Busted by the Lawnman
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I am by no means a great writer of any means at all… And while this story does not delve into the depths of actually seeing anything.. It sure is one the mental thoughts of knowing something had happened!!!

Since retiring as I have I do the lawn upkeep for my son and daughter in law and a few others around where I live at during the mowing season per say.

And it was on one such occasion that I discovered a petluvr thing between a lady and her dog.. Well actually their dog..

I mow a few yards for several different people and since this young lady is the daughter of some very dear friends of mine in this area I mow her and her boyfriends yard as well..

Now I’ll not divulge her name in anyway shape of form I will say that I had gone over to mow their yard and without thinking a thing I just unloaded my mower and set out to mow their yard as usual.

Well what I was going to discover surely has many things turned up on it’s head now…

She and her boyfriend have two pittbulls neither of which would hurt a soul in this world in the least except knock you down to get a petting and scratching. Ones name is rambo and the others name is princess since she’s female and rambo is male.

But I paid no attention at all when i opened the gate and got my mower etc. in the backyard to begin and as usual got attacted by princess for that ever important pet and scratch as she ran off to fetch a ball and play as I began to get ready to mow the yard.. Then it suddenly dawned on me where is rambo and looked around and found him nowhere at all.. Well he has been known to get out a few times and so now i’m like dammit now I’ve got to go search for his lost ass..

So off I sat to see first where did he get out this time and discovering nowhere he did or could have at all and began to look in the front and side yards for him hoping he had stayed at least in the yard and still no rambo…

Then bam it hit me as I was by their driveway and saw her car there and was like she must be home sick today from work since she and her boyfriend work at the same plant and such… I went to the front door knocked and rang door bell to tell her that rambo was loose on the town and I would try and find him if I could.. But no one answered the door and I could hear her voice but not plain enough to understand what she was saying from outside..

I thought maybe she had him inside since she was home and hated to be alone in the least due her fears of such..

So I went back to my lawnmowing and got it all done and had mower etc. back at my pickup and decided I’d knock once again just in case rambo was not with her to tell her he had gotten out or was out.. Once again I knocked several times and could only hear her voice inside but could not make out what she was saying at all.. So I went and loaded up my mower and weed eaters etc. and went back and knocked again.. This time I could hear her much plainer and heard her saying just a minute.. several times over so I waited at the door and she opened it and let me inside and was drying her hair and had a skimpilly thrown on robe on and looked like she’d just been drug through the mud so to speak..

But obediantly sitting right beside her was none other than rambo.. Up until that moment I’d not given one thought to the realmafications of anything going on except she most likely had him inside the house!!

Well there was certainly more to it than his just being inside since I could see a bit of slobber on her neck and noticed she wasn’t out of the shower at all and what she was using the towel for was to wipe off what rambo had put in her long blonde hair.

It hit me like a rock then and there just what had gone on.. And I was greatly dissapointed in myself for not trying to do a bit of peeping and seeing what she and rambo where really doing.. There certainly was not a doubt left in my mind at that point knowing what had gone on. Her inner thighs were soaked from their previous action.

She was trying to convince me she’d just showered but I’m no fool to the knowing of what is water and what is cum juices.. Of course she has not one clue about the things I am into with the beastiality stuff at all; though certainly her mom sure has full knowledge of it all because we have certainly had our discussions of the matter now to know that here is her daughter cleaning all this off her body and hair.

But there this beauty was standing before me all but naked since it was damn sure clear she had nothing on under her flimsy robe at all and it being just hurriedly thrown on as well let me know the truth of it all.. I saw no visual evidence of scratch marks and such on her waist but her tight little belly damn sure a noticeable bulge in it.. And as well I looked down at rambo who was sitting obediantly beside her and he had juices all over his far underbelly and sheath.

I was a bit embarrased having busted her in such a way and wished my damn mandawg thoughts had hit me way earlier and got a glimpse or looked to see if perhaps I could have seen them getting it on.. And I certainly made the comment about how male dogs were womans best friend only to watch as she shivered all over and shakily said she had to go finish cleaning up and thanked me for mowing their yard and keeping it well kept.. Although I have not said a word to her about what I know was going on that day between her and rambo; I certainly have when given the opportunity said to her when no one else could hear or listen “male dogs are a ladies best friend huh”

Well she said yes they are and no one will ever truly know just how much as she winked at me.. So I think she’s catching on to my knowing things just a bit afraid to really come out and discuss with me privately about it all.. And I know this when mowing season starts again I’ll most surely as hell be keeping a watchfull eye on that house and someday hope to get involved with her and rambo getting it on…


Part 2:

Anyway since it’s about time to get back to cutting yards as this season opens I went to their home to spread some weed and feed fertilizer on their yard to give it a good quick robust growing start.. Well I guess as luck would have it if that is the proper way to say it; I noticed her car at home again meaning she’d taken off work that day as well. So I went to their door and knocked wanting to tell her to be careful and not walk on the lawn and not get any fertilizer on shoes etc. and it be entered into their house and having a youngun’ just months ago now I really wanted to make sure of that..

I knocked and heard no answer and just sat out to do what I was going to do and not disturb her in case she might be sick or asleep. So I get my fertilizer spreader and bag of weed and feed out of truck and proceed to do her front lawn first since they have two large pitt bulls in backyard as I described in my story above..

Neither are anything of sorts mean except they may about knock you over for a pet or a hug when you see them. But you have to be careful entering the back yard since they will indeed see you open gate and bam they charge at you and get out by knocking you down to do so..

After finishing the front and headed into the backyard and only saw the female dog there and not the male.. So here’s my instant thoughts again that “oh shit” he got out and then as sudden as that thought flew through my head: “Bam” my secondary thought took right over and I was like “Do you think she is”? Well I certainly put aside spreading anything except myself around that house to see if I could peek into a window like a damn perverted peeping tom!!

I went from window to window and saw nothing until I got to their spare bedroom and that’s when I got the view of my life!!

For there she was naked as hell and on all fours and on top her was their huge male pitt bull now pumping her like a locomotive train!!

Her head was thrashing around like a mop of tangled blonde mass and length hair that was for sure in dissaray as she was crying out though I could not really hear screams or moans from outside but from her facial expressions she was lost in a complete and total world of pleasure from what he was doing to her.. Suddenly I saw him stiffen and just begin to short jab at her with his tongue hanging out in complete showing that he’d wore himself out screwing her as he laid over onto her back and was shaking all over.

And she herself was so totally knocked into orgasmic land of some kind as she just seem to melt to the floor her head turned towards me and her mouth wide open and her eyes looking as if she was in some dream land somewhere as her whole body was shuddering and shaking as they were indeed now tied fully together..

I didn’t stay there looking much longer since I had seen and had my true questions answered about her and the male dog..

But I will add this as I knocked on her door later on when I had finished doing the entire yard she answered the door in her bathrobe and was holding a hand over her now plumped out belly and I could see little glimpses of her winching in not really pain but some more stranger thing as if something was stirring inside her look. Of course no doubt to me what all that meant in the least since I am wise per say to the whole beast thing if that makes sense.

But no doubt at all that he sure as hell screwed her hard and mighty and gave her that so luved feeling a woman gets from sex in this manner..

Part 3:

Several days after the true seeing her get plowed to no end by the male dog They had come over for a bit of a party at my house!! kinky dungeon parties:: Well as the nite wore on and the drinks flowing like water in a river everyone was happy and pretty much drunk as well. So at that just right time I caught her off totally alone with absolutely no one else in hearing distance at all.

And then said to her; I need to tell you that I saw something at your house the other day and let’s just say you were playing with the male dog!!

Talk about her mouth dropping open and nearly spilling her drink!! She just looked at me and said “you” “you” saw him and I doing it?

I told her not to worry and no one else would ever know a thing.. She just stared at me with that oh shit i’ve been busted as hell look on her face;

But taking the situation in hand to let her know I truly was very damn o.k. with it; Hell I was more than o.k. with it!!!!

That’s when I said hell girl I just want to come over and watch him give you the pleasure I know you sure as hell as got from him!!!

Well she just looked at me and was without words of any kind wondering how she’d gotten herself in such a thing as this!! Then once again I gave her my solemn promise that I’d not tell a soul one about this. And just gave her a big ol’ hug and said damn girl he sure gave it to you didn’t he?

She just looked at me still with this I can’t believe this look and finally said ” I didn’t let him do it!!”

I then said so you mean he raped you?? Well her reply was this long silence then she said ” I was naked and he pushed me over and did it to me!!”

My thing was to tell her I knew what it was all about and my “knowledge” of it and experience of helping several women achieve their secret desire for it.

The look on her face could have said a thousand words of how in her mind she was absolutely bringing back the absolute pleasure he’d given her!! So wanting to get her fully aware it was perfectly o.k. with me I said look I go to a forum and such and your not the first female by any means that’s ever had this pleasure by no means!! And told her to sneak over someday and I’d log on and show her all she’d ever want to know about the subject and that it’s nothing to be freaked out about in the least!!!

Having her full attention now she said ” I will come over and talk with you” But please oh please never tell anyone about it!! Well my promises issued I then said “So did you get that little belly all bloated up by him?” She was looking straight at me and shivered all over like a earthquake and said after a brief pause; “Yes he did something that I’ll never forget!”

That’s when I broke in and said “There’s a reason for that little belly to get all filled with that hot cum!” She was looking at me in this how can u know this fashion still shuddering all over and her face getting flusher and flusher from the recalling it going on in her mind.

To make all the rest of this short I’ll say she did come by the other day and I logged on to the forum and showed her things and she was sitting in her chair squirming and had to be dripping wet from what she saw!!! And to end this update I’ll say that while she hasn’t agreed to my seeing her and him I certainly have broken the ice very well and have gotten her to at least open up about it and talk to me..

I think more because she knows I know the all of it.. And realizing the things that happened are from the various things that do happen!! But as more stuff becomes available like my possibly getting to hear this all on the phone!! She’s agreed to that already!!

Part 4: I Watch and Rambo Knotts:

Well this paticular day I was at home and had her call me and wanted me to come over immediately and see what was wrong. It seemed that she had a hotwater heater leaking so I rushed over there and sure enough that’s what it was. I turned off the water heater and shut the inflow side down by closing a valve on it and told her that their hot water heater indeed was bad and leaking.

I then did all the things one does with such a problem and drained it and such to keep the water from flooding and ruining their hardwood floors.

Well this day the baby was at her moms.. And she was just taking one of those days off for herself from work.

As the old saying is nothing like a perfect opportunity and said as we were just small talking to each other and I just blurted out; “Damn girl here all alone today and your not enjoying rambo’s luv?”

Prior to all this she and I had talked about it all and so she knew I had busted her getting it from rambo. I had been waiting for this perfect moment to be totally alone with her and talk about this privately and openly.

Of course she shunned it off and was wanting to know what to do about her heater. I told her that I had it drained and had the water cleaned up on the floor and such and that once her old man got home we’d go get one at the major hardware store.

So all that being said and taken care of I was sure right back to my true thing of her and rambo getting it on. I asked her if her computer was on and said to her that I would luv to show her a few sites I’d found that had all kinds of different beastiality stories and pics and such on them which brought her to say “will anyone be able to find out that we’ve even looked at this?” Which for sure meant her old man getting on it and discovering that she’d been such sites.

I explained to her that once we’d done so I’d make damn sure no traces at all would be on the computer from it at all which eased her mind and we went into the back room and got on the computer.

I’ll not disclose which sites we visited for the rules and regulations part of this forum per-say but the moment I brought the site up and took her right to the section of females with male dogs mounted on them her eyes opened like saucers, as the complete excitement of it hit her through and through as she shuddered and said; “I had no idea so many women were into this”.

I began to tell her that I was into it and had in my own life; helped several other females achieve their deepest desires for it which had her in total captivation of it all as I told her that I’d be damn glad to show her all the ins and outs of it which we had already talked about but in just capturing the moment of being alone to do so.

So to break the ice and set free a huge iceberg I told her that I’d be proudly glad to assist her and rambo and help her achieve the knowledge of it first handed.

She thought several moments and then said “I can’t do that with anyone else around!”

It was that awkward moment of silence that compelled me to say to her that I’d not be involved in any way or fashion except to show her the proper things and ways to go about it.

Well moments later she said; “damn I need a drink” which told me she sure as hell was this day going to get fucked by him with me there in the room with them! I followed her back into the living room after closing out of the site and erasing every single bit of what we’d done on the computer so no traces of it would be found by her old man.

So I told her I’d gladly mix her any drink she wanted and decided nothing like a good margaritta to get a womans labido in high gear. And together we got their blender,tequilla,ice, and my recipe for making frozen mountain dew ritta’s.

She said make them strong which gave me the full indication this was going to not just be a wish anymore this was going to damn well be a reality!! whewwww dogggies! I sure enough put plenty of tequilla in the blender with the mountain dew and ice and gave it a churn and had it combined into a frozen drink concaution and poured her a glass of it and she gulped it down and wanted one more! The second one we both had gone into the living room and just small talking as she sipped this one and I said; “So do you luv it when rambo pleasures you?”

She sat there quiet a moment or two then staring at the floor said “yes” in a half hushed sort of way, and I said; “It’s alright to talk me openly and freely” “This is our thing and our thing only!” Which seemed I guess to ease her mind and now at last be able to fully talk to anyone about it.

So to not sit there and destroy the foundation of at last being fully involved in this I said; ” I’ll show and teach you the right things to do with him and it’s totaly between us and us alone!”

And with that I went to the back door and outside and got rambo and brought him right inside the house with no problem at all since he gladly followed me right into the house and sat obediantly off to the side as I sat down and saw her shudder as she now knew full well what he was there for and what was going to happen!

I broke the ice of the moment and said go get me a pair of your daughters socks which she said ” her socks?” and I said yes a pair of infants socks are the perfect thing to use on their front paws to keep from getting your sides scratched all to hell.

The look I got from her at this moment was one of those kodak moment kinds as there was this deep look in her eyes of disbelief this was even happening as her long stare and quietness told of her complete thoughts that she could not believe this was taking place.

My knowing all to well sometimes one can think themselves out of things, so I got up and said “come on follow me and let’s get the right size ones” as she got up and followed me into their babies room and to the dresser and she opened the drawer that had the all the socks,booties,etc. in it and I said “you’ll want to find one certain pair that you can train him to know when you bring those out he knows what it’s for” She dug around in it with her hands shaking from fear and excitement of knowing what it was for.

I then said get a pair that you will never use or a pair that you were given that isn’t for your baby. So she pulled out some blue ones that were somehow given to her and of course sure not for a girl to ever wear since they were blue.

Then we returned back into the living room and sat down with the booties in her hand and she still shaking from the fear/anticapation of it all as I said “no reason to be afraid in anyway form or fashion” just relax and I’ll help you.

With that said I then asked her if she had any sort of ottoman or a coffee table that was strong and she pointed at the ottoman in front of a chair in the corner of the room so I got up and grabbed it and said “follow me” as I knew from the two past times that their mating per say had happened in the back bedroom or guest room. As she got up and followed behind me with blue booties in hand and I sat the ottoman down and said; “Go get a couple thick towels or something that’s soft and comfortable” which she left the room and came back with a baby comforter that was another miscue from the baby gifts she’d gotten and for a boy and not a girl.

So I took it from her and laid it down and moved the ottoman over it and said; “You’ll sure want something to cover your ottoman up” so once again she left and returned with a big beach towel which I took and spread over the ottoman and said; “He will know when you bring all this in here and set it up what it’s all for” as i guess her confidence in my knowing all this and such seemed to kick in with her, since she looked at me and said; “I never thought of this at all”.

It was as if she were a student and I were the teacher and her quest to now learn was fully imbedded in her which for sure made it far more comfortable between us and her at last relaxing and learning the things about it.

At that moment I then took the booties and said “Why don’t I go get rambo ready” “While you get undressed” and then “lay over the ottoman.”

She nodded her head o.k.

I left the room and went into the living room where Rambo was laying beside the sofa and sat down and grabbed his front legs and began to put the booties on him and telling him “Are you ready to fuck the hell out of her boy?” He just looked at me with those huge dark brown sullen eyes and did nothing as I got the bootties on his front paws and soundly attached so that they would not come off. And got up and got him to his feet as he seemed to shake his front paws with the strange feeling of them being on his feet and adjusting to that which he didn’t try and taken them off with his teeth or anything just had this new founded feeling of something like this on his front legs.

And led him to the back bedroom his legs sliding and such from the slickness of the hardwood floor which he seemed to try and adjust to which actually was a bit awkwards and sort of funny actually.

I wanted to bust out laughing about it but knowing that would disturb the whole of things getting accomplished so I kept it at bay and got him at last to the door of the back bedroom and lightly knocked and said: “Are you ready?” she said “yesss” in a somewhat fearful and yet a wanton way.

So opening the door and half leading and dragging poor Rambo in as he still tried to get his feet to work on this slick floor way and took him in front of the ottoman as he sat right down obediantly and was looking at her laying there now totaly naked resting her upper body over the ottoman and her beautiful ass in the air as it all but took my own breath away seeing such a hot young woman as herself now fully naked before me and it was damn tough to not want to jump right in enjoy her body and pleasures myself. Damn even the thought of it now stirs me to hell and back..

But my sole responsibility and having pledged that I’d not do anything but show and teach her the true ways to get pleasured by him that I kept my personal desire to get down and eat that pussy myself and to hell with the damn dog!! And her uncomfortable feeling of being not only naked in front of me but being so in this manner also gave me the instant feeling that first things first.

I corraled my man dawg desires and leaned down beside her and said; “are you totally comfortable” of which she said “Yes” and I then said;; “O.k. now spread your legs open and put most of the weight of your body on your shoulders and arms on the ottoman” So she shifted her body about and scooted down some and her shoulders and arms on the ottoman and more of her lower body and such hanging off it.

She was still trembeling with fear and desire of the situation as her beautiful round little ass shook and her body as well and those nice firm titties of hers now hanging and shaking under her told of the fact of it all. And no doubt at all that she was damn sure ready to be fucked by him as her nipples were hard as rocks and showing their desires fully and wholy. So I then said “is that better?” and she said “yes” ” i’m still comfortable” As I noticed she’d lifted her head and now was staring right directly at rambo sitting there before her and her body shuddered all over with the thought and desire of what was about to happen!.

There was no doubt that Rambo was sure anticipating his desire and knowledge of what was going to happen because his front legs began to prance about and no doubt by his sitting there as he was that the very tip of his penis was now showing from his sheath as the sexual desires between the two of them seemed to connect fully and wholy.

I told her get ready because I was going move him behind her and get him to get her ready for pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. The instant I said this her body shuddered all over and a gasp of pleasure escaped her lips.

I reached over and took Rambo by the collar and got him back behind her now as at last a full view of that beautiful pussy of hers up close and personal was now my beholding and those swollen lips of her were pouty and sweaty looking with just a whisp of golden blonde pubic hair over them and her clit hung from them and was swollen out in full attention and desire!! Damn it about drove me to say fuck it i’m having this first!!

And it was all I could do to not just dive down there and eat the hell out that thing and show her how a real man can eat pussy!!

What a damn shame to have that golden moment and not do it !! But I just got Rambo closer now between her open and shaking with desire legs and within a moment he knew what to do!! He just pushed his head right up between her legs and licked that pussy from clit to asshole!! She flung her head up and gave a loud cry of “ohhmmm” as he repeatedly gave her a licking this way..

So I sat down beside her and leaned to her and said; “Is it good?”:: Her head was now moving about wildly and her body shaking with full desire as he was licking her from asshole to appetite and she said; “Oh please don’t talk toooo meeeeee”

Which sort of made me feel like damn I have shown you this and I can’t get to hear you tell me how good it is!! Oh well.. I just reserved myself to sit there and watch how her head tossed about and her body shuddered as he was licking the outside of that pussy from one end to the other.

But I knew from experience that sometimes a woman has to give a helping hand in getting one of them to actually lick their pussy from inside out and said;

“Now reach back with your hands and open your butt cheeks and he’ll be able to lick you far better!!

She was trying to hold herself still and balanced on the ottoman as her body was being rocked with the pleasure of a lifetime and slowly and shakily and clumsedly she moved her arms down her side and grasp her beautiful firm round butt cheeks and spread them open and imediately shot her head up and cried out as he began then to push his huge tonque up into those tight beautiful pussy lips of hers and tongue her pussy out good and propper!!

All she could say was “ooohhhh ittt’s so sooo bigggg” “Ohhhh ittttts goinnnggg deeper” and at that moment her little body rocked about wildly and her face turned a beet red and she had one hell of a orgasm as I looked back and saw that Rambo was driving that huge ass rough tongue of his as far up into that pussy as he could!! Raking back all the juices she was giving him as a treasure for his pleasuring her so!!

I could absolutely see his thick tongue curling up and driving into her pussy making it stretch open to take his tongue assault and come right back out full of her juices of pleasure.. As he sped up his tonguing her to and she squeeled out and her body was shaking all over and her orgasm getting so strong her hands let go of her ass cheeks and her whole body stiffened and shuddered!! Damn what a site!!! Even her small but nice proportioned titties were jiggling and shaking under her and her little belly was spasming wildly and her chest breathing heavily as he was now in full throttle eating that sweet young pussy out for all it was worth.

As she was lost to the world now just squeeling out gruntal moans of pleasure and shaking and shuddering all over and her head suddenly fell to the ottoman in complete satisfaction from his tonguing that pussy out as never before.. While slowly he began to slow his tongue assault in it down and finally stopped leaving her a heap of mass confusion and complete satisfaction!!! And backed his huge head up from her pussy and the full evidence of her all but squirting for him was all over his snout and dripping from his mouth as he licked at it all getting every last drop of it off his snout!!

All of this left her laying there now her arms fallen to the side and completely limp as she all but fell forward onto the ottoman and her legs buckling behind her as he had undoubtedly just given that girl the orgasm of her whole young life!! And she just lay there breathing heavily and deeply with complete groans and moans of satisfaction coming from her as she was in another world… The complete world of total pleasure!!!

Rambo just sat there licking off the remains of her huge and powerful orgasm looking at me as if to say damn that’s some good ass pussy!!! It just seemed to show by how he looked at me and back at her and at that now wet as hell pussy of hers still itself swollen outwardly from what he had just done inside it and quivering and cluthing like hell at the very opening to her tight vagina, her clit now swollen out, and dripping with juices, of such a powerful orgasm as she had just had..

Of all my other times of helping females with their pent up and hidden desires for this never had any of them been anything like this!!! And I say that from the point of it just being that she’d only been licked out by him as yet!!

She lay there in another world of pleasure from hell I and rambo enjoyed the full site of seeing that pussy still quivering for however long it was as if time stood still as she totally out of it and the length of it undescribable to anyone. But slowly she began to get her senses back and her shaky and befallen legs were once again arising back up and putting that nice ass of hers back up in the air; And that pussy back up for even more pleasure!!

All she could do at that moment was finally raise her head and turn it towards me and the look of total and complete gloss eyed pleasure showed in her beautiful deep blue green eyes as her breathing became more normal and less burdened with the heavy deep desire she’d breathed earlier… As she could barely even speak and just muttered words of “she’d never cum like that before” came from her..

I just looked at her and said: “Are you ready for him to mount and give you even more pleasure?”

She just shuddered all over and slumped back down her ass lowering again and sitting on her legs and thighs as she was still trying to get any sort of strength back into her body and she said; “I’mmm t tooo g gggive out”!!

So we all just sat there I beside her she sitting on her legs her shoulders hanging from the mere edge of the ottoman her arms still dangling limply from her sides on the spread out baby comforter and she finally was able to push herself up and sat on her legs and was still half foggy minded from such a huge pleasurable orgasm as she’d had and at last she just leaned over to me and hugged me and said: “Oh thaaannnk yoouuu” as I felt her body shaking from being well pleasured and wore out..

She was just hugging me and saying shakily “oh he’s never done that like that before” As I said see “I told you I’d show and teach you the right way”

The thoughts then hit me like a brick about it all since after all this young beautiful woman was my best friends daughter and like a daughter to me as well and here I was in this situation with her and teaching her how to get pleasured by her pet!!!

I guess you could say emotions of it all filled the room like a glass being filled to overflowing by a faucet as she held to me tightly laying her head on my shoulder and my being the father figure of her coming to and knowing no matter what it was i’d be there for her sort of way if that makes sense..

And I almost hated myself for doing this to her in this sort of way since she truly was this daughter figure to me.. damn what perversion…

We seemed to hug like this until she gained way more strength and control of her body and she moved her head off my shoulder and then and there gave me a kiss of mind blowing proportions and broke away and said; “I can’t believe I just did all that with you!” and went on with:: I couldn’t help it I just began to tell you what he was doing!!!

My man dawg mind kicked right back into full gear and I said; “Was it good”?

She just looked me right into the eyes and said ” thhhat wasss the beesst Iii hh have ev ever came in my life”. My instant thought was damn little hubby ain’t taking care of this at all!!! Damn what a pitty!!


I just looked at the two of them and said “you two make a great couple”.

She just turned to me and laughed as she was still hugging him and petting him

And I siezed the moment by saying; “So are U ready for the rest of it?”

She just shook all over and looked at me then Rambo and finally said;

“Damn I don’t know if I’m capable of more” “he’s already wore me out”!

I just half heartedly laughed and said ” no he didn’t wear U out” but “he damn sure did eat U out” As she shuddered all over and I could see her legs and ass squirming about at my saying that and she said “he’s never gotten his t ttongue in meeee th that far” Of course my reply then was “so did I teach you right or not for that?” While she just rolled her eyes in mere total pleasurable thought of it all and said;

“I’m so glad you are tt teaching me” “I was so afraid of it all when we started!”

Poor Rambo just sat there being hugged and petted and just looking at she and I as if to say what to hell here!! I just said “So did U like that huge rough tongue of his all inside you?” She just glanced at me then at Rambo and said “Oh that was the first i’ve ever been eaten like that!” So I questioned her about the fact if her old man ate her pussy, which she said he doesn’t do that for me at all!! what a loser!!!

No doubt now that we all were just enjoying the moment of her pleasure together and it finally being openly discussed and talked about. Since at the start she was so reluctant to even describe or say a thing except to have it happen.

I finally said “So do U want to continue your lesson?”

She just looked at me a moment and then finally said “I’m just to wore out from what he’s done already to go on”.

I just just sat there with her hugging and petting her new founded secret luvr Rambo and sitting on her knees and legs totaly naked before both him and I.

And asked her if she’d ever really known about the true facts of what their dicks are designed to do? She just sat there still hugging him and looking at me and said ” Wh whhat do you mean by that?”

So I began describing in detail about what their dick will do inside a woman as she began to breathe heavier and heavier in coming back into full desire once again and would gasp out as I would say this and that and say “oh that’s h how it feeels” When I finally got to the part of their knotting and tieing with a woman she really gave a desirous moan out and said ” Thhhat’s whh what hh he dddid to meee!” And you were knocking on my door and he couldn’t get out!!

I apologized for even intruding at such a pleasurable moment for her and him alike as she was telling me how he had gotten so damn stuck inside her and she felt him swelling all up in her and that she’d never in her life had something so damn hot and throbbing like that before. And I admitted to her as well that when she came to the door and I saw her belly I knew all to damn well what he had just done inside for damn sure!

She just looked at me in stunned eyed disbelief and said “yy you kkknew wwhat hhe had ddone to meee?” I said “why hell yeah girl!” “This ain’t my first rodeo with all this!” And your certainly not the first woman i’ve ever helped get pleasured like this either!

All she could do was sit there hugging and still petting Rambo who was still like what to fuck here humans when do I get to mate with this hot little bitch again!! That just seemed to be how he was looking and acting to me at that point.. While she was saying ” you mean you have helped other women dddo this beffore?”

I wanted so damn badly to say why hell yeah and in fact as innocent and unsexual as your own “Mom” seems to you she’s damn sure discussed an interest to be bred like this with me!!

But not wanting to disclose one ounce of that and open that can of worms I just said;”Why hell yes I’ve helped numerous women do this”

I guess she’d thought she was the first ever that I’d even had anything like this to do with this very unspoken and so hidden a desire and pleasure to have had other women explore it with me..

I did however tell her that hell yeah even my dog “yellar” had got him some of that woman pussy several times which made her jaw drop open and she said “you meeann yellar hhhas sscrewed women?” She knew yellar all to well and luved to come over and play with him as a younger girl at the time not even knowing that even then he had dishing out pleasure to different women in my life..

Well I told her that yes he’d given pleasure to several women and she was like whhoo were they? And I told her that was personal just as her thing was and left it at that..

The whole thing was truly starting to get awkward for me as she and I were sitting here with her young naked ass and her dog luvr right there and discussing this matter in depth with a young woman barely over 20 and an almost daughter of sorts to me!!

And it did seem to occupy the time and let her be more relaxed as we discussed this and be more open about it all as opposed to how it all started.

At last I again said; “So are you ready for rambo to breed with U?”

She shuddered all over and i guess more so by the way I now said it to her that she looked at him and then me several times and finally said;

“I thhink i’mm rrready nnow”

So I just told her get back on the ottoman as you were before and get relaxed and your being bred will happen..

I guess my words of saying bred to her seemed to make it all different as she got up on her knees and leaned back onto the ottoman with her shoulders on the edge and resting her head in her arms now that were folded under it. As she spread her legs and adjusted her beautiful rounded ass above her slightly in perfect position now to get fucked by their huge pet pittbull..

As she lay there in position and was looking first at me right beside her and then back at Rambo who still sat obediently behind her and watching everything going on..

I just left it as it was wanting to see what would occur naturally without my being involved in initiating it and at last leaned over to Rambo and grabbed him by the collar and led him up between her spread open legs as his eyes seemed to once again start devouring that sweet young tasty pussy he’d just earlier tongued ….. As she was letting out these little anticipated moans and trying her best to see what was going on behind her upraised ass and ready for a good fucking.

Her ass was shaking with anticipation of it as I had Rambo first between her legs and then grabbed his collar and pulled up to get him to mount this hot little bitch and fuck the ever living shit out that tight little pussy of hers.. As she began to squirm and move her ass more and was breathing heavier and heavier with what she knew was about to happen..

I stood up and got a better grab of his collar and hoisted him right up onto her back and he then knew all to well what to do then..

Because the instant he mounted her he flung his socked front legs around her tiny waist just above her hips as she was now shaking all over and her head was now churning about knowing she was about to get fucked by him!! As Rambo was getting into position to do just that as he scrambled his hind legs up and their joining at her legs and his midsection occured as she was gasping and now breathing heavily of anticipation to be “bred like a bitch in heat” was about to happen and with a man right there for it all!! A full father figure that had watched her grow into the beautiful young woman she was and now was helping her get fucked and bred by her own pet!!

Rambo was just starting the thrusting of his huge and muscle filled hips now lodged fully between the legs of this beautiful young woman and trying to seek out entry into her tight pussy that just had been readied for this by his tonguing it to hell and back..

As each thrust moved her small body about as her head was now moving more wildly and lustly about and her mouth opening and her gasp of pleasure and air were starting as it was about to happen in my full view and absolute being there for it at last.. As he began to thrust wildly and seemed to be moving his hips randomly about as if trying to find her pussy she was so willing to let him have.

Then closer in his hind legs danced as the gap between them closed to seeing nothing but their full body joining as her ass cheeks seem to push upwards as his body made her move into position to get fucked by his red hot cock as finally she flung her head up and gasp out “Ohhh heee’s tryying tto get itttttt innn meeee” as he thrust more wildly about moving his sheathed cock between them and trying to find her tight pussy opening as she was crying the words over and over.

Suddenly her whole body shook and her back arched like she was thrust upwards against the ottoman she was resting her shoulders and arms and head on and she gave a wicked and wild crying out of “oh ittttt’s ggggoing in meeee” “ittt’s ssso hhhhot” as her head was flinging wildly about now and her ass was shaking wildly about and twisting now to meet his first full thrust into her.

As Rambos own head was moving back and forth over her moving back and his hips were giving a full thrust of all he to sink his red hot cock as far into this wanton mating little bitch as he could get it as she absolutely was now crying out “Ohhhh itttt’s innnnnnn meeeeee” While Rambo seemed to just let her keep what he had in her now and backed his powerful hips up and then gave another beastial lunge that for sure was making sure she was going to get all the hot cock she could handle as she was thrashing her head wildly about and gripping the ottoman with her small hands as tightly as she could..

By the way she was reacting and showing both with her cries of it all and her body wildly shaking and such and her hands gripping ever harder to the thick towel on it and her head flinging up and giving out a loud cry each time he backed up and gave and buried more of his hot cock into her it was obvious that her little pussy was getting rent assunder by his red hot dog cock.

She flung her head up like a wild warrior in full battle and cried out as her back arched up and her ass was now fully moving upwards and downwardsand she let out a wild cry of “itttt’s aaalllll theeee wayyy innn meeeeee” and then after one other lunge backwards from Rambo she was about to try and scream even more wildly but her mouth opened in complete wanting to scream to the top of the earth way only to have a loud sound of as if the wind was knocked out of her as Rambo drove forward again getting his hind legs now ever closer to her legs and at last the full fact of his being as far as she could take him was obvious.

While he now sat out to start to fully fuck her hard,mighty and fast and building up such steam of it that her body was being tossed forwards and backwards with his powerful thrusting action and yet his front paws were clasping and clamping to her small waist ever harder holding her ass steady to take his now driving his cock like he was possesed and bred and his beastial way of doing it was taking over..

She was thrusting her head about now trying to scream out yet by the way he was fucking her so hard and fast she could not get anything out but shaky gasp and open mouthed cries as here I sat beholding seeing at last in right before me way of their luvmaking together..

I sat back and the mere moments of their first woman and dog joining did nothing but be awestricken at how he was performing his duty to fuck and mate her and her womanly cries of it at first and now the full affect that no doubt he was inside her to no end and back that I finally leaned up to where her opened mouthed head was thrusting about wildly as he was starting to fuck her hard and mighty hearing each breath of it as he stroked. And said

“Is he all the way in yet?” Only to have her try to fling to her up to answer and her only answer was a wild “nod of yes” as her every being was trying to say something yet only the gasping of their thrusting could be heard from her..

As her small body under him was being rocked like waves against a tiny ship in an ocean as Rambo was now in his absolute full stride and fucking her like a demon in some posessed way as his head was moving across her back and I could nothing but the pure wanton pleasure right there in his eyes as each turn to me showed that he had but one thing in mind now and that was to fuck the hell out of her which he was damn sure doing..

She was trying her best to keep herself in some still manner for it but Rambo had her bouncing back and forth like an accordian and I looked up at her as her beautiful head was thrashing about in some trance manner and saw her eyes start to flutter and then all but roll into the back of her as a loud gasping “Oooohhhhh” came from her open mouth and her head fell onto her clutching hands and arms and her body was shuddering all over and shaking wildly under him still being bounced like a ball by his huge powerful thrust as I could absolutely now hear his cock fucking that pussy like never before as little moans began to come from her of “NNNNghhhh” “nnngh” as if in some tribal way of talking but yet it was the full of her being fucked to no end that was the cause of it all..

Even her little titties hanging down under her were being bounced like little tether balls and that’s when an Idea hit me to do something i’d never done before. I scooted onto the floor and lay on my back beside the mating of a lifetime going on and scooted my head under where she was being fucked to no end at and looked up to see it firsthanded at their joining and his huge knot was just now starting to loudly pop against her gushing like hell pussy lips slapping them loudly sounding as if they were being spanked!!

I could see her tight little belly quivering and moving like in some posessed way as if her muscles were accordianing up and down and out and back as he was now starting to drive even harder against her bouncing body and then suddenly as if she were opening her cunt to him like a flower awaiting for a bee to fly in and gather all it’s nectar and his knot shot into her pussy and her whole body shuddered and squirmed and twisted and shook her hands gripping like hell onto the ottoman as she gave an instant gasping and grunting and her head thrasing as it slamed backed and forth on the ottoman a loud last gasp of air was heard!!

Rambo was thrusting harder and harder still but his cock was locked inside her pussy and only the back portion of it beyond where his knot was embedded in her and it was at first bending and twisting then it to went in her gushing pussy as he couldn’t move his cock at all now but just began to give short but strong and feverent thrust as her whole body instantly shook all over and a cry of “ahhhhhhhh” was all I could hear as her little belly was now starting to churn and move even wilder and starting to “fill outwards” as just beyond her mound of beautiful blonde pubic hair; “a huge swell occured she seemed just slumped over in total beyond this world care and pleasure.

All the while Rambo was still fucking her fast and hard as hell but his cock was lodged in that pussy as far as she could take it and he as far ashe had cock to get it as his huge hair covered nut sack began to jerk up and down and I could see her little belly quiver in unison to it and her little loud gasp as it happened each time.. And knew he was shooting his red hot cum in her little belly like hell and back..

And it was damn obvious he was doing just that because her belly was now balooning outwards and still doing this sort of accordianing movement and she was now loudly gasping as I could see his ball sack jerk upwards and that instant her belly would quiver and fill out more..

This seemed to go on for minutes on end of which I knew that they came from hell and back inside a woman and had far more cum and red hot cum to give a woman than a man ever could.. But damn to be under it and looking right up and seeing it all happening was the wildest and best thing i’d ever seen!!

Their coupling lasted a good 20 or 30 minutes of this with her just gasping each time he would shoot that red hot dog cum in that pussy further and in deeper places than any man ever could!!!

Finally Rambo got off her back and turned ass to ass with her and tried to move forwards only to know he was stuck inside this tight young woman pussy still coming for him and him for her. As if each were rewarding the other for the pleasure they were recieving from each other…

I finally got out from under her as she all but fell forwards still held up by Rambos swollen hot cock in her from end to end and I leaned up where her beautiful head now lay in total submission and totally out of it from the fucking he’d given her and whispered in her ear; “Is he in your womb”

having heard and known from time to time this does happen with just the right this and that happening for it to be so..

And her head only half heartedly gave me a nod of yes as the full of all was for sure as she gave out a lustfull moaning half gasp and I then said “is his cum hot” and she just shuddered her entire body as I said this; Telling me hell yeah it was hot and that little womb was about to damn well bust from it all to…

Rambo had finished his seeding her little belly to hell and back and at last pulled free of her and she just fell onto the ottoman her legs folding under her and her head and shoulders still limply on the ottoman as her pussy was gushing wave after wave after wave of their combined juices out of it her little belly still swollen out but going down slightly as each gush of cum from her pussy helped it slightly.

Until it all stopped and yet she still was a bit swollen out as every once in a while her belly would quiver from hell and she’d just moan out..

I know she lay this way at least a full hour!!!

Until at last she began to come to and her body was like a limp dishrag and she could barely move at all so I gathered her up in my arms and took her into their bathroom wishing now they had friggin’ hot water which had started all this in the first fucking place!!

But I heated some water up in a stock pan they had and got it in the tub and placed her in it and gave her now gaped from hell pussy that was red and swollen like everything from the fucking Rambo had given her as each swipe of my fingers and the wash rag through her cunt lips brought out a loud gasping sound from her.

She was finally coming around and back with us and she reached up with all the strength she could gather up and hugged me and said;

“Ohhhhh he fucccked mee like never befffore”

As I said yeah I know I got my first ever first handed view of him knotting you and damn your belly took his cum like crazy!!

After getting a douche out of her bathroom cabinet for her and helping her douche that swollen pussy out and still seeing that it was damn sure in no shape for any more action and still gaped open from hell and leaking his hot dog cum out of it still. I told her she’d leak for at least the rest of the day and she probably would be best served to not let her old man touch her for a couple days.. And she said he doesn’t pleasure me…

I put Rambo back outside and moved the ottoman back where it came from and cleaned up the mess they made and put the comforter in a closet and hid the beach towel with it and her still soaking in the tub and said tell your old man to call me when he gets home and we’ll go get the new water heater and I’ll install it so you can clean yourself up and take a much needed bubble bath…

So at last I was involved in it and no doubt involved from hell and back!!!

But she and I plan more of this now and you can bet that when it happens a story will be on the way!!!!!!!

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