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The HJO Company 1:The Office Visit
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“I agree with what Clinton said,” Joey said smugly. “It’s not sex when it
doesn’t penetrate.”

“He penetrated her mouth,” I pointed out. “Several times, I understand.”

“No,” Joey corrected. “She sucked him. That’s different.”

“Still unfaithful.”

“So, when you jerk off, you’re unfaithful to your old lady?”

“Of course not.”

“What’s the difference?”

“Another person!” I said, exasperated. “There’s …

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Fucking a Politician in the Arse
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I’m back home after a great week last week in Canberra having fun exploring the city and being Paul the Politicians boy toy.

I couldn’t post too much on my blog (Aussie Speedo Guy) because Paul is married and is a bit of a public figure here in Australian politics. But, after checking with Paul and running the first draft …

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