My Uncle’s New Wife
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On hearing Ashley’s voice we both began to scramble. My pants were lying on the floor next to me so I quickly grabbed them and slipped them on covering my half hard cock. Aunt Laura motioned for me to intercept my cousin before she could reach the kitchen. Stepping into my slippers I hurried out of the kitchen and almost collided with my pretty little cousin.

“Ashley” I said “Uncle John didn’t say you were coming today. Glad to see you.”

“Hi Jim, my father told me you were going to be staying here for a couple of weeks. I came over to get some tanning in. It’s so nice here and if it gets too hot I can just jump in the pool and cool off. Is Laura around?” she asked quizzically.

“She’s around somewhere because she made breakfast a little while ago. Not sure where she got to.”

“That’s okay, I’m sure I’ll see her. Well let me go up to my room and change. Are you going to come by the pool and hang?”

“I guess so” I answered her.

Ashley gave me a quick hug then headed toward the stairs. When she disappeared upstairs Aunt Laura crept from the kitchen wearing a robe over her recently sexed body. She gave me a wet kiss and groped my package before whispering in my ear.

“That was a close call, good work Jim. I’m going to take a shower then I guess I’ll head to the pool. Ashley and I have bonded together tanning this year.”

My eyes watched her robe covered ass sway as she walked away from me making my cock twitch again. Returning to the kitchen I poured myself another cup of coffee. In a few minutes Ashley came in on her way to the backyard. She had on a tiny neon pink bikini which showed off her developing curves to great advantage. I looked down at my coffee to prevent myself from ogling my cousin. Due to this mornings events I was in a sexually charged state of mind and I didn’t wish to act stupid.

“There’s a little coffee left if you want Ash” I told her.

“Uhhg, I don’t want hot coffee when I’m going to sit in the sun. Hurry up and get going” she said as she headed to the sliding doors.

Glancing from the corner of my eye I noticed that Ashley had on a thong bottom and that her ass was outstanding. Quickly I looked away feeling guilty. Not only had I just lost my virginity to my uncle’s wife earlier today, now I was checking out his daughter’s, my cousin’s, hot ass. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn’t hear Aunt Laura come in. It wasn’t until her hand brushed against my shoulder that I looked up into her big brown eyes.

“Thinking about me Jim” she said while leaning over my back and running her hand on my chest. My body responded instantly to her touch and I felt my erection swelling again.

“You’re driving me crazy Aunt Laura” I said which was true as far as it went. “But shouldn’t we be careful with Ashley here?”

“Spoilsport” she answered “but I suppose you’re right. See you shortly.”

Aunt Laura’s hand touched my cheek as she too headed for the backyard. She was wearing the cobalt blue suit she had on the evening I arrived. This should be fun I thought to myself. My cousin and my Aunt wearing next to nothing while I hung out with them. Add to the mix what me and Aunt Laura had been up to and it was a recipe for torture of me. After changing to my swim trunks I went out to the patio to join them. They were very cozy lounging on adjacent chaise recliners and laughing and talking. Ashley motioned for me to join them while Aunt Laura played it cool behind her large sunglasses.

Ignoring Ashley’s invitation I instead dove into the pool. The water was nice and warm as I swam a number of laps. Finally tiring of that I emerged dripping from the pool at which point I was hit by a towel Aunt Laura playfully threw at me. Drying myself off I sat on the chaise next to her and stretched out. I couldn’t help but notice that Ashley had looked at me with a puzzled expression. After a few minutes Aunt Laura stood and announced she was going to make a pitcher of iced tea and did we want some to which we both replied in the affirmative. As soon as she went in my cousin moved and sat in the lounger next to me.

“My God Jim, I hadn’t noticed earlier but what happened to you?”

“What are you talking about Ash?” I answered.

“Your back, you have so many scratches on it one would think an animal attacked you. Although I would guess in a sense that’s true.”

“I don’t know, maybe it happened at work” I said vaguely. I didn’t like lying to her but I certainly couldn’t tell her who marked me….

“Yeah right cousin. I might be a year younger than you but I didn’t just get off the boat. I know what fingernail marks look like and you have a giant case of that. But I have my sources and I’ll find out.”

I didn’t answer her and when Aunt Laura came out with iced tea and glasses Ashley returned to her seat. She served us all and sat down again. After this Ashley was quiet but I noticed she was playing with her phone a lot. A couple of hours later we all went in for lunch. While we were sitting there eating Ashley surprised me with a question.

“So Jim I heard you met Stacy the other night. Is that true?”

The question caught me by surprise and I also noticed that Aunt Laura’s ears perked up as well. Taking a deep breath first I arranged my thoughts before answering.

“Yeah I met some girl named Stacy the other night when I was hanging out with my friends. She seemed cool but she was going to some party. How do you know her and about this?”

During my answer I noticed Aunt Laura was gripping her glass so tight her knuckles turned white but fortunately Ashley was too busy watching me to notice her reaction.

“I told you I have my sources” she said with a smug smile “I’m friends with Kayla one of the girls she was with. I heard she was very impressed with you and is eagerly awaiting your call. You are going to call her?”

“I don’t know” I answered helplessly. I felt both their eyes watching me with much different expectations. After lunch when they went back to the pool I went upstairs instead and took a nap. The earlier activities had done a lot to wear me out and lying in the sun always made me sleepy. When I awoke it was early evening so I dressed and went downstairs.

My uncle had arrived a little while before and he was about to drive Ashley home. He greeted me and she came up to me and gave me a hug and said goodbye.

“Don’t worry cousin, I’ll be back tomorrow and I’ll be staying the weekend so you won’t miss me for too long.” Then in a lower voice she said “Don’t forget to call Stacy” before bouncing out the door.

The door had barely closed before Aunt Laura came right up to me and started to kiss me passionately. Then right before ending the kiss she bit my lip and stepped back with her eyes blazing with an inner fire.

“And who is this Stacy tramp?” she demanded to know.

“Like I said just a girl I met the other night. I really don’t know her Aunt Laura.”

That seemed to placate her a bit and the next thing I knew she had crouched in front of me and was rubbing my crotch with one hand while the other was unfastening my pants. With a triumphant squeal she succeeded in pulling them down and freeing my semi-erect cock. She placed her face right next to it and began to lick along the side of it. Aunt Laura ran her tongue from the base up to the mushroom head before opening her lips and welcoming it into her mouth.

The feeling was wonderful and I couldn’t help reaching down and gently running my fingers through her silky hair. She looked up at me while continuing to suck on my head and the top of my shaft. Aunt Laura was now wearing an aqua tank top with no bra and a multi-colored gauzy summery skirt and I noticed her hand which wasn’t holding my shaft was busy rubbing between her thighs. That made me so horny I pulled her to her feet and kissed her deeply. After breaking the kiss I pushed her so that she was bent over the table behind the couch and I raised her skirt above her waist. It came as no surprise that she wasn’t wearing panties.

“Yes that’s it Jim, bend me over and fuck me. Fill me with your cock baby. You know your Aunt Laura wants it bad.”

I wasted no time with niceties. As soon as my head was at her wet, puffy lips I drove it home all the way. She shuddered and gasped as I reached the back of her tunnel. Pulling everything but my head out I slammed it back again. One hand grabbed her tiny waist while my other worked under her shirt until I was pinching her hard nipple. In and out I pounded her as hard as I could forcing deep moans from her throat.

As I continued pumping my Aunt’s sweet snatch I noticed that the only thing keeping her on her feet was the table she was leaning on combined with my body forcing her further on top of it. Reluctantly I pulled out of her and helped her to in front of the sofa where I lowered my Aunt to the floor on her knees and pushed her torso onto the couch. Crouching down I again drove as much of my length as she could take into her.

Supporting my weight on the sofa I began rapid thrusting her sweetness again. The sound of my thighs slapping into Aunt Laura’s flanks filled the room along with her moans. She reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit in time with our fucking. It wasn’t long before she let out a wail and her whole body stiffened. Pausing what I was doing I leaned in and managed to kiss her red lips as she came down from her high.

“Come on Jim, fuck me. Your Uncle will be back soon and I want to feel you cum in me again.”

Aunt Laura’s words spurred me onward. I now held firmly to her hips with both hands and moved as fast as I could. She then reached between our legs and cupped my balls with her soft hand. That caused me to redouble my efforts and with a strangled cry I discharged my semen into her yet again.

My cock was still seeping when I pulled it from her. Aunt Laura wasted no time in twisting to where she could get her mouth to it where she licked it clean driving me insane from the feeling on my sensitive member. When it was clean she helped me get my pants up and she tucked it in for me.

“I have to clean myself before John gets back” she said smiling “it wouldn’t be smart to leave it.”

“Well Aunt Laura I’m going out to meet my friends” I replied to her.

“So it’s just cum and run with me?”

“It’s not that but I don’t think I can face Uncle John right now with what we’ve been doing” I truthfully replied feeling a bit guilty now.

“Don’t worry about it Jim. Besides I don’t think you’ll be looking for some tramp now. Have fun.”

She kissed me and headed to the downstairs bathroom as I left. Though I did feel bad about my uncle I also knew there was no way I could say no to Aunt Laura’s charms. There was a party at a kid’s house in my neighborhood so I hung there for awhile until my friend told me Stacy was also there. So I went over and said hello to her and her friend. After a minute her friend Alyssa made herself scarce so we could spend some time alone.

We talked and she seemed like a real cool girl and I wound up asking her out on Sunday night and she accepted. Before she left I could read the signals she was sending me and I kissed her. Her face was turned up to me and her bottom lip was quivering as I leaned in and our mouths met. Stacy tasted like strawberries (in fact she had been chewing strawberry gum) and the kiss was as sweet as one. Afterwards she smiled shyly and looked at the ground. The rest of the night I was flying high as a kite. It wasn’t until I entered the front door that I thought about the possible complications.

The next morning I had work so I left early in the morning and didn’t get back until mid afternoon. As I was arriving a car pulled into the driveway and parked. My cousin Ashley bounded out of it carrying a bag with her. Then the driver emerged, it was Aunt Debbie, my uncle’s first wife who I hadn’t seen in a couple of years since the divorce. She hadn’t changed much in that time. Aunt Debbie was fairly tall for a woman, around 5’8” with long black, curly hair. She could never have been described as waiflike, she wasn’t fat but she had plenty of curves.

“Jim how are you? Ash was right – you are all grown up now” she said to me as a way of greeting.

“Hey Aunt Debbie long time, no see” I answered her.

“Come on and give me a hug, you’re not too old for that. Damn I remember baby sitting you when you were just out of diapers.”

Aunt Debbie had always been good in my book and I had been sad when they divorced. We embraced and it really felt nice being so close to her. Her hair smelled nice and her skin was soft and warm and truth be told her large breasts felt great pushed against my body. When we broke the hug she stepped back and I swear she checked me out, giving me the once over. Ashley came around and gave her mother a hug goodbye. Right before Aunt Debbie got in the car she paused and turned to me.

“I know it’s asking a lot from you since I see you’re just getting back from work but do you think you could do me a favor. John Jr. was supposed to but he went to stay at a friends this weekend. It won’t take long and I’ll drive you and pay you for it” she said in a pleading tone.

“Uh sure Aunt Debbie, no problem” I replied.

“Ashley just let everyone know that I’m borrowing your cousin but I’ll have him back soon, ok.”

“No problem Mom, see you Jim.”

I got in the passenger door and Aunt Debbie took off. To be honest I hadn’t ridden with her for awhile and I had forgotten how she drove a little like a maniac. She would honk or tailgate if she thought you weren’t moving fast enough and even flipped the bird at some little old lady who was traveling very slow. We arrived at her house in record time where I followed her to the front door. In spite of what had been happening, or maybe because of it, I found myself watching her big, round ass that was squeezed into a pair of denim shorts as we walked. We entered the house and she led me up to the attic where there were four large, plastic storage bins.

“They have a lot of my summer clothes in them and your cousin has been promising to bring them down but he still hasn’t and every time I need to get something I come up and take it out. So please if you don’t mind can you bring them down to my room” she said almost apologetically.

“Sure thing Aunt Debbie” I answered.

Lifting the first bin I wondered how lazy my cousin had become. It wasn’t that heavy and he was certainly strong enough to do this. She followed me down and directed me to put it down near the footboard of her bed. As I headed up for the next one Aunt Debbie started to open it and go through the clothing. In rapid succession I brought down the other bins. When I brought the final bin into her room Aunt Debbie was bent at the waist with her big ass in the air as she searched for something. With a triumphant cry she straightened up while clutching something in her hand.

“Found it” she exclaimed holding a bikini top against her t-shirt covered chest “now I wonder if it still fits.”

Turning her back to me she pulled her shirt over her head and dropped it on the bed showing me her naked back. There was an immediate rushing of blood to my groin as I caught a side glimpse of her large full breast. Turning she just held the scraps to herself making no effort to fasten it.

“How does it look Jim?” she asked in a throaty whisper.

“It looks good Aunt Debbie but I don’t know about this…” I began when she silenced me by stepping right up to me and dropping then top on her bed revealing her large natural breasts in all their glory. They sagged a little but they were round and beautiful with brown areolas and nipples which were already erect. When her hand grabbed my cock through my pants I groaned with desire.

“What do you have for your Aunt, Jim? A nice big hard cock it feels like to me.”

I pulled her to me and crushed her lips to mine. Her hands were frantically working on unfastening my pants. My hand reached down and assisted her and as soon as she freed my erection she sank down my body, her heavy breasts rubbing the length of my torso on her trip down. Aunt Debbie positioned them on either side of my cock almost making it disappear.

“Come on Jim, fuck my big tits, you know you want to” she encouraged me.

Not that I needed much of that to spur me on. Seizing her shoulders in my hand I started to thrust my hips driving my prick between her mammary flesh. She pushed them together more, creating extra friction for me. Between our movements and the heat of the day we were now bathed in sweat and I slipped easily against her hot skin. Groans were escaping my lips on a more frequent basis when Aunt Debbie abruptly stopped what she was doing and stood. She lifted my shirt up over my head and dropped it before pushing me back onto the bed.

Bending at the waist Aunt Debbie took the head of my cock into her mouth and ran her tongue around it. Looking me straight in my eyes she started to work it to the back of her mouth coating it with saliva. Up and down she worked my shaft taking me to the depths of her mouth until for the first time in my young life she managed to get it down her throat. I gasped as she continued down until her lips brushed against my wiry pubic hair. Aunt Debbie paused momentarily before reversing the process and completely pulling her mouth from my dick.

Smiling broadly at me she asked “How did you like that Jim?”

“Oh my God Aunt Deb, that was awesome. No one ever did that to me before.”

“Well I am an expert at cocksucking and deep throating. It’s the reason your Uncle divorced me, well because I was doing it to others besides him, I guess” she said with a laugh.

That was news to me, no one in the family ever knew why they divorced. They had both remained tight lipped about the reasons. Aunt Debbie now began to remove her shorts and panties, rolling them past her ample hips and down her thick legs. I sat up long enough to kick my sneakers off and push my pants to the floor. Now nude Aunt Debbie crawled onto the bed and positioned herself with her legs straddling my head.

First she lowered her musky cunt to my eager mouth before leaning down and licking my cock like a popsicle. For my part I grabbed hold of her round posterior and began to lick at her purplish lips. She reacted instantly to this by pressing her mound into my face. Her hand raised up my shaft and she again took it into her mouth. This was my first sixty nine and I was loving it. My tongue lashed away at her lips funneling her womanly juices onto my tongue and chin.

Every now and then I would be forced to pause as my senses were reeling from her expert oral talents but I would quickly resume my own efforts. Aunt Debbie had slightly shifted her body so her mouth could reach my ball sac and swallow one into her hot mouth. That allowed me to raise my head a few inches off the bed. When this happened my nose slid inside the entrance to her wet hole and my tongue began to play with her swollen clit.

Aunt Debbie seemed to greatly enjoy this as she pulled her mouth from my balls although she kept a tight grip with her hand on my shaft and stroked it. Her pelvis rocked back and forth on my face with my nose being swallowed inside her hungry pussy. My tongue continued flicking her clit and her body started to tremble. When I sucked it between my lips she screamed out “I’m cumming Jim” and I felt my nose flooded with her orgasmic nectar. Her body collapsed onto mine but though the speed was greatly reduced she managed to still slowly stroke me.

After a minute spent recovering Aunt Debbie managed to disentangle her limbs from mine. She repositioned herself so that she was straddling my torso but facing me. Leaning down we eagerly kissed as I slid my pussy juice coated tongue into her mouth. Our tongues danced with each other as Aunt Debbie ground her wet pussy against my pelvic bone. Then she reached back and grabbed my cock and guided it to her sopping pussy and sank down on it.

When my thick meat penetrated between her lips her breath was forced into my mouth. Waiting a minute to adjust to her pussy being filled Aunt Debbie looked me in the eye with a lust crazed expression. Slowly and inexorably her vagina swallowed more of my manroot until she couldn’t take anymore. With me pressing against her cervix she then reversed course and slid up my pole until only the head remained inside her.

Aunt Debbie built up a good rhythm working herself up and down me until I grabbed her big ass with both hands and rapidly pumped into her. The sound of my flesh slapping against hers mingled with our moans and groans of pleasure while the room smelled like raw sex. Her face was buried against my neck as I increased my tempo to a breakneck pace. With almost no warning my balls sent the fluid up my shaft and I irrigated Aunt Debbie’s fertile valley in waves of creamy jism.

Though I had just cum what felt like buckets Aunt Debbie wasn’t satisfied with this but again began to move on top of me not allowing my erection to subside. I recuperated as she continued to ride my cock, bouncing like crazy, her mane of black hair flying wildly about her pretty face. When I felt recovered enough I slapped her ass and suggested a course of action.

“Aunt Debbie why don’t you move your big ass to the edge of the bed so I can do you doggy style.”

Her eyes lit up and she couldn’t move fast enough. Within a minute she was on her knees with her full moon stuck up in the air and her face on its side pressed to the mattress along with her big breasts and arms. As I stood behind her I stroked my cock and drank in the view of my Aunt who I had known all my life just waiting for me to again slip inside her hot pussy and fuck her some more.

“Jim I’m waiting for you. I need you in me please” she pleaded.

First I slapped each cheek and watched it jiggle before driving myself deep in her. She let out a plaintive cry as I sank into her wet folds. Aunt Debbie eagerly met my thrusts by pushing her ass back at me as we built a slow steady rhythm. One of her hands crept between her legs and massaged her button pushing her higher. The more excited she became the louder she became. Her moans morphed into dirty talk.

“That’s it Jim, give it to your Aunt good and hard. Fill me up with your big fuckstick. Oh yeah fuck me in my slutty hole baby.”

Somehow her words spurred me on and turned me on as much as our actions. Something about this woman who had taken care of me when I was a kid saying such filthy things as I pounded her turned me on insanely. I pulled her head up by her hair as my speed increased until I was thrusting wildly.

“Aunt Debbie you slut. I’m getting ready to cum again and when I do I’m going to cum in your dirty mouth and you’ll drink it all down you whore.”

She moaned then said “Yes Jim, cum in my dirty mouth, give me all your cum and I’ll swallow it down.”

That was it, I lost it then. Pulling out I yanked her head to me but before she could take it between her lips the first shot went off hitting her in her eye and nose. Aunt Debbie managed to get it in her mouth as I came with great force sending thick globs of sperm to the back of her mouth. When I had nothing more to feed her Aunt Debbie released my cock from her mouth and smiled as I watched her throat contract as she swallowed. She opened her mouth to show me it was all gone.

When I stroked her cheek she started to suck on my fingers. Aunt Debbie was an insatiable slut, that was for sure. Twenty minutes later after a fast shower we were in her car approaching my Uncle’s house. She parked around the corner from the house and looked at me with her flashing black eyes.

“If I had known what a stud you were I would have done that a lot sooner Jim. I’m going to give you my cell number and any time you want, and I do mean any time day or night, you want to do this again you call me. If the kids are home I’ll meet you in the car. You understand honey?”

I just nodded at her. We shared a tender kiss then I got out and headed back to Uncle John’s house. That night Uncle John, Aunt Laura, Ashley and I had pizza for dinner then we all watched a movie together. For some reason I felt uncomfortable as both Aunt Laura and Ashley were giving me strange looks or staring at me. As soon as the movie was finished I excused myself and went up to my room. The computer gave me some diversion as I hadn’t checked my e-mails all week and after that I messed around a little.

When I went to bed it took me some time to fall asleep as I felt restless but eventually I succeeded. The glare from the streetlight filtered into the room illuminating the figure standing next to the bed when I opened my eyes. Aunt Laura stood beside me and when she saw I was awake she lifted the t-shirt she was wearing revealing her slim naked body.

She climbed next to me and immediately pulled my boxers down to get at what she wanted. Her mouth took me in as her tongue licked at the underside of my cock. I was as hard as a rock in no time and Aunt Laura wasted little time in straddling my body and kissing me. Her lips tasted like the wine she had been drinking last night and she still seemed a little tipsy.

“That’s my sweet little, wait I mean my sweet big nephew. He’s going to make me happy” she whispered giggling in my ear “I can’t let you kiss me down there though, your Uncle wanted some tonight and I couldn’t say no but all he did was get me horny for you.”

She slurred her words a little but her body was working fine. Her body slid into position and she guided my hard-on into her waiting pussy. She was already well lubricated and I sank in halfway immediately. Aunt Laura put her hand over her mouth to stifle any noise she might make as she worked herself down my shaft. When she took me as deep as she could she leaned in and kissed me again.

“We have to do it in this position so we won’t make too much noise” she again whispered “if you’re on top I can’t control my moaning.”

My hands cupped her taut ass cheeks while Aunt Laura began to ride me. More often than not her hand was pressed firmly to her lips to stifle her cries. When my mouth clamped on her small, round breast and I thrust up from underneath her she actually bit her hand and collapsed on top of me, her body shuddering from the violence of her orgasm. The contractions her muscles exerted on my cock was too much for me to take and as I sucked on her pink nipple I felt my orgasm wash over me. Again and again I spurted deep inside her bathing her pussy with my juice. We lay unmoving like that for some time until some vestige of reason reasserted itself in Aunt Laura’s brain. Her body reluctantly climbed off mine and I felt my cum seeping out her.

She grabbed some tissues and pressed them against her lips to stem the flow. Aunt Laura kissed me again and smiled as she picked up her shirt. She put it on and waved to me at the door right before she slipped out. Though my body craved more sleep before I drifted off I thought I heard noises close by. Then came blackness.

The next thing I knew was the feeling of another body getting on the bed next to me. It had to be morning as I could hear the sounds of birds chirping beyond the window. I felt a hand rubbing against my dick and when I opened my eyes I received the shock of my life. Sitting next to me on the bed was my cousin Ashley. When she saw me open my eyes she placed a finger to her lips telling me to be silent.

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