Master, Please !
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We’re in your room, you’re kissing me while you’re pushing my body against the wall with my arms above my head. Your hands roam over my body and harshly pinch my nipples through my clothes. I’m wearing a denim dress with a full-length zipper on the front. You pull my hair down and push me on my knees. You unbuckle your belt and flip out your dick. You guide my head to your dick and with a gentle tug on my hair you shove your dick all the way in the back of my throat. I moan and look up with big eyes. I pick up a slow rhythm, you tell me to just use my mouth and keep my hands behind my back. For the first time in a long time I obey. You moan softly and stroke my hair, “c’mon baby that’s it, yesses a little faster.” You grab my hair in a ponytail and start moving your hips, you’re fucking my mouth hard and I struggle to breathe but you keep going. “ahh yess my little slut, you like this don’t you, your sir fucking your pretty little mouth, oh baby I love your lips around my dick, take it all slut.” with a final grunt you cum deep in my throat and like a good slut, I swallow and lick my lips after. I look up to you and stick out my tongue, your hand grabs my throat and you pull me up. You kiss me passionately and hard. Your hands find the zipper of my dress and you zip it all the way down, exposing my bra and naked pussy. “oh, you’re a naughty girl huh, not wearing any panties in such a short dress”, you grin, “my little slut deserves a spanking for being so dirty, how about 15?”

“y-yes sir”, I answer, and I stand up and bent over on your bed. You caress my ass and chuckle, “your ass is going to be such a pretty shade of red baby, remember to count or we start over.”

“oh, and darling, I’m not going to use my hand”. You show me the paddle and trace it over my spine. I shiver in anticipation. I stick my ass up a little bit further, you notice and push my head a bit further down. “oh, you’re a good girl for me like this”. Without warning you strike my ass. I yelp, “ahh daddy, pleaaseee”

“count little girl, or this is going to last all day.”

“o-one, thank you sir.” “good girl, only 14 more to go.”

By the time you’ve striked me 10 times my ass is bright red. “just a few more baby, you’re doing really good, you’re ass is so pretty like this.” you softly squeeze my ass and then you give me 3 quick blows. “oh God sir, eleven, twelve and thirteen, please no more.” “but princess you only have two left, you can handle two more, right?” you strike me again, making my ass wiggle, and again. “fffourteen, fifteen” I whisper as I collapse on the bed. “did I tell you to lay down little girl? Get back on your hands and knees, I’m not done with you yet.” you trace your fingers from my calves to my thighs, and then as light as a feather over my pussy. “ooohh sir, don’t tease me like that please.” “why not girl, you’re mine, I can do whatever I like.” you laugh as my body spasms when you directly touch my clit, “somebody seems a bit sensitive, this is going to be fun.” suddenly you walk to your desk, where you’ve already put the box with toys, you grab the wrist cuffs and the blindfold. “turn around a lay down on your back slut.” “what are you going to do to me sir?”

“you’ll notice soon enough, now do as I say, or do you want another spanking?”

I quickly turn around and lay down. You tower over me as you cuff my wrists to the head of the bed, I have nowhere to go. Then you grab the blindfold and gently place it before my eyes. Now I’m immobilized and I can’t see.

‘you look so pretty like this baby’, you whisper in my ear as you gently pull my nipples. I wiggle on the bed trying to get up, but I can’t. ‘you can struggle all you want, in the end, you’re mine, and I’m going to use you however I want to.’ I stop moving, I sigh and wait. I hear you moving around and then you stop, you’re at the other end of the bed, near my feet. then, as light as a feather I feel your fingers on my legs, they trace a path, slowly upwards, over my knees, to my thighs, over my hips to my waist, I struggle as your touch tickles me. “tut-tut baby, stay still’. your hands reach my boobs, you squeeze and massage them, suddenly your hands are gone. I feel your weight on the bed and then your mouth is on my stomach, you leave a trail with your tongue, and you tease my nipples. I arch my back, desperate for your touch. ‘someone seems a bit needy’, you chuckle. your hand travels down my body to my throbbing pussy. ‘I see you’re very needy…. you’re such a dirty girl, what should I do with you?’

‘please, sir… please’ I moan. ‘please what little slut? please leave me like this? please give me infinite orgasms? please make me go crazy? you need to be more specific sweety.’

‘please make me cum sir, I’m so wet, I can’t wait anymore.’ I push my hips up towards your hand, but you quickly pull it back before it touches me. ‘not so greedy slut, I decide what you get.’ you push my knees further apart and blow some air on my clit. ‘oh god daddy, don’t, that’s evil.’ I whisper hoarsely. then, without warning, you thrust 2 fingers inside of me. ‘fuucckk daddy, oohh yess.’ you laugh and grab my hips with your other hand. you start fast, when you notice I’m close, you go slow, and then fast again. you keep torturing me like this for 10 minutes. ‘don’t dare cumming slut, or you’ll be punished’, you growl. ‘daddy please make me cum, I can’t take it anymore!’ I yell, wiggling and squirming, a sweaty mess on the bed.

‘beg for it baby, beg for it and I might let you cum.’ your fingers move even faster, my mind feels like it’s going to explode.

‘sir, make me cum, please, I beg you. I can’t take it anymore!’ I scream out as I buck my hips against your fingers. ‘oohh yesss little slut, cum for me, cum for me hard!’

my legs start to shake uncontrollably, and I scream out. you take your fingers out of my soaking pussy and bring them to my lips. ‘open up slut, taste yourself.’

I eagerly open my mouth and suck your fingers clean. ‘hmmm, that’s a good girl.’ You whisper as you get up and uncuff me. ‘turn around for me, now.’

I just lay there, panting, trying to catch my breath. You growl at me and flip me over. ‘Did I tell you to keep me waiting? Next time you better listen immediately or you’ll be punished.’

I lay on the bed, on my stomach. You harshly pull my hips up and smack my ass. You tease my entrance with the tip of your cock, and with your fingers you flick my clit. I writhe and struggle beneath you, trying to get you to enter me.

“baby if you keep being so impatient you’re not getting anything at all,” you whisper in my ear as you lean over me. When you pull back you grab a fistful of hair and pull my head back. You growl, “stay still slut.” You push my head down and grab your cock, you guide it to my pussy again and with one thrust you’re deep inside of me. I scream out and gasp for air. You stretch me out and I feel pain mixed with pleasure. “oh baby you feel so good around my cock, so tight and wet.”

You give me long slow strokes, making me feel so good. I get closer to my climax and start pushing my ass back, longing for a mind blowing orgasm. “Oh no baby, don’t get too greedy,” you chuckle as you keep my ass still. I’m so close, but you keep me under control. Its torture, I just need a little more. “Please sir,” I whimper softly, “Please can I cum?”

You keep going slow for a few more minutes, but finally you give in. You fuck me harder, making me go crazy. “Oh yess sir, please don’t stop,” I yell. “You don’t get to cum yet little girl, hold on a little longer,” you say in a demanding voice.

You smack my ass again, leaving a red handprint, “now you can cum baby.” You pull my hair as you slam into me, you’re cursing underneath your breath, “fuck baby you feel too good.”

I’m a moaning mess beneath you. My body shocks as an intense orgasm washes over my body. My pussy tightens around your cock and that sends you over the edge. You grunt as you thrust in me once more. I feel your cock twitch and your hot cum pooling inside of me. You pull out of me and lay down with me, I blindly feel around, still blindfolded. You release my cuffs from the head of the bed, but you keep them bound together. You snuggle me closely, one hand rests on my boobs and the other lazily plays with my clit.

The rest of the night is going to be a lot of fun.

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