Dad Cums Clean to his Wife

It was only two weeks since Petey had returned to college and my cock still involuntarily jumped at the thought of his young, firm body pounding his huge rampant tool up my, until then, virginal hole. My ass still gently ached due to the severe stretching it had been given by his larger than average […]

Jen started to cum

Jen left her boyfriend’s house early. Like usual. She enjoyed the sex they just had but was going to miss him on his business trip to Puerto Rico. She got in the car and drove away. By the time she got on 66 she noticed a note under the windshield wiper. That’s odd, people never […]

Cum still dripping from my tired cunt

I crawled into bed and lay under the covers on my stomach, wearing nothing but a pair of black lacy panties. I was about to open my book and wind down for the night, when he walked in. He peeled off my blankets and removed my panties with his teeth. I let out a small […]

The Bi Hotwife’s story

For the last 15 years, my husband has enjoyed threesomes with me and my girlfriend. He loves when we go down on each other, shave each other’s pussy, use vibrators on each other, etc. But I have always wanted to see HIM do bi, but he resisted. So, I laid it out, once and for […]

Anal rappers

My two brothers and I formed a hip hop pop rap group when I was in my mid-teens. We started with a karaoke machine in the living room and learned how to play guitars and the drums. I had rhythm, Aaron was bass and Les, the youngest of the three, was the drummer. We wrote […]

Alyssa get some black cock

Alyssa wakes up as the car continues to zoom down the dark highway. She kinda wipes her face a bit as she pulls her phone out to see thats it three in the morning. She looksup at the front of the car where her dad is driving and her mom is sleeping. Hey dad are […]

First part, of a morning sex between a newly married couple

It’s Saturday morning and Alexa wakes up suddenly. Looking at the clock, it’s only 5:30 in the morning, much earlier than she was hoping. The sun is just coming up and peering through the eggshell colored blinds of her bedroom windows. She’s hot and sweating slightly. Uncommon for the morning in her home as the […]