Katie verses the most popular girl in school
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If you had told me at 16 that I would end up in the
situation I am now, 18 (for three more days woo!) year
old slave-girl to a gorgeous 23 year old mistress,
regular sexual plaything for all manner of people
including a wonderfully dominant fuck-buddy, and a
gorgeous bisexual boyfriend; my whole daily routine
regulated and punctuated by little reminders of my
servitude to my mistress, well, I probably would’ve
believed you.

Even at 16 I was already well and truly indulging my
naturally whorish inclinations. However, when I started
here back at my high school, if you had told me I would
EVER be in this position, kneeling on the floor of a
bathroom stall, vigorously rimming my worst enemy while
she, bent over the toilet, slammed a cheap dildo in and
out of her cunt… no way would I have believed that. I
mean I’ve done some fucked up, nasty things in my time
as a collared slave girl to Mistress Cassandra, and
before. But fucking Jessica?

Well there I was and it was happening. But the story of
how it all came about in the first place goes back a
couple of months. Mistress Cassandra and I were
sitting, naked, on her couch, perusing an adult match-
making site on the internet.

It might interest you to know that I had my beautiful
goddess’ urine and girl-cum drying on my face, the rule
being that any mess she makes on me stays on for 12
hours and we had only just finished a wonderfully long
morning of hot sex. But you can’t spend ALL the time
fucking (unfortunately) and being young girls and
having been friends for most of our lives, Mistress
Cassandra and I do spend a lot of girly time together
as well.

So there we were, checking out this site, checking out
the hot profiles and even hotter accompanying pictures
of ordinary, plain people doing fucked-up, nasty
things. We were a little stoned, nice and relaxed and
just having a great time. You know how it is when
you’re too tired and blissed out to actually fuck so
just enjoy the feeling of being horny? Well yeah, it
was like that.

But then we found Jessica’s profile.

I guess I need to explain a few things first, like
what’s an almost 19 year old still doing at
highschool?! No I didn’t get kept back a year because
I’m dumb. I’ll thank you to know I have an IQ of 183,
lol! Actually my parents decided to take a year and a
half travelling around the world when I was fifteen and
they yanked me out of school to go with them.

So by the time I came back to finish my VCE I was
already a year and a bit older than everyone else. In
the fucked-up mechanics of high school social circles
this can either make you incredibly awesome (you might
have a car, you can buy beer and smokes, you’re just
more mature and sophisticated), or incredibly lame
(you’re older and can do adult things and you’re
hanging around with TEENAGERS?!).

I got on alright. Things in my favour were I’m pretty
easy to get along with, bright and chatty, and very
beautiful. I don’t have my head up my ass, I just know
I am, in a kind of exotic, olive-skinned way. Also
quite a few guys and girls like me because I’ve taken
them home after school and spent an afternoon fucking
their brains out like wild. But most people don’t know
that, kids not wanting to admit to each other what
we’ve done, girls especially.

Things not in my favour: I was nice to everyone, and
get on real well with the unpopular, nerdy kids.
They’re actually generally nicer and more interesting.
And my BF is the only guy I know my age who is out of
the closet ‘I like a big fat cock in my ass and I’m
proud of it’ bi. He was an absolute pariah at our
school because of that. Also, what with my devotion to
serving Mistress Cassandra, I’m not at every single
party or hanging out, making friends and being social
all the time.

Now Jessica, she’s one of the most popular girls at my
school. And one of the oldest too. I think she resented
me initially for some of that interest I drew being
older, which is dumb but you remember what high
school’s like, right? Yeah, fucking dumb. Jessica is
absolutely fucking gorgeous. She’s tall, got an
amazing, athletic body, blonde, blue-eyed, big-boobed,
the perfect image of the Australian Surfer Girl. She
would probably describe herself as having ‘classic
aryan good looks’ or something though.

That’s right, she’s a total and utter racist bitch.
Number two reason why she hates me. I’m 1/4 Mexican,
1/4 Puerto Rican. A hot latina mumma with a ghetto
booty and a big rack. The number of names she’s called
me, some not quite even appropriate, (I thought ‘wogs’
were from the mediterranean?) I’ve lost track of. Don’t
know why she feels that way, frankly, don’t care. Names
like that roll off my back and ignorant racists always
get what’s coming to them eventually.

So as soon as I started back at school after my
travels, I drew a lot of hatred from Jessica and her
clique. Initially I didn’t do anything to attract it, I
guess just being the exotic new girl made me a threat
to her popularity or something. But eventually her name
calling and cruel tricks started to shit me and so I
got my own back with her: by fucking her recently ex
boyfriend on his webcam while she watched.

He was sick of her shit and willing to comply – hey, he
was getting free freaky sex – and she, heartbroken and
outraged because NO ONE breaks up with the most popular
girl in school, couldn’t believe what she was seeing as
I rocked his world and did stuff she’d never do for
him: took it up the ass then licked my own ass-juice
off him, and swallowed all his load, then sucked him
hard and went for it again. She didn’t exactly turn the
webcam show off either, and we were at it in that
cramped computer chair for a good 45 minutes.

Funnily enough she actually left me alone after that. I
guess she learned the ‘don’t fuck with Katie’ lesson I
gave her. I mean she still hated me and was still all
vicious and snipey at every opportunity, but whatever.
I was, I still am, getting laid almost every day, and
getting high every weekend. I’m having way too much
fucking fun to care about some tight-ass frigid bitch.
Yeah, her ex who I fucked told me, she barely ever put
out, despite having a body built for sex and always
having hot older boyfriends. No wonder they dumped her.
Even when they did get to fuck her she was apparently a
pretty lousy lay, and really prudish.

So my mistress and I were pretty surprised by what we
were seeing. This girl in the profile we were viewing
didn’t just look like Jessica, it WAS her. There was no
doubt about it. The age and postcode listed in her
profile were right, and the photos were unmistakeably
her. What I didn’t get was what the photos were
showing. Why was this supposedly prudish and repressed
little blonde ‘aryan’ goddess on her knees with her
face buried in an older, south-asian looking woman’s
hairy bush? Why was there a photo of her on her knees,
surrounded by guys, face plastered with cum? Why were
there numerous shots of dicks of all colours and sizes
all up in that? Jessica obviously had a dirty little

If this was some teen movie I might have used it
against her. Instead I just found it super fucking hot.
I mean I already thought about being abused and
dominated by her when I masturbated sometimes. What
submissive girl wouldn’t? But to know she had a secret
kinky side just like I did? That was too fucking hot. I
juiced up immediately and Mistress Cassandra noticed.
That was our cue to head back into the bedroom and
while away the rest of the afternoon breaking various
sodomy laws and statutes and probably getting ourselves
excommunicated from every major religion in the
process. Fun, fun, fun.

What I didn’t know was after I left that evening,
Mistress Cassandra obviously contacted Jessica, got
chatting/cybering, and set up a meeting.

The following weekend I went over to my mistress’s
early on Saturday morning. After knocking at the door
then kneeling, waiting for her to answer and give her
permission to enter, we got straight down to it. She
ordered me to strip completely naked and took me into
the spare bedroom, which serves as a makeshift dungeon
with horse, some hooks and rails in the wall and
ceiling, and so on.

I was immediately roped into bondage, with cords
separating my breasts, running between my legs, and
tying both my hands and feet, then tying those two
together. I was effectively hogtied, but on my knees,
forced to lean backwards by the way my hands were
attached to my ankles. I was then quickly gagged and
blindfolded, and left there.

I heard voices in the hallway after a little while,
followed rapidly by the sounds of kissing, and then,
from my mistress’ bedroom, passionate lesbian sex.
Whomever the lucky girl was, judging by her screams she
was getting absolutely railed by one of my mistress’
thick dildos.

The sex didn’t last all that long. I didn’t hear
Mistress Cassandra’s familiar screams of orgasm. She
told me later she took the girl in and bent her over
the bed, fucking her senseless right away, without any
formalities or pretensions to foreplay. The girl
sounded like she enjoyed it. But not long after the
noise of their fucking I heard footsteps coming down
the passage to the room I was confined in. The door
opened and I heard my mistress’ voice saying ‘here she
is, in here…’.

There was the sound of another voice, giving a shocked
gasp, and saying ‘but…that…I know that cunt…!’
before my mistress cut in and said ‘I know. I also know
how you feel about her. She’s yours to do anything you
want to now. Just don’t leave any visible scars or

‘Are you serious?’ replied the other voice, which
sounded AWFUL familiar (okay I knew who it was by this
time but I’m taking some poetic licence here to make
the story more fun).

‘Yep, I sure am. In fact I might just watch to make
sure if it makes you feel better, and I’ll tell you if
you’re doing anything I disapprove of. How does that

‘Ohmigod, that’s so fucking hot! I can’t believe that
fucking slut is the slave you were telling me about?!
And you knew, you knew about what that spic bitch has
done and everything? And you don’t mind me getting my

I could just imagine the evil grin on Mistress
Cassandra’s face, and how it wouldn’t quite reach her
eyes thanks to the racist language, as she said: ‘not
at all. Go ahead. Hurt her’.

My blindfold was yanked off and of course you guessed
it, there was naked, dishevelled Jessica staring at me
with a malicious gleam in her eyes. I was fucked.
Literally and figuratively. What followed was a couple
of hours of the most brutal, rough, painful grudge-
fucking I’ve ever had. She began by attempting to pick
me up, but couldn’t quite manage it and half shoved,
half rolled me onto the latex-draped mattress in one
corner of the room.

Mistress Cassie handed her a knife from a side table
where she stores a variety of impliments for torture
and pleasure (although they’re often the same thing!)
and told her to cut the ropes if she wished. Then
showed her where there was more of the nylon rope,
together with chains and other restraints. These did
end up getting used but to go into all the filthy
details would have us here forever!

The first thing Jessica did after freeing me from
bondage and removing my gag was sit on my face,
grinding her wet, meaty cunt lips into my mouth and
nose, holding the knife against one of my tits and
telling me to eat her. I of course did with speed and
relish. My stomach was twisting with butterflies
because this was going to be one intense situation, but
I was also living out one of the hottest, most unlikely
fantasies I’d ever had, and I knew Mistress Cassandra
would stop things getting too out of hand.

I got Jessica off in rapid time. What can I say? I’m
good with my tongue. The next few hours were spent
between extremely hard fucking and out and out torture.
My mistress occasionally instructed Jessica. For
instance, after I finished eating her delicious cunt
that first time, she told her to hand me the knife, and
tell me where to cut myself. Jessica, somewhat
disbelievingly, said ‘umm, on yr left tit’. And I did,
slicing a small, superficial, but certainly bloody
enough cut. The pain of cutting is unbelievably
wonderful, I understand why she won’t, but still wish
my Mistress ordered me to do it more often.

Seeing how obedient I was and how perverted this could
get opened the floodgates for Jessica. During that
afternoon we ran the gamut of perverted from slightly
old hat stuff like rimming her ass to full on crazy,
like when she tied me, standing with my arms secured
above my head to a hook in the wall, and proceeded to
kick me in the stomach in her heavy sneakers. The
bruises lasted for a couple of weeks.

That first time with Jessica was definitely the most
violent. But also the most amazing. She fisted me. She
fucked my anally without any lube with the biggest
dildo she could find. She whipped me until she drew
blood from little gashes on my back and thighs. She
caned those gashes. She made me lick her pussy and
asshole a thousand times, having orgasm after orgasm.

I was covered in sweat, her cunt juices, my own, some
of my blood, and eventually her piss, as she took me
into the bathroom, threw me in the bath and urinated
all over me, at my Mistress’ encouragement. I lost
count of the number of orgasms I had, with barely any
stimulation beyond the fucking. The utter,
uncontrollable hornyness of the situation, and the way
that pain gets me off, was making me cum again and
again, most of the time without any of my major
erogenous areas being touched.

Jessica had her way with me for nearly four hours
before giving up out of exhaustion, composing herself,
and leaving. Mistress Cassandra saw her to the door and
they stood there for a while discussing something, but
I was lying on the latex sheets, eyes closed, bone-
weary, concentrating on making sure there were no major
aches and pains that I needed to attend to urgently,
and enjoying the feeling of having my whole body throb
all over. I have an incredibly high pain tolerance, so
things like my battered stomach were more of an
annoyance than agony.

Mistress Cassandra eventually came in and told me she
was waiving the rule about sex juices having to stay on
my body, and took me into the bathroom where she and I
showered together, her soaping my body down, attending
to the few places on my body where the skin had been
broken with disinfectant (that bit hurt even me, but
only a little!), and then, best of all, helping me dry
off before laying me out on my bed and giving me the
most exquisite massage I’ve had.

My mistress has wonderful hands, and has studied in the
past to be a sports therapist and masseur. She knew
what she was doing and as I lay there, my body tingling
and throbbing from a day full of amazingly hot sex and
sado-masochism, with such a gorgeous woman gently
straddling me, rubbing warm scented oil into my skin, I
started to drift off to sleep.

I was in heaven, so far gone I even forgot to ask my
mistress permission to sleep or if she would need me
for anything else. She was obviously in a forgiving
mood as she climbed off of me, reaching for a vibrator
to take care of her own horniness after watching such a
hot scene for the day (it’s shameful that I didn’t see
to her needs, I know), because she leaned down and
whispered in my ear, in a normal Cassie voice, not a
demanding Mistress Cassandra voice ‘I’m so proud of you
gorgeous’. The last bit I remember was her lips gently
grazing my cheek as I fell asleep.

A few hours later I awoke in a darkened bedroom and
went out into the living room, naked, bruised, and
sleepy, to see my mistress sitting there watching
television. She patted the couch next to me, and as I
sat down she put her arm around me and I leaned in to
the cuddle. This was an obvious sign from her that
roles weren’t super important at the moment and I
didn’t have to observe strict protocol. Until she
decided otherwise (she usually lets me know with a slap
in the face) we were just Cassie and Katie, friends,
not Mistress Cassandra and her slave-cunt.

Over the next half hour or so we discussed the day and
her discussions with Jessica. My mistress told me that,
if it was okay with me, Jessica wanted to have sex with
me again, but probably not in such an S&M context. This
was of course fine with me!

And that’s what’s happened. Jessica is still a racist
bitch and we still don’t really like each other, and
that makes when we hook up for fucks every few weeks so
fucking hot. The guys told me she was frigid or a prude
were either lying or not pushing the right buttons! We
punch, bite, kick, scream and yell. We call each other
every name under the sun until our throats hurt. We
spit in each others faces, pull each others hair,
scratch with our nails. We rolled around on the floor,
wrestling and grappling, fighting for control and who
is going to lick who out.

Last time we properly had actual getting naked with no
one around sex, I forced her up against a wall and
groped her from behind, pressing her face against the
plaster and grinding my naked cunt against her bare
ass, until I decided to let go and pissed all over her,
then continued humping, my piss smearing and dripping
all over us.

She wants me to dominate her but I’m useless at being a
domme, I’m a natural slavecunt. I would love to see
Mistress Cassandra get nasty with her though! Jessica
has dominated me in really sick and perverse ways a
couple more times, one time even dressing in all this
nazi getup from a costume shop she had and making me
debase myself and say really fucked up things while
grovelling before her. It was amazing!

And because we go to the same school, sometimes our
lust for each other just boils over, like last week,
when we bumped into each other in the toilets during
lunchtime: Before I knew it I was being shoved into the
nearest cubicle with her tongue in my mouth and her
hands on my tits, and we ended up how I described; me
rimming her glorious ass while she pounded her cunt
with one hand, the other in her mouth, her head resting
on the cistern, to reduce her orgasmic cries to
animalistic grunts.

When she came, she turned around, sat down on the seat
and in a rare moment of unselfishness, beckoned me
forward. The dildo, lubed with her cream, went up my
willing ass and her she gave her attention to tonguing
my cunt. The dumb little whore’s becoming quite the

Later on that same afternoon she got a detention for
calling me a ‘dumb bitch’ in class. And when we were
discussing something in history I made a point of
trying to shoot down all her arguments just because
she’s stupid, and bigotted. She called me a ‘dumb cunt’
in the hallway last week too. All this tension between
us is just going to lead to some more amazingly hot sex
soon, I can feel it!

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