Pay For Play Cheerleaders 3.
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“Ohhhh!” Nancy sighed, slumping down on the toilet seat. “Wow!”
Mr. Towson leaned back against the stall door, huffing, puffing,
his cock drooling.
“Jeez, sir! Look, you drenched me with that thick stuff!”
He paused, his hand still clutching his cream-slick prick, the big
sausage-like stalk.
“All over my belly, my titties, and my skirt. Lucky it’s on the
inside of my skirt,” Nancy said.
She reached over and rolled down a bunch of toilet paper, wadded it
up and swabbed at the hot, steamy goo on her tummy. She dabbed at the
goop clinging to her big tits. She wiped away the wad that stuck on her
“I gotta get back and do my routines,” she said.
“I wish you didn’t have to,” Mr. Towson said.
“But I gotta,” Nancy replied, rising from the toilet seat and
glancing at Mr. Towson’s dripping prick, the fat stalk sudsy, still half
“You’re gonna give the whole bleachers a hard-on.”
Nancy smiled. She pulled up her blue bloomers, then straightened
her skirt.
Mr. Towson sat down on the toilet. He was still playing with his
Nancy turned and watched for a moment, a sweet tickle went through
her. She wanted to stay, to watch him jerk off to her again, but she
unlatched the door.
“I’m gonna stay here and jack off to you,” Mr. Towson said. “Can
you come back after the game?”
“I dun-no. We’ll see,” she said.
“I’ll wait.”
Nancy left the toilet stall, then went to the mirror to put on
fresh lipstick, some blush, and to make sure her ponytails were tied
She returned to the field just as the girls were running on for a
cheer. She took her place beside Chris.
The cheerleaders bounced sexily, wiggling and bumping.
“Where were you?” Chris asked.
“With Mr. Towson in the teachers’ toilet.”
“No shit?”
“What’d you do?”
Chris smiled.
“He’s still there waiting,” Nancy said. “Playin’ with that big
boner of his.”
The girls bent over and wobbled their fine asses. They turned and
faced the crowd, legs apart, swinging back and forth.
After the game, Chris and Nancy walked back toward the school
Mr. Milton pulled up beside them. The girls went over to his big
“Hello, girls!”
“Hi, Mr. Milton.”
“Look, I wanted to see you, but I have to leave town for the night.
I’ll be back tomorrow, Saturday. Can you come to the motel and see me?”
Nancy looked at Chris. “Wanna?”
“How ’bout buying some sexy clothes, some sexy underwear, get some
real alluring garments,” he said, handing Nancy several hundred-dollar
bills. “Meet me at around three, okay — tomorrow?”
Nancy took the money. “We’ll see you then, sir.”
He drove away.
“Shit, how much money did he give you?” Chris asked.
“Three hundred dollars.”
“Jeez, and he wants us to spend it on sexy clothes to turn him on.
That’s great, huh?”
“Yeah,” Nancy said. “We’ll have to go to the mall tonight.”
“Jeez, I love bein’ a cheerleader,” Chrissie said.
“Yeah, me too. I really love the way men pay attention.”
“Should we go see Mr. Towson? He might still be waiting in the
men’s room,” Chris said.
“Oh, yeah, let’s! I’d love seein’ his big prick again. Can you
believe how big that is?”
“He oughta be in the circus or somethin’, showin’ that huge dick
off, huh?”
Nancy agreed.
The girls walked sexily to the school house, went in and took the
stairs down a flight to the basement area. They found the men’s room
and went in.
Nancy walked up to the stall door. “Are you still in there, Mr.
“Yes!” he panted.
The door swung open.
Mr. Towson let them in, then shuffled back and sat down on the
toilet seat. Nancy locked the stall door. Mr. Towson had a thick,
massive hard-on.
“I’m so glad you girls came.”
“Boy, you got a big boner on again, Mr. Towson,” Chris said.
“You girls make it that way,” he said.
“How ’bout this?” Chrissie cooed.
She lifted her tiny cheerleading skirt, pulling the blue-and-white
pleats up over her bright-blue bloomers. She held the hem high, and let
Mr. Towson have a good hot look at her crunchy cunt all muffined out
against the tight thin rayon.
“Oh, oh, jeez!” he huffed hotly.
“Like this, sir?” Chris purred.
“Yes, yes!” he panted.
Nancy took the cue and pulled her skirt up too, letting the teacher
see her bloomers.
Mr. Towson pounded his prick furiously.
“Oh, girls!” he sighed. “You’re so fuckin’ pretty!”
“We know,” Chris said, “so just go ahead and pump that giant big
dick to us, we wanna see you really jerk your prick for us, sir. We
wanna see you really go.”
Mr. Towson thumped his cock harder, faster, the fat, tall stalk
whipping, wobbling and spurting.
Nancy loved seeing the man masturbating, and her pussy got all
gooshy and quivery. She slid a hand into her panties and diddled her
“Oh, yeah, I like it when you dig in your panties like that and
play with yourself,” Mr. Towson said.
Chrissie laughed. “Okay, we’ll play with our cunnies, and you go
like sixty on your peter, sir … really pump that prick for us, jerk
off to us. We wanna see you shoot off, shoot all that gook, okay?”
What man wouldn’t go like sixty on his prick if he had two
beautiful young prick-teases urging him on?
And Mr. Towson did go like sixty. He sat on the edge of the shiny
black toilet seat, back humped, hand hammering his cock with a furious
“Oh, shit!” he cried.
“Like this, Mr. Towson? Us diggin’ in our panties like this,
playin’ with our pussies?”
“Yes, yes!” he panted, pounding his prick with a blurring hand.
“Wow, look at him go!” Chris gulped, “He’s really beatin’ his
“Really beatin’ that cock!” Nancy agreed, her pussy all wet and
“Keep goin’ sir! Keep jerkin’ that dick!” Chris cried.
“I am, I am! I’m jerkin’ my dick to you girls!”
“Okay, we’re gonna take our panties down and let you see our cunts,
wanna see us do that?”
“Oh, please!”
Chris pulled her blue bloomers down. Nancy followed, both girls
pushing their blue panties down their thighs, rolling them to their
“Oh, yes, your cunts!” Towson sobbed, jackhammering his cock, his
hand glued to his stalk with all the spitty cum cream that jizzed from
his frothing cocktop.
“Whew, sheez! Looka that cock spit!” Chris called, fingering her
“Yeah, shoot off! Cum for us, sir!” Nancy howled.
He pounded harder, faster, then stiffened on the toilet seat.
“Okay, okay! Ooooohhkay — ohhhh! Shit! Shit!” he yelped as he
His prick spewed out a spiraling load of cream that shot high in
the air, splashed out in goops at the darling girls. Big blobs of cream
splashed on the tiled floor near their blue-and-white tennies.
“I’m gonna cum too!” Nancy shivered, and her body convulsed in a
climactic shudder. A tickle of exquisite ecstasy slivered through her.
“Me too!” Chris yelped.
She came as she slid down against the door of the toilet stall,
pushing out her pussy, legs spread, her panties a tight blue swash at
her knees.
“Oh, ohhhh! Ahhhhh!” Nancy whimpered.
“Yes, yes, cummin’!” Chris yelled.
Mr. Towson just kept jerking and cumming. An incredible stream of
thick cream steamed from his gleaming cockhead.
“Gawd, he just keeps shootin’ all that pooh stuff! Ewwwww, gosh!
Oh shit, that makes me so hot!” Chrissie cried, her eyes wide as she
watched the volcanic eruption.
“Yeah, all that pooh!” Nancy cried. “Shoot pooh, sir! Shoot pooh!”
Chrissie reached out and caught a big blob on her hand, snatched it
in mid-air. “Icky pooh! Shoot icky pooh, mister!”
“Oh, you girls!” the handsome teacher huffed. “Oh, girls, you are
wonderful darlings!”
Nancy took her hand out of her panties, which dripped with her own
juices. She wrapped her fingers around Mr. Towson’s prick.
“Lemme jerk it!” she demanded.
She hammered with him. He had the bottom half of his cockstalk.
Nancy took the top half. They pumped together. More cum swished out.
A glob hit Chrissie’s teenybopper tennies.
“Shit, he’s shootin’ icky pooh on my tennies!” she cried.
“I’m pumpin’ him!” Nancy gasped.
“Do it real fast, Nancy!” Chris whispered.
Mr. Towson leaned over and plastered his tongue to Nancy’s
bloomers, licking the crotch. His cock was thick, hard, spurting, and
he let go of it. Nancy grabbed his prickstick with both hands and
drubbed up and down wildly as his cockhead spewed thick juice.
“Gosh, looka that pooh stuff shoot out!” Chris screamed.
The floor was slick with cum.
Nancy took her bloomers down. She came over to Mr. Towson.
“Lemme on! I’ll get on and fuck him!”
Nancy grabbed his prick and straddled him. He pushed his spurting
prick into her pussy.
“Ah, oooh! Shit!” Nancy sighed, riding high on top of him,
standing with her knees bent, her ass humping.
“Oh, yeah, fuck him!” Chris cried. “Fuck him Nance!”
“Fuck me, fuck me, Nancy!” Mr. Towson whimpered.
Nancy bounced up and down, undulated her fine hips, pushed her
pussy down on his big prick, screwed around and around, taking four fat
inches of hot cock into her sweet cunt.
“He’s still shootin’ pooh!” Nancy whispered.
“Shootin’ it in you?” Chrissie said.
“Yeah! ”
“So, keep fuckin’ him! It looks good the way you two are fuckin’
like that!” Chris yelped, taking her blue bloomers down and stepping
gingerly out of them.
Chris walked to the side of the toilet. She pulled up her
cheerleading skirt and put her hands on her hips. She bumped her pussy
at Mr. Towson. He craned his neck and mashed his mouth against her soft
Chris looked Nancy in the eyes, which were blazing with passion.
Nancy’s big titties wobbled in her tight cheerleading vest as she humped
up and down on Mr. Towson’s towering prick.
“Ooooh!” Chris sighed. “He’s snackin’ on my snatchie!”
“Yeah, looks too good for words!” Nancy said.
“Shit, eat my snatchie!” Chris puffed.
Mr. Towson’s tongue lapped like a dog at her yummy cunny. He
slurped at her marvelous teen-queen cunt, licked loudly, sucked
“Crrrriippes!” Chrissie huffed hotly. “Eat my pussy, Mr. Towson!
Eat on my pussy! It’s so hot from being out on the field showin’ off my
bloomers, lettin’ everyone see my ass!”
Mr. Towson sucked and slurped. One arm curled around Chris. His
hand gripped her dumpling ass. The ripples of her slick asscheeks
tingled his fingers. He tickled her asscrack, his finger dancing up and
down, up and down. A shiver of lust thrilled through Chris as he hooked
a finger into her asshole.
“Yowie!” Chris cried. “Ah, ah!”
His finger fucked slowly, darting in and out of the tight-sucking
hole of her shitter.
“He’s got his finger up my pooper!” Chris shuddered.
Nancy leaned to the left as she fucked the teacher’s prick. “Yeah,
I can see him doin’ that to your butt!”
“Oh, boy! It feels good!” Chris sighed, rolling her hips, in time
with the dancing finger up her asshole. She pushed her pussy against
the teacher’s open mouth.
He made sloppy, slurpy noises as he sucked and licked her shiny
slit, slicking and sliding his tongue up and down, then twirling it on
Chrissie’s clit.
“Wheeeee!” Chris sighed.
“I’m really screwin’ on his peter!” Nancy gasped. “Look how that
big dick slides in and out of my pussy, Chris!”
“I know,” Chris huffed, her eyes glued to the friction of Mr.
Towson’s thick prick punching Nancy’s pussy.
Chris writhed. “Here, lemme turn around, sir.”
She pulled away from Mr. Towson’s lapping tongue, kept her skirt
high, turned around, put one hand flat on the wall of the toilet stall,
and bent over slightly so her back was arched and her ass lifted to the
gaping teacher.
Mr. Towson wagged his tongue, the tip dripping with spit. He
wobbled it at Chrissie’s ass, slicked his big tongue up and down her
“Oooeee, shit! Cripes! Oh, cripes!” Chris howled joyously. “Lick
it, lick it, lick it!”
“Fuck it, fuck me, fuck my cunt!” Nancy panted.
“Yeah, fuck and suck!” Chris exclaimed.
Mr. Towson sent his tongue soaring into her asshole. Chris
shuddered with delight. He rimmed her asshole. She quivered, then
stuck her finger in her pussy and started fucking herself.
Mr. Towson drilled his tongue like a twirling bit at her asshole.
“Oh, my pooper! He’s … he’s twiddlin’ his tongue on my shithole,
“Yeah, I see! Shit!”
The heat of passion filled the toilet stall. The walls steamed
with the ecstasy radiating from Nancy slugging up and down as she
screwed Mr. Towson’s prick, from Chris, her hand diddling, and from Mr.
Towson, his tongue twirling.
“You never had it so good,” Nancy said arrogantly. “Never had it so
good, sir!”

Chapter 10

Chris and Nancy left the toilet and went to the mall. They spent a
hundred and fifty of the three hundred dollars given them by Mr. Milton
and pocketed the rest.
They took their bundle of delicate delights and went to Chrissie’s
house to spend the night, then meet Mr. Milton the next day.
“Shouldn’t you call your mother?” Chris asked.
“Naw, she’ll get uptight about me not coming home, but she’ll drink
herself into a stupor and fall asleep. In the morning, she won’t
remember anything.”
Chris shrugged.
They went to Chrissie’s room. Her parents had gone out for the
evening. Her older sister Janet was out on a date, and her two brothers
were in their rooms.
The girls took off their cheerleading duds and took a shower, each
taking turns in the bathroom. Then they inspected their purchases at
the mall.
Nancy had bought a tight, black, wool miniskirt, a white camisole
that tucked in to the skirt. She had also purchased a black, demi-cup
bra that strapped tightly around in back. It was cut low and pulled her
titties tightly together in a bulging cleavage. The bra was underwired
and made her big tits stick out like two juicy melons. She also bought
a black garter belt, that fit her tummy tightly, with straps that
stretched down across her ass, the spandex pull cutting into her
luscious asscheeks. Her nylons were seamed in the back, black around
the top, lighter sheerness down the legs.
She had the lingerie on, looking at herself in the mirror.
“Looks good,” Chris said.
“I’ve never worn anything like this before,” young Nancy said,
turning, looking at the way the pink panties she had just pulled on cut
hotly across her ass, how they pulled in at her crotch in a soft nylon
Chris fit herself into a strapless pink stretch bustier with a
gentle hug knit that shaped her beautifully and enhanced her supple
body. It was lightly boned, and had adjustable garters that she
strapped to a pair of white nylons. The pink corset glittered sexily,
the pink garters pulled tight and she hooked them into the nylons. To
this ensemble, Chris added a pair of white panties.
“I think I’ll wear pink panties with this black,” Nancy said,
pulling on a sweet pair of nylon delights.
“Let’s both wear black heels,” Chris said.
They put them on.
Chris smiled. “Boy, we’re big-time hot, huh?”
“We oughta go turn my brothers on.”
“Wow, that’d be fun! You do it with your brothers?” Nancy asked.
“You kiddin’? No way. But I love to tease ’em and see ’em get
“Should we?”
“Yeah, come on!”
Chris led Nancy to her brothers’ room. They were both All-American
lads with blond crewcuts and lean scrawny bodies. They were sitting on
the floor, playing a game of Monopoly.
The darling girls walked in on the boys, wearing their sexy
lingerie, looking sweet, beautiful and sexy.
“Hi, guys,” Chris said.
They looked up … then gasped.
“Nancy, this is Bobby and Travis.”
“Hi,” Nancy said, putting her hands on her hips. “What’cha guys
“Wow!” Travis said, looking at his sister and Nancy.
The young beauties stood over the Monopoly board, in their heels,
their sexy lingerie and all their glorious teen-queen charms on display
for the young boys.
“We’ll play with you,” Chris said. “We’ll play strip Monopoly.”
The boys quickly agreed, and Chris and Nancy joined them around the
board, kneeling. Chrissie cheated and the boys were quickly undressed,
nude, their pricks hard and throbbing.
“Say, you guys are all turned on, huh?” Chrissie smiled, eyeing her
brothers’ erections. Bobby had a six-inch hard-on and Travis had five
rigid inches.
“Yes!” Travis chirped.
Chris and Nancy stood up.
“Well, you better stand up and we’ll have a look at those boners.
And I’ll roll the dice. If you lose, you have to pump those pricks for
us, okay, you guys?” Chris said.
They agreed.
She rolled the dice and of course the boys lost.
“Okay, let’s see you do it,” Chris said.
The boys grabbed their cocks and started jerking, but Nancy decided
to have some fun of her own. She moved in on the boys and got a grip on
their cocks. She squeezed on the firm, throbbing hard-ons, and pumped
her hands as she stood in front of them.
“You like that, guys?” Chrissie asked, all hot and excited watching
Nancy play with her brothers’ brick-hard pricks.
“Yes!” Bobby gulped, his hard cock bubbling, gooping with teen
cream at the stiff tip.
Nancy rolled her palms over their frothing cockheads, gathered some
goop on her hands, then slicked back down on the stalks of their dicks,
drawing her hand in a loose grip-back and forth-back and forth, slowly.
“Feel her panties down there, Bobby,” Chris said.
“Like this?” he gasped, sending his eager young hand into the soft
muffin crotch of Nancy’s pussy-pink panties.
He rubbed and rubbed. Nancy liked the feel of his hot hand fucking
her jizzing pussy.
“I wanna feel your panties,” Travis said to Chrissie.
“‘Cause you’re my brother, that’s why.”
“Oh, let him feel,” Nancy said. “It won’t hurt nothin’.”
“I better not,” Chris whispered.
“Aw, go on!”
“Well, all right then, Travis. You can feel my pants, but just for
a minute … here, I’ll take your hand and put it down there. Yes, yes,
right there, Travis … then you rub, like Bobby’s doin’ to Nancy.”
“Whoooo!” Travis sighed, sucking in his breath in a hot gulp.
Chrissie’s white panties hugged her pussy, and her cunt was soft
but firm on Travis’ itching fingertips. He felt a mossy loveliness
there, and he rubbed harder, faster, and Chrissie’s cunny spritzed and
her pussy juice seeped through the, thin nylon to Travis’ fingers.
“Here, you put your hand in my panties, Bobby,” Nancy said, still
pulling on both boys’ cocks.
Bobby dipped into her panties, his hand engrossed into the thick
carpet of brown cunt hair. His fingers slipped automatically into her
“Mmmmmm, finger me, Bobby!” Nancy whispered. “Finger me!”
“Like this?” he said, his finger slicking in and out.
“Yeah, down there in my pants, finger me.”
“I wanna be down there in your panties, Chrissie!” Travis gulped.
The young boy was on fire for Chris. He pulled out of Nancy’s
prick-grip. He jerked his lovely sister to him, embraced her, pulled
her tight against his nude body and his bending young cock, then he
kissed her savagely. His hands went behind her and he dug his fingers
into her plush ass.
She broke away. “Don’t, Travis!”
He stuck his hand in her panties.
“No-oooohhh!” she sighed as Travis slipped a hot finger into her
pussy and started finger-fucking her, his hand deep in her panties, his
knuckles jiggling out the crotch. His free hand kept fanning her
pantied ass.
“Take your hand out of there right now, Travis!” Chrissie huffed.
“Aw, let him play in your pants, Chris … that looks good.” Nancy
“Play with my peter like Nancy’s doin’ to Bobby!” Travis begged.
“No! Absolutely not!”
“Please, Chrissie!” he begged.
“Do it, Chris!” Nancy urged.
“Aw, just for a minute,” Travis pleaded.
“Okay, then, Travis. Here,” Chrissie said.
She slipped her hand between them and gripped his hard, hot cock.
She squeezed his bubbling prick, jerked on the stalk, looking down, then
up to see Travis’ reaction, her head bobbing as she watched her own hand
job, then his passionate face.
Travis’ prick squirted a spatter of cum into Chrissie’s hand.
“Okay, that’s enough,” she said, letting go of his hot-thumping
His finger still fucked her cunt.
“Take your hand out of my pants now, too!” Chris scolded, pulling
on his arm.
Nancy smiled. “Wanna fuck me, Bobby?”
“I-I don’t know how,” the boy panted.
Nancy let go of his prick. She pulled her panties down her thighs.
She took his gooping six-inch prick and inserted the bristling stalk
into her slushy snatch.
“Oooohhh! Ahhhaa!” the boy moaned delightedly.
“Now, just hump in and out,” Nancy said, placing her hands on his
hips, pushing and pulling on him, showing the young lad how to fuck her.
“Ohhhh! Oh, that’s good!” he gulped, his hands roaming behind
Nancy, cupping her fine, curvy, amazing ass.
Travis watched. “I wanna do that to you, Chris!”
“Uh-uh, no way, kid,” Chris replied.
“Well, just lemme feel your butt at least. I think you got the
best butt in the whole world, Sis.”
“Okay, you can feel my butt then.”
Chris and Travis stood next to the fucking Bobby and Nancy, facing
them, and Travis got behind her, cupping her asscheeks and peeking over
her shoulder as he watched Nancy fuck Bobby.
“That’s right, Bobby, like that!” Nancy said. “Just hump in and
She had her chin tucked, looking down, watching the slide of the
lad’s prick into her pussy, her hands still clasped to his thin, wiry
hips. His ass pumped, and his prick punched. His little balls swung
back and forth in a hot, swinging sack. He reached up and cupped
Nancy’s big teenette titties.
Travis underhanded Chrissie’s ass, her fine pastry-soft, marble-
slick, deluxe butt. His prick slapped at her asscheeks.
“Don’t hit me with your boner back there!”
Chris admonished. “Just feel, that’s all you can do!”
Now Bobby moved one hand behind Nancy and cupped her ass. His
other hand jiggled her tits out of the bra. She looked gorgeous in her
black bra, her tits hot and heavy. Her pink panties were a tight pull
of nylon just above her knees, and her garter belt was tight, the straps
slashing into her milky thighs. Her nylons, her black, shiny high
heels-all of this a sight, a moment of delicious excitement for Bobby.
“You like that?” Chrissie asked. “You like fuckin’ Nancy, Bobby?”
Chris was hot. Her pussy juiced. Travis kept feeling her ass. He
stuck his cock in her asscrack.
“Stop that, Travis! Take your peter outta there!” Chris cried.
“I love your ass, Chrissie!” Travis panted in her ear.
“Well … But don’t put your … oh! Oh, shit! Travis!
He had his cock up her ass!
“Stop! Ohhh, stop!” Chrissie cried.
Travis humped in and out, fucking his hard little prick into the
delicious luxury of Chrissie’s shitter.
“Uh-uh-uhhh!” she panted. “I said … stop!”
But he kept fucking.
“Oh, shit! He’s fuckin’ my asshole, Nancy!” Chris yelled.
“I — I can see,” Nancy said, looking over and watching the
passionate expression on Chrissie’s face.
Chris watched Bobby fuck Nancy.
Travis humped in and out. His cock slicked a fast fuck up
Chrissie’s ass.
“Shit, he’s cornholin’ me!” Chris huffed.
“Fuck me, Bobby!” Nancy purred sexily. “Fuck me!”
“Oh, Chrissie!” Travis whispered in Chris’ ear. “I love your ass!
I love you!”
“You’re gonna get it, you little bastard!” Chrissie growled,
sliding her hands down on her knees and waving her magnificent teen ass
at Travis.
“I always wanted to do this. Ever since I can remember, I wanted
to put my peter up your butt,” Travis whispered.
“You’re gonna be sorry, you bad little bastard!” Chris snapped,
whirling her ass at his punching prick.
Bobby reached out and quickly shoved a finger into Chrissie’s
purring pussy.
“Aw, shit! Stop that, Bobby! He’s got his finger in my cunt,
“I know, and he’s fuckin’ me!” Nancy replied.
Chris writhed. “You shouldn’t be fingerfuckin’ me, Bobby! Ah!
Ahhhh, shit, my butt! My butt! Oh shit, Travis! Fuck my butt! Come
on damnit! Fuck my butt!”
Chris burned hot. The finger in her cunt, the whole scene before
her, the hot cock-rod up her ass, made her tingle, go weak with desire,
with ecstasy.
“Come on, come on! Fuck my shitter, you nasty brat!” Chris yelled.
“Oh, Chrissie!” Travis choked, humping wildly behind her.
“Fuck fuck fuck!” Nancy cried, her voice low, sultry.
Travis blew his load in Chrissie’s asshole.
“Ah!” she yelped. “Oh, shit! Cripes! He’s shootin’ a hot load up
my pooper!”
Bobby came. His cock exploded in Nancy’s pussy. A hot gush of
cream poured in. Nancy felt the splashing spray as she shivered and
“You bad little butt-fucker!” Chrissie huffed, her body shuddering.
Bobby shivered with delight as he climaxed, his cock spewing a hot
jizz splash into Nancy, his finger vibrating like a dildo in Chris’
Nancy had her arms hooked around Bobby’s neck. She held on as he
fucked her and as she came. But she was so hot, so excited, so trembly
that she melted to her knees, and Bobby’s prick slipped out, still
spurting cum. She fell to the floor, slumped down on the Monopoly
Bobby fisted his cock and shoved it into Chrissie’s pussy.
“Don’t you dare!” Chrissie cried, but his prick was in her cunt,
still hard, still hot, still spurting. Bobby humped hard.
“Bobby! Stop that! Stop fuckin’ me!” Chris yelled.
He didn’t listen to her pleas. He worked hard. And behind Chris,
Travis popped her pooper with his pulsing prickstick.
Travis pulled his cock out and got down on the floor with Nancy.
He mounted her. She took his spewing prick and shoved it into her
pussy. They were fucking right on Park Place.
Then Bobby and Chris were on the floor next to Travis and Nancy.
Bobby mounted Chris.
“Don’t! I’m not gonna let you do it! You’re not gonna fuck me!”
Chris screamed.
But he was already on top of her, his cock in her cunt.
Monopoly money flew, the board moved under Nancy’s ass. Chris
spread her legs. The girls, in their sexy lingerie attire, all spread
out for the young lads, looked delicious.
Chris pumped up and down, her big, juicy ass splashing on the
carpet. Nancy humped up and down on the board.
“Okay, then!” Chris gulped. “Fuck me! This is the first and last
time, but go ahead, Bobby. Fuck me! Fuck me, you brat!”
“Yeah, fuck fuck fuck!” Nancy whispered.

Chapter 11

The next day Chris and Nancy took a taxi to meet Mr. Milton at the
motel. They knocked, and the handsome man let them in. He was attired
in a dressing robe, a maroon shortie. He was nude underneath.
The girls had their cheerleading bags with them, and they carried
all their purchases in the bags. Mr. Milton welcomed them, then took
out a stack of hundred-dollar bills. He handed ten to each girl.
“Now, you can go into the other room, change into something sexy.
I’ll wait out here in the living room. Come out when you are ready, and
we’ll take some pictures. Remember, girls, I want you to look as sexy
as you know how.”
The girls took their bags in the bedroom and closed the door.
“Jeez, he gave us each a thousand dollars! I can’t believe it!”
Chris whispered.
“Listen, he gets real hot,” Nancy said. “We can make a lot more
too. If he wants to do more than just take pictures, we say that’s all
we wanna do, that the thousand was for that, and he’ll give us more.
“No kiddin’?”
“Yeah, last time he gave me close to two thousand dollars.”
“No, no shit!” Chrissie gulped. “We’re gonna be rich!”
The girls were already out of their jeans and tank tops, and were
deciding which outfit to wear first for Mr. Milton.
“I’m gonna wear all pink, that tight pink waist-cincher. Tie me
in, will you?” Chrissie said.
Nancy got behind her and pulled the nylon-spandex cincher around
Chrissie’s belly and pulled tight. It was boned in the front, and had
white ribbons on the top.
“I’m gonna wear those tight white panties ’cause they pull in so
snug on my snatch,” Nancy said, pulling on a pair of thin bikini
Chrissie adjusted the satin merrywidow, adjusting the bra-cups with
a lacy pink drawstring that she tied in a bow and let hang down the
“I’ll put on this bustier, the black one with the built-in
underwire fitted with that special U. I like that, it’s all lace, and
it has those real long black garter straps, and that U pulls in real
sexy on my titties, don’t you think?”
“Yeah, you look hot. I’ll snap the hooks in back for you, make it
real tight so your boobies sit way up there.”
Chris did the back of Nancy’s merrywidow. Then Chris slipped into
the black panties to go with her pink cincher. The girls added nylons
and black heels. They appraised their magnificent young bodies in the
“Your ass looks great stickin’ out there,” Nancy said.
“Good as your boobs, huh?”
“Yeah,” Nancy smiled, “good as my tits.”
The girls entered the other room.
Mr. Milton gasped at their remarkable loveliness. “Oh, yes, girls!
That’s marvelous! You are the epitome of my search for the perfect
He snapped off a bunch of pictures.
“Should we be sexy?” Nancy asked.
“Yes, be sexy, girls.”
Nancy pulled her white panties down and showed Mr. Milton her fuzzy
brown pussy. Chrissie followed, doffing her pink panties, jerking them
down, as Nancy did, to her knees.
“How ’bout this, sir? You can see our pussies,” Nancy said.
The girls stood near the bar, leaning on it and pushing out their
hips. Nancy undulated lewdly. Chrissie did the same. Mr. Milton shot
off a constant flash of pictures.
“Yes, yes,” he mumbled. “That’s wonderful, girls!”
Nancy’s black merrywidow glistened, her tits bulging like two big
balls in the U-shaped bra top. Her little white pants were a tight pull
between her thighs. Chrissie’s pink cincher sparkled, her pink panties
tight at her knees.
The girls gawked at Mr. Milton’s prick as it snapped out from
between the folds of his robe. The big juicy nine-inch cock wobbled and
Nancy saw how hot he was, and she wanted to get him frying. She
pulled her tits up over the top of the black merrywidow. Chris turned
and showed him her splendid ass, the eggshell-slick curves.
“Oh, girls!” Mr. Milton gasped.
His eyes glanced from Chrissie’s divine ass to Nancy’s scrumptious
tits. His cock throbbed, thumped, wobbled, the head bloating. A thick
goop of cum spewed out at the girls. The wad of goo landed in front of
Chrissie on the thick blue carpet.
Chris looked over her shoulder, shuddering at the sight of Mr.
Milton’s spurting prick. She waved her delightful ass at the admiring
Nancy slid farther down on the bar, pushed her hips out daringly,
rolled, then undulated her teen pussy.
Mr. Milton took more pictures.
Chris’ legs were wide apart, her heels on the floor, her calves
taut, her ass a magnificent looking piece of art.
Mr. Milton took a full roll of photos. He set the camera on the
coffee table. He walked to the girls at the bar. He stood trembling,
his prick oozing pre-cum.
“I wanna play with your pussies,” he whispered.
“Well, you didn’t say nothing ’bout that, sir,” Nancy teased.
“Yeah, you said just pictures,” Chris huffed.
“But — but, girls. I’ll give you more money,” he said, going to
his wallet, taking out some more hundreds and placing them on the bar by
the girls.
“I suppose you can then, Mr. Milton,” Nancy said. “Okay, Chris?
Wanna let him play with your pussy?”
“I guess.”
Mr. Milton’s arms reached out, and his trembling fingers plunged
into the splendor of the girls’ young cunts. He rubbed, tickled, then
slid his finger up and down their slick slits, finally screwing a thumb
into each girl’s pussy.
“I’m gonna finger-fuck you, girls,” he murmured.
“Well, all right then,” Nancy said. “Go ahead, finger us.”
She set her legs farther apart, then pushed her hips out and
undulated her tight young cunt on his punching thumb. Chris did the
same. Nancy reached for his cock and got a good grip on his hard stalk.
“I’ll squeeze your peter for you too, sir.”
Mr. Milton changed strokes, underhanding a middle finger into each
slick, sweet snatch, fingering the girls with a sure, slow slide.
“Mmmmm!” he moaned, his fingers slushing in their juicy young
Both girls leaned back against the bar, legs apart, rolling their
hips in a suggestive cheerleader bump — the same salacious swirl they
performed on the field in their little uniforms. But they were in
glossy, tight, sexy lingerie now, and their pretty faces were painted
with passion.
Chrissie watched Mr. Milton’s finger fuck in and out of her pussy,
and she tingled with the shivering excitement that the friction produced
— a steady goosebump vibration.
Nancy pulled and pushed on his big prick.
“Yeah, yeah!” he mumbled.
“Boy, his prick is hard,” Nancy said. “Jeez!”
Chris reached down and wrapped her darling fingers on his pulsing
“Cripes, yeah! It’s like a hunk of iron!”
They squeezed his enormous nine-inch prick. His cockhead fizzled,
foamed, spit a goop of cum that landed on Chrissie’s creamy thigh, just
above her nylon top, next to her pink, glittering garter strap.
“Whoooo!” Chris sighed, a rush of hot breath steaming from her
pretty red mouth.
Mr. Milton’s fingers sluiced into the sticky goodness of the girls’
gummy-tight cunts. Slick, slick, slick … his fucking finger made
sweet noises, made their cunts respond to him.
He leaned in and kissed Nancy, his hot, manly lips pressing on her
pink mouth. His tongue entered her mouth. She nibbled it gently,
teasingly. She squeezed tighter on his prick as he sawed his finger in
and out of her pussy.
Then he broke the kiss and leaned over to Chrissie. Their wet
mouths met in a fucking French kiss. His hand diddled her cunt.
“Let’s fuck, girls!” Mr. Milton blurted. “Let’s fuck!”
“Golly, sir,” Nancy said, her hand creamy with Mr. Milton’s cum as
she slicked his prick. “You didn’t say you wanted to fuck us. Did he,
“Uh-uh, you didn’t say nothin’ ’bout fuckin’, Mr. Milton.”
“You just wanted pictures, and look … now we’re playin’ with your
peter and stuff,” Nancy said.
“Yeah, and you got your finger in our little puffies,” Chris
whispered lewdly.
“Look, girls,” Mr. Milton panted hoarsely. “I wanna fuck and suck.
I’ll give you more money, don’t worry. I’m a rich man. I’ll give you
“You promise?” Nancy cooed.
“Yes, yes!”
“Well, okay then. You can fuck us. Okay, Chrissie?”
“Yeah, I guess. You can fuck us, Mr. Milton.”
The handsome man shuddered with excitement. His cock billowed.
His face was flushed. His finger fucked furiously in and out of the
girls’ cunts.
He dropped to his knees. His hands went behind Chris. He cupped
her teen-dream ass. He muffed his face into her pussy and licked his
tongue up and down the delicious slit.
“Awwwww, shit!” Chrissie cried. “He’s lickin’ my caboose!”
“I know! Wow!” Nancy gasped.
Then he was on Nancy, his mouth sucking like a vacuum cleaner.
“Wheeew!” she hissed. “Whoo, come on! Hey, you’re suckin’ like a
cow or somethin’ on my pussy!”
Then Mr. Milton got up.
“I want you on your hands and knees on the carpet, Nancy.”
She obeyed and positioned herself beautifully on all fours. Her
tits swung low, her garter straps cut a black swath on her ass and
“Then, Chrissie, I want you to stand up, over Nancy, straddle her
with your back to me. Yes, like that. So you’re both facing the other
way. Now bend over a little, Chrissie, put your hands on your knees.
That’s it, arch your ass.”
Mr. Milton had the girls stacked just right.
He dropped to his knees behind Nancy. “I’m gonna stick my cock
through your legs, and you get it, Nancy, and you put it in your pussy.”
He shoved the big cockstalk between her thighs. Nancy underhanded
his throbbing prick and plugged the bristling head into her scorching
“Ahhhh! Oooooh!” she sighed.
Mr. Milton began a slow fuck stroke, rocking back and forth on his
knees behind her. Then he leaned forward and stuck his tongue up
Chrissie’s ass.
“Oh, shit!” Chris yelped. “He’s tongue-fuckin’ my ass, Nancy!”
“And fuckin’ me!” Nancy howled.
Mr. Milton was a delighted man. He cupped Chrissie’s ass, spread
her asscheeks, slivered his long tongue at her asshole.
“Gawwww, shit!” Chris moaned.
Mr. Milton drilled Chrissie’s asshole. He fucked his big spurting
prick at Nancy’s sucking pussy. She waved her ass at him, looked down,
tucked her chin in tightly, peered back and saw the glide of his slick
He was a fortunate man as he rocked in and out, punching his prick
in Nancy’s cunt, as he sent his tongue quivering at Chrissie’s beautiful
And he knew then that he was lucky to be so filthy rich. No matter
what anyone said, money, could buy anything. He knew this now, because
he was a lucky man living out a fantasy that he had always envisioned.
Chris screamed. “Shit! They all wanna lick my ass!”
“They all wanna fuck me and feel my tits!” Nancy exclaimed.
Mr. Milton rocked harder. His cock sawed a slushy slick slide.
His tongue twirled on Chrissie’s shitter. She stuck a finger in her
cunt and twittered her clit.
“Mmmmm! Mmmm, girls!” Mr. Milton mumbled.
“Fuck me, mister!” Nancy huffed.
“Eat my cunt!” Chris whispered.
“All cum … All cum together,” Mr. Milton mumbled.
Chrissie diddled her clit faster. Nancy undulated her ass at Mr.
Milton’s punching prick. His tongue slopped at Chrissie’s asshole.
Nancy came first. A hot vibration simmered her. She shook. She
stopped waving her ass. Mr. Milton pumped. His sweet prick thrilled
He came.
A hot load of goopy stuff slushed into Nancy’s pussy.
“Ahhhh, shit!” she cried.
“My butt! My butt!” Chrissie called, her finger a blur on her
They came. They climaxed. They experienced that wonderful tingle
of satisfaction.
Mr. Milton fucked fast, hard. His tongue swiped Chrissie’s
asshole. Nancy shuddered violently.
“Ahhhh! Mmmmm!” Mr. Milton mumbled, his mouth a hot suction cup on
Chris’ ass.
“Oh, sir! Fuck! Fuck!” Nancy cried.

Chapter 12

The lovely girls took a cab back to Chrissie’s. They snuck
upstairs and counted their money. Mr. Milton had given them each two
thousand dollars.
“Cripes! I can’t believe I got so much money!” Chrissie said.
“He wants to see us again, and he asked me if I’d travel with him
this summer,” Nancy said.
“I know. You gonna?”
“Jeez. Maybe. It might be real fun and stuff. I could tell my
mom that I’m on a school trip or somethin’.”
“Sure. Let’s take a shower and watch some TV,” Chris suggested.
The girls showered, then went into Chrissie’s room. The house was
silent. Her folks were out. Her brothers were at a movie.
They were nude.
Chris went to a dresser drawer, opened it, rumbled around in the
back, and produced a big two-headed dildo – a long hard, slick rubber
dildo with a wire in the middle to make it hard and a big bulbous
cockhead on each end.
“I always wanted to do somethin’ with this dildo, you and me,”
Chris said.
“Yeah?” Nancy whispered.
“Yeah. Like fuck each other with it, wanna?”
“See, what I do is put this end in my pussy, and you come over and
stand right here … like that, yeah … And then you plug the other
end in yours … then we start fuckin’!”
“Jeez,” Nancy said, looking down, seeing the big dildo looking like
an arm between them.
“We just fuck like we were men … we hump in and out … yeah, you
got it … like that. I fuck you, you fuck me, and we fuck each other.
Feel good?”
“Yeah, it really does!” Nancy whimpered. “I always wanted to feel
your big tits, Nancy,” Chris said.
“So feel ’em, okay?”
Chris cupped Nancy’s tits.
“And I always wanted to see how this ass felt that men love so
much,” Nancy said, her hands getting behind Chris, her fingers pinching
into Chrissie’s dream butt.
“We’re fuckin’!” Chrissie whispered.
“Yeah, fuckin’!” Nancy said.
“Oh, shit, this feels good!” Chris howled.
“I know. Feels fuckin’ good!” Nancy smiled sexily, pumping the
dildo into Chrissie’s cunt.
“Just think of all the guys out there who would love to be doin’
this to us, Nancy.”
“I know, I know. They’d love to fuck our pussies like this.”
“They sure would.”
“But we’re not gonna let ’em, are we?”
“No!” Chrissie replied.
“We’re gonna make ’em pay.”
“Damn right!”
“‘Cause we’re worth it.”
“You got that right,” Chrissie said.
“Because we’re good lookin’, we’re young, and we got great bodies.”
“And you got that right, too!”
“So, we’re fuckin’ … And we know all the boys, all the men out
there, would love to be slickin’ dick to us like this. ”
Chrissie pumped harder, kept rubbing Nancy’s tits.
“Yeah! Boys wanna fuck us! Older men wanna fuck us! They all
wanna fuck us!”
“We’ll maybe we’ll let them if they want it bad enough,” Nancy
“Yeah, we’ll let ’em fuck us, but they gotta wanna fuck us real
bad, huh?”
They fucked hard, fast, the two lovely girls in a hot embrace.
“I’m gonna cum!” Nancy shrieked.
“Yeah! Me too! Let’s cummm — ahhhhh! Oh cripes!” Chrissie
“Listen, if you ever wanna fuck me again with this dildo,” Nancy
said. “It’s gonna cost you, Chrissie.”

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