After that summer encounter
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That night, Mary, Jean and I slept well. Though we were still horny,
between fucking and eating each others cunts, we were exhausted (and

The next day was Saturday (a free day, no planned events). We woke up,
showered and started to get dressed. Still feeling horny, we decided to
wear our shortest and tightest white shorts and our green camp t-shirts
with no bras or panties. We were so excited that our nipples stood
straight out, trying to poke through our t-shirts. After looking ourselves
over, we decided we were ready for the day.

We went to the cafeteria for lunch (we got up late and missed breakfast),
making sure to bend over every chance we got so the bottoms of our ass’s
would hang out, always in the direction of any guys that were around.
After lunch, we went and watched some of the older guys (mostly 17 to 18
year olds) play basketball. The guys noticed us right away and with that,
we went and got our own ball and began playing on the court opposite
theirs. Watching their heads turn out of the corner of our eyes as they
watched our tits bouncing around (not to mention our ass’s every time we
bent over) made us hornier than we were when we woke up. After about an
hour, we began chatting and played together (the 5 guys [Bob, Tom, Frank,
Roy, Chris] and the three of us) for about another hour. By the time we
finished playing, it was dinner time so we all walked over to ate dinner

With all of the playing, we all were pretty sweaty so the guys asked if we
wanted to go for a swim in the pool in an hour after dinner. We said yes.

An hour later, we meet the guys at the pool, all decked out in a bikinis
(their eyes popped out of their heads). After teasing the guys for an hour
or so (rubbing up against them by accident, playing water volleyball and
making out tits bounce more than necessary, bending over, ect.) we could
tell they were getting excited by the bulges in their pants. They went
into their locker room to shower and change and, since the pool area was
empty, the three of us ran to the back. We had found a pep hole into the
guys locker room and wanted to check them out.

The guys went into their locker room to change and, since the pool was
empty, we ran around to the back of the pool house. We had heard of a
peephole into the guys locker room but never had the chance to check it
out. When we found it, we got an eye full! All of the guys were rock hard
and the sight of this really got us turned on. Chris said “man, they were
a real tease…I got to do something about this” and began to jerk off in
the shower. Watching him stroke his 9″ cock, I reached down between my
legs and began stroking my wet pussy. Within 1 min, Chris began shooting
cum all over the shower room floor and my pussy was soaked. Looking at
Mary and Jean, I could tell they were as turned on as I was.

Bob said “well, we all might as well jerk off….lets see who can the
fastest” and with that, began stroking their cocks. I turned to Mary and
Jean and said “we can’t let them waste all of that….can we?”

We went around and entered the locker room. We then walked back to the
shower area and entered it. The looks on the guys faces was great! “OH MY
GOD! What are YOU DOING HERE!” Bill said as he tried to cover his cock
with his hands. “We watched Chris jack-off and though we would help the
rest of you” I said. With that, Mary, Jean and I stripped and walked over
to them. Dropping to my knees, I took Bob’s cock into my hands and said
“Wouldn’t you rather my mouth than your hand?” and then took it into my
mouth. Bill just moaned as I began bobbing my head up and down on his
cock. After about 30 seconds, Bob began to pound his cock into my face
harder and harder….filling my mouth and throat with cum. Looking over at
Mary and Jean, they were getting a mouth full from Tom and Frank.

Walking over to Roy, I said “I don’t want you to feel left out….which
would you like…..want me to suck you off or let you fuck me?” while
turning my back and slightly bending over to show him my soaked cunt. Roy
walked up to me and said “knell on the ground”. He and I dropped to our
knees and he pushed is cock into my waiting cunt. By this time, Chris was
getting hard again and I motioned him to come over. While standing in
front of me, I took his cock into my mouth and began to suck him, tasting
the cum from when I jerked himself off. I caught a glance of Mary and Jean
working on Tom, Frank and Bob.

Roy began to pump his cock into my pussy harder and faster…I could tell
he was getting close. Not wanting him to finish alone, I began to suck on
Chris’s 9″ cock harder and faster, cupping his balls in my hand. As my
body began to tense up, I could feel Roy was beginning to fill my cunt with
cum. As Chris began to cum, I took his cock out of my mouth and finished
by jerking him off, letting his cum splatter on my face and tongue.

After waiting for a few minuets, Mary and Jean had finished as well…we
got dressed and left the guys to shower off. Mary, Jean and I went back to
our room and eat each others cunts….what a great taste…pussy and cum.

After that encounter, we never had to want for a good hard cock for the
rest of the summer.

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