A lazy Saturday afternoon, trying to suck off a dozen unknown men
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My girlfriend was out of town, and I can’t find my
friends, so I needed something to pass the afternoon. I
often went to the local ABS to trade blowjobs on a
Saturday afternoon. Besides loving to suck and to be
sucked, I think it makes me a better fuck with my
girlfriend on Saturday night.

Well, this afternoon, I had nothing else to do, and
didn’t need to save anything for Saturday night. I
decided this trip to the ABS would be one to remember

I loaded my backpack with my Polaroid camera, film, a
small battery powered lamp to light the booth, and a
small towel to keep my knees off the cum-covered floor.
I also had two rolls ($20 worth) of quarters. I drove
the 20 miles to my favorite Glory Holes with the
mission to suck and be sucked until I was all sucked

The guys behind the counter know what’s in my backpack,
and have no problem with me bring in my “supplies”.
I’ve traded blow jobs with them, right behind the
counter, when there were no other customers around. I
got an additional $5 of “tokens” and headed downstairs.

This shop had 2 pair of glory hole booths; I took the
one furthest in back. I spread out my towel, turned on
the lamp, and got the camera ready. By the time I put a
token in the slot, there was already a cock poking
through to my booth!

This one was short, barely 4 inches, I’d guess, but it
was WIDE, with a huge purple head! I licked it up one
side and down the other. I swirled my tongue around the
head, under it, and tried to french the slit in the
end. The moans on the other side of the wall told me he
wouldn’t last long.

I have two rules for Glory Hole Cocks. The first, if it
stinks I want NOTHING to do with it. The second, I only
suck guys who suck me. They don’t have to make me cum,
or swallow, nothing like that. But if they won’t take
my cock into their mouth, why should I suck them?

So, I pulled my lips off this short, fat cock, and
waited until he pulled back. When he pulled back, my
cock followed his cock into his booth. I didn’t have to
wait long to feel those HOT lips on my cock. I didn’t
need to cum right away; I expected to be here for quite
a while. When I tried to pull back, he just held on to
my cock and kept sucking. I blew a BIG load and heard
him swallow it all down! I pulled back, and his cock
followed mine into my booth.

I was back on my knees, but I could barely get my lips
around this huge cock-head! I was afraid of dragging my
teeth across his cock, so I just licked it like a
lolly-pop. When I felt he was about to cum, I puckered
my lips around the slit end and sucked his cum like I
was sucking a milkshake through a straw. Hot, thick,
and salty, a GREAT load. I have pix of the big purple
head sticking through the wall and of my big puckered
kiss as I slurped his cum.

A moment or two after he left, another hand signaled
through the glory hole for my cock. I gladly accepted a
very aggressive BJ, but pulled back without cumming. I
signaled for his cock, and a small, very small
Hawaiian/Asian cock came into view. I snapped a picture
of the whole cock. I love small cocks; they get SO
HARD! I took it into my mouth, this was more like
french kissing than a blow job. Mostly tongue action.
In a minute or less, big strands of cum coated my
throat. Then, he was gone.

The next cock was very long, very thin, and very black!
If I had brought lube, this one would have gone up my
ass! I took several pictures of this one, just to
document how long it was, as well as how much I could
take down my throat. There had to be 9 or 10 inches
sticking through the hole!

I’ll admit, I got carried away enough that I forgot
rule number two. I had his cock lodged in my throat as
he dumped his load. I never checked to see if he would
suck me?! I kept sucking as he softened. He pulled out,
zipped up and was gone.

When the next guy entered the booth, I noticed that he
didn’t close the door. There were three or four guys
standing around, presumably waiting for their turn. I
thought if he wanted them to watch, they could watch
him suck ME off first! I stuck my cock through the
hole, and he started to stroke it. I heard him get
encouragement from the guys watching, and felt him take
my cock DEEP into his mouth. This was my second orgasm,
and I held out for about three minutes. He swallowed,
and sucked me soft. I pulled my limp dick back into my
booth and dropped to my knees.

His cock was “average”, about 6 inches, pink and
circumcised. I got a picture as soon as it came into
view, pointing almost straight up! I wrapped my lips
around the head, and decide to just polish the Hell out
of his knob! Suck hard, keep the teeth away, and give
the short, fast strokes around the head. When he
started to cum, I thought it would never end! Gush
after gush, after gush!

When he left, the next in line came in, and again left
the door open, and again, I thought they should watch
him suck me first.

This went on for a little over 90 minutes. I had set a
goal of sucking off a dozen guys. My total was
FOURTEEN! Four were black guys; the long skinny cock,
two big, uncut cocks, and one hard, cut, jet black
cock. Three were Hawaiian/Asian, little index-finger
sized, rock hard cocks full of cum. The remaining seven
were generic white cocks, four cut, three uncut.

I was sucked by 13 guys, and came in four different
mouths! That made it a really great afternoon, IMO!

I shot three packs of film, which was barely 2 pix per
cock. I only shot one picture of a few of the cocks,
because I shot 3 or 4 of the couple “trophy” cocks.

This was in the summer of 1977, long before we had
heard of herpes or AIDS. I have my pictures to help me
remember this GREAT afternoon. Please, do NOT attempt
this now; it is WAY TOO DANGEROUS!

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