I want you to watch as another man plays with my cunt
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“Honey, we need to talk. Please don’t say anything because I promised myself that I would finally tell you what I have been wanting to say for years and I am scared to death to say it. Once you hear it, it can never be unsaid and everything concerning our life together hangs on your reaction to what I am about to tell you.”

I had just got home from work and my wife had started speaking before I had even had time to shut the door. I said, “Well if it makes you feel any better, I am now just as scared to hear what you have to say to me as you are to say it. Do you mind if I get a beer first?”
She said, “No, of course not. Will you get me one also? A shot or two of tequila may be necessary too. I’ll get a couple of shot glasses and the bottle.”
“You never take shots of tequila,” I said, “now I am really nervous.”

As I walked to the refrigerator to get the beer I felt a sense of dread that made me want to vomit. In the seven years that we had been married, this is the first time she had approached me in such a serious manner. I was under the impression that our marriage was as good as a marriage can get. It wasn’t perfect but it was better than everyone else’s as far as I could tell. People always commented on how happy we looked together and how it always looked as if we were still in love. And it was true. We never fought and it was easy to see that we genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. If there was a flaw in our marriage I would have to say it would be a lack of communication. Not about everything mind you, but very early on in our relationship, it became clear to me that my wife was uncomfortable talking about sex and her past relationships. Not that she was a prude, far from it, she was as wild in bed as anyone I had ever been with and her sexual energy was unsurpassed. In fact, I always felt that I was letting her down as I just couldn’t physically keep up with her. I figured her unwillingness to talk about sex and her past was based on some event that took place when she was young and it had left her with some sort of hangup that she couldn’t shake and that was just how she was. I didn’t want to pry anything out of her and figured she would tell me about it when she was ready or not at all. Maybe that time had come today.

I handed her a beer as she was taking her first shot and I watched as her face contorted and her body went into those spastic convulsions you see from people who don’t usually don’t drink hard liquor. She took a drink of beer to chase the tequila and poured another shot which I thought was for me until she downed it immediately.
I said, “Whatever it is you feel that you need to tell me sure has you wound tight.”

To which she responded, “That’s an understatement. I am so scared right now that I want to run out the door. And after I tell you what I am about to tell you it may so happen that you will throw me out the door. I love you more than I can ever express in words and the thought of losing you fills me a sadness that is overwhelming.
I said, “There is nothing that you could do or say that would make me leave you so the only way you are getting rid of me is for you to leave me. And even then you still wouldn’t lose me as I would just pine away until I died of a broken heart.”
She said, “God I hope that is true because we are about to find out.

She downed another shot and when her head and body stopped shaking she took a deep breath and looked me in the eye and said, “I want you to watch as another man plays with my cunt.

I want you to see me sucking and stroking multiple cocks.

I want you to hear me telling guys to fuck my ass and cunt harder. I want to look at you while my face and body is dripping and covered with the hot cum that I have fucked, sucked, and stroked out of the dicks of other guys. I want you to come home from work and find me with hard cock filling all of my holes.

I want you to see how much I love being used like a filthy whore and I want you to hold my legs open as guys fuck the shit out of me, one after the other.”

I tried to keep my composure and said, “ So what you are saying is that you want to fuck other guys.” She said, “No, that is not what I am saying. I am saying that I want you to SEE me doing those things.”

I said, “I don’t understand. If you don’t want to do those things then how can I see you doing them?” She broke eye contact and looked down and said, “I already do all those things. I always have done them. I am an insatiable cock craving fuck whore. I lost my virginity in a gangbang that lasted an entire weekend. And I have been that way ever since. No, that is not accurate. I have always been this way even before I ever had sex. For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with cock.” She looked up at me and said, “Do you want me to leave?”

I stood up and said, “You filthy fucking whore, does it look like I want you to leave?” And with that, I pulled my rock hard dick from my pants and forced it down her throat and said, “Alright, now it’s my turn to talk but I am going to fuck your slutty mouth while I do it. If all you say is true and you are a cheating little fuck whore then this is good news indeed. It means I no longer have to hide the fact that I have always wanted to watch you get gangbanged. Since the first time I met you I have fantasized about dressing you up as slutty as possible and passing you around to anyone who wants to fuck you. So, is this true or did you just find out what kind of porn I like, and now you are fucking with me?” I pulled my cock from her throat so she could answer me and she gasped for breath. I slapped her across the face with my hard dick and said, “Answer me!” She looked up at me and smiled and said, “I had no idea you wanted a slut for a wife. I wish I had known. In the seven years that we’ve been married, I have been fucked thousands of times by hundreds of cocks. Do you have any idea how much energy I have wasted on hiding it from you?”

I said, “When was the last time you were fucked?”

She said, “Well, this morning the mailman fucked me right over there on the floor. But I was distracted and not really into it because I knew I was going to be having this conversation with you when you got home. I don’t even remember where he shot his load. But yesterday at the gym I got fucked by six guys in the shower. And I was fully into it.”
I was a little taken aback hearing that she got fucked at the fitness club we go to and I said. “Really, what the fuck! People that I work with go to that gym. I don’t want people that we socialize with to know that you are a nasty whore. My boss goes to that gym for crying out loud!”

She grabbed my cock and started stroking it and said, “Honey, I wasn’t at the gym that you and I go to. I am not stupid. I have been a greedy cockslut all my life and nobody knows except for the guys I fuck. Admittedly, the number of guys that I have fucked is an extremely high number but my secret is safe with them. I have memberships at four very sex friendly fitness clubs not to mention that I am on a first-name basis with the clerks at every adult bookstore in town that has video booths and you’d be surprised how many swing clubs there are just in our county alone and I have had the shit fucked out of me in all of them many times and loved all of them. But the place where I love to be fucked that gets me off the most is also the most discreet. It is in our marital bed. I love to be used like a whore in the bed I share with my husband.”

“How many guys have you fucked in our bed?” I asked
To which she responded by saying, “I don’t know but if I had as many dicks sticking out of me as I have had stuck in me in our bed, I would look like a fucking porcupine.” We both burst out laughing and she said, ”I am so relieved that you like the idea of me getting fucked like I do. I will never again keep any secrets from you and tonight I am going to tell you everything. There will be some things that I am sure you won’t like hearing as well as things that will be hard for me to confess but I need to do this so we can start our filthy new life together on a clean slate, so to speak. But first I want your hot cum in my cunt.”

So I stuck my hard dick into my beautiful little sluts cunt and thought of all the things I was now going to get to see this hot little whore do.

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