My Brother’s Wife
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It’s funny that anyone should think me a hero, especially my brother and his wife just because I fucked her a week after the two of them started dating.

Mona is not a moaner. She’s more of a screamer, and never the least bit hesitant to let the whole block know it when she’s having a climax. The next door neighbors know exactly how many orgasms she’s had the night before. Some of the women don’t like it. Some do because it seems to make their own husbands more interested. Of course they’re mostly interested in Mona. But since they can’t have her they take out their lust on their happy wives.

Sal is my twin brother. Most girls find him attractive, even now that he’s married. He’s six foot tall, dark, handsome and twenty-eight. He’s fourty minutes older than me. But we’re not identical twins. I’m much better looking. And Mona is such a knockout you wonder what she’d see in either of us. Then again, there’s probably not a man in the world that could match up to her looks. And by the way, did I tell you she’s also unbelievably sexy?

You wonder why such a sex goddess would let herself be tied down to one man. And perhaps the wrong man at that, since we all know she fell in love with me first. But I have this allergy to the word marriage. I don’t ever intend to let myself be tied down to one woman, even the most beautiful Helen the world had ever seen. Anyway, Sal was madly in love with her so why should I break my promise to myself and make life miserable for all three of us? Actually, maybe I’ll get married in my fourties, to some georgeous twenty year old. We’ll wait and see on that one.

Some men get married because they get fucked more regularly. Some get married because they’re actually in love. Sal had both reasons. He knows, of course, that Mona had many lovers before him, including his baby brother. And he knows that she often strays maybe just to see if the equipment still functions as well in different environments. But she remains faithful in the ways that matter to him. Like me Mona has too much love inside her to confine it to just one person of the opposite sex. With Sal she’s found the perfect situation, a man she can be happily married to while still having all the sex on the side she wants. And she keeps Sal’s pecker so happy that I don’t think he even wants to look at other women. God. When I’m within a hundred miles of her I can’t think about other women either. Which is why I’ve stayed away for two years since their marriage. If I lived in Brazil, we’d collapse into a three way marriage, with Mona perhaps dropping one of her extra lovers to make time for me. Or maybe not. She seems to be able to satisfy some large undetermined number of male erections completely.

If I stayed in Brazil I’d just become her second husband instead of remaining the “Playboy of Europe”. OK, maybe I’m not rich enough to rate “Playboy”, the kind they write about in the papers. But at twenty-eight I’m probably a lot more of a stud then the rich old farts. Girls hang around me because they want my prick, not my money. Fortunately I do have enough money so that I don’t have to waste my life making it. Which leaves me 24/7 for making love. It was hard leaving my little self supporting Harem in France to come to Brazil. The girls even promised to stay together, keep house and not fly off to their respective countries of orgin as long as I didn’t stay away too long. Anyway, most of them had carreer jobs which kept them happy and out of my hair during much of the day.

Seven is really too much for any man, even me. I hadn’t wanted that many full time lovers. But one thing led to another as it usually does. In most cases, the last four in particular, a girl friend from back home wanted to visit one of my girls, and naturally needed a place to stay. The house has plenty of space. Sometimes they go home after a while. But they always want to sample the resident stud first. Four of them never left. Three was managable, seven isn’t. I encourage them to get jobs not because we need money but because it lets them do something with their excess time. I’m not a possessive man. I have more than I can handle. But I do have this rule that any girl who wants to live with me doesn’t fuck guys outside of my house. They can fuck each other or friends I bring home. I’m concerned about health issues. But it makes the girls pretty horny and puts this demand on my time.

After two years I finally gave in to Mona and Sal’s repeated invitations, with a definite return date set. I’d even bought a round trip ticket. I knew how easy it would be to fall into Mona’s spell and I wanted my exit strategy planned before letting my dick come anywhere near the minx. So with everything set, I got on the plane dreaming about the nicest pussy on seven continents. I normally satisfy seven girls. Yet Mona could more than satisfy me, probably seven of me. I’m not exaggering when I say she’s sexy.

I could write a lot about this visit. Sal and I fucked the shit out of her several times a day. She likes DP. Loves it I think. I don’t know who was in her ass more but mostly we switch places frequently. You can’t say things about Mona like “she loves anal” because she loves everything with more ethusiasm than other women like anything. Mostly it seems like she loves whatever you love. But the minute you start getting repetitive she comes up with a suggestion that blows your socks off. And suddenly you discover some new thing you love! Every day, usually twice a day, she’d leave Sal and I wiped out, and go see some of her other lovers. I don’t know if she really needs that much sex or just feels compassion for all these men who can’t live without her. Four years earlier she was probably just as sexy. But I don’t think she had this well established a pool of available erections she felt she had to service. I think married life has proved very good for her sex life! Anyway, it was that time four years ago that I want to talk about, not this icredible sex vacation I had last month.

Four years ago I was twenty-four, just getting the feel of Europe. Sal was still living in the states actually trying to earn money instead of just enjoying it. With the money dad had left us, this was sort of a hobby with him. So he meets this girl a few years younger, who’d moved from Italy to try her hand, or I should say pussy, in the porn movie industry. Porn is of better quality in France and England, but there’s a lot of cheap stuff coming out of California and almost nothing happening in Italy. To get in front of the cameras the easiest place to do it is West Coast USA. You won’t get paid much and probably won’t become a star, even in porn. But if getting naked in front of some cameras and a lot of people, then spreading your thighs so this specimen of a cock can abuse your orifices, then your best chance to fulfill your dream is in Hollywood. Or nearby since the low budget outfits usually move further out where they can rent an empty house a lot cheaper than a real sound stage. The furniture you see is usually cheap or rented or both.

Mona tells us she always had the right attitude. But about a year in the business and hanging around with these people refined her knowledge and flexibility. After a while it got boring so she decided to find a rich husband. She decided Sal was a good compromise, rich enough and much younger than she’d expected. Mona hadn’t told him she’d been a porn star. She would have been lying anyway. She’d gotten fucked plenty of times by plenty of big studs. But she’d never even rated the title starlet. I think the problem was that she was just too good looking. She looks like the type of female you want to worship. It’s hard to imagine the goddess would actual consent to have sex with you. Maybe I’m not being objective. After having my dick inside her I know how wonderful that feels. But the male’s pleasure isn’t that obvious or interesting to the audience. The other reason Mona probably didn’t make it big was, I think, because she was having too much fun. Rather than fight for better billings she was content to just accept the sex she was getting. The producers know that many of the girls can be had for almost nothing as long as you let them get fucked good. So why should they offer these girls any more?

She’d been East for several months living off modest savings, establishing new ties independent of the porn industry, making herself look like an Italian debutante which she sort of was if you ignore that year in LA. She met Sal through a friend of a friend, a very respectable introduction. It was lust at first sight for both of them, and for Sal, love about a minute later. Her good girl act was not only unnecessary but also much too successful. Sal wanted her in the worst way and was more than willing to make it official first if that’s what it was going to take to get her into his bed. Mona couldn’t believe a man wouldn’t fuck her the minute she indicated it would be less than rape. She was wondering if this man who seemed so infatuated with her wasn’t also gay. Maybe he just wanted an attractive wife, not a sex partner. Maybe she should go check out some of the less attractive, older men who were obviously horny.

And then yours truely, the hero, stepped into the picture.

I’d showed up about a week after he started courting Mona. What a silly, old fashioned term. Sal was about the only man in the 21st century “courting” anyone, and Mona was getting tired of it. I didn’t care about their relationship. For me it was lust at first sight and second and forever. I suppose I also love Mona. She’s a nice person and easy to love. But what gets my dick going is her incredible body and matching attitude. Of course her attitude was being hidden, at least from Sal. Moan was starting to let it show a bit, intentionally, but he’d already been blinded by first impressions.

The truth is I didn’t know they hadn’t had sex yet. I couldn’t have even imagined my horny brother not fucking her the minute she said ok, which her body language obviously did. It was almost enough to make me change my marriage status. But I was safe there. There is only one Mona and my brother had her. Oh so I thought. I never dreamed she was about to leave off this hopeless non-affair. When I walked in the TV room there was no light on other than the screen. I could see her beautiful features in the blue light. Without thought I stood behind her looking down at her beauty. She kept watching the TV and I mistakenly assumed that a man’s presence was of little importance to her. She must assume I’m Sal because she wasn’t turning around. I moved foward against her so that the back of her head pressed against my stomach. I put my hands on her shoulder, then slid them down the front of her blouse, cupping her breasts. Her bra was so sheer that I could feel her nipples through both layers. She closed her eyes in pleasure waiting for me to do whatever else I wanted. Obviously she and Sal were intimate as one would expect.

Her closed eyes gave me an inspiration. I leaned over her, reached the remote, and turned off the TV, instantly plunging the room into complete darkness. I pressed the vision of loveliness, now invisible, down on the couch indicating that I wanted her in a horizontal position. It took me a few seconds to make my way around the back of the couch, loosing some of my clothes in the process. When I got into position by feel I reached down trying to find her and encountered a hip, naked. With this orientation I knew where to find her tits. They too were naked. Holy shit! She’d removed every stitch of clothing in the time I undid my belt. This was too good to be true. I knew my voice sounded much like Sal’s and I was only a few inches taller. I decided I’d talk as little as possible and try to keep up the masquerade as long as possible, getting as far as possible into this devine and very sexy goddess. Now that I knew she was already naked, I quickly took off the rest of my clothes.

Shit, Sal must be getting the best fucking a man ever got!

She moved under me and into me like the godess of sex she was. Mona’s vagina was unimaginably sweet feeling. We didn’t do any foreplay there in the dark. I just suddenly felt this inviting depression feeling around for my erection and suddenly it had me, and almost immediately had me well inside her, fully inside her. Like a goddess, Mona can be any woman. She can accomodate any size man. A tiny man will find her hole small and exciting. A large man like me will find it barely adaquate and exciting. The largest man in the world will find it twice as big and deep and still barely adaquate and very exciting. Somehow her throat and anus work the same way. It’s not possible. It’s just magic. One time Sal and I double fucked her vagina. A few minutes later, my next time alone in there in that place that’s heaven on earth, she felt just as tight. In other words, barely big enough and very exciting.

“Oh god you feel good. I’ve wanted so much to feel you inside me.”

Christ? She must know it’s me and not Sal! Yet she wants me anyhow. What a hot chick! I’ve always wanted a girl who could be loyal without having to be monogomous. After all, you can’t DP your girlfriend if she won’t do it with another guy. Sal had apparently found a dream girl in spirt as well as looks.

“I’ve wanted you all week!”

Holy shit! She still thinks I’m Sal. I only met her an hour ago. But that means my stupid brother doesn’t know what he’s missing. Well, at least one boy in the family was going to take full advantage of what this girl was offering. I began fucking her as hard as I could, not trying to pretend I was Sal or me. Not trying to pretend anything. This was real, the best fuck since they invented bisexual species!

I was wrong, of course. No man could take full advantage of what Mona has to offer in one session. Sal’s been fucking her almost continuously for about four years and can only guess how much more she has to offer. The surprises are still coming in.

Mona doesn’t have to lose control to become the wanton slut that most women never quite become even for a few seconds during orgasm. But when sex gets this good I’m over the hill. I felt myself hammering away inside her. I would have been fucking the goddamn pillow I was so excited, just smelling her. But Mona always made sure she got the benifit of my efforts. What a way to fuck. Mona’s first orgasm hurt my eardrums. I’d never had a girl scream at the top of her lungs right next to my head. Not that I wanted her to stop. Some pains are pure pleasure. But it did let everyone in the house know that some female was getting screwed and really, really liking it. The catering people who were cleaning up, probably acted like there was nothing happening. The remaining guests allowed some snickering, and Sal decided he should investigate, since it was his house. He quickly realized that Mona and I were the two not accounted for. So bro waited outside patiently, letting me have my climax and Mona about three more, before entering and turning on the lights.

“Oh!” she said calmly acknowledging that she now realized the cume in her pussy wasn’t Sal’s. Mona leaned up into an almost sitting position, turned toward the door to see who had entered, and smiled at Sal. My dick was still stuck inside her giving her the last of my seed. Mona seemed in no hurry to let me extract myself, nor did I want to, even with Sal standing there. I felt her cunt give me several playful and very erotic tweaks. I now knew there actually was a woman who could do this.

And then she said to him:

“If you’re anywhere near as good at this as your brother I hope you hurry up and propose to me. I can hardly wait. But do we have to wait until we’re married?”

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