The Second Week of spanking party
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As Taylor’s hunting skills become more adept he has more time to explore his

I followed the stream into the jungle upward toward the
crests of the large hills hazily seen in the distance. Within an hour I had
surmounted the heights and surveyed my domain. My assumptions where verified
that we where stranded on an island.
I had worked up a sweat during my home trek so I stopped below a newly
discovered waterfall and rinsed off. I climbed up on the nearby sun-baked
flat rocks to dry and I dozed off to be awakened by girlish laughter, which
rose above the constant roar of the waterfall.
Rolling over I looked over the ledge into the pool below me. Two naked
teenagers where having some wet fun swimming and splashing each other. I
lay there and watched when I realized I was almost guiltily hiding there
with a throbbing erection. I pulled myself up and whistled. The two girls
looked up and smiled and waved. I motioned for them to come up. I saw them
glancing back at their piled clothes on the bank and I whistled again and
motioned impatiently. Both girls began swimming toward me.
I lay back in the sun and waited and within moments the two dripping wet
energetic girls joined me. Jennifer was talking as soon as she crested the
rock telling me what a complete asshole Kimberly was. She paused for a
moment when she saw I was naked and my state of arousal. She took her eyes
off my erect cock looked me in the eyes, gave me a smile and starting
talking again. “Kimberly is such a bitch” she said ” We are really sorry
about the other night” She looked over her shoulder as the equally nubile
Brittany joined us.
I noticed both girls knelt modestly back on their heels. The water dripped
from them puddling the rock at their feet. Their previous display of
nakedness had been at night. This seemed so bold in the revealing light of
‘Thanks for the dinner.” Brittany told me with a huge smile
“Sorry about my sister”
“You know that Kimberly ate that food too,” Jennifer told me with
indigence. “And she did not have to take her clothes off!”
“Give me a kiss girls” I interrupted their awkwardly nervous chatter.
Jennifer smiled and immediately bent forward and gave me a sweet kiss on my
lips. When she started to sit back I said “Jennifer, a slave girl should
always kiss her Master as a lover” She was poised on her hands above me
looking down into my eyes. She blinked, parted and wet her lips then leaned
forward placing her hands for support on both side of my face. She kissed as
a passionately as a mature woman. After a moment I brought my hand up to her
chin and broke the kiss. She modestly sat back from me as if embarrassed by
her bold wantonness.
“Brittany’s turn” I said turning to the other girl. She was watching her
friend. She met my eye then leaned forward her face coming toward mine.
“No” I held up a restraining hand. “You start by kissing your Master’s
Her glaze shifted quickly to my upstanding hard-on. She sat back.
“Oh no” she said in a meek tone “Please I have never done that.”
Jennifer spoke up “Oh go on you big baby. It’s fun”
The young girl was plainly distraught. “You are too big,” she said looking
at my cock.
“Her boyfriend is not big like that” Jennifer spoke up laughing.
Brittany shot her friend a dirty look.
“Just take it step by step,” I said, “First just hold it”
She shifted her eyes to see if I was teasing her. Then she slowly reached
out and I felt her wet warm hand gently touch my penis.
“Good girl!” I said encouraging “Now pump it. You will not hurt me”
I sat up and shifted myself around so she was kneeling between my spread
legs. I propped myself up on my elbows. I wished to myself to never forget
this vision. This beautiful young blonde was tentatively stroking me. Her
full breasts jiggled as she concentrated on her task.
“That feels good ” I said, ” You might become a very good slave girl”
She became self-consciously shy under my stare and blushed.
“I want to do it right,” she said quietly.
“Oh look” Jennifer explained. She pointed at the bead of seminal fluid
issuing from the tip of the organ. Jennifer went to her hands and knees
leaned forward with a swish of wet brown hair across my stomach I felt a
light suction on my cock and a with a sudden wet “slurp” she disengaged and
sat back up. “It’s good Britie,” she giggled.
Brittany was watching her friend closely.
“Really” Jennifer said, “Taste it”
Brittany scooted in closer between my straddling legs. She looked up at me
and I smiled at her. She looked down at her task. Bending the dick toward
her face she lightly kissed the head of my cock. She looked up at me, the
penis inches from her mouth, as if what next?
“Now suck it,” I said simply
She leaned forward and took the mushroom head into her mouth. I saw her
cheeks hollow and felt a delicious pressure on my cock.
Jennifer put her hand on the back of Brittany’s head and
pushed down.
“Go up and down and use your tongue Brittany. Don’t be afraid. Just let
everything go.” she said encouragingly
I immediately felt her tongue flicking about the bulbous head.
I took a deep breath and lay back.
I grabbed Jennifer’s arm and pulled her slight frame across my chest in a
hot embrace. I started kissing her as I ran my hand down to her pert ass. I
again probed at her anus. She murmured in my embrace and squirmed.
“Please” she said just taking her lips from mine. Then immediately shooting
her tongue between my lips to begin another passionate kiss. I wondered for
a moment what she was asking for and pushed my finger against her sphincter.
Her mouth opened against mine, she shifted herself and made a humming sound.
I slid my finger down to her cleft. It felt like a tender fleshy flower.
Rolling her clit I immediately was delighted to find a fully aroused bud.
Jennifer was already excited. Her vagina was hot and wet. I stroked her and
immediately she thrust herself into me grinding those pert nipples hard
against my chest.
I broke the kiss. Both of us where breathing hard. We stared into each
other’s eyes as I fingered her.
Looking down at my novice cocksucker I decided she deserved an “A” for
effort. The young fellatrix had her eyes tightly closed in concentration as
her head bobbed up and down on my glistening penis. She performed the task
with a controlled precise rhythm.
“Relax, Brittany” I said
Jennifer had turned her head and was watching her too. “Pretend it’s a big
candy sucker” she volunteered lightly.
Brittany opened her eyes and looked up at us. My cock looked particularly
enormous and out of place with her lips tightly sucking it and her sweet
young face almost innocently blinking in our scrutiny.
Holding the cock in her hand she let it slide from her mouth. She
self-consciously smiled at us.
“You like sucking your Master’s cock, Brittany?” I asked very seriously.
The blonde teenager’s cheeks reddened slightly and she averted her eyes
from mine. “It’s OK,” she said looking back at up at me shyly. “I can do it
more if you want me too” She then turned to her friend and stuck her tongue
I propped myself up on my elbows. Brittany again stuck out her tongue but
this time she lapped my cock from base to tip. She held the cock to her
mouth and rapidly swirled her tongue around the tip watching my reaction. My
toes curled involuntarily as I took a deep breath. I suddenly realized that
keeping the upper hand with these two vivacious youngsters was going to be a
full-time task.

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