Now, the Big Show
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Its been pretty warm here the last few weeks. On a typical Saturday
afternoon, I was trying give my classic 66 Mustang a tune up. I wanted to
get it ready for the shore and even warmer weather. My wife was at work
and I just wanted to putter around the house today. In the driveway was my
older sisters car, a old ’91 Dodge. She needed to have a belt replaced.
My sister is divorced and we try to help her out. She has been taking care
of her two daughters, Melanie 16 and Teri 19 since her husband left 10
years ago. If was always rough on her, and with no man in her life, I did
as much of the work her house or car needed. My wife always helped her
watch over the daughters especially since my wife cant have a child of her
own. Teri and Mel, as we always called her, were always hanging with their
Aunt. It gave my wife the ability to use her motherly instincts. And the
girls got another womans advice on the world. I was just finishing up when Mel had walked up the driveway. She
cheerfully waved ‘Hi Uncle Mike. Mom sent me to pick up the car.” I waved
back while trying to wipe the grease from my hands. Mel hugged me like she
always did and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Is it ready, Uncle Mike?” she
asked leaning againist the ‘stang. Mel was a cute girl with a very sexy
smile. Although I never ever thought of her as sexy (she’s my niece after
all), she was growing up to be a very beautiful young woman. Mel is 5’4″
and 110# with curvy blonde hair and nice blue eyes. She had a pretty
figure, built on nice curves and smaller breasts. I think that her lips
were her most sensous part. But as she leaned againist the ‘stang in her
shorts and ratty tee shirt, she looked more like young woman than my young
niece. “Sure, Mel..I just to go inside and get the keys. What something to drink,
gotta be thirsty after that long walk?” “Sure Uncle Mike, I’d love one” she replied as she followed me into the
kitchen. I poured her a drink of ice tea. As she drank it we talked about
her Mom and school. She told me how much she liked school but it was
getting harder. She went back to the subject of Mom again. “Mom is being
so strick with us. I mean I have to be home by 11pm on a Saturday Night.
Everybody else gets to stay out til 1 or 2. Its really not fair.” “Well Mel, your Mom is just making sure that you are safe and dont wind up
in any trouble.” I replied downing my ice tea and pouring us both another
glass. “Trouble” she replied with a gaze, “You mean the kind that Mom got
into when she was my age?” At first I wasnt sure how to reply to her
question. Of course I meant exactly the kind of trouble her Mom got into
when she was 16. My sister had boyfriend after boyfriend in high school.
Her being 4 years older than me, I heard about it from the little brothers
of her dates. “How sweet Karin is or Karin is sharin were some of the
things I’d hear. I admit I was your average teenager trying always to spy
on her and maybe catch her naked. I did see a little and the images
provided plenty of later simulation. But for the most part I cared enough
of my sister to get into a fight to ‘rescue’ her virtue. When she got
pregant near her 16th birthday, Mom and Dad tried to help her but she was
lovestruck and later married the guy ( Teri and Mel’s Dad). He lasted not
too long and left her broke and in a bad way. Thankfully she learned a
trade and made a good living. With the help of myself and later my wife,
she did ok. But Mel looked to me for an answer, one which I didnt have.
“Well yes Mel, your Mom had it pretty bad when she was 16 and pregant with
Teri. She doesnt want you to go through that too. Understand?” I thought
maybe I’d crush this line of thought. “Yeah I understand, just doesnt make it fair though” she responded with
those baby blues that melted her Uncles heart. Hey I am sucker for blue
pouty eyes, which guy isnt? “Besides, its not like I havent had sex yet.”
she coldly continued. “My God,” I thought to myself did she just tell me
that. My best reply was one of intrigue rather than
disturbed. “you umm had sex all ready?” I stated trying to hide the
intrigue. “Sure Uncle Mike, just twice though…wasnt very good though..I
mean Jeff just well..sorry feel kinda nervous telling you.” she sheepishly
resigned. “Dont have to say a word Mel, I understand” “thanks Uncle Mike,
I knew you’d be the one to talk too. Maybe you can talk to Mom too.” she
smiled as if it was a great joke. I tossed her the keys. She smiled again and walked with me to the Dodge.
As she got in, she rolled down the window and turned the car on. I started
up just like new. She leaned through the glass, “I love you Uncle Mike”
I leaned down to get my kiss, but before I could turn me head her lips met
mine and kised me firm and strong. I was surprised because we always kissed
on the cheeks. This was more direct and eeirily romantic. I separated our
lock “Love you too Mel, be safe going home”. She backed out the car and
waved as she rolled away. Thats when I noticed that my shorts were more
tighter than they were before. My God, I thoughte, she turned you on, what
a pervert. I went into the house and decided a nice shower was in order.
Colder the better. Jesus what had gone through my mind. We had a large shower just off the garage. It had a big stall and was the
only place I was allowed to shower when I was greasy. The grease washed
away and so did my thoughts, lost hopefully forever in the hot stream. My
radio was blarring and I sang along. Just as I was about to finish up, the
door slide open. At first a wave of shocked covered me, then I thought my
wife cam home for lunch and was gonna get some before going back to the
office. I didnt say anything as the legs entered. But I quickly got more
disturbed as the rest of the body cam in. It had shorts and a tee. A
ratty tee. My first instinct was to yell. But I was stunned and my other
mind froze the other from speaking. It was Mel of all people entering my
shower it was Mel. Finally a voice came over me “Mel, What are you doing?” “Well Uncle Mike, when I kissed you I felt something and when I saw you
standing there with the same look, I figured Id see if you were as
interested as I was.” she calmly and in a very sultry voice stated. “But
Mel, this isnt right. Your my niece, my sisters daughter.” I replied
hiding my manhood in my cloth. Her clothes got more and more wet as we
stared at each other. Her tee was drenched and it revealed her wet erect
nipples and breasts. My cloth couldnt hide my reaction. She smiled “You
like Uncle Mike?” with a source of reservations, I quietly said “Yes, my
darling I do, but ummm we ummmm…its ummmm” I stumbled for some sort of
words that would resolve the moment. They werent there to my surprise.
“Uncle Mike….Mike….I cant help myself. I ‘ve alwasy had a crush on you,
just like Teri. And I know that you love me too. I just want to be held
by you and I want you Mike to make love to me. I need it. I wanna be
loved by a real man.” ‘But Mel its called incest and you are only 16, and
I am married and…” the ands piled up. Anything that I thought would calm
this situation a little I used. But her wet image and my own manhood
desires devoured logic and reason. “true Mike, but I want you to make love
to me.” And with that, she removed her top to expose her sweet lovely
breasts. That was it…I was finished..I wanted her with as much desire as
she had. All my inhibition were gone, the girl in front of me was a woman
I wanted, not my niece. I began to kiss her lips, my tongue exploring her mouth. She returned my
kisses with as much passion. We held each other close. Her shorts were as
easyily removed. I backed her up a bit. Her blue eyes pouted at me with a
look of fuck me now. My eyes were involved with exploring her body; her
tits were 34b’s but firm and perky, her nipples were hard and cherry red.
Her body was slender and firm, the only exceptions were her thighs. She
was a runner so they were bigger but they led to a nicely trimmed patch of
hair. She turned around now knowing what I was looking her body over. Her
ass was so sexy and sweet. I bent down to kiss it. She loved the touch.
I smothered her body with mine as i pressed her againist the stall wall.
“I want to make love to you Mel, now” i whispered into her ear. With that
I led my cock into her awaiting pussy. I slipped in with ease. My hard 8″
cock filled her tight pussy up. She moaned and screamed. Although she was
not a virgin, she was new to the feeling of having a huge cock in her.
She wiggled and squirmed getting the hang of the size. I stroked a few
times very softly, she cried out “Harder Mike, Fuck me!!’ that was it, I
rammed my cock into her tight teen pussy and fucked her without any
thought. As she moaned and yelled my urge built inside me. I wanted to
cum into her pussy. SHe cried” Fuck yeah Uncle Mike, I am gonna cum” The
though of my 16 year old niece cumming on her Uncles cock blew my mind. I
held her and stroked here as she came. More warm liquid came from her
little pussy than I ver dreamed possible. My fire built and turned on more
thatn I ever had been, I decided my naughty niece really needed her body
done right. I pulled my cock out and smeared her juices on it. Then I
pushed my cock next to her asshole. She cried “Oh yeah, Uncle FUCK MY ASS
TOO!!” Jesus I thought she was hornier than I was. With my new
encouragement, I slammed my cock into her ass. She opened up and took it
all in. I was surprised and pleased. Her hands pushed her away from the
wall, bracing herself. I slammed my cock into her ass without anythought
to who she was and what this all meant. Her hand squeezed my balls and I
cam tons We showered and kissed. We talked a little about this moment. Mel told me
she wanted to continue our love making. I couldnt help it anymore. I
wanted to continue too. Her dried off and raced upstairs. I landed on the
bed first. She crawled up to me and kissed me, this time more like lovers
and than an experiment. As we kissed she rubbed and played with my cock.
As she kissed she was talking. “Tell me Uncle MIke, did you enjoying
fucking your little 16 year old niece” “God yes Mel, you are so fucking
hot. You are so sexy and pretty. Yes Mel your Uncle did enjoy fucking
you.” We continued to kiss and played. She trurned her body around and
through her legs over me and placed her hot juicy cunt on my face. Her
head and mouth met my cock. She took my cock into her mouth and began to
give mne the best head I ever had in my life. I licked and fingered and
played with her clit and pussy. She tasted so young and sweet. She kept
grinding into me, pushing her wetness all over my face. I knew she was
gonna cum soon, her juices flowed from her love slit. Her moans matched
her grinds and my deep tongue pushes. She shuddered and came. My cock was
really hard and I want to fuck that newly soaked pussy. I threw her little
frame back on the bed. I kissed her and made her lick my face clean. She
enjoyed the taste. My cock was at the opening of her wet, hot and
throbbing pussy. I pushed her legs back. She smiled “Go ahead Mike fuck
me as hard as you can. I want you to fill my pussy with your cum.” No
longer worried about anything except pleasing my naughty niece, I rammed my
cock into her pussy. She moaned and squirmed. She lifted her ass and
pussy up to met my thrusts. I continued to slam her pussy slightly pulling
almost out and slamming back into her cunt. She loved it. She orgasmed
again. She was totally turned on and ready for anything. My mind told me
that she wanted it harder, so i went forth with my greatest desire (well
one of them). I took my cock out, wet and extremely hard, and slammed her
asshole. She screamed “OH YESS. THATS IT FUCK IT”. I pulled out and
slammed her cunt deep and hard. She moaned so loud I knew anyone could
have heard her. Her face changed from demur to one of a woman totally hot
and wanting. I continued slamming her ass and then her pussy. She came
again and her last one shook her body. It was all I could take. I buried
my cock into her pussy and cam, and cam. I blew loads deep and tons of it
seemed to fill her to the max. It ooozed out. I collasped and rolled next
to her. We kissed and told each other our love and desire for these moments to
continue. My niece, my new lover told me she wanted me only from now on.
We made plans for an outting at the bay when it got warm enough. We kissed
more and then slowly returned to the shower. After a quick rinse, I dried
her off. We kissed now as true lovers. Since her clothes were still wet,
I told her to go upstairs and grab something out of her Aunts drawer. She
came down wearing a pair of short shorts that actually fit and a tshirt of
mine. She looked adorable and totally sexy. We walked back out. She got
into the car. She looked back at me.” I Love You Mike. I truly do” “I
know Mel, and I Love You too.’ We kissed again “By the way,” she said “I
plan on telling Mom that you were washing your car and we got into one of
our water fights” Smart girl I thought, “Ok Mel….please be safe” “I
will Mike, I will…til later lover” She blew me a kiss as she drove away. That was last week. Mel and I have made love twice since then. Each time
discretely but erotically. My wife and I are having even greater sex. Its
not like Mel and I but my wife cums more than ever. Last night, Mel
stopped by our house. My wife talked to her about her boyfriend.
Apparently, she broke up with him for another guy she met. My wife asked
about him and she told her that he was like Uncle Mike looks wise but is
different. My wife told her, well Uncle Mike is a great guy and any guy
like Uncle Mike is a good guy to have around. They laughed and smiled.
When my wife got up to go inside to answer the phone, Mel told me that
after we made love she broke up with Jeff citing some teenage reasons. She
was my girlfriend now, she stated. I agreed knowing that Mel was a girl
that I wanted. From now on, Mel and I was an item. I told her about the
sex between her Aunt and me. She looked at me ” Uncle Mike, I know you
love Aunt Renee and you are gonna have sex with her too. I know that you
love me and I love you. Its ok, really. Besides there is plenty of you to
go around” she started to laugh and then I did. My wife came out “What
are you too laughing about?” “Nothing Aunt Renee, Uncle MIke was just
cheering me up and it worked.” I smiled at Renee letting her know I loved
her. “Well Mel, I told you guys like Uncle Mike are good to have around”

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