Preparing for Master
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My Dearest,

You must follow my instructions to the letter if you want to continue
our sexual exploration.

Firstly you are to have a shower and wash yourself thoroughly. Next you
will shave off all hair below your neckline. There is a razor and some
shaving cream in the bathroom. That includes your pussy. I want you
completely smooth for me. Failure to do this will result in punishment.

If you open the wardrobe nearest the window you will find some
clothing. You are to put it on as best you can. You will also find a
blindfold with the clothes. After you have put the clothes on, lie on
the bed and open your legs as wide as they can go. Put on the blindfold
and wait for me. Once you are on the bed you must not move, and can
only wait for me.



You put the letter down on the table near the door, and begin to get
undressed. The curtains are still closed, and you guess I must have
been there earlier.

You flick off your non-healed comfortable shoes and begin to unbutton
your cardigan. You slide your hands over your ample breasts as you do
so. The loose cardigan doesn’t begin to show your figure off, and you
pull it tight over your tits as you massage yourself some more, before
finally fully taking it off. You quickly slip the equally loose t-shirt
over your head, leaving you with only your bra and skirt on. You are
getting exciting and your nipples are hard, and obviously visible
through your bra. You reach behind your back, and undo the fastener for
your bra, letting it fall to the ground. Firmly you squeeze your
breasts, massaging them, and tweaking your nipples roughly with your
fingers and thumbs. You pull your nipples out from your breasts,
stretching them, and then grab your breasts again, squeezing them hard.

You decide you better hurry up, since you don’t know what time I will
arrive. You quickly slide your knee-length skirt off your body, and
after a quick massage of your crotch through the material, slide your
panties off too.

As instructed you walk to the bathroom and turn on the shower. You
notice the razor and the shaving cream, and look down at your pubic
hair. You wonder what I would do if you didn’t shave it, but you decide
to have your shower and worry about it later.

The water is warm, but even still your nipples remain hard as you
lather yourself, and clean every inch of your body, making sure that
you are fully clean for me. With soapsuds on your fingers you work your
hand between you legs, and slowly insert two lathered fingers inside
yourself, trying hard to wash away any of your juice, without exciting
yourself further. You brush past your clitoris, and being cleaning your
hole again, and more of your juices escape. After further careful
cleaning of your pussy, you finally clean your hair, then get out of
the shower.

You dry yourself off, and begin to consider my order for you to shave
your pussy hair.

Shaving your arms and legs in the past had been no problem, but other
than a minor trim, you had never before shaven your pussy hair.

You decided that you didn’t want to anger me, and as much as you did
not want to do it, you would have to shave yourself. You decide the
best method is to sit on the floor with a towel under you and spread
your legs exposing yourself fully. You place the shaving foam and razor
on the toilet seat, and prepare yourself to being shaving.

You shake the can of shaving foam, and carefully spread a little onto
your hand. You decide the best method is to shave the areas furthest
from your pussy first, leaving the tricky bits until you get the hang
of it. Spreading the cream from your hand on the top of the bush you
pick up the razor, and begin to slowly slide it down your front. You
can see some of the hairs coming away, and you realise that you will
soon have no hair at all.

After a while you have carefully shaven your whole pussy, and you rise
to grab a mirror to inspect yourself. You look down at yourself,
shocked at the sight of your beautifully smooth and tidy pussy. You run
your fingers across it, pressing against yourself, as you slide your
forefinger down into your slit and against your clit. Massaging
yourself for a while, you realise that I may be there soon, and hurry
to dry your hair and make sure you are presentable.

You move into the bedroom, and prepare yourself for what could be in
the wardrobe…….


You open the wardrobe, and step back to see what is inside. Hung up you
find the shortest shinny red pvc skirt you have ever seen, and wonder
how it will fit over your smooth thighs. On the shelving at the side
you see a bra to match your skirt. You hope that I have bought the
correct one, from the sizes I asked from you earlier. Looking down to
another shelf you see a pair of black pvc thong panties, with a zipper
running from the top of your pussy between your legs and up to your ass.

You decide to begin putting on the kinky clothing I have provided you
with, starting with the panties. As you pick them up you feel how shiny
they are, the thought of you wearing them making your pussy wet. You
decide it will be easier to put the panties on if you first unzipped
the crotch. You reach down, and slide them onto you feet, and take a
deep breath as you slide them up your legs. You realise that they are
slightly too small for you, and as you squeeze them up onto your waste.
You pussy lips are bulging out of the crotch of the panties. Being
careful to press your pussy to accommodate the zip, you carefully reach
between your legs and being to zip yourself up. The panties are tight,
but after some pressing of your pussy, you manage to slide the zipper
up to the closed position. Your pussy feels uncomfortable squeezed into
the tight crotch of the panties, and you fumbling to close the zipper
only made you wetter and now all the more uncomfortable.

Next you reach for the bra, and slide it over your arms, reaching
behind to close the clasp. As you do so, you realise that the cups of
the bra are too small, and you are struggling to fit your amp sized
breasts into the shiny pvc cups. With the bra secured, you grope the
pvc cups, trying to arrange your breasts as best you can. The result is
that they stick up proudly from the top, making them jiggle with every

You look at yourself in the mirror of the wardrobe door. With your
shaven pussy and tightness of the panties the black pvc sticks tightly
to your skin, making your mound clearly visible. You move your hand
onto your mound, and try massaging yourself. The pvc is too tight over
your pussy, and you fail to excite yourself.

Your gaze moves up to your breasts. The pvc bra I have given you makes
your breasts look put bigger than they do normally, and as your turn
from left to right, the bounce lightly up and down, as the balance on
the top of the tiny pvc cups. You rub your hands across your breasts,
admiring the shape.

You look back at the inside of the wardrobe, and see what else you have
to put on. Looking on another shelf you notice a full-length clincher.
You take it out, and hold it in front of you. The size looks impossibly
small, but after a little thought, you decide that the lacing should be
at the front, and wrap it around your body. The clincher is the perfect
height for you, and reaches from just above your panties, to half way
up your breasts. When you are happy about the positioning you being to
thread the pvc lace. As your move up your front, you begin pulling the
laces tight, trying to get the two sides of the clincher as close as
possible. As you reach the top you have about an inch between the
sides, and with one last tug you manage to tie the laces at the top.
The tightness of the clincher adds to the pressure on your breasts, and
they stick even further and higher out of your chest. As you reach down
to get the skirt, you have to be careful to keep your breasts in their
rightful place.

You put the skirt around your legs, and slide it up to your waist. It
barely covers your panties, let alone your legs, but you realise that
there is nothing you can do about that now. You notice that there are
some shoes at the base of the wardrobe, and reach down to inspect them.
They are high heels, with at least a three-inch heel and bright red,
the same colour as your bra, clincher and skirt. You sigh with relief
as your slide them onto your feet and realise that I have given you the
correct size. They are difficult to stand in, let alone walk in.
Looking in the mirror once again you look at your figure.

The shoes force you to straighten your back, making your legs extend
forever up to the very short skirt that just covers the clinging pvc
panties. Your breasts look large on your frame, and with the clincher
pushing them up further, they jiggle about easily with every small
movement. Your waist is pushed in, and the short skirt makes your
figure look move curvy that usual. You lift the skirt up, showing your
panties, and admire yourself further. Again you try rubbing yourself,
but realise it is useless.

You satisfy yourself that you are finished, and carefully hobble over
to where you left your normal clothes. You decide to put them in the
wardrobe for tidiness. As you walk back to the wardrobe you realise
that there is a small package on one of the shelves that you must have
missed. Putting your clothes on one of the shelves you pick up the
package, wondering what is inside…

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