The Cuckold conference
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It had been about six months since my night at the Breakers and while Mike and I had been to a few lifestyle parties since that night, there hadn’t been a chance to explore the hotwifing side of things. That was about to change as I was heading out of town for a four-day conference in Salt Lake City. I consider myself the adventurous type, so I turned down the offer to share a room in a downtown hotel that a co-worker offered. I instead opted to look for my accommodations on AirBNB with the hope of finding a place that would give me more of a local feel for the city.

After many hours of investigating, I settled on a room in a small, but well maintained Victorian home just outside the center of the city. It was in a trendy neighborhood and the house had lots of great reviews. The owner was listed as a single guy, but there were quite a few five star reviews from woman who had stayed there, so I figured it was safe. When I told Mike about it, he didn’t seem to think anything of the fact that I would be sharing a house with a strange man for three nights, barely acknowledging the unusual arrangements I had made.

Mike and I had been going through a really great time since the night of at the Breakers and had been having lots of incredible sex together, so my sex drive had been in high gear for quite a while and I was getting used to getting laid at least three or four times a week. Even that hadn’t been enough for me and I was rubbing one out almost everyday, even on days that we had sex. I was especially enjoying masturbating when Mike came inside me and I could use his cum as lube. My thoughts were always of that night and usually of Bobby and his perfect cock.

The flight was long with a connection in Dallas, so when I finally arrived at my temporary home, I was completely exhausted and in desperate need of a hot shower. Jeff, the owner of the house and my host for the next few days greeted me with a big smile and firm handshake.
“Hi, you must be Allie. I’m Jeff, welcome to mi casa.”
Jeff looked to be in his late twenties, he was tall; over six feet with a strong muscular build.
“That’s me,” I replied.
“Your room is at the top of stairs and to the left, but let me take your bag up for you and I’ll show you around a bit.”
As I followed him up the steps, I couldn’t help notice his firm ass flexing under the weight of my bag.

“The bathroom is to the right of the stairs and there’s another bedroom next to that. I rent that one our as well. It’s vacant tonight but I do have a guy coming in for the weekend.”
I started getting a little nervous about being in the house with two strange men now. He must have picked up on the look on my face.
“Don’t worry, he’s a friend of mine, a really good guy. He comes in from San Fran about once a month to go rock climbing in the desert. Oh, and by the way, I’m a cop, so I can guarantee you’ll be safe during your stay here,” he said with a sexy little smile.

“OK, I guess,” I said. “Thanks for carrying my back. I’m really beat and what I really need is a hot shower and a warm bed. Are there fresh towels in the bath?”
“Yep, a fresh set is waiting for you on the vanity. Your stay also includes a complimentary glass of wine upon your arrival. Do you prefer red or white?”
“Red, that will be wonderful after my shower.”
“You got it,” said Jeff as he disappeared down the stairs.

Not only was there a full towel set waiting for me, but there was also a freshly pressed rob, a nice touch I thought for a BNB.

The shower felt wonderful on my aching back and shoulders. Five hours in economy seats can make you feel like a twisted pretzel. After my very long shower, I dried off in the bath and slipped on a thong and wrapped the robe around tightly, not knowing for sure what was on the other side of the bathroom door.

I felt silly as I opened it and found no one there as my imagination had predicted. I walked down the hall and into my room to find the glass of red wine on the nightstand and the bed turned down with a mint on the pillow. Jeff was definitely worthy of the great reviews that he received.

I lay back on the bed and enjoyed the warming sensation as the red wine worked it’s magic. Mediation music played from a small speaker on the dresser, yet another nice touch from my host. I was feeling very secure and relaxed as I slipped under the covers and quickly fell asleep.

I woke at 6:30 the next morning with my robe lying on the floor next to the bed. I must have taken it off during the night, but had no recollection of doing so. I had never stayed in a BNB, if that’s what you called this new house sharing arrangement, and wasn’t quite sure how things worked. I could faintly hear sounds coming from downstairs so I decided to head down to see how the second half of the BNB equation, breakfast, was coming along. I put my robe back on and headed to the kitchen.

I found Jeff in the kitchen, quickly setting out a small continental breakfast, but I wasn’t quite prepared for what he was wearing.
He was dress in a police uniform, but he looked more like he was ready to go to war. He was wearing black camlafloge pants and with black army style boots, a tight short-sleeved shirt that showed his nice bicep muscles with a black vest over top, and a large gun strapped to his hip.

“Good morning,” he said as I walked into the kitchen. “Hope the uniform didn’t scare you, I have SWAT drills today.”

“Not quite what I was expecting this early in the morning, but I’m good,” I replied.
As far as I can remember, I’ve never had a thing for men in uniform, but I hadn’t ever given it too much thought either. And as for cops, most of my experiences with them involved me ending up in traffic court. But this, this was a whole new ball game. I don’t think I’d ever been in the presence of a man that exuded such power and masculinity. It made my knees a little weak.

“The coffee’s ready and there are fresh bagels over there,” he said, pointing to the dining room table. “I gotta run, so help yourself.”

was standing in the doorway as he passed by me on his way out the front door. Just the slightest touch as he brushed by took my breath away and I immediately felt a warm flush pass over by entire body. As I stood there, in just my panties and a robe, I couldn’t help but wonder what the fuck had just happened. His scent was still lingering in the air and I felt intoxicated by it as I drew a deep breath, trying to get my head back on straight.

“Have a great day Allie, enjoy your conference,” he said over his shoulder as he walk out the front door. “I’ll be back tonight by 7:00 o’clock or so. Text me if you need anything.”

I stood in the doorway, not quite ready to move, and watched through the window as he climbed into his truck and drove away. I slowly walked over to the coffee maker and poured myself a large mug, walked through the dining room and grabbed a bagel, went to my room and closed the door behind me, put the coffee and bagel on the dresser, took off my robe and panties and laid naked on the bed. It took me less than thirty seconds of playing with my soaking wet pussy before I convulsed into a massive, bed quaking, orgasm.

The conference lasted most of the day and I accepted an invite to a cocktail party afterwards. I had a few glasses of wine and was feeling pretty buzzed by the time I made it back to the house around 9:00. As I walked in, I noticed Jeff and another guy sitting in the living room, having a few beers.

“Hey Allie, how was the conference,” Jeff said from the couch.

“It was great,” I replied. “How were your SWAT drills.”

“Exhausting. Come in,” he said as he jester me into the living room, “I’d like you to meet my buddy Tom. He’s the one I mentioned last night.”

“Hi Tom, I’m Allie,” I said as I moved towards the couch to shake his hand.
As he began to stand up, I was shocked that he seemed to keep going up and up. He was really tall, I estimated him at about 6’7”. I’m 5’9”, so I’m not really used to being towered over by too many guys, but this guy made me feel like a little girl. He had a slim but muscular build, like, well a rock climber I thought as I remembered Jeff telling me his reason for coming to town.

“Hi Allie, nice to meet you. Would you like to join us for a beer or glass of wine?”

“Ah, sure. A glass of red if it’s not too much trouble,” I heard myself responding.

“No trouble at all,” said Jeff as he got up and headed for the kitchen.

Tom was still standing, apparently waiting for me to take a seat. I sat on a chair next to the couch, opposite the chair Jeff had been occupying moments before.

“Looks like it’s a nice casual conference,” Tom said as we both sat down.
The conference was of a holistic nature, so yoga pants with a sports bar and tee shirt were the standard attire.

“Yeah, kind of a crunchy granola group,” I replied. “So, Jeff mentioned you come to town to rock climb. Don’t they have rocks in San Francisco?”

“Some,” Tom laughingly replied, “but not the kind that are good for climbing,”
Jeff returned with my glass of wine and we sat and made small talk for the next hour or so.

“Well Allie,” Jeff started somewhat nervously, “we’re going to hit the Jacuzzi out back if you’d like to join us.”

What, a Jacuzzi? I had read all the information about the places I was considering staying and don’t remember any mention of a Jacuzzi.

“A Jacuzzi? I don’t remember anything about that on the website or I would have brought a bathing suit,” I said in a slightly desperate voice.

“It’s for private use only so I don’t mention it on the website. It’s kind of hidden out back behind the garage,” Jeff explained.

“A sports bra and panties are pretty much the same thing as a bathing suit,” Tom quipped “and we promise not to peak if you don’t.”

“Who wears bathing suits in a Jacuzzi anyway,” laughed Jeff. I guess this was his way of telling me that they would be going au natural.

I sat silently looking at these two hot looking young guys for a few moments, weighing the possible options and probable outcomes. An uncomfortable silence began to build.

“It’ll be fine Allie, we know you’re married. Nothing will happen, just a nice relaxing time with some new friends,” said Tom, as he reached over and put his hand on my knee.

“Hey, hands off of her Tom,” Jeff bellowed in a very official voice. “No pressure Allie, we’re heading out, come join us if your up for it.”

I was left alone in the living room, fairly drunk, trying to decide weather I should go upstairs and get a good night sleep or go outside and get something completely different. Call me a slut but I already knew what my decision was, I just wanted to wait a minute or two to make it look like it was a tough call. I refilled my wine glass from the bottle on the kitchen table as I headed out the back door.

Turning the corner of the garage, I saw a small shed like building that housed the Jacuzzi. It had a roof and smoked glass walls with a double door as an entrance. I opened the door and found the boys already enjoying the steaming hot water with the jets going full bore.

“We were hoping you’d join us,” said Jeff, “get in, the waters perfect, 104 degrees.”

I just smiled and they both turned their gaze slightly away as I started to take off my shirt and pants. As I stood there, motionless in my sports bra and thong, they both turned back to see what was taking so long. I’m sure they were thinking that I was about to change my mind and leave. I momentarily looked them both in the eye, and then looked down at their clothes piled on the bench next to me.

“When in Salt Lake……,” I said with a grin as took off my bra and panties. Now, as naked as they were, I went up the three small steps and swung my leg over the edge and slid down into the pulsating water.

The Jacuzzi was maybe a four-person model, so we were pretty close together as I settled into my spot, with one guy on either side. I closed my thighs but my legs were still touching each of their legs in the center of the tub.

“Sweet,” Tom said as he watched me get in.

“Allie, your one smokin’ hot MILF,” said Jeff.

“Thanks”, I replied as I open my legs a bit and added some pressure to each of their legs on mine. “What about you Tom, do you think I’m a MILF as well?”

“Absolutely,” he responded.

“OK, so you both think I’m a MILF. Let’s break that down, M, I, L, F.” I was speaking like some of the presenters I had heard all day at the conference. “I am a mother, so we’re good there. Then there’s the ILF. It stands for ‘I’d like to fuck’, right?”

“Right,” they both spit out.

“So what you guys are saying is that you’d both like to fuck me, right?”

“Absolutely,” Tom replied again.

“Oh yeah,” Jeff said with a huge grin on his face.
As usual, once I’ve made up my mind to do something, I don’t see a need to beat around the bush.

“Good,” I said as I started rubbing each of their legs under the water, “because I’m a mother that likes to get fucked.”

They both slid closer to my side and positioned their cock’s right where my hand could reach. Tom was already a little hard, but Jeff needed some work.

“Stand up Jeff, let’s see your real gun.”

As he stood up, I was able to see his amazingly sculpted body; he had a great chest and six-pack abs. As his cock came out of the water and into view, I was a little disappointed to see it was about average, maybe slightly smaller.

“Shrinkage,” he said as he looked down at me.

“I think I can fix that,” I replied as I took his whole cock into my mouth and started sucking it down.

I still had Tom’s cock in my hand as it continued to grow. He must have been enjoying watching me suck Jeff’s cock because it kept growing and growing. My hand slipped off as he slid up and sat on the side of Jacuzzi. I had to see what had felt so large in my hand as I took a break from sucking Jeff’s cock to look over and see Tom stroking his massive erection.

“Wow Tom, that is one impressive cock you have there. Why don’t you stand next to your buddy over here and I’ll see if I can do it justice.”

I was still sitting down as they both moved their cocks towards my waiting mouth. It was a bit awkward and they each needed to slide a foot between my legs to move their hips in close. One foot, I wasn’t sure whose, was jammed against my pussy and I felt a large toe trying to toe fuck me.

I was working my way back and forth between their cocks but the positioning wasn’t good for any of us. So I stood up and got between them, facing Tom, I pushed him back until he was once again seated on the edge of the tub and I bent at the waist to started sucking his massive cock. This didn’t leave Jeff with many options as he started rubbing his cock up and down from my ass and to my pussy. I spread my legs as wide as the small area would allow and push back against him every time his cock was close to my pussy hole. I was making it clear that I wanted him to fuck me, but he took his time, slowly teasing me into a near frenzy.

When I couldn’t take it any longer, I put one foot up on the seat, spreading my legs further, and pushed back hard as his cock passed my pussy lips and he finally entered me.

Meanwhile, up at my head, I was working Tom’s cock and trying to take as much as I could down my throat. I pride myself on having no gag reflex and usually am able to deepthroat even the biggest cocks, but I could only fit about half of his cock in my mouth. I tried making up for it by using my hand in a twisting motion as I followed my mouth up and down his shaft.

Jeff was starting to pick up the pace, pounding his cock in me and I was having a bit of trouble working Tom’s cock with a proper blowjob. So I pushed my chest down further aligning myself perfectly to be spit roasted by their two big cocks.

Jeff and Tom picked up on the rhythm I was setting with Tom’s cock sliding into my mouth as Jeff’s cock was pulling out of my pussy, and then Jeff’s cock sliding into my pussy as Tom’s cock was pulling out of my mouth. They perfectly maintained the rhythm for longer than I thought possible and the longer it lasted the closer I was getting to my first orgasm. The only thing I needed was for them to start talking dirty to me, that’s what I really need to put me over the top.

“You like this guys,” I gasped as I momentarily removed the huge cock from my mouth, “am I being a good little slut for you?”

“Oh yeah,” Jeff said as he gave my ass a sharp slap, “our slutty little MILF”.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned on Tom’s cock.

“Our weekend slut,” Tom growled, “you better get used to it, because we’re going to be fucking you all weekend.”

“We’re going to make you beg us for it, treat you like the slut you are,” Jeff panted as he started pounding me, breaking the rhythm, but sending me over the top and into a massive orgasm. Tom’s cock popped out of my mouth and I grabbed him around the waist and held on tightly as wave after wave ripped through my body.

They both held me above the water as I began to emerge out of my ecstasy. I was too hot to go back down into the water, so I moved to the side and sat on the edge. The boys sat on either side and caressed me gently; in direct contrast to the hard pounding they had just been giving me. I could see that they were both still hard and realized that neither of them had cum.

“Well guys, I’m about beat,” I began, “but I know I can’t leave you two in your current condition. How about we get out of this tub and you guys can jerk off on my face? A little bukkake action for you?”

“Fuck yeah,” Tom said as he quickly spun around and was already standing on the ground.

Jeff and I took the steps and got out of the tub and I found myself standing between them, stroking their cocks. When they were both fully hard again, I slid down to my knees and watched as they were both began jerking their cocks at my face, occasionally cock slapping me, and telling me what a dirty slut I was.

“You want our loads, don’t you, you little cum slut,” Tom growled at me.

“Yeah baby, give me your hot loads. I wanna feel them on my face,” I pleaded.
They were both furiously stroking their cocks and I knew they were both close to covering my face in hot cum.

“Open your mouth,” panted Jeff.

“Of yeah Jeff,” I said as I tilted my head back and opened my mouth wide, “I wanna taste your cum. Please cum in my mouth, I want it.”

With those last few words of encouragement, Jeff’s cock exploded onto my face and into my mouth. Rope after rope of his jiss covered me and I had to close my eyes as his cum ran down from my forehead. I swallowed the load that had landed in my mouth and then sucked on his dripping cock until he shuddered and pull it out, completely spent.

I could feel Tom still stroking his cock close to my face and I didn’t want to miss the sight of that enormous cock erupting. I used a fingernail to clear Jeff’s cum from around my eyes and opened them just in time to watch Tom’s face contort as his orgasm began.

“Open,” he grunted.

I opened my mouth just an inch or so from the tip of his cock and waited for his load. The first spurt went straight into my mouth and hit the back of my throat. I’ve swallowed a lot of cum in my life and handled what I thought were some pretty big loads, but his first spurt was as big as most guys’ entire loads. I put my hands on his thighs to keep my distance as rope after rope shot towards me, with one or two going into my hair or completely over my head. I watched mesmerized as his cock continued to fire ropes of cum at me, with each successive spurt landing further down my body, first covering my head and face, then my tits and finally dripping down onto my legs. From my head to my knees, I was now dripping in their cum.
I smiled a wicked grin at them.

“Jeff, do me a favor?” I said as I leaned back and let their cum continue to run down my body. “Get my phone out of my shirt pocket and take a few pics of me.”

“Really?” he replied.

“Yes, and please hurry, cum doesn’t look like this for very long.”

He grabbed my phone and handed it to me to open the camera app.

“Ok, do it,” I commanded.

He started taking a few pictures, but was moving a little too slow.

“Get a close up of my face,” I said. “Tom, come over here and put that big dick in my mouth.”

“You want pictures of that too?” Jeff asked.

“Yes,” I said with a sense of urgency. “Take a few of his cock in my mouth, then I want pictures of both of your cocks in my face.”

Jeff did as I had asked and our little photo shoot came to an end. I grabbed a towel and wipe myself off, then got back in the Jacuzzi for a quick rinse. Tom and Jeff had both gotten dressed by time I step back out of the tub and I dried myself off and I stood naked between them.

“Well guys, that was a lot of fun, I always love unexpected pleasures.” I said as I gave them each a peck on the cheek.

“Allie, that was awesome,” said Tom.

“Yeah Allie, truly epic,” Jeff added.

“Alright, I have an early day tomorrow, so let’s head this party home for the night.” I said as I turned towards the door.

“Allie?” Jeff asked, stopping me in my tracks. I turned towards him. “Mind if I ask you a question?”

“Not as all, Jeff, what’s on your mind?” I responded.

“Well, aren’t you worried that your husband will find those pictures on your phone?” he asked with a sense of genuine concern.

I was touched by his obvious sense of caring. I walked over to him, put my hand gently on his face. “You’re a sweet guy Jeff, but who do you think those pictures are for?”

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