Family shower
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My brother, Tom, worked with my husband. They were
friends before I ever got married, always meeting after
work and having a couple of beers. As a matter of fact,
it was through Tom that I had met Doug. As time
progressed, it seemed that the two of them were
inseparable. In fact, Tom often spent the night, with
the two of them going to work together the next
morning, sharing the same car.

I came home from work one day, exhausted from a day
dealing with dumb customers and stupid supervisors. I
needed a shower very badly. I passed by the bathroom
and heard the shower running. I opened the bathroom
door and took off my clothes, intending to surprise my
husband in the shower. Through the frosted glass door,
I could see his fleshy form, and could even make out
the dark patch of his pubic hair.

I opened the shower door, and there stood my brother,
Tom, naked, his hard cock jutting straight out. His
hands moved down immediately to cover his cock, and
then he noticed that I was stark naked. His eyes went
to breasts, then my pussy. I didn’t cover myself, and
he uncovered his hard cock. I just stood there, dumbly,
staring at him. It was a surprise to find my brother
jacking off in the shower, I suppose, and it kind of
turned me on, too.

Just at that moment, Doug appeared in the bathroom
door. His eyes widened. “Well!” he said. “What have I
been missing out on?”

It was difficult to explain. I started telling him that
it was an accident, and I hid my tits and pussy from
Tom. Doug looked at me, then at Tom, and then actually
pulled my hands away. Looking at Tom’s hard cock, he
pulled me toward the shower.

“Come on, get in with him,” he said. I stood there
dumbfounded, but turned on, nonetheless. I really
didn’t know what he had in mind. Then, he started
taking off his clothes, and I could see his growing
hard-on, a throbbing, full-masted hard-on! I got in the
shower with my brother, my husband following me. It was
crowded in the shower with the three of us, and Tom
turned to me, his hard cock pressing against my hip.

Doug grabbed a bar of soap and started rubbing my back
with it, and then handed it to Tom. With a smile, Tom
worked up a lather and then pressed his hands against
my tits. Doug’s hard cock pressed against my ass, and I
knew that the sight of Tom playing with my tits really
turned on my husband.

That turned me on like nothing else, too! I felt his
cock move between my legs as he slowly bent me over,
pushing me toward Tom’s cock. Tom’s hard dick was
sticking straight up, pointing at me, throbbing. The
sight of another man’s hard dick really thrilled me for
some reason, and I reached out and touched the giant,
bulbous purple head of it.

Tom took a step toward me, and Doug pushed my head
farther down. His cock was now right in my face, and I
opened my mouth and let him push the head of his cock
into my mouth, just as Doug shoved his cock in my wet
pussy from behind. I then had my husband fucking me
while I was sucking my brother’s cock.

I opened my mouth really wide, moving my head down on
his fat dick, and I actually got his hard cock all the
way to the back of my throat. I felt Doug’s dick shoved
in to me, all the way to his balls. He began thrusting
in and out of me as I started bobbing my head up and
down on Tom’s dick. He pulled and pushed me as he
fucked me, moving my whole body back and forth.

I didn’t even have to move my head up and down on my
brother’s hard dick — Doug was doing that for me. I
had never had two men at once like that, and it was a
new, sexual thrill. I had never felt anything like it,
and there was nothing to which I could compare it.
Especially, I think, was the thought that it was a
taste of forbidden fruit, having my brother’s dick in
my mouth as my husband fucked me.

I heard Doug begin to moan behind me, animal-like
sounds escaping his throat. I felt his cock suddenly
enlarge deep in my cunt, and he began to cum, his hot
jism filling my pussy. Tom reached behind me and
grabbed the back of my head, thrusting his hips forward
and back again, fucking me in the mouth with his hard
cock. His dick literally exploded with cum in my mouth.

I could feel his heavy balls tighten and raise up just
before he shot his load. He continued thrusting his
cock into my mouth gently, till his cock stopped
shooting cum. He then pulled his cock out of my mouth.

He lowered himself to the tiled floor of the shower,
moving his head beneath me. I could feel his tongue
move to my cunt, with Doug’s dick still buried deep
inside me. His tongue flicked at my clit, and I came,
my body jerking and swaying as I came.

Then, we jumped out of the shower and dried each other
off. Still looking at each other’s bodies as if it were
the first time we had ever seen a naked person, we ran
to the bedroom. And, I do mean, ran to the bedroom, we
were so horny. It thrilled me to watch two naked men
with hard-ons running. I’d never seen that before. We
jumped on the bed, and I knelt in the middle of the
bed. Doug knelt in front of me and stuck his cock in my
mouth, and Tom entered my wet pussy from behind.

I had Tom behind me now, and Doug in front of me. I
sucked on Doug’s cock while Tom fucked me from behind.
Tom moved in and out of my cunt hard as fast, grabbing
my ass and pulling, then pushing me. I could feel his
balls slap against my pussy lips with every thrust.
Doug pushed his cock all the way to the back of my
throat. I felt it jerk and expand, and my mouth was
once again filled with his hot, creamy cum.

Then Tom pulled out of my cunt and came around to my
front, and I grabbed his cock, sucking on Doug’s
softening dick for a little while, then Tom’s fat, hard
cock. Tom shot his load all over my face, where it
mixed with Doug’s, and I licked at both cocks, trying
to suck up all the cum that was dripping down their
cocks and my chin. Then Doug moved my body, laying me
down and spreading my legs.

I felt both of their faces move to my crotch as I
closed my eyes. There were tongues lathing my pussy,
two of them at once, and they moved around quickly. I
didn’t know whose tongue belonged to Tom, and whose was
Doug’s? I just knew that I was in heaven, with two hot
guys eating my pussy at once.

I came, a mind-blowing orgasm shaking my body. I came
and came, with a tongue occasionally flicking out and
touching my clit. Then, we rested for awhile.

We lay and played with one another for awhile, and then
we were ready for more sex. I was fucked in more
positions than I can remember. Tom moved in with us
after that, not even bothering to put on the charade of
keeping his own place.

Every woman should have two men, in case one is tired
after a hard day’s work.

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