was the sensation among men, the hearts of many broke when she revealed her orientation.

One day I went to his house, his parents were working, every time we met there it was to kiss as if there was no tomorrow, but on the way there, it started to rain out of nowhere and very hard, his house was half an hour away so it arrives all soaked.

When I arrived, Melanie was surprised and she told me:

Oh my god Ashley! Why didn’t you bring an umbrella!!

she-she was raining when she was going here

-I’m sorry, I made you come here, I know my clothes are too big for you but you can dry off and change in my room

-Thanks, I will do it

I went up to his room, I saw that his bed was big, first I took off my blouse, then my boots and my socks, then I lowered my pants along with my underwear, and finally I took off my bra, grabbed a towel and began to dry myself. , I passed it over my naked body gently, I put my towel in my hair. I looked in her drawers for underwear, but the bras didn’t fit me, they were too big for me, so I put on a sleeveless shirt one of those used for sleeping, it was old but it fit me, it was already yellow but it was transparent and I could see my breasts, I looked for a pair of panties but all of them were too big again, but I found a bikini so I only adjusted it a little, and looking for socks I leaned over to look for them in a bottom drawer, but I heard something strange


– Melanie?

-Ashley!! I just came by to see if you wanted anything

-I heard you moan, what happened

-I just… I wanted to see if you needed help, I saw you naked, I saw you rub the soft towel, I saw your fat ass leaning over so you could look for things

And I saw how you adjusted that blouse… Ashley, we’ve been girlfriends for 5 months, don’t distrust me…

-Do you really think it doesn’t matter?

Of course not after all… (she started to get closer to me) she loved you

-I love you too..mfff

After that, starting to kiss, she laid me down with her on her bed, she took off the clothes she had put on me, I kept kissing her, I caressed her and she told me

-let’s do it

-I will honey

She started to take off her blouse, I helped her by lowering her skirt closure and taking them off, I realized that she was wearing a thong, which I took off at the same time that she took off her bra, only keeping her high heels and her tights, He laid me down completely, he gave me a long-tongued kiss, he lowered kisses from my lips, my chin, my neck, my breasts, forced me, my vaginal lips, he began to pass his tongue from bottom to top, I was delighted, he launched moans very often, she began to disturb her tongue with her hand while her other hand fondled me with the other, and I grabbed my breast with one hand and the other caressed her head, I began to have orgasms, but she kept licking me, it was until the room that quickly got out of there and immediately kissed me, his mouth was wet, it was my vaginal juices, but instead of feeling disgust I had a satisfaction…

-What’s wrong honey, are you tired?

-No, you gave me more encouragement by swallowing my juices…

-Then try mine, she sat on my face, I licked her in a circular way, which led her to have a couple of orgasms, then she changed the position so that we did 69, she on top and I on the bottom, a pleasure mutual, we came several times and he got up from me, and kissed me, and I opened his mouth and stuck my tongue in him, it was long and satisfying, his bed was already very wet when he arrived, the fluids and our sweat. She pulled down a blanket and we fell asleep on the floor.

-Love you

-I love you too

It was what we said to rest.

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