Betty’s House

We were having an early cocktail. It was a Friday in late summer, still sunny and warm at 6:30, and it was our traditional “Thank God it’s Friday, only two more working days until Monday,” celebration. “Hans made an email pass at me today,” Betty said. “Hans, the guy in from Denmark?” I asked, Betty […]

The Best Medicine

If, for some reason, you feel offended by sexual stories, then I don’t know why you have opened this one. Maybe to be offended, so you can complain about how awful it is that somebody writes stuff like this. If that’s the case, my advice is to seek professional help. You need it. The following […]

Asian Delight 2: Imagination

The beautiful Asian bank teller cringed as the huge black customer appeared before her to make a deposit. Being a minority herself, Cindy believed all people should be treated equally and had no hatred towards blacks, but this giant black man gave her the shivers. She cringed at this coal black monster who grinned at […]

Asian Delight: Nora’s New Position

Gifted with intelligence and beauty, Nora Hanim easily breezed through her college courses and in record time had obtained her doctorate’s degree in psychology. In the two years since obtaining her doctorate degree, her research and studies had brought about new insight into an aged old theory. Thus, Nora (a short English sounding version of […]

A Halloween Sex Story

Author Notes: “Aoife, the Queen Maker” is the story the pixies told me when I wanted to write something else. Sometimes I write a story with a theme and plot that I have created; sometimes I just tell a story as it unfolds in my mind. The story I originally intended to create was a […]

Amy’s Afternoon Fantasy

One afternoon, Amy was working away in her home office at the computer. Or, at least she was at the computer. Instead of working, she was in a chat room, talking with strangers about all sorts of naughty things. She was chatting with a man who described himself as tall, dark and handsome, and the […]

Alisha Loves Parties

A story about the drunken wife who is mauled by three men. Sometime back I read a story on the net about how a person took his wife to a friend’s house where she didn’t know most of the people. There, he got his wife drunk and then lifted her skirt to show her panties […]

After The Party Is Over

“Damn it,” my husband Sam muttered, “he’ll do the doors a mischief if he keeps that up.” The ‘he’ my husband was referring to was our 15 year old son Tom who was suffering what the behaviourists would call teenage angst, putting it more bluntly Tom was in a right sulk and a teenager sulking […]