Helping Jennifer Snap
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June Allison sat her eighteen-year-old daughter down for a most
difficult talk. June needed a sexy young girl as a sexual aid to get a
very special man up. June finally found a good Mr. Right with one
little problem, which wasn’t little and was no problem once it got up.
Getting it up was the problem. Henry thought seeing Jennifer naked
would do the job nicely. If Jennifer weren’t such a shy and modest
young lady, asking would be no problem.

Jennifer had every reason to be very proud of her nude body but wasn’t
at all. Four good years into puberty, she still hadn’t made the
adjustment to the changes. She wanted to stay twelve forever, still
played with dolls with other girls who still played with dolls, and
didn’t date though she was now of age and had plenty of offers. She
didn’t date because she knew what guys wanted. She wasn’t ready to
show it much less give it.

They sat on Jennifer’s bed for this uncomfortable talk. Jennifer
sensed another sex talk, and suspected this one was for not dating.
Jennifer knew that her liberal mom did not approve of not putting out
after it was okay to. At sixteen, a normal, healthy, well adjusted
girl goes out and begins sampling the field, getting a feel for what
she likes and doesn’t. You can never know if you have a Mr. Right
unless he feels right and rings all of your bells. If he rings all the
bells and blows all your whistles, he is MR. RIGHT! Marry the fucker.

This looked like another “why is your virgin ass still hanging around
the house when it should be out fucking something” talk. Jennifer had
a mom who freely said that a vagina is a pussy, a penis is a cock, and
sexual intercourse was fucking. She did not mince words and was never
unclear. She did not go around saying fuck this and fuck that, but if
fucking was the subject, she called it what it was and never blushed.
There was nothing shy or modest about June Allison. June never could
understand how her daughter could be. They were poles apart in looks,
attitudes, and personalities yet couldn’t be closer as mother and

June had always been a robust, full-figured, brunette woman who looked
like she’d love to strap on a trucker and give him a ride. She slung
hash at a truck stop where they all called her Hips. She could move
those hips and command everyone’s attention. She would also accept
tips between the jugs if the tip was at least a five. For a ten, you
could stuff it. For twenty, you could stuff it up a shaved pussy,
because Hips wore nothing under her uniform. Hips did very well
slinging hash. She and her daughter always lived well and needed no
man. From the time Jennifer was eight, there was no man, and Jennifer
stayed away from Mommy’s work.

Jennifer was as blonde as blonde could be all over. She was sixteen
but didn’t look a day over fourteen or act a day over twelve. Pretty
as a picture of pretty but she never tried to be. She had no hips but
she did have tits and a wide crotch with prominent bulge, which kept
her from wearing a swimsuit. When she did swim, she wore cut-off
shorts with a T-shirt over a bathing suit top. June wore a scandalous
bikini. Given the slightest excuse, Mommy would take the top off. On a
dare, she’d skinny dip. The lake was where they did all their swimming
because no public pool would allow shorts or tolerate nudity. The lake
was fairly lax. When June bought a rustic cabin on a remote stretch of
lakefront, anything went.

By the time Jennifer was ten, she knew her mother was a hash-slinging
whore down at the truck stop. She was also a whore out at the lake.
She rarely went there without a date or three, six, as many as nine,
and she usually got drunk and got screwed after skinny dipping.
Jennifer was not bothered by her mother’s avocation or free-wheeling
lifestyle. Her being naked with strange men never bothered Jennifer,
and seeing them fuck didn’t bother Jennifer. That was fine for her
mom, but that wasn’t the daughter. Jennifer never did try to change or
inhibit her uninhibited mother, mostly because Jennifer could see she
was happy being that way. Her mom loved men and loved sex.

She had a great body that men greatly appreciated. Jennifer could
appreciate that, and she liked watching people fuck. Fucking was neat
to watch, but watching it never made Jennifer want to try it. She
loved seeing all sorts of naked men, and was fascinated by all the
different types of cocks, the growth stages they go through, cumming,
and pissing. She especially liked seeing them piss. Jennifer loved
being pissed on and her mom was into that. She loved seeing her men
piss on her daughter. The lake was great for that, too. Still, as much
as Jennifer liked cocks, she never had the desire to have one shoved
into her body. She could see where she would one day, but when she was

June very much appreciated her daughter and the tolerance she showed
in letting her mother live the life she loved. Jennifer was also a
great sport, especially about the pissing, and never seemed to mind
seeing any sex play, even kinky shit like taking on three men at once,
getting it on with a chick, or doing a dog. Any kind of sex was okay.
Sex was sex and her mom was into any kind of sex. That was all cool,
and super cool that a daughter could watch any kind of sex.

In return, June showed respect and allowed Jennifer to live her life
entirely different. Any man who was invited to share a day or a
weekend with mother and daughter, especially out at the lake, knew not
to mess with Jennifer or try to get her to show some skin or do
anything sexual.

They also knew they were free to piss on her and could chase her, hold
her, bind her in creative ways, and piss all over her. To get even,
she’d sit on people and piss through her shorts, sometimes on their
faces while they chewed on the crotch. To Jennifer, that wasn’t a
sexual thing, that was just a fun thing. The one thing mother and
daughter shared was a love of water sports, but that was strictly a
lake activity which had been going on for over six years.

As wild as things often got at the lake over a three-day weekend,
Jennifer never did more than take off the T-shirt and let men piss
into her bra cups. They could see her titties that way, and they could
piss down her shorts or up the leg openings. In the summer of her
sixteenth year, lucky fuckers got to see some of the blonde hairs that
way because she wore nothing under the shorts, but those shorts always
stayed on, zipped, and buttoned. They were loose enough to pull out
and slip a dick in. Her pussy got plenty wet. She was fine as long as
they respected her desire to keep the shorts on, zipped, and buttoned.

Summer was now over and they were well into the cool days of Fall.
They would not be going out to the lake except on Indian summer
weekends. This had been a great season, the best ever, mostly because
Jennifer loosened up so much. She was slowly over-coming her shyness
and had lost her tittie shyness. June still had a problem child to be
taking this problem to, but not as big a problem as it was back in

For this talk, June wore a dress and looked very pretty, like a
regular mom going to a PTA meeting or church social. Mostly, she wore
her sexy waitress uniform or mini skirts. She wasn’t often seen in a
dress, but began wearing them when she stared dating a very successful
businessman named Henry. He was not part of the truck stop or lake
crowd. Henry was special. He was a catch, a keeper, a rich guy, and
sweet man. He liked seeing a lady wearing a dress, but he didn’t care
much for panties. He wasn’t a trucker, but he was a fucker, and that
along with big money made him a catch.

Jennifer knew all about Henry, but she didn’t suspect this talk to be
about Henry, but her mom opened the talk by saying, “Sweetheart, Henry
and I are getting very serious, but we are having a problem you may be
able to help us with. It’s a sexual problem. As you know, Henry is
close to sixty. When men get that old, they often have trouble getting
it up. The will is there but the equipment fails. We need to solve
this problem. He will propose to the woman who can. He took one look
at me and thought if any woman could, I could. I pride myself in being
able to make any cock stand at attention. Well, I met my match until I
thought to talk about you up at the lake…BOING!”

“That did it!”

“Yes, and once he gets up, he can stay up. He has a great cock and he
knows how to use it. He is quite a catch without the money. I really
like this man, Jennifer.”

“I like him, too.”

“I’m glad to hear that, because he has a thing for you. He has a thing
for young girls in general, but he swears you are the sexiest young
girl he has ever seen. He hasn’t seen much, but when I described what
we see up at the lake, he sees a wetdream.”

“That’s great.”

“It would be, but talking about it is no longer doing it. Jennifer, I
need to ask you a big favor…a really, really, really big favor.”


“No, it’s not that big. I know that what. That was a do-I-have-to-
fuck-him what, wasn’t it?”

“That would be a really, really, really big favor.”

“Would you?”


“I didn’t think so. Thought I’d ask. That would clinch the deal.
Anyway, the favor, and I do know it is a really, really, really big
favor…anyway, the favor is, would you please let Henry see you


“SURE! Did you say sure?”

“Sure…why not. I have been kicking myself for not going naked the
last time we were up at the lake. I promised myself I would, but when
I got up there, I couldn’t even go topless. I now know I have a
serious problem that I need to get over. I think Henry can help me. I
think next time we go to the lake, I’ll be a lot more fun. If I was
naked, I could do some serious pissing.”

“What a relief. Yes, Henry would love to help you. He’d be thrilled to
help you. If you get the urge, piss all over him.”

“Really! He wouldn’t mind?”

“For a good look at your sexy blonde pussy, hell no. Put that nasty
fucker right on his mouth, he’ll drink.”

She giggled and said, “I just might.”

“Sweetheart, if you help me land this catch, I’ll drink any time, day
or night. You will never need to pee in a toilet unless you would
rather pee in a toilet than pee in me.”

“Are you serious?”

“Of course, I’m serious. You’ve seen me do that plenty of times.”

“Yeah, but I’m your daughter.”

“Right, and that makes you my favorite chick.”

“That makes you perverted.”

“Sweetheart, I have been trying to tell you that your mommy is
perverted since you were eight. Haven’t you been paying attention?”

“Yes, but I never knew you were that perverted.”

“Now, you know. Are you going to run away from home?”

“I was, but not now. I thought you weren’t that perverted. I was just
getting ready to pack.”

June grabbed Jennifer’s sides and tickled her to her back, pushed her
dress up, and started to pull the panties down. Jennifer grabbed her
panties and shouted, “NO!”

June let go and raised both hands as though she had a gun in her back.
She backed off and said, “I’m sorry, Jennifer. I thought you were
ready. I read you wrong. Please, don’t ever fear me.”

Jennifer sat up and straightened out her skirt, looked to her mom, and
said, “Mom, I’m sorry I yelled like that. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t
even want to. See how I am.”

“Honey, I know exactly how you are, and I know how you got this way.
You are just like your father’s mother. You take after her in every
way, and I was foolish enough to let your grandma raise you all
through your most formative years. I live hoping that one day you’ll
just snap out of it and learn to live and love your body. I thought
you just did. Guess not.”

“But this is so stupid. I want to snap out of it, and I was hoping
you’d do something. I dream about you sucking on my pussy, and me
pissing while you’re sucking. I am still so horny just from thinking
about it, and you were so close to doing it. You were, weren’t you?”

“Yes. My mouth is still watering.”

“Oh Mom, I am dying to look between my legs and see your face and your
mouth sucking away on my pussy. I know you’ll love sucking my pussy,
and I can just picture your face when I start pissing. I know you love
my piss. You do, don’t you?”

“I absolutely love your sweet and sexy piss. I love licking it off
your sexy legs while you tinkle. I can just imagine what it’s like
straight from the pussy. I’ll be in heaven.”


“I’m sure you can if you don’t get rushed. I blew it by rushing in and
evoking a panic reaction. I should know better. I could kick myself.”

“Mom, we have to solve this problem before I can help you with Henry.
If I can’t do it with you, I know I can’t do it with any man. You have
to be the first, and you need to get me completely relaxed with it.”

“I agree. Tell me the best way.”

“Okay. First, you need to be naked.”

“Easy enough.”

June stood and whipped off her dress, kicked off her shoes, removed
the bra – naked. She stood with her feet widely planted and her arms
up and open, saying, “All naked. See how easy that is.”

“Easy for you. Now, masturbate, and let me see it good.”

“I can show you better if I lie down on the bed with you between my

“Yeah…do that. Before you suck me; I need to suck you and drink your

“My lucky day, and Mommy has to go pretty bad.”

“My lucky day, because I’m very thirsty, plus I’m dying to find out
what pussy tastes like.”

In position with Jennifer lying on her belly with her face practically
in a wide beaver, June said, “Tastes like dead fish.”

“Does not…smells great.”

“Yes, but the taste will knock a buzzard off a bucket of guts.”

Jennifer laughed, then said, “Dare me to lick?”

June stopped masturbating to pull the lips wide while saying, “Please
don’t lick Mommy there, sweetheart. That’s a very nasty place. It
might kill you or give you a nose bleed. I can see it’s making your
eyes water.”

Her eyes were watering because she was laughing so hard tears were
forming. If this was meant to relax a nervous child, it did. When
Jennifer stopped laughing, she took a long, slow, broad lap up that
pink trench, then rested a smiling face on her mother’s bald mound and
said, “Ummm, yummy. I love licking my mommy’s sexy cunt.”

“You are a disgusting little girl to lick a whore’s cunt like that and
say it’s yummy when I can plainly see you are about to throw up.”

“Oh yeah, watch this you nasty whore.”

“Oh, you vulgar child. You get your tongue out of that nasty fuck
hole. Dog dicks have been in there; in fact, I just got through
fucking a pack of mangy street mutts.”

“I can tell, because your fuck hole tastes delicious. You fuck the
yummiest mutts.”

“Go ahead a feast on the mutt pudding. See if I care.”

“Ummm, delicious mutt pudding, my favorite. Now, I need something to
wash it down with. What is this little hole for?”

“Don’t touch that. Pee pee comes out of that hole.”


“Yes, Mommy piss…don’t you dare put your mouth on that awful thing.
Don’t you dare suck. Jennifer Lynn Allison, you stop tickling me
there. Do you hear me? You’ll make me go pee pee. Jennifer! Oh god,
Jennifer, please…NOOOOOOOO…”

Jennifer was sucking and drinking pee pee like a pro. She drained a
full bladder like a nursing calf. She wasted a cow doing it, too. When
she was all done, she rested her smiling face on her mother’s mound
and waited for her to look down to say, “Not bad for whore piss.”

“You sure are a pretty toilet.”

“I’ll bet you say that to all the pretty little girls that suck your

“I do, but I mean it this time. Well, are you ready to suffer through
what I just suffered through.”

“Probably not, but we have to do this. Mom, you need to go a lot
slower with me, and I need to start with my legs together. Don’t touch
my pussy until I am limp like a rag doll. Kiss me, lick me all over,
and massage me until I’m all limp. Can we do it that way?”

“We will do this any way you want to do this, and we can take all day
if need be. I’ll give you a thorough tongue bath before I even dream
of sniffing your precious pussy.”

“That sounds great. Okay. Would you go out and smoke a cigarette while
I get naked and warm myself up a bit. I’ll be lying face down with my
hands between my legs when you come in. I’m going to try to keep
warming myself while you do your thing. When you can roll me over real
easy, I’m ready, but if I’m stiff, that means I’m not.”

“I’ll go very slow, Jennifer. I am in no hurry, and I will knock
before I enter, so you just relax and get comfortable with the idea.
Think about what you’ll be getting at the end, because I am going to
suck you so good and so long, you’ll push me out and beg me to stop
making you cum.”

“Don’t count on it.”

“You keep thinking that way. You have me the whole day and all night.
I am here to serve your every sexual need. I am your pussy slave. Once
in a while, I need a smoke break. I need one now. Ten minutes, I’ll be
back on duty, eager to serve and to please my master.”

“Mom, I am loving this already. I might just be on my back in a big
beaver when you come in.”

“No need to rush. Make me work for it. If I can’t lick you over and
lick your legs apart, I’m no good. I’m a lousy pervert. You should run

“I know you’re good. I’ve seen you lick a chick and suck a bitch.
Hurry back….And Mom, if you do real good today, I’ll fuck him for
you. If I do that, you can throw in a little whore to sweeten the
deal. That’s what you’ll have, here and out at the lake.”

“Jennifer, if you think I want you to be a little whore like me…then
you know me very very well. If you’re smart, you’ll lock your door,
because if I thought for one minute that I could suck you into being a
whore, I would not leave you alone for one minute until I have you
fucking every guy I know and his dog.”

“If the door isn’t locked, you’ll know what I want – cock and lots of
it fucking my whore cunt with some pussy thrown in, because I’m
already a cunt sucker.”

“No argument there. See you in a bit, precious.”

Not only was the door not locked, it was wide open. The little slut
was tits-up in a wide beaver, wailing away at her cunt. Looked like
she snapped out of it all on her own. That did turn out to be the

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