Disco club
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We can hear the music thumping from inside the club, and the coloured light coming through the windows turns the street into a rainbow. There are people wandering about, having drunken conversations, perhaps pondering their own private thoughts. We don’t notice them or the flashing lights. We are moving to the bass rhythms as it beats against the wall you’re leaning on. Barely hidden by the darkness, I have already made easy work of your clothes. You delight in the cool breeze, my warm breath, and satin dress caressing your naked skin.

This moment had been a long time in arriving. As we danced in the pressing throng of flesh on the dance floor, I could feel your hardness rising. You licked the sweat from between my breasts, sending a heat wave down to my toes and back up to that spot which was getting wetter by the second. Finally, we couldn’t bear to hold back any longer. I pulled you through the crowd, feeling you press against my back as we fought our way outside. God, I almost threw you down right there except the crowd parted and we were free.

I use my lips to kiss, lick, tease your neck, jaw line, and chin. Your lips eagerly connect with mine, our tongues clash and probe – the passion horse has bolted, and there’s no stopping this wild one.

I force myself to break away and look into your eyes, our breathing rapid and shallow. You slip the straps of my dress down, revealing the curves of my full breasts and nipples so hard you can’t help but lick them. You take one into your mouth and I arch my head backwards, pressing my pelvis against yours. One of your hands slowly moves up my thigh, under my dress.

I move slightly and your hand finds the place it was seeking. Oh, so hot, and hungry. I gasp and push against your hand, your teeth and tongue teasing my nipple and breast. Through willpower alone I push your hand away and stand upright again. Before you can say anything, my hand is clasped around your shaft and we are kissing passionately.

My hand slowly begins to move up, up to the tip and back, oh so slowly, down. The other hand tweaks one of your nipples, caresses your fine torso. You can feel my breasts moving down your body as I take a nipple into my mouth, all the while feeling your response through your penis. My tongue flicks, my mouth sucks on your nipple, but already I am moving down again.

I can feel you tense with anticipation. Mmmm, I lick the base of your cock and follow my hand up the shaft to the tip, taking it into the cavern of my mouth. Now you gasp as I take you in whole, licking and sucking all the way. I gently fondle your balls, slowly withdrawing, tantalising, every throbbing inch of your manhood.

I look up at you while gently sucking, stroking, licking, and I see you watching me. With a kiss I stand, wrapping a leg around your body. You pull me towards you. We move together, our pleasure centres seeming to have a life of their own. My strength gives way, and I take you down to the grass with me…

On the grass my nipples shine in the moonlight from the marks your hot mouth and tongue left on them. I entwine my fingers in your hair as you begin to kiss down my neck. You run your tongue inbetween my breasts, gently twisting my nipples on your way down. My back arches and I moan, pushing your head further down. You know what I want, but you make me wait, anticipation rising in me like lava.

Still working your way down with a trail of licks and kisses, you stop at my navel. You gently run your tongue around it. Sliding your hands down from my full breasts, you run your fingers down the sides of my tense body to my hips, and loop your thumbs under the strap of my G-string. I raise my hips into the air, encouraging you to slide them off. You look into my eyes. No words are needed, you know what I want, but you’re determined to madden me with desire.

You lower your head again, still kissing and licking with the occasional gentle bite. The smell of the wet grass mixes with the scent of the moistness that lies just below your nose. Your own manhood stirs with each heartbeat.

I spread my trembling legs; I pray that you can’t wait any longer to taste me. You run your tongue up the inside of my thigh, and it comes to what it has been seeking. I take a handful of hair as you run the tip of your tongue over the wet swollen lips of my sex, up to the button, but you gently blow on it instead. My back arches and I pull your face onto me, your tongue going inside me. The nectar starts to run down your chin, as you swirl the muscle inside. Replacing it with a finger, you start to pay attention to another spot, flicking it with your tongue, all the time sliding your finger in and out. My moans are replaced by a low growl,

“I want you, please take me, take me now!”

You come back up to me and I kiss you hard, darting my tongue into your mouth. You suck on it while I wrap your legs around your ass. You reach down and take hold of your dick, rubbing it against my wet opening. I try to push up and against you, but you pull away, and play again. My patience has been overpowered and I pull you onto me.

No encouragement needed, you push past my swollen lips and my muscles start to grip you. You’re inside me now. The intense warmth and moisture makes you groan, pushing until I am full of you. You withdraw slightly, only to return with greater vigour. Our pelvises grind together, as I lock my legs behind your back and bite at your shoulder, my fingernails raking up your delicious back.

A hot warmth rises in you but you won’t succumb, not yet because this is going to last…

We roll together while you’re still inside me, the rhythm broken only for a moment. The moonlight dances in my shining eyes as I sit astride you, riding you. I bend down onto my hands, face to face, and delight in the quiet moans escaping your lips. The pace slows as I slowly withdraw from you until just the tip of your raging hardon rests on my G-spot. The muscles there contract, and you slide back into the velvet glove that is my womanhood. I manage to repeat this once more before you push my hips down, enveloping yourself with me, and roll our joined form onto my back.

The pace becomes frantic, sweat sheens on your skin and I claw at the grass. You hook your arms behind my knees so my legs rest on your shoulders. I can feel your member engorging, and we rise to the crescendo. Your head is thrown back as our entire bodies spasm amid primal grunts and moans. Waves of pleasure inundate our bodies. The release is breath taking for both of us.

You let me go and we kiss briefly. I can taste passion, sweat, and a hint of my own musk. For a moment I am unwilling and certainly unable to release you, but slowly you withdraw and lie on the grass next to me.

There is no time for relaxing however, since we could be found out by security at any moment. I slip on my dress, blow you a kiss, and disappear into the darkness. You hurriedly collect your clothes and put them on. It’s then that you notice something lying in the grass. It’s my G-string, cast aside seemingly hours before. You pick up the panties and can’t help but take a deep inhalation of them, delighting in the aroma of our passion, sensing my anticipation for more.

A key chain glitters near by. The tag on it has a large number on one side, and an address on the other…my hotel room key. As you button your shirt and prepare to continue the night, you think of future adventures, and smile…

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