Mistress of the Harcore Fuck
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It was a dark and stormy night. Calvin just got back from running 3 miles. He was so exhausted that he felt like he could just faint on the floor. After running in the house from his car, he hung up his soggy jacket and hat. Next, he took off his boots and pants. He was bare naked in his own house, which he lived alone in and he threw all of his wet clothes in the washing machine.
Walking around buck naked in his own central heated home felt like the most comfortable thing in the world to Calvin. His penis was hanging so it wasn’t limp and it wasn’t hard. He felt free as a bird.
Suddenly, Calvin remembered the woman he saw running in the park he was running in she was fine looking and she was a milf. He got an erection a little and his penis muscles flinched. Up and down his penis went and he watched it in amazement. Calvin then sat down on his comfortable brown Louie Vetan sofa and turned on the playboy channel. The scene was of two guys on one girl so he changed it to mtv. The Britney Spears video, toxic, was on and his dick bobbed up and down again until it became hard.
Just as his penis was stone hard, he heard his front door open and close. Calvin got so scared because he was the only one who lived in his house. He ran to get his katana on the top of his fireplace and he ran to the front door.
When he got to the front door, he saw a slender figure in the darkness, lightning flashed and he saw it was the girl from the park. She said…
“Wow you have a big sword.”
“Ugh errrr…..sorry, you startled me, I didn’t expect anyone”, Calvin said.
The woman was 5’7, 40 year old woman with low hanging breasts to about her mid stomach, they were all natural and they were big, about size D cups. She was wearing a black sweater and orange sweat pants. Her hair was dirty blond and was short enough to just touch the bottom of her ears. Calvin then asked
“Why have you come to my house?”
“You dropped this paper running I didn’t know if it was important” the woman said.
“Oh! This is paper has my bank password on it. Thank you so much” said Calvin
“No problem, uh I guess I should go, I didn’t know you were naked.”
“Okay I’ll see you around” Calvin said.
But as she was leaving Calvin said wait and he grabbed at her sweater. The woman’s sweater ripped and Calvin apologized a million times.
“I’ll buy you a new sweater for $500″ said Calvin
“Oh, it’s cool” said the girl, “It’s okay I was hoping you would make me more comfortable like you”
Calvin was astonished at the comment and ripped off the rest of her clothes. He grabbed her face and started licking her lips and he slid his tongue in her inexperienced mouth. He licked roof of her mouth and played with her tongue with his. He felt all around her mouth and made sure his tongue got every nook and cranny.
Next, Calvin grabbed her plump ass and pulled her close to his body so her stomach was rubbing against his hard erect penis. Now, the woman took control and started making out with Calvin like no one ever had with him before.
Instantaneously she pushed him on his warm wooden floor and she grabbed his hard on with her left hand. She sat on his cock backwards and started to move from left to right on it. He felt her pussy convulsing on his penis. Just being in her made her squirt all over his dick and nuts.
Calvin was amazed at how good this girl was at sex. She started moving back and forth on Calvin riding him from his belly button to his lower thighs. She moved back and forth like she was doing the crab walk forward and backwards.
Next, the woman got off Calvin’s hard on and slid with her soaking pussy back on his massive 6 inch cock. Her huge ass was cupping his nuts and he loved it. Next, she did something Calvin least expected. She dirty talked liked she wanted his hard penis more than anything in the world.
“Ohhhh, you like my tight pussy?” she asked. “You like my shaved, tight, mature cunt eating your dick?”
The whole time Calvin wasn’t talking he just breathed hard.
“Ooooooh baby…..ooooh baby.. That’s it make me cum. You are a bad boy. I want your rock hard cock. Cum in me. Come on, cum in my lonely pussy.”
“Calvin’s ass got so tight and he had a mental high. With her pussy she squeezed on his cock and Calvin’s penis ejaculated cum all in her cunt. After he was done cumming in her, they had hot passionate sex for another half an hour.
When they stopped fucking and got their clothes on, The girl said she would see Calvin in the park probably and Calvin said it was a date. She looked back in a questioning manner and Calvin closed the door in her face. He smiled and went to get a nice smoke.

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