Jena and Lisi
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Neither Jena or Lisi had ever been into space. The closest they came was their flight simulation exercises at the now destroyed Onderon Academy. Even though the girls were bound and blindfolded on the drop ship, they both could tell through the Force when the ship passed through the atmosphere and into the inky darkness of outer space. Somehow both girls knew they would never see their beautiful home world of Onderon ever again.

With a final clang of metal on metal, the First Order drop ship landed inside the hanger bay of the First Order Resurgent Class Star Destroyer they would later find out was called the Finalizer. As they were led down the ramp of the drop ship, the girls could see hundreds of troopers, technicians, flight control crew and other members of the First Order, busy inside the massive hanger. TIE Fighters, shuttles and assault craft lay or hung in various states around the hanger. Everywhere they looked there were droids of all different configurations attending to various tasks. Every once in awhile a wayward MSE droid would scurry between their legs with their distinct “baap-brapp-beeooop” sound still echoing through their ears hours later. The girls didn’t have much time to take in the scenery as they were soon met by the mysterious black helmeted warrior.

Without saying a word, black cloaked figure motioned the troopers escorting Jena and Lisi to follow him to the detention center. Through the Force, the girls could sense the malevolent evil emanating from the hooded form leading them. Although terrified, both girls were in awe as they were led through the passageways of the massive ship. It wasn’t long before the girls heard the muffled words come from the helmeted figure, “take them to cell 2187”. The cell door slid open and the two friends were shoved inside a small, dank dark cell and the two fell to the floor. Jena found a button recessed into the wall and when she pushed it a hard metal bed slid out from a hidden slot inside the cell. Both girls fell exhausted on to the bed.

A short time later the girls were awoken by a panel sliding open in the back of their cell. On it were two outfits with their names on them and instructions to put them on immediately. Jena, who had dark skin the color of wild Nerfs, had a white lace bra, panty and fishnet stockings. Lisi, whose skin was the color of Ice Wampas, had a matching outfit all in black. The two girls quickly stripped out of their clothes and dressed in the sexy outfits and without a word fell back asleep on their hard metal bed.

Before long the cell door slid open and in strode the masked figure from before.

“I’m Kylo Ren, your new master.”

He waved his hand through the air and both Lisi’s and Jena’s panties fell to the floor. They both stood there shivering, but couldn’t help but feel a secret thrilling feeling and could feel their clitties begin to drip. Without a word, Kylo pulled his enormous cock from beneath his robes. Neither Jena or Lisi could help themselves. They felt compelled to kneel before this mysterious warrior and immediately began licking, sucking, stroking and fondling his massive member which began hardening and lengthening. Pre-cum dripped freely from his now 12 inch long cock. Both girls took turns licking his sweet cream and shared cock filled kisses as they slurped licked and gagged on his huge hot hard dick.

Jena took one side and Lisi took the other, alternately licking up and down his hard massive member. Lisi started licking his balls as Jena took his dick deep down her throat. Jena reached down to fondle his balls as she pulled Lisi up to kiss her with Kylo’s hardness in between their wet lips. Both girls moaned as they felt his cock slide between their lips and tongues.

Without warning his cock erupted with a huge hot load of creamy cum onto their waiting tongues. His meaty cock kept spurting for what seemed like hours and both girls greedily licked up every drop.

Jena looked into Lisi’s eyes and bent over to kiss her hard, cum spilling from her lips onto hers. Both shared a wet hot passionate kiss as his creamy load slid between the two. Lisi licked a glob from Jena’s tongue and sticky cum slipped back and forth between their creamy mouths. Moans filled the cell as the two girls pulled each other even tighter as sperm spilled between their hot lips.

Kylo waved his hand once more and activated the intercom attached to his collar.

“FN-2169, report with your squad to detention cell 2187.”

Moments later the door slid open and a full squad of white armored First Order storm troopers filed into the tiny room. Without even removing their helmets, the troopers pulled massive members from beneath their white armor and circled the two girls who were still drooling hot globs of spunk back and forth between two sets of wet lips. The troopers roughly pulled the two girls apart leaving trails of jizz dripping from flushed faces. Hard hands pulled on the girls shoulders and re-positioned them back to back. Lisi reached back to slide her fingers into her friends soft hands and held tightly as the first of many First Order cocks was thrust into their wet mouths.

It was almost as if a light switch had turned on somewhere deep inside their bodies. The two girls knelt before the squad of troopers, legs spread and eyes looking up with primal lust at the huge hard dicks of the squad before them. The girls had never even seen so many cocks in one place, yet felt compelled to service every one of them. And service they did! As one trooper slid his rock hard member into Jena’s still sloppy sticky mouth she felt as well as heard Lisi gasp, then shiver behind her and she took a trooper’s cock so very deep down her throat. Two more stepped up to either side of each girl, and they reluctantly let go of each others hands to reach up to stroke and fondle the rock hard cocks before them. Both girls had First Order cock in their mouths and in each hand. Soft sexy moans once again echoed through the cell as cock slid deeper and deeper impaling the girls throats with their hot hardness.

Kylo waved his hand in the air. The two girls began to levitate in the middle of the cell! Neither girl let go of the cocks as they rose a meter in the air just high enough for two more troopers to slide in behind them. The girls felt their legs spread, a glob of spit on their puckered holes and without warning felt trooper dick slide deep inside their quivering pussies.

“Uhhhh!!”, was all Lisi had time to moan as the trooper began to pound her hole mercilessly.

“Fuckkk..”, Jena managed to stutter as First Order dick slammed into her tight cunt. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she had never felt such intense pleasure in her entire life. Her tongue lapped away as the trooper began to fuck her mouth like a wet sloppy pussy. Her hands softly stroked the two cocks even as the trooper behind her slid deeper and deeper inside her making her spasm in heat.

Lisi screamed as hot First Order cum flooded her pussy, filled her sloppy mouth and each trooper erupted over her soft hands. A nano-second later, she heard Jena begin to wail as hot creamy gooey trooper spunk filled her every wet hole. The other troopers standing guard whipped out their cocks and began spurting their hot seed all over the writhing girls bodies.

Kylo mumbled something under his mask and the two girls fell to the floor, cum oozing, dripping and sliding off ever inch of their bodies. The door to the cell slid open and Kylo and his minions departed the cell without a word, leaving the girls moaning and twitching on the cell floor.

Jena moaned as she felt Lisi’s wet tongue on her soft but sticky body, greedily lapping up every last drop of cum. Jena was doing the same, her tongue snaking over every inch of Lisi’s soft sexy body making certain she got deep into every crack and crevice slurping up the pools of hot creamy First Order sperm. With huge mouthfuls of gooey spunk, they pulled each other close, their bodies pressed tightly up against each other as they shared hot nasty gooey cum filled tongue kisses.

Lisi opened her mouth wide to show Jena the pool of jizz on her tongue and gargled as Jena slowly dripped her load into Lisi’s mouth, adding to the already huge load. Jena’s tongue slid into Lisi’s open mouth lapping away at the pool of cum Lisi held in her mouth. Their tongues pressed against each other as hot cum oozed back and forth.

Jena’s clitty twitched as she watched Lisi slowly swallow her huge load and oozed herself as she felt the creamy load slowly slide down her throat and fill her belly. “I could live on cum alone”, she thought to herself as warmth flooded her belly.

Lisi wasn’t finished. She slid down Jena’s sticky body so they could slide into a sexy 69. Her tongue licked greedily over the tip of Jena’s clit, slurping up the sweet cream that was dripping freely from Jena’s rock hard clit. Jena’s dripping mouth engulfed the tip of Lisi’s girl cock now oozing gooey pre cum. Jena’s tongue slid underneath her clit as she slid down, down, down Lisi’s cock all the way to the base and slid under her soft balls. After a few moments, both girls simultaneously erupted in each others wet mouths and they pulled each other close for yet another gooey, sloppy creamy spunk filled kiss.

It was hard to tell day from night from inside their dark metal cell. At some point Jena woke to see her friend still sleeping peacefully next to her. Despite the fact they were imprisoned on a ship only the Maker knows how far away from their home planet, she felt that familiar tingle slink up her thighs. Jena’s dark brown eyes roamed over her friend’s sexy body and lingered on Lisi’s plump parted lips. She couldn’t help herself and began to softly kiss her soft lips.

A soft moan came from her sexy friends mouth and Jena instantly began to drip. The kisses became harder…full of hot passion..hands feeling, fondling and stroking each other’s soft bodies.

“Jena..” Lisi moaned. Jena quickly slid her body around so the two girls could suck each other in a hot 69. She began to lick the tip of Lisi’s hardness as hot honey began to drip freely. Jena felt Lisi’s tongue on her own hardening girl cock and almost came right then and there. Jena felt sweet cream leaking from her clit and felt hands slide up and around her ass as her friend began to suck and lick her way up and down her now rock hard clitty. Hands began to rub, touch, fondle and caress. Soft moans filled the room. Jena felt Lisi shudder as she slipped one…then two, and finally three fingers in her tight pussy. Jena could feel her own body quiver, then spasm and without warning, hot honey gushed from her girl cock into her friend’s warm, wet waiting mouth. A split second later, Lisi erupted into Jena’s hot mouth filling it with creamy spunk. With their wet mouths full of sweet girl cream the two girls slid around and shared hot wet sloppy passionate kisses full of hot creamy girl spunk. Sweet cream flowed between lips and tongues. Warm gooey girl juices passed from one mouth to the other. Jena’s eyes rolled back into her head as the last drops of sweet girl cum oozed into her mouth.

After another long day of getting mercilessly pounded by the minions of the First Order Jena and Lisi passed out in their cell not even bothering to clean off the globs of cum covering them. This time it was Lisi that woke up in the middle of the night. She looked over at her friends creamy cocoa body just glistening from a ray of light shining in from somewhere. Lisi felt the heat rise as her eyes fell upon Jena’s sexy long legs and luscious body. Jena’s creamy lips were slightly open as she slept and Lisi could not help herself. She planted a soft wet kiss on Jena’s juicy lips and before Lisi knew it Jena had pulled her close and slid her wet tongue deep inside Lisi’s mouth. Lisi almost creamed herself from the taste of her friends tongue against hers. Hands slid over soft bodies and moans filled the room. Jena’s tongue slid deeper down her throat and she spread her legs so she could wrap them around Lisi who by now was softly moaning.

Jena’s hands slid up Lisi’s tight ass up her back and began fondling her hair as their kisses intensified. Lisi’s hands were full of Jena’s soft breasts and eventually her wet tongue was lapping away at Jenn’s now rock hard nipples. Lisi spun herself around and licked her way down Jena’s tight belly down to her girl cock straining at her panties. As Lisi reached inside the panties to pull out Jena’s creamy cocoa cock she gasped as she felt Jena’s tongue lick the tip of her already dripping shecock. As Jena softly licked Lisi’s dripping cock, Lisi took Jena’s cock deep down her throat. She moaned as she felt it get hard as durasteel in her wet mouth.

It didn’t take long before both girls erupted in each others mouth. Cum still leaking out of her mouth, Lisi came back up to share the creamy load with her friend. They shared hot wet passionate juicy spunk filled kisses until they both passed out from the pleasure.

Seconds later the cell door flew open and harsh lights filled the room. Jena and Lisi both sat up in shock as their new master, Kylo Ren strode in the room with his jet back mask on. Behind him was a figure clad in armor similar in style to the white armored troopers that regularly pumped the girls full of hot First Order cum yet this one’s armor was shiny silver.

“Meet Phasma. Your new Mistress.”

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