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Asian Delight: Nora’s New Position
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Gifted with intelligence and beauty, Nora Hanim easily
breezed through her college courses and in record time
had obtained her doctorate’s degree in psychology. In
the two years since obtaining her doctorate degree,
her research and studies had brought about new insight
into an aged old theory. Thus, Nora (a short English
sounding version of her true Asian name) was …

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A Halloween Sex Story
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Author Notes: “Aoife, the Queen Maker” is the story
the pixies told me when I wanted to write something
else. Sometimes I write a story with a theme and plot
that I have created; sometimes I just tell a story as
it unfolds in my mind. The story I originally intended
to create was a scary story with lots of …

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Night at the Movies
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This is something I’ve promised myself for God knows
how long now. I’m 19 and I’ve never had sex, or had a
serious girlfriend. I’ve never even seen a naked girl
except in the magazines I’ve purchased but had to
furtively throw in the bin before I reached home in
case my rather austere mother finds them during one of…

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