Sex A’ La Potato
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It was in the early 70’s when I first met my wife. I saw her running down the beach that ran in front of my recently remodeled home. She was lean and supple in her string bikini. That first night, after she accepted my offer to have dinner, we made passionate love. She was a sexual maniac.

She stood in front of me and slowly stripped her clothing off as I sat on the bed yanking my own chain. She walked to the bed slipping her own fingers between her wet dripping lips. She wouldn’t let me touch her as she laid down besides me. She spread her legs invitingly and continued to slip her fingers down her swollen wet lips. She reached over and allowed me to taste her vintage from her fingers. I rolled over and straddled my head between her firm legs. I sucked at her hot juices as I tongued her clit. She moaned and held my head tight, not wanting me to move from the area. The secret of great sex is knowing where your women’s zone is. Once that area is aroused she is butter in your hands. As her excitement grew so did mine. I felt it pounding as it got harder. It became slightly uncomfortable as I continued eating her pussy, but I wasn’t willing to pull away just yet. I continued eating her as I reached up and played with her firm large breasts. I am a breast man… That is the first thing I notice on a women! If she doesn’t have firm large perky breasts, I don’t even waste my time talking with her… Amy turned on her side, pulling my head up to greet her own. We wrapped each other into our arms. We kissed and suckled each and every square inch of our skin. I pulled each breast into my mouth and sucked the nipples to hardness. Finally when I bored into her, she was dripping wet and very ready. I rode her hard and long, deepening my strokes. On that first night, we orgasmed together and often. Fucking her was like playing a fine tuned instrument. Our lean bodies sliding against each other… Wow, there is nothing like it!

As I held her in my arms, I knew at that moment she was mine for life. Even 20 years later, I look over to the women sharing my bed and know that I have married the right women. But 20 years is a long time and we have both become so wrapped up in our lives, both professional and personal that we have forgotten to take care of our elegant sexy bodies. I look down at my own stomach and see a rolling belly that seemed to spring forth over night. One night my stomach was flat like a washboard and the next moment I noticed my pants didn’t fit. Though in reality it hadn’t happened over night. It happened as the years slipped by us. My wife’s body went with gravity too! Her breasts were no longer firm, but dog eared rubbing against her protruding belly. We had decided not to have kids. Therefore, pregnancy couldn’t be used as an excuse. With our sagging bodies, sex became a distant memory versus a nightly occurrence. I could still get it up, but what was the use. We bounced together like two jelly bellies versus the lean cats we were.

You say exercise… get thin… It isn’t that easy! We first went to a gym together and started working out. Even after a year we didn’t see the results we were looking for. Her belly and breasts still sagged! And I was unable to loose my “love handles” no matter how many sit-ups and pulldowns I did! That is when we sought out the Cosmetic Surgery. My wife had seen an advertisement for Cosmetic Surgery and brought it to my attention. Initially both of us were a little “put off” seeking Cosmetic Surgery to solve our belly problems. Together, after long deliberations, we decided to just go for an initial visit and see exactly what the Cosmetic Surgery could do for us. We were amazed how easy and accessible our new bodies were…

Due to my overbearing work schedule, we decided that Amy went first. She had liposuction done to her stomach, ass, and back. It took her 6 weeks to heal completely, but the results were amazing! She has a firmer flatter stomach now, then the first time I met her! Sex is again a joy as I run my hands over her firm body. She even had the excess fat removed between her legs. When she opens her legs to me I can feel her firm wet kingdom without any obstructions! After her period of recovery I went in and had those stubborn “love handles” removed, along with my protruding stomach. I saw the result immediately even though I was a bit swollen…

The difference in our lives is tremendous! As I was in the process of recovering, Amy went back and had her breasts firmed. Today she wears a similar string bikini as we walk the beach front. Sex… wow has our sex life improved! I feel like I am sixteen again and can go on for ever… We no longer have bulging stomachs getting in our way. Besides, Amy is so sexy I can not keep my hands off of her! We were in a restaurant together the other day and I watched as her breasts gently bounced as she talked and moved. I slipped my chair closer to hers and reached over cupping one of her firm breasts into the palm of my hand. She was so firm and yet amazingly soft and real… She too looked very excited. We both left the table for a few minutes and checked out the bathroom in the back. It was simply one room. We entered the room and closed the door making sure it was secure. I groped my wife and pulled up her skirt revealing her moist panties. I pulled down her panties, accidentally ripping them in my eagerness… She was so wet and fine… Her pink lips protruded with her excitement as I slipped between her lips penetrating her deeply. I slammed her against the wall riding her hard and wild. She wrapped her long lean legs around my waist, as I held her skirt up. I pumped her up and in as we rode in pleasure. She held my shoulders and I continued fucking her. I pulled her firm breasts from her bra and sucked and nibbled on her nipples. Her tits are really fine. After dumping a second load, we finally agreed it was time to get back to our table. Amy balled up the ruined panties and threw them into the garbage can. That day was wonderful… I knew she was not wearing any panties! She kept reminding me that her pussy was so hot and wet… We fucked like young rabbits every opportunity we got!

Though the fat was sucked out, there is a possibility with poor eating and lack of exercise that it may come back. With Amy and I that is not even a possibility… We fuck and play so much, it is like we are newly weds! We have even started discussing fucking others…. Cosmetic Surgery not only remolded our flabby bodies building lean new ones… But they also gave my wife and I a new lease on life! After 20 years of marriage, we fuck every chance we get! I can’t imagine how I survived a day without fucking her before…

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