Becoming my wife
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Before we start, a little about me. I’m 28, 6foot2 and athletic. I’m married to a beautiful brunette, Michelle, and we live a normal life. Normal that is apart from I like to fantasize about being my wife. I like to imagine that I am my wife and that I’m having sex with other men. This might sound strange, but I don’t find men attractive at all and I would not want o have sex with a man, but when I am imagining myself as a woman, suddenly the thought of sucking or riding a cock is amazing.

Michelle would often have to go away for a week or two for work and I would usually take the opportunity to take a few days off myself. This time I had booked a full two weeks off so that I stay at home. I had always like to wear Michelle’s clothes when the opportunity arose, I would put a bra on, stuff some socks in the cups to pad them out, squeeze in to one of her looser dresses and imagine I was her getting fucked. With two weeks at home by myself I had decided to order some women’s clothes that I could wear, along with some larger high heels, some clip on hoop earrings and makeup so that I could really enjoy myself. most of the evening after she had left was spent with me on the computer ordering enough sexy outfits that I just knew I was going to have lots of fun. After a few hours or being fully aroused, I went to bed knowing that when the clothes arrived tomorrow I was in for a treat.

Little did I know what I would actually wake up to…

Let me explain what happed this morning.

Monday morning, the first morning of my two week break with just me in the house and, annoyingly, I wake up with the strangest headache. Waiting for my head to clear I reach down to my cock, as is normal in the morning, but in my half asleep daze something is off. I can’t feel my cock. slipping my hand under my boxers I can feel my pubes but certainly no dick until I feel something that doesn’t make sense. Sitting bolt upright and swinging my feet to the side facing the bedroom mirror, I don’t see myself. I see Michelle. Through the fog of just waking I immediately know that I must still be dreaming and slowly stand up to look at myself closer. Definitely Michelle down to every small freckle. I slowly take her, which is to say my, top off and admire her/my breasts. 34D, and truly amazing. They are not the reason I love her, but certainly the reason I first noticed her. I am used to having quite vivid dreams and not wanting to spoil this opportunity I quickly take her/my knickers off so that I can see her/my pussy. It’s just as I remember it from a few days ago. Short pubes , slightly parted lips. I decide to walk in to the bathroom when I trip and bang my toe which really fucking hurts. It hurts like the kind of pain that you would have if this wasn’t a dream and you had really banged your toe. It was at this point that I realised something was really strange. I was in a lot of pain from banging my toe, this was normal, albeit inconvenient. However, I was most definitely in my wife’s body. After an initial 30 seconds of wondering what the fuck had happened, came 30 seconds of wondering if I would actually ever see my wife again. I quickly messaged her and someone messaged me back from her phone using the kind of language that she would use. I could only imagine that the real Michelle was still out there. That was good. the real me wasn’t expected anyway for 2 weeks and considering the real me didn’t appear to be anywhere, that was also good. Then I realised that apart from not knowing how to get back to being me, I had two weeks to be Michelle. I suddenly had two weeks where I didn’t have to dress in oversized clothing and look like a 6foot2 guy in woman’s clothes. I had 2 weeks where I could be a woman and wear woman’s clothes.

I sat down and thought this through. I wouldn’t want to be spotted around town as to many people might recognise me/Michelle and I would find that hard to explain. So unless I wanted to stay inside all the time I would have to rent a place or get a hotel somewhere that I would not be recognised. I quickly tried talking, and it was Michelle’s voice that came out, so at least that was ok. I then thought of a test. I hate marmite but Michelle loves the stuff so I went to the kitchen, still naked, and tried some. I liked it. So whilst it was my mind, I seemed to enjoy the taste of things Michelle enjoyed. I wasn’t certain what that meant but with the way my thought process works I started thinking of Michelle never enjoying sucking cock and never wanting to have me cum in her mouth so I wondered if I would like it. My hand moved down to my crotch and I started unconsciously touching myself with this thought. I realised what I was doing and decided there and then that I was going to have some fun and that I would worry about what happens when Michelle gets back later.

I went online and booked a hotel room In Manchester for 7 nights from today. We knew no one up there so the chance of me meeting anyone that would recognise Michelle was incredibly low. I then had the experience of peeing sitting down, having a shower, drying my hair, doing makeup as best as I could and it was at this point that I appreciated my infrequent attempts before hand, and generally getting ready. I won’t lie I was incredibly turned on and it took all my will power not to start touching myself at multiple points during the process but in the end I was dressed in jeans and top, and ready for the long drive.

The drive and check in to the hotel flew by and I decided first of all that I was going to go shopping for clothes, it was mid afternoon in Manchester and this is where we begin.

I always found Michelle attractive, 5foot 6 with firm breasts, trim waist and a cute face I think most guys would find her attractive, but it wasn’t until I was walking around Manchester as a Michelle that I realised just how often guys looked at her. Considering I was wearing a pair of jeans, unflattering top and not exactly the best applied makeup there were plenty of single, groups and event guys with their own missus that I would catch looking at me. I couldn’t help but enjoy it and give coy smiles back. I suddenly realised that I was wearing Michelle’s engagement and wedding rings, I assumed the real Michelle must be wearing hers as well and for a few seconds I couldn’t work out how that was possible until I remembered that I was currently walking around in Michelle’s body and I stopped questions things. First of all I needed a handbag so bought a small girly pink one, why not. Then I decided to get my nails done and went for a French manicure. I wasn’t great at the girly chit chat but found it exhilarating speaking to the woman, like I was a spy or something.

I loved the long French nails, something that Michelle never did herself but always part of my fantasy. Next came some bracelets, I always liked girls with a few bangles, something about the noise they made whilst wanking you. I then bought some large hoop earrings, Michelle’s ears were pierced so that was a bonus. A few pairs of high heels, 1 red pair that I would classify as hooker heels, another strappy pair that were a bit more classy. A few dresses, some more slutty than others and all in all I had enough clothes to easily last me a week.

Back at the hotel I started to unpack everything and hang up the clothes. When everything was hanging up, I sat on the bed and suddenly it hit me. I hadn’t really thought about it before as I had just gone along with my thoughts, but whereas as a man I would dress up, cum, and be done. I knew that my actions today had been leading towards me not dressing up for myself, but coming to another city, going out and buying the clothes, I could go out in the evening dressed up. I could go to bars or clubs and without a doubt I could, in Michelle’s body, have sex. I couldn’t deny how turned on I was. Whether it was my mind or the body, I was horny as hell. I decided there and then that I was going to get dressed, go out, and most likely have sex. No one would ever know it was me or Michelle so what’s the harm. Somehow I had been given the chance to live out my fantasy and it would be wrong not to.

I had a shower and shaved my pubes tidy. Because no one would ever know me I decided I was going to dress like I always wanted Michelle to in my fantasies. I might as well live them out. I put my hair in pigtails, that reached down either side of my hair to about level with my breasts. large hoop earrings in my ears and did my makeup, nothing to special as Michelle did have a lovely cute looking face that looked good without too much makeup. She always looked much younger than she was to the point that she would still get ID’d. Sexy small knickers and matching bra that allowed a lot of cleavage to show and a tight red cocktail dress and red heels to finish it off.

Looking in the mirror I looked like a cross between a slutty school girl and high class hooker. Pretty much how I always fantasized about looking. I put the bracelets on my arms and decided to keep the wedding and engagement rings on. The thought of holding a cock with my left hand, engagement ring showing always got me off and now was my chance to live it.

I thought for tonight I would start in the hotel bar. It wasn’t exactly 5 star, but it wasn’t a dump either and I had already realised that walking in heels was going to take some getting used to. Strangely I didn’t seem to have any of my usual shyness or inhibitions and I knew that Michelle was not like this herself, so maybe it was just my strange situation but it was exhilarating. I sat at the bar and ordered a vodka and coke, not my favourite, but Michelle liked it so I assumed I would now. There were a few guys, possibly looking like there were hear on business and I certainly stood out in my short dress, heels and pigtails compared to the rest of the women who were generally in long skirts or trousers and work tops. Some of the looks from the women were not the most welcoming but none of the men seems to mind with everyone that made eye contact with me smiling.

I was just finishing my second drink, enjoying the swishing of my hair as I moved my head and the earrings against my cheek as a man sat next to me.

“Hi. May I get you a drink?” The stranger said as he looked across at me smiling.

“Sure, vodka and coke” I replied.

“My names Chris, I’m staying here tonight and could do with a couple of beers after the day I’ve had. Are you waiting for anyone?”

I hadn’t really come out with a game plan so I said the first thing to come to mind. “I was expecting to meet up with an old friend, but she couldn’t make it at the last minute so I was going to have a few then call it a night”

“Well, maybe we can keep each other company for a while then as the people I’m here with have all called in early.” Chris replies.

I look at Chris, noticing his well defined arms, athletic looking body and give him a little smile. “I’d like that”

We chit chat about nothing whilst I go through three more drinks and Chris four beers. The evening is moving on and whether it’s the drink or my excitement at what may happen tonight I start moving the conversation on. I can tell he is interested, why else would he still be here, but I know he has noticed my wedding ring.

“So my friend that didn’t show” I say “she has been having a hard time with her husband and we were going to go out and party. She wanted to get some attention, so she knew guys still found her attractive, you know? I think she chickened out at the last minute”

“If you don’t mind me saying Michelle, I don’t think your friend would have had any attention with you around. Your husband is a lucky guy” Chris says whilst looking over his drink.

“I wish you could tell him that” I say turning towards Chris “he’s always away on business and quite frankly tonight is the most fun I’ve had with a man in a long time.”

I place my hand on Chris’s knee which gets his attention before removing it swiftly as it I made a mistake. “I had better head up to my room, thank you for the drinks you have been brilliant company. Are you staying down or would you like to walk up with me”? I say the last part whilst looking directly in to Chris’s eyes to see if he catches my meaning.

“Yes, I’ll walk you up, need a hand?” Chris offers a hand to help me down from the bar stool which a take, but to his surprise I then don’t let go. I lock my fingers in his, and we start to make our way to the lift, neither of us saying anything. In the lift I can feel my heart pounding as I stand next to Chris, holding his hand, neither of us making eye contact. Chris can’t know my intent, whether I’m just drunk or the hand holding might mean more.

We get to my door and I open it. I move a step in to the room and then look back at Chris still holding his hand with our arms outstretched. We look in to each other’s eyes and I slightly tug my arm to indicate to Chris that I want him to come with me. My heart is pounding, I know that at this stage if Chris follows me in to the room that I will have sex with him. I will have sex with a man whilst in my wife’s body.

Chris holds for a second, obviously wanting to, but maybe not wanting to take advantage of what he assumes is a drunk, married woman.

“Please” I say, in almost a whisper.

That is all it takes for Chris to follow me in the room and close the door. Still holding hands I lead him to the middle of the room and gently guide him to the bed where he sits until I again gently push his chest until he is on his back with his legs of the side.

I stand for a moment looking down. I can feel the wetness in my pussy, I can feel my heart pounding in my chest and I have an uncontrollable need to kiss him. Keeping my eyes on his I straddle him with some urgency, my dress riding up so that I can feel him through his trousers under me. Just that feels like ecstasy. Chris moves his hands up to me and I let him pull me down on to him and our lips meet, his the strong masculine lips, my full feminine lips, our mouths opening to accept each others tongues. I feel his hands running over my back, pressing me in to him. My breasts are being squeezed in to his chest whilst I feel his hands move down to explore my bum which is barely covered by my knickers. Chris grabs my arse and I can’t help but start grinding on him, feelings already welling up inside me like nothing I have felt before, but I don’t want to orgasm like this. I release myself from the kiss and slide off Chris so that I am kneeling on the floor. I start to unbuckle Chris’s belt and trousers and pull them down.

I have lucked out, because in front of my is 8inches of thick cock standing proudly to attention.

“Oh my god” I say, quite to my own surprise. Suddenly I have an idea. “Chris, you know how I said I wish you would tell me husband that he was lucky? Will you record me for a minute?”

“Uh, I’m not sure that’s a good idea” Chris hesitates.

“I don’t want you to be in it, and I won’t actually send it to him, I just want to do it. for me”

“We’ll OK..”

I give Chris my phone, from his angle he can see my face behind his cock. I stare at the camera and take his girthy penis in my left hand, ensuring that the engagement and wedding rings are showing and then start stroking his cock. I can only just about get my fingers around his shaft and that is with me needing to take quite a firm grim. I see precum start to ooze from his eye and glancing up at Chris, who can’t take his eyes off me, I shuffle forward, slowly lick his shaft until I take the bead of precum on the tip of my tongue which leaves a trail between my lips and his cock. As I look in to the camera I slowly kiss his bellend and then take it in my mouth, my red lips around his swollen head. I hear Chris moan and put the phone down as he now has me sucking his dick to concentrate on. Suddenly the realisation that I am sucking cock hits me. I love it! I can’t believe how much I feel like I need to be doing this.

I start bobbing my head on his shaft, taking the top half in my mouth and my hand working the bottom with my other hand cupping his balls. I can feel that Chris is enjoying this and wanting to live out my fantasies I take one of my hands and find his and move his hand to my head trying to indicate that I want him to hold me. He gets the idea and takes my head in his hands as he starts to push me down further on to his cock with each movement. My head is bobbing furiously and I can feel my pigtails and earrings flying all over the place which arouses me more. I start trying to take as much of him in my mouth as possible, getting past the gag reflex until he must be quite some way down my throat. Chris hold my head there, with my throat muscles fighting against the intrusion effectively pulsating against his cock. I am in slut heaven right now, but I need him inside my pussy. In a brief interval when he is not holding my head I stand and with Chris watching slip out of my dress and bra, leaving my breasts heaving. Keeping my heels and knickers on I move towards Chris, straddling his now sloppy dick covered in my saliva and keeping eye contact move the knickers to the side revealing my soaked entrance. I line up his head until I can feel it just entering me and then I slowly, in one motion lower myself so that I have his engorged weapon fully inside me. I sit, impaled by his cock wondering if I have just had an orgasm as I cannot imagine a feeling more intense than that.

“You are incredible” Chris whispers.

“This is only the beginning” I say in the sluttiest voice I can manage.

I can feel my pussy starting to accommodate his girth and between my spit all over his cock, and how incredibly wet I am already it feels like his cock was designed specifically to please me.

I start to gently rock on him before slowly lifting up and down a few inches at a time. Needing more leverage I push him back on to the bed and bring my knees up either side of him so that I can start to bounce on his cock. I place my hands on his chest, his hands playing with my breasts, and I start to bounce, slowly at first before the urge builds inside me.

I reach back with both hands and grab the heels on my shoes, arching my back as Chris thrusts in and out of me like a piston from underneath whilst I reciprocate with my movement so every thrust up from Chris is meet with me coming down.

I can feel that I am starting to lose myself with my whole world being the sexual bliss that I am experiencing. Every thrust inside of me seems to be more pleasurable than the last and I do not want this to end.

I lean forward with my hands either side of Chris head and he takes a nipple in his mouth. He sucks on one and then the other before move down to kiss him and wrap my arms under his head. Our movements slow as we enjoy the kiss as I move my mouth to his ear.

“I want you on top of me Chris” I whisper in between kissing and biting his ear lobe. “I want you to fuck me like I’m your last fuck ever. Fuck me like the cheating slut that I am and fill me up with your cum. Make me your slut Chris”

Chris needs no further encouragement as he flips me over, eliciting a girly squeal , before he unexpectedly goes down on my pussy. His cock inside me is one thing, but having is tongue expertly work my clit is incredible and I grab his head with my hands to hold his face down. I love seeing the engagement ring on my finger as it amplifies the already incredibly intense feeling, and it make me remember my own pigtails and hoop earrings and bring me back to thinking how amazing an experience this is. I am not just dressed as a my wife and having a wank. I am my wife. A slutty version of my wife and my pussy is getting a proper seeing to!

“Oh my god, oh my god!!! Don’t stop baby. FUCKKK!!” I scream as an intense orgasm rips through my entire body.

The tongue lashing continues for what feels like forever as I grab on to Chris head, my own head arching backward and my whole body starts to shake.

“I need you inside me now” I somehow manage to pant out between recovery breaths.

Chris smiles at me, as he wipes my juices from his mouth, and he enter me in one motion up to his balls. my pussy feels so sensitive post orgasm, but my body needs that huge cock inside me. I lift my legs to accommodate Chris, and wrap my ankles around his waist so that I can draw him in to me on each thrust. I just have time to wonder if Michelle has these same feelings or if it my thoughts in her body that are doing this, but she is certainly not like this in the bedroom with me!. I need this cock to fuck me! And I only just came a minute ago!

I can feel Chris increasing his pace and know he must be close. I reach and take Chris fingers in mine and then move my hands either side of my head so Chris is in effect holding me down on the bed. I’m flat on my back, breasts bouncing with each thrust, legs wrapped around Chris strong body waiting to eagerly take his cum inside of me.

“Make me your cum slut Chris. Fill me up with your spunk” I say looking in to his eyes, our faces a few inches apart.

Chris stretches my arms so they are straight above my head and kisses me with a passion. He starts thrusting much faster, each time bottoming out inside me and making me moan in pleasure. Our tongues are dancing when, during a final few deep thrusts, Chris grunts and I feel Chris’s cock pulsate inside me, releasing wave after wave of cum. We continue kisses and Chris moves his hands from mine so I move one hand on to his head and the other across his neck and back holding him inside me.

The kiss continues and give me time to think. This was certainly the best sexual experience of my life. Getting fucked as a woman would have been good. Getting fucked as my wife and fulfilling my fantasies was incredible. I can’t believe how easily Michelle’s body took his cock and responded to him, but at the moment I don’t care as it was amazing for me.

As I lie there, kissing Chris, feeling his penis still hard inside me and the cum start to escape the best thought is that I have another two weeks to have fun!

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